Life with My Step-Daughter Ch. 10

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I was so comfortable after eating a sandwich. I was in my own little world – daydreaming. It had been a wonderful morning. I fucked Liz hard a couple of times and here she was naked on our patio with me. The sun beating down on my own nudity just made me so relaxed and at peace.

Both Liz and I were both pretty hungry because neither one of us spoke as we ate. And I assumed that she was feeling the same way I was. As I stared into the backyard, Liz pulled her chair away and went to lie down on the lounge chair.

At first I wasn’t paying attention, but I caught a glimpse of her as she prepared to spread out and soak in some sun rays. In my own blissful state, I had forgotten that she was wearing a strap-on. As she laid down, I admired her body from a distance. Her tits had no snag to them at all and they proudly reached for the sky. Her tummy was tight and sunk in a little bit, and as I went farther down there stood her “hard-on.”

It was strange seeing this hard cock on such a small gal. She rested her forearm on her head to block the sun from her eyes. She looked at me and asked, “Are you ready to suck my cock?”

I like being in charge when sex gets kind of perverted. But I also loved it when my partner took control and came up with their own kinky acts. And it was especially stimulating knowing that it was my 18 year old step-daughter who was taking charge.

I walked over to her and got on my knees and began sucking her cock. For awhile she ran her hand through my thin hair and said, “Come on… suck it good… spit on it.” The whole time I did as I was told.

Then she used both her hands and began pushing my head further down on her dick. “Come on… swallow my cock.” I wanted to please her and tried to deep throat that toy, but I began choking and gagging, which made her laugh. “Now you know how I feel… but that didn’t stop you from jamming it down my throat did it?” She kept pushing my head down lower on her cock and I continue to choke.

She finally raised my head and said, “That’s enough for now… grab the suntan lotion and spread it on me.” With Liz taking control I was once again hard as a rock and willing to obey her every command.

I grabbed the lotion and started at her feet and began working my way up her body. As much as we have been teasing and pleasing each other, I had never really spent any time just touching her and observing her cute body.

Her legs are so thin, but perfect for her frame. If she told me that she had never shaved them, I would have believed her because they were so smooth.

I skip the area around her pussy/cock and worked the lotion into the stomach and just under her tits. Absolutely no flab or baby fat – just a solid little body.

And then… her perfect gorgeous tits. Even laying down, Liz’s tits just seem to stick straight up in the air, very similar right then to the strap-on she was wearing. I rubbed the lotion all over her softball sized tits, in a circular motion and used both hands to push them together, forcing her tits to massage themselves. I used the palm of my hand to gently tickle her nipples and to make them grow.

This tickling got her to let out a low moan and she stopped me before she forgot what she was doing. “Oh daddy, you are a good man. My dick wants some baby oil. Now be a sweetheart and go in the house and get it for me.

I got up off my knees, went in the house and retrieved the baby oil. When I walked back outside, Liz was still laying on the chair massaging her titties in a manner similar to what I was doing just a minute ago. I was to excited to watch and said, “Here’s the baby oil.” “Thanks dad, now turn around and grab your ankles.”

I assumed the position. I spread my legs, reached down and grabbed my ankles. My step-daughter has seen me in her thongs and bras, has seen me with a dildo in my ass and has watched me jerk off, but at that moment, for the first time, I no longer felt like a father figure to her. I felt totally vulnerable and helpless to whatever she wished.

She opened the bottle and splashed baby oil all over my ass. She rubbed it on my butt cheeks and then began working on my crack. She slid her hand up and down until finally she began concentrating on my bunghole.

One finger went in easily and she began rolling it around inside of me. As I maintained my position, she stuck a second finger in and started finger fucking my butt. I admit it. I love having my butt played with and in fact, Liz’s mom, has given me some great memories of fucking my ass.

It was these thoughts that crept into my mind and I slowly began rocking back and forth into time with Liz’s fingers. She slid in a third finger and I let out a quiet moan. “Are you ready to sit on my dick daddy?”

I quickly answered, “Yes! Yes I am.”

She took her fingers out and said, “Climb aboard.” I straddled the lounge chair and slowly began to squat down on my step-daughter’s cock. This was a strange position for me. Usually I’m on my side, my back, or on all fours when a dildo enters Escort bayan me. But today, I would be on top.

Liz rested her hands on my thighs as I began to sink down on her strap-on. “Come on daddy, sit on it. Open your hole for my hard dick.” I squatted a little more and I could feel my butt cheeks on Liz’s legs. I grabbed the arms of the chair and began raising and lowering myself on her.

Liz moved one hand from my leg to my pecker and started jerking me off as I continued to go up and down. Suddenly she told me to stop and instead of going up and down, I was told to start grinding her cock, going back and forth. “Move that ass of yours and fuck my cock.”

I started shaking my butt and getting into the new roles we were in, when I heard the fence gate close. I turned and saw Eve walking towards us, “That’s it girl, fuck your daddy.”

She walked up on the patio and pulled up a chair and watched me ride Liz’s cock. “You know when you’re doing that, he likes having his ass smack.” Then Liz smiled and said, “Do it Eve smack his butt.” Eve stood up and removed her belt from her usual baggie pants and then SMACK… SMACK… SMACK. Three hard hits to my butt and with Liz jerking on my cock, I shot my load all over her tits and stomach.

By now I was leaning forward my head resting on my arm, which was resting on the arm of the chair. Catching my breath and still feeling the tingle from the belt whipping, I just sat there. Liz sucked on my nipples and from behind me, I could hear the whish in the air and belt once again landing on my sore butt. Then Eve asked if she could join in.

Liz said, “Sure… that’s OK isn’t it daddy?” I was in no position to say no and all I could say was “OK.” Eve was still behind me and I could see her shirt flying through the air and onto the chair next to us. And her pants followed right behind it.

I still hadn’t turned around to look at her. I still head my head buried in my arm and all I could see was the bare shoulder of Liz. Eve put a hand on the middle of my back and I could feel her legs touching mine. Then I started to realize what was about to take place.

I still had the strap-on Liz was wearing buried in me and could now feel a couple of fingers of Eve’s sliding in next to it. Eve asked me, “Are you ready to see the stars old man?” I had no idea how to answer her so I just laid still, as Liz continued sucking on my nipples.

Then I felt a new presence at the entrance of my butt. My eyes went wide open when I felt the head of a second dildo trying to enter me. “No Eve, I’ve never done that.”

She said, “Relax, there’s always a first time.”

Then from below me Liz said, “Come on daddy, do it for me.” My little girl wants two cocks in me! How could I refuse her?

I will say Eve was slow and patient, which helped me a lot. But as she continued to put more pressure on my butt hole, I thought there was no way she was going to get a second dildo in me. I finally said, “It can’t be done.”

Eve let out an evil laugh and said, “Sure it can.” And she pushed forward with all her might. And I felt a pop and yes I did see stars. At the top of my lungs I yelled, “OH SHIT!”

Eve laughed again and said, “I’d quiet down old man, you wouldn’t want the neighbors to come by and see what you’re yelling at do you?”

Then I visualized what someone would see if they came into the backyard and it wasn’t pretty. Two young ladies butt fucking an old man. I bit my lip and let these two have their way with me. Liz was pretty much motionless below me, still sucking on one nipple, while pinching the other.

But it was Eve who was totally enjoying fucking the shit out of me – for a second time. I sat in pain for a few minutes while she rammed in and out of me. It took all the will power I had not to scream.

Eve reached under me and squeezed my balls and for a little bit I forgot about the pain in my ass and was more concern that she’d rip my beanbags off in her excitement. As I concentrated on my balls, my butt began to relax, and yes, I began enjoying the feeling of two cocks buried in my butt.

I sat up a little and moved my hands from the arms of the lounge chair to Liz’s tits and began squeezing them. Eve let go of my balls and rested both her hands on my shoulders. I began sliding back and forth, making Liz’s dildo come to life, while Eve got in sync with my movements, driving her fake cock deeper in me. “Look at your daddy Liz, he likes us both fucking his ass.”

Liz answered, “I knew he would, he just needed a little coaxing.” She twisted my nipples with her hands and asked, “Ever fuck around with two girls before daddy?”

I reached behind me and felt the pretty ass of Eve plowing into me and answered Liz, “No… no I haven’t. Oh shit girls, this feels so goooddd.” My voice tailed off and I began to really enjoy the feelings I was experiencing.

As I played with Eve’s ass, I was still massaging Liz’s tit with my other hand. I was touching two young ladies as they abused my body. Liz quit playing Bayan escort with my nipples and began jerking off my once again hard cock

Every time Liz and I have fooled around I always felt I couldn’t get any harder or bigger, but once again my cock seemed to grow harder. Hard to the point that it hurt. Her hand movements got me on the edge and she knew it. “Come on daddy, cover me with your cum.”

Eve sensing my end began fucking me harder. I didn’t care anymore if any neighbor walked in the backyard and saw this spectacle. I screamed out, “Oh fuck me. Jam that cock in me. Make me your boy toy!” Eve put her hand over my mouth and it didn’t seem possible but fucked me harder and deeper.

Liz’s hand went faster and faster on my cock and with a muffled scream, I came all over her stomach and tits for a second time. I tried to relax and enjoy the moment but Eve just kept fucking the hell out of me.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Beg me to quit fucking you.” She kept plowing in me as my ass began to hurt again. And she continued to whisper, “Then ask me to fuck your step-daughter. Tell me to fuck Liz.”

It was obvious that Eve had the power to make me and Liz do anything she wanted. But I still tried to hang on to my manhood. Yeah, I know these two young ladies had both fucked the hell out of my ass, but I had to show her that I still had some control. I bit my lip and didn’t say a word.

Below me Liz joined in, “Come on daddy say please to Eve. Beg for mercy daddy.” My little girl wanted me to surrender but I kept taking it up the ass from both of them and didn’t say anything. I thought I could outlast them until Eve began pulling on my balls again. Having cum twice from this anal assault my cock was quite sensitive and having her squeeze my balls had me begging for mercy.

“Please… please quit… I can’t take no more… you win. Please quit fucking me and please, I beg you, fuck Liz.” Eve let go of my balls but kept plowing into my ass. She told me to say it again. “Please, I beg you to quit fucking me and please fuck Liz.”

Eve gave my butt a good smack and as she was pulling the dildo out of my ass said, “You’re such a panty waste. Get off your precious little step-daughter and let me show you how to fuck her.”

After Eve pulled out of me I felt such a sense of relief and couldn’t even feel the dildo Liz was wearing that was still in me. I had been in a crotched down position with one leg on each side of the lounge chair for quite awhile and as I pulled one leg over my step-daughter I fell to the wooden patio deck. My legs were all cramped up.

I halfway sat and halfway laid on the wood massaging my calves. Eve let out a laugh and told me that the only way I could massage my legs was with one hand, while I played with myself with the other or she would roll me over right there and resume fucking me. I didn’t question her and began playing with my very limp dick.

Eve leaned over Liz and undid her strap-on and then began licking my cum off her stomach and tits. She’d get a load in her mouth then motioned me with a finger to come closer. I leaned closer to Eve and she grabbed my chin and opened my mouth and filled it with my cum and her spit. After she deposited it she said, “Swallow it.” As both girls watched me I did.

Eve’s licking of my cum from Liz’s body had an effect on her and when Eve spent extra time cleaning her tits, Liz said, “I love the way you kiss my tits.” And when Eve finished cleaning the last of my cum from Liz’s tits, she once again, motioned me to come closer and spit it all in my mouth. I swallowed it without being told and this time stayed close to the two girls and watched as Eve stuck her dildo in Liz.

This was the second time I have been nude with Eve, but it was the first time I actually looked closely at her body. If she had any type of tits it would be perfect. She had all the curves in all the right places and a firm nice and round ghetto butt.

She moved slowly into Liz almost performing a kind of belly dance as she fucked Liz in ways I never dreamed about. Liz wrapped her legs around Eve’s waist and began pulling Eve deeper into her. Both women seemed to have a sense of control over the situation.

The more I watched Eve’s butt move around, I was once again coming back to life. I forgot about my cramps and began imagining jumping into this lesbian feast. But I also knew how fast Eve can take control, so I just sat and watched.

Eve leaned into Liz and they swapped tongues and Eve asked Liz if she was ready to be fucked. Liz answered, “Yes, ma’am.” She unwrapped her legs and Eve pulled them forward to Liz’s chest.

The same look Liz gave me earlier that day when I fucked her in a similar fashion appeared on her face. Eve began fucking Liz, the same way she fucked my ass – hard and brutal. Liz’s arms locked tightly around Eve’s neck and she screamed out, “OH IT HURTS… oh fuck me… fuck your little whore.”

Eve laughed and looked at me and said, “Did you hear that? Escort She may be your step-daughter and your fuck buddy, but she’s my little whore.”

I was seeing a side of my step-daughter that I had fantasized about with Eve. A lesbian love affair. I stared in shock as Liz begged for more. “Ohhhh… I love it when you fuck me like this.”

Eve looked at me and then back at Liz and told her to tell me how she made her feel. As I played with myself, witnessing this wonderful show, Liz looked at me and said, “Eve’s fucking me daddy… she ramming her cock in me and I’m going to cum.” Liz was close to reaching her point when she threw out some more words, “Watch me daddy… watch me get fucked by Eve…. ohhh fuck… I’m cumming Eve… I’m cumming all over your sweet cock.”

Eve slowed down and leaned over and French kiss my little sweetheart. She broke her kiss and as she got up off of Liz she asked me if I was ready to fuck her. I was struggling to get any kind of a hard-on. If I quit playing with myself, it would go limb in a hurry, but I still answered yes and then for some stupid reason I asked, “Can I?”

Liz laid on the lounge chair totally wiped out. Eve stood on the opposite side of her taking off her strap-on and said, “Yes, you can but you two have enjoyed yourselves, now it is my time.” With that she straddled Liz’s face and squatted down on her. Liz quickly began eating her out.

Once again in shock, I watched Liz eat out her friend. Eve then looked at me and said, “Go ahead and fuck her. But you must lick my asshole as you’re doing it. If your tongue is not in my asshole and your dick is in her, then there will be a price to pay. I will roll Liz over and spank her butt harder then I have ever smacked you around.”

On my knees I crawled to the end of the lounge chair and looked at Liz’s body glowing in the sun. Her pussy was soaking wet and so inviting. Her tits sticking straight up to the heavens and her chin and tongue constantly moving in Eve’s ass. And there was Eve’s ass… just a spectacular view… just on the other side of my precious baby’s titties.

I got into position, halfway laying on Liz, I worked my tongue into Eve’s bung hole. I grabbed my cock and tried to find a position to stick it in my step-daughter. But no matter what I tried it wasn’t going to happen if I left my tongue in Eve’s ass.

So I had a choice, lick out this beautiful ass or pull away and try to fuck that wonderful pussy. Actually I had no choice. I could not bear to watch Eve paddled Liz’s ass. So I fucked her ass with my tongue. Every now and then as I moved my chin around, I could feel Liz’s chin and tongue touch mine.

Earlier when Eve was butt fucking me, I reached around and played with her ass and she didn’t stop me. So I tried again. I grabbed a cheek with each hand and began massaging that butt and occasionally giving it a light smack.

Eve didn’t stop me and I began touching more of her. I reached around and played with her clit as Liz ate her out. This got her attention. “You two are quite a pair. A great ass licker and a super snatch eater.”

She began moving her hips and ass more and her legs spread out a little further as she buried her pussy on my willing step-daughters mouth. “Oh Liz… you are the best. Stick your tongue in me… give me that little dick of yours. Ooohhhh… my little whore is eating me out so gooooddd…. keep sucking move that tongue around.”

The more she talked the hotter I got and I fucked her ass with my tongue. “Lizzy… I wish you could see your step-dad… his tongue is buried in my butt hole… and I’m even letting him squeeze my nipples.” This was the first time that Eve wasn’t fucking me in the ass or in total control and I was going to enjoy it.

Her chest was as flat as it looked but she had very squeezable nipples and she enjoyed having them played with. “Oh you perverts… your tongues are out of this world.” As I began playing with her clit again, Eve said, “Old man, can you feel Liz’s nose rubbing the inside of me? I’m close… oohhh keep fucking me… move those tongues… squeeze my nipples hard… press on my clit… oh shit.”

Eve’s ass tightened up and for a second it felt like my tongue grew a couple of inches as she squeezed it deeper in her butt. She was cumming for me and Liz… cumming in our mouths. Her hips grinded further into Liz’s face and she let out one more loud long groan and reached around and squeezed Liz’s nipples as hard as she could.

From underneath Eve’s pussy, Liz let out a mumbled scream of pain as Eve’s bucking began to subside. She let go of Liz’s nipples and grabbed my ears and pulled me away from her butt. “You are one great ass licker old man.” Then with a chuckle she added, “And a great fuck.”

I stayed laying where I was on top of Liz as I stared at Eve’s butt. I watched Eve raise up off my step-daughter and saw Liz’s tongue still going wildly at Eve’s pussy. Eve threw her leg over the lounge chair and left me and Liz staring at each other.

“Alright, you two. Show me what else you’ve been up to this weekend.” She pulled up a chair and sat down as I crawled forward and kissed Liz. Liz wrapped her arms around my neck and we traded spit. I tasted Eve’s pussy, while my step-daughter tasted her ass.

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