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She leans against the pole, shivers with anticipation. Naked, blindfolded, gagged. A patent red leather collar around her neck. Boots, more red patent leather, thigh high, 5-inch heels. Feet about a foot apart. Long red latex gloves, arms behind her back, behind the pole, arms lashed with rough rope, the cold metal against her spine, soothing against her well-fucked ass. He’d taken her before placing her here. She arches her back at the memory.


She stomped into the apartment, slamming the door behind her. Wandering out from his study, he gave her a worried glance. “Bad day Pet?”

“The worst. My idiot manager wouldn’t know a good idea if it leapt out and bit him on the ass. And if he did, he’d probably try and seduce it into his office.”

Patricia sighed then hung up her coat and dropped her purse on the table. His eyes roamed over her body, smiling to himself as it was obvious why his pet’s manager had been hitting on her. Her suit, while professional, was very flattering to her figure. She caught his gaze and, sensing his thoughts, poked her tongue out at him before moving to prepare drinks for the both of them. He reached out and caught her wrist. “Tut tut Pet. You know better to stick that out at me without plans to use it.” His eyes twinkled as he looks down at her, doing his best to maintain his serious expression.

She smiled back up at him then licked his lips. “You didn’t say how I had to use it,” she quipped, looking back at him unrepentantly.

A look of indignation crossed his face and then he broke into a chuckle. “You’re incorrigible Pet. You really are.”

“Mmm, you love it though.”

“Perhaps. And perhaps it was time you had a lesson or two refreshed in your mind.”

“Oh?” came the giggled reply.

He took her hands and cuffed them behind her back. “Yes. Oh. And you may even enjoy it.”

An hour later, lying there and feeling sore, yet very contented, she’d turned to him and said “You call that a lesson?”

He rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he eyed her. “Hmm, Maybe not. Maybe it’s time for a special lesson. Put on the outfit I bought you last week, the red one. I have phone calls to make.”


Silence, broken. The sound of his voice, showing people in. The feel of unseen eyes caressing her, her nakedness. Heat growing between her legs. xslot Murmurs and rustles as the watchers take their seats. He steps up to her, kisses her cheek, places clamps on her nipples. Then, the sudden sting of a riding crop against the back of her thigh. A low moan, almost totally muffled by the gag in her mouth. Another sting, across her breast. Another. Another. Random locations. Random timing. Turned on beyond belief. Pleasure. Pain. Suddenly stopping. She whimpers and squirms against the pole.

A light touch on her thigh, an unfamiliar one. A pinch of her ass on the other side. Someone admiring the brand above her puffy pussy lips. Touching it softly. Sliding their fingers over her smooth shaven lips, sliding between. Stroking her clit. Another hand, flicking a nipple out of nowhere. Heat building. The clamps removed, to be replaced by lips, tongues teasingly licking at them, teeth tugging on them. The finger teasing her clit sliding further back, in, another joining it, thrusting into her wetness. Something as wet as her flicking at her clit, someone’s tongue. Hands pulling her ass away from the pole, another tongue tantalizing her there. Bites on her ass, the sides of her breasts. Hands stroking her sides, her legs. Pleasure beyond her wildest imaginings.


Patricia had met him at her best friend’s birthday party. Rachelle was a lively 24 year old with more money than sense. They’d both worked in the same office for the past two years. Well, Patricia had worked while Rachelle played at it. Her uncle was one of the company’s primary investors. Over the course of the years the two women had built up a firm friendship.

Patricia was standing near one of the bars in Rachelle’s uncle’s house, watching Rachelle dancing on one of the tables with two cute guys holding each hand to steady her as she did.

“Rachelle’s always been a wild one” came a voice near her ear. She startled and twirled around to find herself staring up into the most captivating eyes she’d ever encountered. “Friend of hers I assume?”

“Yes. Patricia. Rachelle and I work together.”

“It’s lovely to meet you Pet.”

“Patricia. I don’t like my name shortened.”

“Ah, but you see, your eyes are simply begging me to call you Pet.”


“Pet,” he murmured softly with a charming smile. He took her hand xslot Giriş in his and kissed her palm. She melted inside.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to let you call me Pet. But only for tonight.”

“But of course. Although, one question remains. What’s a pet doing here without her master?”

She laughed and blushed, then asked him to come dance with her. He nodded his consent and they walked over to the dance floor hand in hand.


She feels someone behind her, gliding hands over her shoulders. Such a familiar touch. Him. He bites her neck then licks up to her ear. “Enjoying yourself Pet?” The warmth of his breath makes her shiver. He cups her breasts in his hands, guiding them from one eager mouth to another, controlling her, controlling them. Soft kisses on her shoulder combine with untender bites. She can imagine his face, as he looks down on those worshipping her body, but only on his sufferance.

He steps back from her, unlaces her arms. Claps his hands, three sharp ones. Tells everyone to move back, for the best is now to come. Pushes her to her knees, then forward again onto her hands. Shackles one of her ankles to the pole. Steps back again and allows the others back to her.


Slowly over time, he’d introduced her to his world. A world of sensuality. A world where he’d protect her, guide her, through feelings of pleasure and pain, then swirling the two together in the headiest combination she’d experienced in her life. A world of trust, her trusting him to never let her come to experience lasting harm, him trusting her to follow his commands and to remain purely his.


Hands, lips, tongues, teeth. Stroking, caressing, licking, biting. Someone removes the gag and pushes her head down towards someone’s crotch on the floor in front of her. She sticks out her tongue, expecting to find something to lick. Thin air greets it. She moves her head forward. Still nothing. A loud moan as the realisation hits her. Lowers her head, licking gently at pussy lips as smooth as hers. A hand guiding her head closer as a cock enters her pussy and then, another in her ass. Moaning against the warm wet folds of flesh, then sliding her tongue between them as some unknown person had done to hers only minutes earlier. Tongue exploring the unfamiliar yet oh xslot Güncel Giriş so similar pussy on her face between moans. Moans of sheer pleasure, from the cocks in her pussy and ass, from the caresses, from the torture of her nipples as her breasts swung below her and finally, from the sperm hitting her back from one impatient bystander.

Loud groans behind her, cocks withdrawing, leaving her empty and longing for more, more cum hitting her back, her ass, her thighs. Only to be replaced by more cocks, thrusting away inside her, a rhythm of carnality. Hands massaging in the cooling cum. The woman beneath her tongue beginning to buck and moan, the sound of purest, yet basest, pleasure, as orgasm swept her away. The hand on her head remaining there to ensure it was just the first of many. More deliciously warm sperm hitting her, covering her in it as yet again her pussy and ass were relinquished to yet another set of men. One cock in her ass. She gasps loudly, as the next one, rather than heading for her pussy, begins to push in beside the first. Then moans, as a mouth clamps over her clit, sucking, licking, biting gently, distracting her away from this new violation of her ass. Half a minute later, with one last lick, the mouth pulls back, leaving her to deal with the new sensations. Panting into the pussy in front of her as she concentrates on not letting the pain overwhelm her. Realising the pain is only heightening her pleasure. Beginning to moan as first one, then the other pushes deep inside of her.

He’s by her side again, pushing her hair back from her ear, whispering “Now Pet”, pulling back as a primal sound of pleasure escapes her lips, pushing herself backwards, experiencing the most intense orgasm of her life. It ebbs then builds again, this time causing her to squeal with the intensity of it. Emptiness, greater this time, as both pull out from her, both covering her with massive amounts of sperm as a mouth, maybe the same one, maybe another, covers her pussy to lap at her juices as they drip out with each pulse of her cunt. Another orgasm, milder this time, moaned into the pussy her mouth is buried in as she sets to work cleaning it up, lapping gently, savouring the taste of the juices.

Gentle hands lift her up from her hands and knees. He pulls her close, wraps his arms around her. Slowly the noise of people leaving dies away until all is silent, except for the sound of the two of them breathing. He pulls the blindfold from her eyes and looks down at her. She stares back, rapture clear in her eyes. He kisses her softly and whispers, “I’m glad you liked your lesson. My sweet Pet.”

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