Let The Games Begin! Ch. 02

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This is a stand-alone story although you may wish to read Chapter1if you are feeling randy!

When the heavy breathing started to return to normal it was Linda who spoke first.

“Christ, I’m f…”

“Fucked?” suggested Julie.

“No, I meant that I am f…”

“Feeling faint?”

“No, I’m f…”


Linda looked up at her friend in disbelief before she finally managed to finish the sentence, “Me frigid? You must be joking. No, I’m fucking famished!”

The owners of three limp cocks and three abused pussies all laughed.

It was time for a respite.

“Ok, you guys,” Linda went on to say, “a two minute shower each is on the cards, the girls stay here and the men can go into the guest bedroom. There are plenty of towels in the cupboards and we will all meet in the lounge is ten minutes. No messing around now,” she cautioned, “I’m hungry!”

No-one was going to argue with a starving woman like Linda and the three men galloped into the adjoining bedroom to shower as instructed.

The next few moments were spent in a steaming room as girl after girl, and boy after boy, splashed away all the sweat that they had recently leaked after all the sexual exertions that they had indulged in. True to form, although slightly more than ten minutes, they merged into the lounge, hair not quietly dried and Linda opened the first bottle of wine. After making sure that each glass was filled she proposed a toast, “Thanks everybody for a great afternoon, now here’s looking forward to a terrific evening.

“Amen to that,” Bert said on behalf of them all and quaffed his Chardonnay in one gulp.

“Hey!” Linda berated him, “that’s good stuff you know.”

Bert just licked his lips and retorted, “Any chance of another?”

“Ok,” Linda said with a huge grin, “just because it’s you,” and she refilled his glass.

“Not just because he has the thickest dick you’ve ever seen?” asked Julie shyly.

“Well,” Linda admitted, “that as well!”

Shirley made the next statement. “Off you go boys, I’m getting hungry too, and I fancy some Chinese food, is that ok?”

“Sounds good to me,” they all seemed to say in unison and the men aimed for the front door. “Anything in particular?” asked Tom. Two of the three women shook their heads. “No, just surprise us.”

Linda, on the other hand said, “Make mine Char Sui with Bean sprouts,” and then added, “with fried rice.”

“Got it,” one of the men said as they left the building and, as soon as they had gone, the three women sat down at the dining room table and started to make plans for the evening’s entertainment. There was a lot of giggling going on, even when the guys brought back the dinner, and there were four plant pots with pieces of paper inside them on the middle of the table.

The evening light was going down and Linda went to set up some seductive, and romantic, candlelight to set the mood for the evening ahead, outward giggling.

“What’s so funny?” Paul asked as he brought the bulk of the cartons to the table.

“Nothing,” Linda replied innocently.

“What are these for?” Tom pointed at the four pots.

“Those,” said Julie in a strident voice “are for us girls to know, and for you guys to find out.”

“Oh,” whispered Bert, “then the sooner we eat…”

“Now you’re getting it Mr Beans!” Linda said as she grabbed her food from Paul and plated it.

The buffet went well, the banter was good, the innuendos were well received and the ever feeling of expectation was always in the air. Linda sighed as she planted the last mouthful of char Sui and bean sprout down her mouth.

“God, that was good,” she sighed. “Almost as good as a blow-job!”

“Linda!” Shirley chastised her with a smile on her face, “how could that be as good as a blow-job?”

“It’s sticky and salty!” she retorted.

“Anyway,” Julie interrupted, “Haven’t we forgotten something girls?”

“Oh, yes,” Linda replied as she looked at the three horny men across from her. “We need dessert, don’t we girls?” As she spoke, she looked into the eyes of Shirley and Julie and winked a naughty wink that was reciprocated.

Tom apologised, “I’m sorry, we didn’t get any desserts. There’s no banana or pineapple fritters I’m afraid. After all that’s all they had to offer.” Bert and Paul both nodded and Bert added, “That’s true, and I wouldn’t thank you for a banana fritter.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Julie said in a low voice, “a banana fritter might come in handy now and again!”

“Shit!” swore Paul, almost apologetically.

“Don’t worry boys, dessert is definitely on, courtesy of us girls,” Linda soothed the mood and, looking around at Shirley and Julie, she got the two nods that she was expecting. “Shall we?” she suggested to the other two females.

As a response all three women stood up and went to fix dessert but, instead of going into the kitchen, they flaunted across the floor and went to the back of the couch and threw themselves forward so that the three short skirts that they wore rose up to reveal their underwear.

They had, obviously, raided Linda’s lingerie drawer. Julie still had on her cum-stained Ataşehir Anal Escort stockings with Tom’s emissions on them but she had augmented her posterior with a sexy pair of French knickers, also in black.

Shirley and Linda had adorned stockings and suspenders as well, Shirley had gone for the colour red, Linda green, and both wore matching thongs to complement them.

In unison the women caressed their butts with their left hand and wriggled their asses to excite the men, which seemed to work as three cocks struggled to remain in their pants. The women stopped caressing themselves and, instead, used their left hands to lift the skimpy underwear from the bum cracks where the flimsy material had nestled and pulled them to the left, revealing three extremely wet pussies.

At the same time they used their right hands to explore down the front of them and, with index finger and middle finger opened their lips, further augmenting the erotic scene as their cunt juices shimmered in the discreet lighting.

“Come on boys,” Julie cried as all three of the horny bitches leant over the back of the couch showing off their asses, “Pick a pussy!”

“Any pussy!” said Shirley.

“And fuck it, fuck it hard!” was Lind’s command.

Bert was the first to react and he made the short journey in seconds, taking off his trouser belt, unzipped himself, pulled down his boxers and pressed the head of his fat cock in the entrance of Julie’s dripping cunt.

“Don’t just stand there Bert, just stick it in!” What was a gentleman supposed to do?

Seconds later Julie was squealing with lust as she felt her pussy being stretched to the limit. “That’s it Bert, don’t hang around, just fuck me and give me your cum!”

Before Bert had managed a couple of thrusts inside of Julie, Tom and Paul were already poised to enter into Shirley and Linda respectively and they wasted no time as they began their assault on the welcoming pussies.

“Oh God, that’s so good,” Shirley hissed as a full nine inch dick hit her cervix. “Fuck yes!” she screamed as Linda was receiving the same treatment.

“Shirley?” she asked in between the sound of slaps caused by the wetness of three very moist pussies and three rock hard cocks slamming them.

“Uh, uh?” she somehow managed to answer.

“Do you know who is fucking you?”

“No, do you?”

“Nope,” Linda found the breath to go on, “isn’t that a turn on? I mean getting fucked and not even knowing who it is.”

“Oh shit yes!”

End of conversation!

The two identical looking cocks built up their speed as they started to seriously fuck, and fuck hard, in synchronisation. Now that would be an Olympic sport worth watching or, even better, participating in, Synchronised Fucking!

Julie was the first to feel her orgasm approaching even although Bert had only been inside her for a moment. “That’s it Bert” she yelled her encouragement, “Fuck me hard! Cum with me! Aagh, that is so fucking hot. Fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m cumming. Oh yes!”

Bert had been feeling horny all through the meal and now it was time to release his sperm into the sodden cunt that he was fucking with gusto. “I’m going to join you,” he hollered as he blasted load, after load, of his pent-up semen up the fuck-hole that had been offered to him a few short moments ago, a pussy that had wanted to be fucked, and it didn’t care which cock was inside of her.

“Fuck yes!” Julie screamed as she felt the force of Bert’s orgasm enter into her body. “Fuck yes!” she repeated as yet another burst of cum was dumped inside her.

Bert had to slow down as his climax waned but he still kept his cock up the wanton pussy that he had enjoyed so much. Julie, to her credit, managed to continue massaging the decreasing girth inside of her, although it was still impressive, with her vaginal muscles causing subtle groans of pleasure from both of them.

Back to the other four fuckers!

The synchronised cocks were heading for gold medals as they slammed in, and out, of the sodden cunts that they were fucking. It wasn’t to be long before, they too, were about to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Although ‘labour’ might be the wrong word to describe the pleasure they were giving, and receiving, as they approached the finishing line.

“I’ve got to cum,” Paul wheezed as he looked over towards his pal with the identical dick.

When Linda heard his voice she looked over at Shirley, “Christ!” she exclaimed, “I’ve got your Paul’s cock inside of me!”

“He’s good, isn’t he?”

“Fucking fantastic!”

Paul had heard the words and that threw him over the edge but, being synchronised fuckers, Tom knew that he had to join him so, with an extra thrust or three, he announced the imminent departure of his bodily fluid into the glorious pussy that he was battering, in synchronisation of course, with the simple words, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!”

And they did, together. The girls enjoyed the moment as well as simultaneous spurts of semen, combined with their own juices, flowed in and out of them.

“Holy fuck!” Shirley swore as she released her squirting talents all over Tom’s Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort cock, balls and thighs. The sound of it alike to pissing but it was not, it was much sweeter than that. Indeed, Paul would be the first to agree, it was very, very tasty!

The spurts from Tom and Paul got gradually weaker as they ran out of sperm to pump into the ladies, not through want of trying though. Eventually they were saturated and, with reluctance started to withdraw. Bert was in the same situation so, within seconds, there was the sound of three sodden cocks slipping out of three fucked pussies.

Plop, plop, plop.

The cum started to run out of the battered cunts almost immediately and splattered onto the carpet below. “Oh Fuck!” said Linda. “What with the stains upstairs and now this…I’ll have to get the cleaners in.”

“Well make sure that I’m there,” Julie said in a laughing tone, “after all there might be a nice cock or two that we could use.”

“Oh come on,” Bert said in mock indignity, “haven’t you got enough to go on?”

“Just joking,” Julie retorted, “but do you know what?”

“What?” asked Bert innocently as he looked down, not just at Julie’s ass, but at the other lingerie-clad butts that still seeped semen from their dripping holes. ‘Fuck, that’s sexy,’ he thought to himself.

“I’m thirsty,” Julie went on to expound.

“Eh?” Bert’s attention returned to the slut that he had just fucked. “Oh, I see what you mean, I’ll just pull my trousers up and I’ll go and…”

He never got to finish the sentence as Julie had spun around and started to engulf his big dick into her mouth, slurping whatever was left of Bert’s cum into her. She pulled out for a second and looked up into his eyes, “We don’t want to have any little cum stains on your boxers do we?” she whimpered before returning her oral talents to the flaccid, yet still productive, member and sucked off any remaining juices that still, somehow or another, managed to leak out of him.

Linda and Shirley took Julie’s cue and also started to suck their partner’s dry. The men just leant their heads back and sighed in post-orgasmic bliss before the women pulled away, grasped the boxers and stuffed the, presently redundant, pricks back into them. Trousers were the next to be replaced before the girls stood up to re-arrange their pointless knickers over their still dripping cunts.

“As I said,” Julie carried on in a seductive voice, “I’m thirsty. I don’t know why but somehow the taste of something salty always has that effect on me.”

The mood in the room changed immediately to one of laughter and conviviality and the six of them returned to the dining table to replenish their glasses.

Paul swore that he heard three squelching sounds as the girls took their seats. He was right!

“Oops, sorry,” Shirley apologised as she wriggled her tight little ass on her chair, an action that was copied by Linda and Julie.

“Anyway,” Shirley went on to say, “I take it that you enjoyed that boys?”

Bert spoke for all of them when he replied, “fucking right!” He then went on to ask, “What brought that about?”

“Well,” Julie started to explain, “When you lads were away, the three of us thought up some ideas to make the evening more fun…”

“…and naughty,” Linda added.

“Yes, very naughty!” Shirley concurred.

“So,” Julie tried to continue, “We’ve thought up some games for us to play.”

“Games?” Tom asked, trying to sound innocent, but failing.

“Yes,” was the response from Linda, “and sexy games at that!” she added with lewd wink.

“Now, you two,” Julie pointed at Bert and Tom, “you both know that Linda and I have a healthy attitude when it comes to sex. You might even say that we have slutty tendencies and dirty minds but, let me tell you, we seem to be amateurs compared to our Shirley here.”

Shirley? Surely not,” Paul countered.

“Oh you had better believe it, and you’ll find out how her filthy mind works soon enough!”

Paul looked over to Shirley with the biggest grin on his face and said, “I can’t wait!”

“Ah but you will,” Linda interrupted him, “because us three girls are off to the loo, I’ve got to take a dump!”

“Whoa!” Bert said in mock indignation, his hands held out in front of him, “too much information!”

“Well,” Linda answered him demurely, “if there is going to be any more anal action this evening…”

“…and I hope there will be,” Julie pouted her lips as she spoke.

“Then I, for one, don’t want anything up my butt that is trying to get out when one of you bastards are trying to get a cock going in the other direction!”

“Fair comment,” Bert admitted as he laughed out loud at Linda’s logic, although he doubted if it would be his dick.

“Are you ready girls?” Linda asked as she rose from her chair with a tiny sound like Velcro coming from her as her knickers and skirt strained to be released from the seat. The noise hadn’t gone unnoticed and there were huge grins all around the table, especially as a similar emission came from both Shirley and Julie as their sodden undergarments seemed to be matted as well.

“We’re Ataşehir Zenci Escort off to my bedroom; you lads can use the guest room if you want. See you back here in a few moments?” and off they went with a sexy wiggle to seduce the men, as if that were needed. “Oh and be careful,” Linda turned around with a grin on her face, “I don’t want pee all over the place. I know how your aim gets even worse with a stiffy in your hand!”

Ten minutes later, all ablutions complete, the six had regrouped around the table. Another bottle of wine had been opened and had swiftly disappeared into the glasses in front of them. “I’ll get another,” Tom volunteered and swiftly went into the kitchen to make sure that none of them would get too thirsty, at least not for a short while. More wine would be opened up later, that was a fact!

“Now,” he addressed Shirley on his return, “what do you have in that filthy mind of yours that so impressed Linda and Julie, something to do with the four pots?”

“You’ll find out about them later,” she said teasingly, “First of all, I fancy a dance…don’t you agree ladies?” Two nods confirmed the rhetorical question.

“Dance?” groaned Paul, “You know that I can’t dance. I’ve got two left feet!”

“It’s ok Paul,” Shirley purred, “For what we have in mind; your feet are the last things that we are interested in!” she added with a lascivious leer.

Tom and Bert both clapped at the last remark, grateful that they wouldn’t have to display any of their non-existent talent on the dance floor.

“Anyway,” Shirley continued, unimpressed at the round of applause, “I’ve had a look at Linda’s CD collection and struggled to come up with anything appropriate…” Linda looked suitably embarrassed but allowed a lewd grin to come across her face as she knew what was coming next,

“…but there was this one album called “Swing” which seemed appropriate considering what we have been doing…”

“…and what we are about to do again…” suggested Julie.

“…and again and again!” Linda gave her invaluable input, the grin still on her face.

Tom, Bert and Paul all squirmed in their chairs as one cock, after another, struggled to stay inside their pants just thinking about what was to take place. It was Paul who asked the question. “So,” he spoke for all of the guys, “What happens now?” as his left hand made a subtle adjustment to the boner that hid inside his boxers.

“Let’s dance!” announced Julie, followed by, “Pick a partner ladies.”

Linda grabbed Bert, Shirley opted for Paul and Tom waited for Julie to start the CD. The couples stood on the woollen rug in front of the imitation fire, sandwiched between the leather-bound couches that flanked them and waited for the music to begin. Before that happened Julie, before joining Tom, announced that the ‘dance’ could only involve fondling, no groping, and the clothes must remain on with no bare flesh apart from kissing,

“Is that clear?” she added with emphasis.

“Crystal!” answered Tom as he grabbed her the second that she had pressed the ‘play’ button. Immediately the room was filled with the sound of a big band, followed by the voice of Robbie Williams as the familiar words of “Beyond the Sea” wafted around the room.

Before the first word had been sung the groping, sorry, fondling had begun. Three moist groins were pressed hard into their respective partners’ hard-ons. The women’s hands went to the gorgeous butts of the men and increased the pressure between them, further enhancing their erections. To their credit the three men answered the advances of the horny ladies by kissing them with passion. Tongues were forced down the willing mouths and the sound of slurping threatened to overcome even Robbie’s voice.

All too soon the music came to an end and the three couples had to break off, but only for a moment as Linda went to the CD player and pressed the pause button.

“Ok people, change partners.”

This time Shirley chose Tom, Julie went for Bert, and Paul waited for Linda to begin the music. “This time groping is the right word and bare flesh can be felt, but don’t forget the kissing bit…I liked that!”

The music started and the groping began, as well as the kissing. The tender tones of George Michael singing “My Baby Just Cares for Me” was matched by three pairs of male hands caressing the beautiful asses of their partners as they pulled up the short skirts and started fondling, and kneading, the barely covered butts.

To further encourage the men, as if that were needed, the girls hands also started to feel for skin as each of them explored what was under the tops that each guy wore. Bert had on a “Bud” T-shirt; Paul was wearing a light blue polo shirt and Tom was having his buttons undone of his short sleeved item, allowing the girl’s access to the male torsos.

Bert had managed to get his fingers under Julie’s French knickers and had begun to tickle her familiar ass-hole, causing her to wriggle with pleasure. She sighed and leant back a fraction allowing Bert access to the forbidden hole and he entered her, bringing another lustful gargle from her sweet mouth. Tom and Paul, on the other hand, had aimed for the wet pussies that were aching to be touched and started finger fucking them with relish. Shirley and Linda raked their nails down the backs of the digital fuckers and thrust their cunts even closer to feel the outline of the hard cocks that would soon be set free…

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