Knock Three Times

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She was keyed up – as usual, really. But going too long without sexual release and sitting all day with boring, aging professionals was always sure to make her irritable and aggressive.

When the firm knock sounded three times on the door at exactly 10:00 p.m., she smiled like a sunbathing feline. Good boy, right on time. Let’s see if he remembers the rest of my instructions though.

She took her time, checking her reflection in the full-length hallway mirror. She wore a wide-gauge fishnet bodysuit underneath black leather pants, low-slung on her hip bones and tight as a second skin, skimming toned thighs, bunching at her ankles just above black fuck-me stilettos. Leather G-string straps arched over those hip bones from under her waistband and buckled in back Otherwise, she wore only a black, silver-studded leather half-bra under the netting of the bodysuit. Her usual heavy silver choker chain banded her neck, a dangling S-shaped serpent charm, winked in the low light. Straight, dark-gold hair poured down to the middle of her back.

She smoothed on thin patent leather gloves above her elbows as she contemplated the door. She’d spent a fortune on them, but even the embossed design of a coin could be felt through the supple leather. She raised her hands to admire the shine of them and slid one gloved hand down her toned belly, and further down to her crotch. She rotated her pubic bone against her cupped palm, remembering the last scene with this one.

Was last time a fluke? Could he be taken further? Time to find out how good this toy can be.

On the way to the door, she picked up a heavy leather leash and a black leather riding crop.


He looked furtively side-to-side to check the hallway without lifting his head. The room was at the end of a hallway around a secluded corner. Not much reason for any other guests to come this way. Still he trembled with anxiety. Potential discoverers flew through his mind – workmen arriving unexpectedly, a lost traveler looking for their room.

As instructed, he knelt at the door, on his knees, head bowed. He had worn only his jeans and had slipped those off at her door, folding them and laying them in front of his knees – an offering. He had slipped on the heavy black collar on the way to her door. The collar thrilled him, heart skipping wildly, with its leather scent, its outrageousness, and its impending meaning. She had slipped it in his attache today while tersely imparting his orders. The promise of the collar staring up from the depths of his bag had kept him on a sexual high all day.

What would she take from him tonight? Would he measure up this time? Would he be able to handle all that she would require? How bad would it become, but how good could it be? He needed to follow this desire of his, finally. In spite of his fear of discovery in the public hallway, his erection throbbed expectantly. He wanted it so badly, to be controlled, tested, to give as much to his Mistress as he could pour out of himself and put into her firm control, to trust and, ultimately, to be taken care of.

It wasn’t a need that any others had been able to fulfill for him. She promised to make his fantasies reality, if he could please her enough.

His neck muscles ached already from their desperately bowed position. As he felt the beginning ache, he worried about his ability to meet her expectations. How long had he been here – one minute, five? His perception of time was skewed by his anxiety at being seen here in this position.

Had she heard his knock? Would she come at all? His instructions were clear. Knock loudly three times but only once. He fought not to raise his hand to knock once more. His anxiety made it a physical struggle to resist the urge. If he knocked again, there would be no answer, she had promised him, murmuring in his ear from behind. Her words and breath had sent erotic shivers slithering down his spine into his crotch.

He had been eating lunch in the conference hall when out of the blue, she had appeared behind him, leaning over his shoulder on pretense of sharing some conference information. His conversation with the others at the table flew from his mind the minute her smooth voice purred, “Ten o’clock, toy. Room 512.” Her concise, detailed instructions had poured on, ending with “Don’t miss a single detail. I’m not in such a generous mood this time.” And she was gone, leaving him struggling to control his breathing and a growing erection.

He had despaired of ever getting another chance to serve her needs. He knew his only lucky scene with her had been due to her own desperation and he had almost blown that. That was months ago, and since that night, he had dreamed guiltily of more scenarios with the Domme, but she had not invited him. He had found himself half-unwittingly, over and over, putting himself in positions he hoped would lead her to take him again. Nothing had come of his attempts, as if she hadn’t noticed at all.

He ran back over the list of her commands in his mind one more time, checking them xslot off one-by-one. He thought he would never forget a single detail of the instructions she had given him at that moment, but, with an electric jolt of horror down his spine, he suddenly realized he had forgotten one small item. His body twitched in his forced position, thoughts racing. He couldn’t possibly make it to his room and back to retrieve his forgotten briefs before she came for him at the door, especially naked as he was. She had told him to wear only the jeans but to bring a pair of briefs with him. Fuck, fuck, fuck, how could I be so stupid? His mind cast frantically for any solution to his error.

With dread now, he watched the bottom of the door swing open. He wanted badly to look up but had been commanded to remain in his position until released by her, no matter what. From his bowed position he could only see darkness through that doorway. He heard movement, faint beyond the portal. He wanted desperately to leap through the door and out of the public hallway, but trembling, he held, seeking desperately to make up for the fault she would discover any moment now.

She looked down on him, kneeling at her door, of his own volition. The trust and gift of power gave her goose bumps. Awed once more by the amazing transfer that some found cruel but was to her both a tremendous gift and great responsibility, not to mention a heightened sexual opportunity. Even more than that though, some deep need was met in that transfer of control for both domme and sub in their own way. Each a reflection of the other’s need.

She shook herself to turn back to the reality of the shaking man kneeling at her doorway. While his eyes were still downcast, she allowed herself a wide grin of animalistic enjoyment. Mine, she thought. She raised the whip and brought it down fast through the air with a threatening hisss. His body tensed and quivered, but his eyes did not come up. She reached down and clipped the leash to his collar.

“Keep your eyes down, toy. And you will stay on your knees. You haven’t earned the right to stand. Bring your clothes.” Tugging on his collar, she led him, crawling awkwardly, into the sitting area of her dark room. The only light came from street lights outside filtered through trees and sheer curtains. She stopped him, laying the leash along his spine to dangle down his ass crack.

“Well, I see you have brought your jeans. But you have not done everything you were asked to do.” The last was said quietly, but with scorn. “I’m sor-,” he began. “Silence! You will not speak until given permission to do so.”

“This is not a good beginning at all. There cannot be any good excuses for not following all of my instructions. Perhaps you just wanted to find out what would happen? Is that it? You wanted to test my promise? You may speak now, toy, but I warn you – think carefully first. And you will look at me while you attempt to explain this lapse.”

She was right. There were no good excuses. His only defense was honesty, he decided. Would she throw him out? Had he already proved that he was not up to her challenges? He looked up to speak, but his breath caught deep in his chest at the impressive sight of her, her long legs and arms sheathed in shiny leather, dark eyes looking coolly down on him. Damn, he didn’t want to disappoint her or, worse, lose his chance to be dominated by her. Stammering, he launched his appeal.

“Thank you, Mistress. Of course, you’re right. There’s no good excuse. I meant to bring the briefs too, like you told me to. I couldn’t hardly think all day. I’ve been so nervous and excited to do what you want. All I can do is try to make it up to you, Mistress. I’ll do anything to make it up to you. Please don’t give up on me.” He nervously stumbled to a halt. He hoped his conviction had come through to her. But the silence stretched out.

She began walking slowly around his kneeling figure. She reached out with the leather crop and, touching him for the first time, even though indirectly, trailed it lightly over the small of his back, down his buttocks, down the back of his thighs. Thwack! A light tap stung the backs of both thighs. Oww! I’m in trouble. He thought, fleetingly, of calling it off, backing out. He was flat scared he wouldn’t be able to cope with whatever she would demand from him.

She rubbed the sting marks with the crop. He worried about where it would head next, but relished the feel of her touching him, even in this way. Tapping, she signaled him to open his legs wider. She dragged the crop between his thighs and teased his scrotum with the cool smooth flap of the crop. His softened cock began stirring again, in spite of his brain’s real worry about the intention of that crop.

Finally, she said, “I expect better from you.” The crop suddenly sizzled through the air, making hard contact with his left buttock. He bit back his surprised yelp. The wicked sting grew, sizzling through his crotch and abdomen.

“You are not to steal the attention that is mine by indulging your own excitement.” xslot Giriş Thwack! His right buttock this time. The sting grew and merged with the previous still fading in his center. He screwed his forehead into the carpet, his eyes squeezed shut, mouth wide, panting.

“My directions when given should be your thoughts, your world, from now on.” Thwack! Again to the left side. “I do not give so many that they are hard to keep track of.” Thwack! The right. “From now on, when I give you a directive, it should fill your mind and you should act on it single-mindedly.” Thwack – the left.

His bottom was a fire, crackling and searing. The heat spread through his entire body from his center out. Struggling to avoid the pain, he began to realize that if he accepted it, submitted control over it, it became bearable. “This is a requirement of being my toy.” Thwack – the right again.

She finished her punishing reprimand, but resumed her caress of his exposed back and thighs and scrotum with the crop. She admired the abused red glow on his bottom, feeling satisfied and relaxed finally. No welts, no purpling bruises. The six blows had not been so cruel, but she knew they had been a distressing trial for him.

“In order to make up for your error, you will bring me the item I requested. But you will bring it to me tomorrow instead and present it to me right before you begin your presentation. I will be there.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He already worried how he would concentrate on his work while carrying out her directive. But he would make damn sure to bring her the briefs. He had no doubt that another mistake so soon would be the end of his chances with her.

Eventually, the caress of the crop began to please his consciousness and tingling skin again. With some relief, he thought he may have made it through this challenge. “Do you understand that is the price of my control? Answer me, and you will look at me now.”

“Yes, Mistress. I understand. Thank you. I’ll never forget another of your commands. Never. Pleasing you is all I want to do.” Unbeknownst to her toy, her breath hitched and her abdomen clenched. His words were what she needed to hear. His strong need was what she needed to feel to satisfy her own dark desires. Flutters of contractions rippled through her canal. Her velvet fluids already lubricating her center, flowed out, spreading onto her thighs.

She stood still, her straight thick hair shone like a candle in the dim light of the room, leather glinting powerfully. To him, she looked like a beautiful vampire queen, cool and calculating, ready to take everything from him or give him his deepest desires, depending on her whim.

She turned on her heel and drew a small leather item from a full velvet bag on the bed. The contents of the bag clinked secretively. Worry crossed his mind again. She returned, walking behind him. With the crop again, she spread his thighs even further.

Laying the crop along his spine next to his leash, she crouched down. Quickly, she lassoed his semi-erect cock and balls with the leather harness, pulling the main noose snug around his member. His testicles she pushed down into two loops, which she then cinched tight.

Now trussed and well-displayed, she began a deliciously thorough exploration of her toy from behind, gliding her smooth leather gloves over the warm skin inside his thighs, his groin, his lower back, his hips. Grabbing both hips, she pumped his ass back hard against her crotch, grating her pants against his still-tingling ass, grinding her full weight into him. The leash left hanging down his crack, pressed intimately against him. Then, she shoved his hips away.

She gently massaged the fading glow on his ass cheeks, pushing his smooth muscles apart and together so the leather leash squeezed between his buttocks. Spreading his crack, she worked his skin back and forth so the pressure tugged on his asshole. Her thumbs journeyed along the sides of his crack and massaged deep to the root of his cock just behind his balls, teasing those super-sensitive regions that never receive attention.

Now his forehead pressed against the carpeted floor and eyes squeezed shut for a different purpose – savoring the fascinating joy of being fondled and used this way by her. The fresh sensations were overwhelming his nerves, already on high-alert after the punishment he’d endured.

She cupped his bound balls in her gloved palm and then surrounded the top of each with a forefinger and thumb, tugging on them alternately. Squeezing those balls gently in one hand, she tugged on his leash, pulling him upright on his knees, the abandoned crop falling to the floor. Her leash-hand snaked up around his neck to pull his ear back to her lips. He could smell the warm leather of her glove.

“Look down at yourself. Look at what you get for giving your control to me.” Reaching around his torso, she lay his now-swollen cock across her shiny, smooth, leather-covered palm. While he watched, her hand slowly cupped and curled, wrapping around the length of his cock. Slowly, xslot Güncel Giriş she tightened her fist and released, again and again. Before releasing him, she pumped his rod several times, with a twisting motion. His eyes rolled back and head lolled back on her shoulder. He felt strangely safe, and unbelievably turned on.

She walked around to stand in front of him, commanding him, “Undress me. Take these pants off of me.” She thrust her hips forward, presenting him the button. “But don’t you dare touch my skin with those hands.”

His hands shook as he carefully unbuttoned the leather and slid the zipper down. Peeling the folds back, he savored the mixed smell of leather and arousal. His hands ran over the slick, warm, taut leather on her hips. Carefully, he pulled the unzipped folds to roll the leather over her hips, their weight sending them sliding to pool at her feet. She lifted one foot and then the other for him to pull the pants over her shiny black stilettos.

Now only sheathed in her fishnet-covered leather lingerie, she bent over in front of him to stare into his eyes, gripping his chin, holding him steady. She reached down to her own crotch while he flicked his eyes down to watch. She pulled apart the fishnet and he realized that her outfit was made to come apart for access. Even the leather G-string was split at her crotch and she pulled the sides apart for him to see her finger slide into her slit.

“And now you’re going to slide your fingers into me, at least two. Stroke me and lick me until I come all over your face, toy. I’m not sure how many times will be enough. We’ll see. And then…. Then, I’m going to show you how well you did. You’re going to like this, aren’t you?” At his enraptured nod, she continued. “But you’re going to go back to your room very unsatisfied, if you mess this up. Understood?”

At his nod, she smiled, hotly, and stepped forward to straddle his body, pulling his head into her crotch. He had to bend into uncomfortable angles to keep his face pressed into her slit. His tongue reaching deep to find her clit and opening. He snuck a touch of her soft taut thighs encased in fishnet as he ran his hand up to slide the requested two fingers into her soaked hole. The sound of his fingers wetly squishing into her slippery stretchy canal made him ache to sink himself deep into her. He spread his fingers and rubbed his knuckles around her walls trying to catch the right spot to give her every ounce of what she expected from him, hopefully more if he could. What would his reward be? He was dying to get the chance to find out.

Her breathing began rasping rapidly in and out. Within two minutes of flicking her clit with his tongue and massaging her walls deliberately, he pushed her over into a badly-needed climax. It hit her hard and fast, she felt like dropping to her knees, but hung onto his head, buried in her snatch. Her hands and feet tingled from lack of circulation, her head spun, dizzily. She wondered if she might faint before her vision slowly returned.

Her pleasing toy had not stopped though, only slowed his pace. As her breathing came back down, he began again. And, now that she’d had her first she was primed for more. His fingers and tongue sent her over the edge in half the time. She growled with pleasure as this orgasm rolled deliciously and more slowly through her. Her thighs quivering with fatigue from rubbing her pussy on his face. Still she looked for more, knowing she had more she could take from him.

His body ached and sweated from holding this position to pleasure her. But he ignored it as he enjoyed her obviously appreciative response to his efforts. He picked up his pace again, following his previously-successful pattern. And was rewarded after another short but very hot session of licking and this time sucking on her clit with her loud moans of pleasure. Her third orgasm had built and built before finally peaking and sending her into a delicious floating feeling. Still amazing how different they can all be, she thought. She floated and enjoyed his tongue licking up her juices, which were now streaming freely out of her.

“That was very well done, pet. My goodness, you have some talent. Perhaps you’ve been giving this some thought since the last time. Well, it’s time to reward you for such a satisfying performance. Stand up.” She tugged him on his shaky legs and aching knees over to the doorjamb at the bathroom and shoved him back to lean against it.

She brought the retrieved crop up to slide up the tender inside of his right thigh. She balanced his balls on the tang of the whip and then released them to trail the smooth strap up his heated, bruised-looking shaft. His genitals ached deep inside from the building pressure without release and yet his erection just seemed to get fuller and harder.

She backed away to the other side of the door. “Rub yourself for me. But don’t come yet. I want to watch you.” He reached for his cock for the first time since arriving. It jumped and got fuller yet at the sensation of skin finally. He wished he had lube, but knew he’d never be able to stop, if his tool was slicked and sliding through his fist. The feeling was overpowering as it was. He felt a fuzzy warm tightening in his crotch as his warm familiar palm worked slowly up and down his shaft.

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