Leah’s Springbreak Adventure Ch. 2

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“You okay, baby. ” Darren asked, smiling down at the young blonde as her eyes opened dreamily, waking from the experience she had just been through with the powerful black man. “I was worried about you. “

“Mmmmmmmm… I’m fine… just fine. ” she smiled weakly, a hand going down to gingerly rub her aching pussy, surprised at how wet and swollen he was. “I never knew it could be so good. You are so much bigger than any of the guys I know back at school. “

“Well, now you know. ” You want good sexing you’ve gotta find you a black man. ” he laughed, a dark hand moving smoothly over her taut belly, capturing a full, firm breast whose hard nipple tickled his rough palm. “And I’ve got plenty more lovin’ for you whenever you are ready. “

“Oooooooh, that is so tempting, honey. ” she murmured, thrilling to his touch, her own tiny hand reaching out to touch his dark, muscular chest. “But we will have to be really careful. Mom would have a shitfit if she were to find out. “

“Well, maybe I’ve got a plan that might just change her mind about that. ” he laughed, his hand still marveling at her perfect breast. “I have a feeling a good fuckin’ would change her whole outlook on life. “

For several minutes he talked, revealing his wicked plan to the skeptical, but receptive young blonde. By the time he was through, she was still not totally convinced it would work, but she was willing to do anything for him if it would mean getting more of his hot loving for herself. Quickly, they gathered their things and made their way back to her room.

“She’s still out of it. ” Leah giggled, having gone into the room alone to check on her mother. “She musta taken one of her pills. “

“Good, good. ” Darren whispered, giving the young blonde a quick kiss on her soft lips as he started across the room, his eyes the whole time admiring the smooth, tanned back of his next victim. She was lying on her belly, the sheet covering her to the waist, her arms above her head. “Perfect, just perfect. “

Moving with the grace and stealth of a big cat, he quickly slipped the handcuffs on first one wrist and then the other, tying the cuffs with a short length of rope to the headboard. The mature vixen stirred only slightly during all of this, obviously under the spell of some kind of sleeping pill. She had stirred enough that he got a good view of one of her full breasts from the side. Obviously, Leah came by her big tits naturally.

“Time to wake Momma up, baby. ” he smiled as Leah already approached her mother, kneeling quietly on the bed. “Give Momma a little wakeup kiss. “

“Wake up, Mom. ” Leah said, almost giggling, surprising Darren when she actually kissed her mother on the ataşehir escort lips. “I’ve got a big surprise for you. “

“What the hell? You’ve been drinking, Leah. ” the older woman growled, rolling onto her back and realizing her captive state. “What is going on here?” Her dark eyes went wide as they took in the tall black man standing nearly naked next to the bed.

“Hi Mizz Jackson. ” Darren smiled, enjoying her shock as he slowly slid his trunks down his legs, exposing his long, dark rod, shocking her further. “I’ve been makin’ a woman out of your little girl with this big blacksnake and she loves you so much that she wants to share it with you. She is such a sweet girl. “

“You… I should have you arrested. ” Jeanna Jackson hissed, her writhing against her restraints causing the sheet to shift, exposing even more of her mature, voluptuous body to the young black stud. Even filled with anger, she was shocked to find that she could not tear her gaze away from the unbelievably huge black organ that twitched slightly in anticipation of doing his evil deed. “I knew you were stalking us ever since we checked into this hellhole. “

“Awwwwww… don’t be that way, Momma. ” the dark intruder grinned his disarming grin, a huge hand moving down to slowly knead one of her rising breasts, comparing its soft fullness to the firmness of her younger daughter. “We’re just gonna have us a little fun. You might out that a good fuckin’ can change your whole outlook on life. “

“You are a vile, evil creature, just like all niggers. Get your nasty hand off of me or I’ll scream. ” she shouted, fighting the feelings his big hand was having. Her nipples were already getting so hard they felt like they might burst. It had been way too long since a man had touched her that way. “You defiled my innocent daughter and now you think you can just come in here and rape me and make me like it. “

“The way your little girl fucked me, I doubt she is all that innocent. She damn sure ain’t no virgin. ” Darren laughed, moving to let his hot breath play over her hardened nipple, feeling her jerk as his black cock grazed her thigh. “And I’m not about to rape you. I’m gonna make you want this dick as much as your little girl does. ” Even as he said this, his hot mouth closed over one of those turgid nipples, his wet tongue flicking it back and forth as his big hand smoothly massaged her slightly soft belly, moving slowly lower.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh… gaaaaaaaawwwdddd! it’s not fair. ” she moaned, clinching her thighs around the big, dark hand that suddenly cupped her hairy mound that was already moistening against her will. “It’s been soooooooo long… toooooo damn long. “

“You’re ataşehir escort gonna love it, Mom. ” Leah purred, her face just inches from her mother’s as she smiled innocently even though her eyes were smoldering with lust as she watched her black lover kissing his way down her mother’s writhing torso. “He is sooooooo big and hard and he fucks sooooo good. “

“OHMIGAWD! What are you doing?” Jeanna cried out, feeling the black stranger’s full, soft lips suddenly replace his hand that was now grasping her thigh, pushing her open even as his wet tongue played up and down between her moist, puffy labia. “Wh… what are you doing to me?”

“Relax and go with it, Momma. ” he crooned, his hot tongue flicking over her already engorged clit. “Gotta get this hairy pussy ready for some hard black meat. Get down there and suck my dick, babygirl. Get it ready for your Momma’s hairy pussy. “

Leah slid down the bed, eagerly licking and stroking the rapidly hardening pillar of flesh, one hand kneading his huge balls as the other slid inside the leg of her swimsuit to take care of her own sudden need. She could hear her mother moaning and actually crying as her dark lover sucked her pussy, now working two of his long, thick fingers into her wet hole, opening her for his thick cock.

“Cum for me, hot momma. ” he ordered, his teeth nipping at her swollen lovebud as he fingerfucked her more rapidly. “Give me your sweet pussy juice you sexy old bitch. “

“Ohhhhhhhhh… gaaaaaaaaaawwwddddd! Can’t help myself!” Jeanna suddenly yelped, her wide hips bucking off the bed, gluing her sopping cunt to his dark face. “I’MMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMIIIINNNGGG!”

“Mmmmmmmm… mmmmmm… love a juicy white pussy. ” he laughed, lapping up her juices before rising and having to tear his throbbing bone from Leah’s hot mouth before she sucked the juice right out of his aching nuts. “You’re ready for some of this black dick now, aren’tcha hot momma? Tell me you want my black dick. “

“Ohhhhhhhh… yes… yeaaaassssss… please!” she cried out, humping the air, her wet hole open and waiting for his assault. “Fuck me Darren. Give me your hard, young black cock. “

“Put it in her, baby. ” he smiled at Leah, moving between Jeanna’s now eagerly spread thighs. “Give your Mom by big dick. “

The young nymph eagerly grasped the thick organ, smiling as her mother jerked as the bloated cockhead parted her labia, plunging into her quivering, wet channel. While her older, more mature cunt was somewhat looser, Darren was surprised at the way it gripped and squeezed at his throbbing pole. Obviously, the sweet little daughter also came by her fucking skills naturally.

“Am I fucking anadolu yakası escort you good, momma?” he asked, his full lips just brushing hers as he pumped several inches of his thick meat into her gaping cunt in slow, powerful strokes. “You like the way my big blacksnake is fucking your hot old pussy?”

“Oooooooohhhhhh… unnnnnggggghhhh… yesssssss!” she cried out, her legs wrapping around his narrow waist in a visegrip intended to keep him there and draw him even deeper into her as she bucked up to meet his thrusts. “Give me more, baby. FUUUUCKKKK MEEEEEEEEE HAAAAARRRDDDDER!”

Always willing to please, he pulled her legs from his waist, pushing them over his broad shoulders, mashing her thick thighs against her breasts as he drove most of his length into her rapidly, his wet, soft lips crushing hers in a hot, tonguebattling kiss.

“Ohhhhhh… yeaaaaahhhhh… you hot bitch!” he growled, his dark eyes gleaming. “Gonna give you something I was afraid to give your little girl. Gonna wombfuck your sexy ass. “

“Wh… what is that?” Jeanna asked, her words coming in ragged gasps.

“That’s when I stuff all this black dick in ya’. ” he replied, suddenly plunging his full length into her womb. “Stuff all this dick up your little babymaker… plant a little black baby in your belly. “

“Ohhhhhhhh… nooooooo… NOOOOOOOO!” she pleaded, knowing all the while that there was nothing she could do about it, even if she wanted to. “Don’t cum in me… can’t get pregnant. ” Even as she spoke these words she felt her body opening, a wave of shock running through her body as his hard cock pierced her uterus going deeper into her body than any man had ever gone before.

In just seconds she had actually changed her plea, her face a twisted mask of lust as she pleaded him to fill her with his black seed, to give her his baby.

“Lick my nuts, babygirl. ” he ordered Leah, who eagerly moved behind him, her tongue flicking out to lick his tightening ballsac. “Get those nuts good and hot so I can plant a black baby boy in your momma’s belly. “

With Jeanna’s hot cunt milking his throbbing cock and her sexy daughter licking and sucking at his tightening balls and even sneaking up at times to lick at his black crack, there was no way Darren could last much longer.

In just a short time, he erupted, his balls jerking in the sucking daughters mouth as he flooded her mother with what felt like a mega load of his potent black sperm. His own orgasm was so intense that he thought he might pass out even as he slumped over Jeanna, his lips meeting hers in a hot, sensuous loving kiss as her daughter continued licking lovingly at his now drained nuts.

This evening had certainly been all that he could have hoped for and the way Jeanna was milking his flagging cock and Leah continued to bath his balls and then his flaccid rod as it slipped from her mother, he doubted this was anywhere near the end of his fun.

To be continued…

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