Life at Last Ch. 03

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They left the house and got into Jules car and drove downtown to a restaurant that Katherine hadn’t been to before. They got out and walked across the parking lot holding hands with each other, Katherine being in the middle. They entered the place and stood together inside. Chanelle approached a tall, attractive looking woman with short, cropped , blonde hair, wearing a smart looking black suit, with a black leather tie.

“We’d like a quiet booth for three please, Rachel.”

“Eating or just drinks Chaney?” was the reply.

“Dinner this time Rachel, we’re starving.”

And Chanelle turned and smiled at the other two, who smiled back and said,

” We sure are,” at the same time.

“Follow me then ladies.”

And Rachel took three menus from her maitre’d stand and led them to a quiet, darkened area of the restaurant.

After the women had seated themselves, so Katherine was between them, Rachel placed the menus in front of each and said,

“Enjoy your dinner,” then smiled at Chanelle, gave Katherine a quick look over, and winked at Julia.

“Let’s see what’s on special, I’m treating my favorite ladies, for the fabulous afternoon we just had.” Chanelle said to them both.

The women all opened their menus, and started looking at them. Chanelle dropped her hand down to Katherine’s thigh and caressed it under the table. Julia noticed it, and did the same with her hand. Katherine felt both hands sliding up and down her thighs, and looked up and around the restaurant to see if anyone was looking.

“Don’t worry Katherine, no one will care that we’re doing this. This is a place for women to come and enjoy themselves without the intrusion of men.”

“You mean this is a lesbian bar?”

“Well, I guess you could call it that, but I like to think of it as a place for women just to socialize and enjoy their own company.”

“Well, that sounds a little better then.”

Katherine surveyed the place now and noticed that it was truly only women at each table and booth, and several were openly kissing and showing affection.

“Wow, I never knew what these places were like, but this is kind of neat to see women like this.”

“I’m glad you like it because I come here often and so does Jules.” “I love coming here Kat, everyone who works here are really great, and I’ve met many women who have become good friends too.” Julia said approvingly.

They went back to choosing their dinners and Katherine couldn’t help but think that this was going to be the best time she has ever had in her life. She started wondering why she hadn’t looked at being with a woman before, since she had fantasies about them while masturbating. In fact those were her best orgasms she had was while thinking about a woman making love to her.

A pretty woman about five and a half feet tall, with long strawberry blond hair and very light blue eyes, came to their table and asked if they would like to have a drink before dinner. Chanelle looked at both women and said,

“We’ll have a bottle of Chardonnay, please.” Without waiting for either to answer.

Katherine looked closer at the very pretty waitress and noticed that her blouse was sheer and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her ample breasts pressed against the tight material and the outline of her pierced nipples, was clearly defined. The nipples poked out, showing her that she was always being aroused, by the rubbing of the soft material against them.

As the waitress was writing the order down, Katherine stole a further look at her. She was wearing a short skirt that just barely covered her ass, and exposed a pair of well, shaped thighs and legs. Her hands were small and delicate, with well shaped nails and smooth, soft skin. Her lips were full and colored an attractive shade of dark pink. Chanelle said,

“Thank you, Trisha, we’ll be ordering in a little while.” and noticed Katherine admiring the waitress.

After she left to get their wine, Chanelle turned to Katherine and asked,

“She’s very pretty isn’t she.”

Katherine blushed, but knew she had been caught so she replied,

“Yes she is, I like her hair and the color of her eyes.”

“Well maybe I’ll have to introduce you to her later. She’s a slave as well, and could teach you a few things.” Chanelle said to her as she continued caressing her thigh.

Trisha returned with their wine and placed the glasses in front of her and poured the wine into them. She then placed one in front of each woman and stood back up. “

Are you ready to order now, Mistress Chanelle?”

“Yes we are.” And Chanelle ordered for all three and before Trisha could leave, Chanelle said,

“Trisha, I’d like to introduce my new slave, Katherine.Katherine, this is Trisha, a very willing slave that I’ve ever seen.”

Trisha beamed at the compliment and reached across to shake Katherine’s hand. Katherine felt her hand close on her own and was impressed at its softness.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said up to Trisha.

“Likewise, Starzbet any friend of Mistress Chanelle’s is a friend of mine.” And she looked at Katherine with twinkling eyes that captivated her.

“You are very attractive,” Katherine said to her.

“Thank you Katherine, that’s very sweet of you to say.” She replied. “You are very pretty too.” And Katherine said thank you back.

They both looked at each other for a moment longer and Trisha took her hand back in a way that her fingers stayed in contact until the tips of her fingers touched hers. Trisha left with the menus and to place their order and Chanelle watched Katherine as her eyes followed her until she was gone.

“You like her, don’t you angel?” Chanelle asked her.

Katherine blushed very deeply, and didn’t respond.

“It’s all right if you do, I’m not a jealous possessive like some women are.”

At that, she replied that she thought she was beautiful and very sexy looking.

“We’ll have to invite her over for a get together sometime then.”

“Really? I’d like to see her again, she seems very sweet.”

Chanelle rose and excused herself to go to the ladies room and left Julia and Katherine at the table. Julia spoke first to Katherine and asked,

“So how did you meet Chaney, Kat?”

“I answered her ad for a photo shoot at the gym and now I’m her, and your,” she corrected herself,” love slave. How do you know her?”

“Chaney and I have known each other since we were six. She moved in on my street and we’ve been best friends ever since. We’ve done and been through everything together. We’ve shared our dreams and our desires and our inner most fantasies and that’s when we both knew what we were like. The woman who did your clit ring is the one who taught us how to be Doms. ”

“Doms? What are they?” Katherine asked.

“They are women, or men who take pleasure controlling a submissive partner, or slave, as you are.”

“Ah, I see,” Katherine said as recognition showed on her face.

Katherine looked around the restaurant to see if Trisha was around, and saw Chanelle talking to her by the bar. She was standing close to her whispering in her ear and Katherine saw Trisha smile at something she had said. Before Chanelle walked back to the table, she saw her hand go behind Trisha and squeeze her ass. Trisha’s smile grew larger and Chanelle smiled back., then walked back to their table, as Trisha went to the kitchen.

Chanelle slid back in beside Katherine and gave her a kiss on the cheek and said,

“I talked to Trisha and told her you were attracted to her, and she was very happy you were, because she has the hots for you. She thinks you are just gorgeous.”

“Does she really?” Katherine said grinning in joyous hope.

“Damn right. She would love to meet with us for a get together sometime soon, and I said we could set something up in the coming week.”

Katherine looked worried and Chanelle asked what was wrong.

“I have to take care of my son during the week, and I don’t know if I can come over.” Katherine said with great disappointment in her voice.

“Don’t worry, I have a great woman who can baby-sit for you.”

“You do, how much will she charge?”

“Don’t worry, she’ll do it as a favor to me.” Chanelle said, making sure there was no way Katherine could back out.

“She’d stay overnight if I asked her to, and she’s great with kids.”

This was added to assure her that everything would be okay.

Katherine thought about meeting Trisha again, and thought about her son being baby-sat and said,

“Okay, talk to your friend and I’ll let my son and his dad know about my needing the night out for a business seminar or something like that.”

“Great, that’s what I wanted to hear you say sweetie.”

Katherine smiled lovingly at Chanelle and she smiled back the same way.

As they turned away from each other, Trisha was arriving with their dinners. She placed them before each woman and stood back up and said,

“Will there be anything else you’ll be needing?”

“Another bottle of wine would be great Trish.” Chanelle said to her.

“My pleasure Mistress Chanelle.”

And she winked at Katherine and smiled a big, beautiful smile at her, before turning and getting the wine.

Katherine felt her heart race, and her excitement grow from the smile. If she wasn’t mistaken, she was also getting wet in her pussy.

“I think Katherine has the hots for Trisha, Jules.” Chanelle said knowingly.

“You think so Chaney?”

“Oh, I know so, smell that wonderful aroma of excited pussy coming up from between Kat’s legs?” she said smiling.

Julia smelled in deeply, and replied,

“I think you’re right, that smells like a turned on pussy to me too.”

Katherine went crimson in the cheeks as the women both commented on her arousal at being near Trisha.

“I think it’s sweet, don’t you Jules?”

“I do too, Kat’s in heat.” And she giggled, Starzbet Giriş causing Chanelle to giggle too.

They left it at that and started their meals. As Katherine ate her meal, she found her mind drifting to thoughts of Trisha, and thought about how beautiful she was. In her whole life she had never contemplated finding another woman as being her partner, except in her fantasies, and here she was thinking about Trisha, and wondering what it would be like to feel her naked body next to hers, caressing and touching, and feeling her hands on her body. This was too much for Katherine’s over stimulated pussy, and she felt a trickle of lubrication leave her lips and collect in her panties. She tried to put Trisha out of her mind, but was so captivated by her beauty she felt it was near impossible.

The women ate in relative silence, enjoying the fabulous meals prepared for them. Trisha returned with their wine and turned to Chanelle to see if anything else was needed. Chanelle looked at her for a moment and then said,

“Well, there is one thing. I think Kat has a severe case of the hots for you, and needs your help.”

Julia and Chanelle laughed out loud and Katherine lowered her head and blushed profusely. Trisha giggled and said,

“Will that be all then?” Chanelle nodded her head still laughing, and Trisha looked at Katherine. Katherine raised her eyes, but not her head and looked at Trisha. Trisha gave her another big smile and said,

“If you need me to help with your problem, just let me know and I’ll gladly help take care of you.”

Katherine lowered her eyes again and said back,

“Thank you Trisha,” and continued blushing.

Katherine wiped her mouth clean and asked to be excused from the table. Jules slid out and Katherine followed behind her. The two women sat and ate while she was gone and discussed Katherine’s obvious attraction to Trisha.

“She’d be great together with Katherine don’t you think Jules?”

“They would be a treat to have together, going at it while we did our thing at the same time.” Jules said while still chewing her food. The two friends sat and talked out a scenario between the two slaves, and how they would be dominating the both of them.

Katherine sat in the stall finishing going pee and wondered why Chanelle had embarrassed her like that by saying she was hot for Trisha. The more she thought of Trisha, the wetter her pussy became and felt the need to satisfy herself then and there. Katherine closed her eyes and started fantasizing about her and Trisha together making love, and rubbed her clit. The image in her mind was so vivid, it took no time at all to bring herself to a quick climax. She wiped her pussy clean and stood, pulling up her panties and pants, feeling relieved of the sexual pressure she was feeling.

She went to the sink to wash her hands and fix her hair and make up. She was looking into the mirror at her eyes, when the door opened and Trisha walked in.

“Don’t be embarrassed Kat, they don’t mean any harm to you by saying that. They like to tease you as their way of showing they care about you.”

“That’s a pretty funny way of showing it then, making me feel so embarrassed.” she said looking into Trisha’s blue eyes.

Trisha stepped forward so she was right in front of her and put her hand on Katherine’s and said, “Do you really have the hots for me?” Katherine smiled nervously and didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay to say it, because I do have them for you.” Katherine’s face beamed at this and replied,

“I do think you’re beautiful, and as I was eating dinner, I found myself thinking what it would be like making love to you.”

“I’d love to make love to you too, Katherine, I think you are very beautiful too. The moment I saw you I was instantly drawn to your good looks.”

Trisha stepped into Katherine’s body and held her in her arms as she brought her lips in to kiss her. Katherine closed her eyes and parted her lips to accept the kiss. Katherine felt Trisha’s soft full lips cover hers as they met and a shiver went down her spine and she felt goose bumps forming on her arms. They locked together in a strong embrace and Trisha slipped her tongue past Katherine’s lips and found her tongue. They twirled and stroked their tongues in each others mouth, and felt the passion grow inside each of them. Trisha reached down and caressed Katherine’s ass with both hands, drawing her tight into her. Katherine let her hands go to Trisha’s and felt the firm supple ass in her hands. They pressed their pelvis’ tight together as they kissed with abandon.

They didn’t hear the door open as Chanelle walked in.

“Well, I thought you two might be up to something. You should know better Trisha, than to touch my slave without my permission. Katherine hasn’t been fully indoctrinated into slave-ship yet, so she doesn’t know the rules of behavior.”

The two women broke apart and stood like two little girls caught in the act of being bad.

“Katherine, go Starzbet Güncel Giriş back to the table and finish your dinner, I’ll be there shortly.” Chanelle said with great authority.

Katherine walked past her without looking up and left the washroom. Chanelle turned to Trisha, who had her head bowed in submission didn’t see Chanelle’s hand as it came towards her face. The blow turned her head sharply to the side, and she immediately put her hand to her stinging cheek and looked at Chanelle.

“How dare you touch my slave. Who the fuck do you think you’re messing with?” Chanelle was furious in her tirade in scolding Trisha.

Trisha started to weep and apologized as best she could to Chanelle that she was taken by Katherine’s beauty and couldn’t help herself.

“She is a good looking woman I’ll agree Trisha, but it gave you no right to take liberties with her. I will say in your defense that you two look great together though.

Trisha looked into Chanelle’s eyes and saw that the woman had eased in her fury.

“Do you really think so, Mistress Chanelle?”

“Yes I do and you will have a chance to be with her, but only under my or Jules command, is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress Chanelle, perfectly understood.”

“Good, I will admit you two are hot together and I can’t wait to see you two go at each other. There should be some sparks flying in that union.” Chanelle said, and caressed the cheek that she slapped.

Trisha beamed at her and bowed in submission to her.

“I will wait until you have given me permission and I will not touch her again until you say so Mistress Chanelle.” Trisha said subserviently.

“Okay, now straighten yourself up and get back to work.”

Trisha looked at herself in the mirror and quickly fixed her hair and wiped the smeared lipstick from around her mouth. She left hurriedly and left Chanelle alone in the washroom.

Chanelle looked at herself and smiled knowing she had set the stage for a great time to come. She too looked in the mirror and preened herself, and then left. Back at the table, Katherine sat like a chided little girl, waiting for Chanelle to return. When Chanelle slid in beside her, she looked up at her with sad, puppy dog eyes. Chanelle looked at her and placed her hand on her thigh again, but this time dug her nails in deeply, then quietly said to her,

“You are going to learn the hard way if you have to, that you are my property as a slave, and no one has the right to touch you or do anything to you unless they have my permission first, is that understood?”

“Yes Chaney, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

“You will learn my angel, you will learn.”

And she released her grip from her thigh and rubbed the spot where her nails had been. Katherine nodded her head in agreement and took a sip from her glass. Trisha came back to clear the table, but never once looked at Katherine, or she at her.

After Trisha left with the dishes, the music that had started playing earlier, had turned into more of a dance sound, than dinner music. Chanelle got up and said to Katherine,

“Come dance with me.”

Katherine slid out and took Chanelle’s hand and followed her to the dance floor. It was dimly lit, making it hard to see where she was , but Chanelle guided her to an area near the back corner and took her in to her arms and danced closely.

They moved slowly in a circle, and Katherine put her arms around Chanelle from where they had been on her hips. Chanelle pulled Katherine’s head towards her and placed it so it was resting on her shoulder, and stroked her hair as they danced. Katherine kept her eyes closed as she swayed with the music and let Chanelle lead them. Chanelle let her hand drop to cover over Katherine’s right ass cheek, and caressed it while they danced. She put her other hand down so she had both of them in her hands and pulled Katherine’s hips in close to hers. Katherine could feel the heat from Chanelle penetrating into her own pubic area and it felt nice.

Chanelle gently pulled Katherine’s hair back so she could look at her and then kissed her deeply. Katherine responded by opening her mouth and letting Chanelle tongue her in a heated French kiss. Katherine felt herself melting into Chanelle and her pussy responded by getting so wet, it started dripping into her panties. Chanelle broke away from the kiss and said,

“You horny little bitch you. You’re cumming aren’t you”

“Yes I am, you make me so hot when you kiss me.”

“Are you sure it’s me, or are you thinking of kissing Trisha instead?”

“No, it’s you that’s doing it to me.”

“Good, I like to see you getting all hot and bothered.”

“Well, I’m sort of lying a little. It’s also my clit ring. It’s caught in my panties and every time I move my left leg, it pulls my hood back and my bare clit rubs against my panties.” Chanelle chuckled softly into her ear and said,

“I thought that little thing would be a good addition.”

Katherine chuckled back, but secretly, she was thinking about Trisha, and how great it would be to be in her arms dancing like this. They danced a little while longer and then sat back down with Jules, who was talking to a woman.

“Chaney, you remember Carrie-Anne, don’t you?”

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