Kelsey’s World Ch. 22

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Richie knocked at the door of the girls’ house bright and early the next morning. Kelsey was up, sipping coffee while she straightened up the living room. The crisp, autumn temperature forced her into a short, fleece robe, but it wasn’t tied shut.

“Mornin’, Honey,” she said.

“Hi. Sorry I texted so early. Erin wants to work on a school project.”

“Oh, that’s okay, Honey. I hadn’t even noticed you left your camera stuff here.”

“Yeah, it’s downstairs.”

“If I’d known that I woulda had you do some souvenir shots for everybody last night. It’d be fun to shoot a sexy party probably, right?”

Richie smiled. “Yeah.”

“Want some coffee, Honey?”

“Okay. I gotta go pretty soon though.”

“So, I saw you go upstairs with Alicia last night. How was that?”

“Really nice. She’s…really nice.”

Kelsey smiled as she poured Richie a mug of coffee. “That was her first time, you know. At a party, I mean. She must have felt really comfortable with you.”

Richie smiled shyly.

“It’s probably because of that,” Kelsey said, looking at his smile. “Sometimes you look so young it’s just too cute to resist. Did she tell you she works at a high school? I’m pretty sure you were her school-boy fantasy.”

Richie smiled.

“So, was that party, like, super awesome, or was it just me?” Kelsey asked.

“No, it was awesome,” Richie said.

“Yeah,” Kelsey said. “The sex was super hot for some reason. Sometimes it’s just special like that. People get in a certain mood I guess. I wish it was like that all the time.”

“Isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but last night was extra hot,” Kelsey said. She took a sip of her coffee. “Abby had lots of fun I think.”

“She was kinda quiet when I drove her home.”

“That’s normal,” Kelsey said. “It’s new for her, and she had to go home and act all normal in front of her parents and stuff. I could tell she was lovin’ it, though. It’s cool she got with older guys for the first time. Did you see her with Joey? He’s so fuckin’ big! That was wicked hot watchin’ him fuck her. She makes the sexiest little noises.”

Kelsey watched Richie’s face as they sipped their coffee. She could see the love in his eyes when they talked about Abby.

“You’re so funny, Richie. You’re such a tit man, but you’re in love with Abby.”

“What do you mean? She’s got tits.”

“Yeah, little tiny ones. I mean they’re super pretty, and her nips are super cute, but you gotta admit, you love rollin’ around in the big ones.”

“Yeah,” Richie said, looking shy again. “I think I’m more into pussies, though.”

Kelsey looked surprised. “Really?”

“I think, maybe. I don’t know. Abby’s is wicked nice, though, isn’t it?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Kelsey said. “When she’s on her knees, it’s just…yeah, it’s the nicest. Charity’s is like that, too.”

“Yeah,” Richie said, with a lusty twinkle in his eyes.

“I get ‘ya, Honey,” Kelsey said. “Tits are nice, but a pussy you wanna stick somethin’ in is nicer. Every time Abby’s on her knees I wish I had a cock. When I’m lickin’ her I feel like I could stick my whole head in there and swim around. I bet she’s tight, though, right?”

“Super tight,” Richie said, looking full-on dreamy eyed.

“Is she Charity tight?”


“Nice,” Kelsey said. “I kinda figured, with that little body of hers.”

“I really gotta go. Erin’s gonna be waiting for me.”

“Okay, Honey.”

Kelsey kissed him, pulled his head down between her big tits and jostled them against his smiling face. “I guess I should call you Pussyman instead of Honey, huh?”

“I kinda like Honey,” he said.

Kelsey smiled.

A quarter of a mile up the road, Margie and Ryan were back in the house, taking a coffee break after the morning chores. Margie was quiet, gazing out the window at the goat herd.


“Huh? Oh, yeah,” Margie said.

“You okay?” Ryan asked.

“Fine,” she said. A pretty smile creased her tired face. “Late nights are getting harder. We’re not as young as Kelsey and her friends anymore.”

“Yeah, but…are you okay?”

“I feel like I should say no, but I kinda loved it. No…I totally loved it. I’ve never felt that much like a woman before.”

“You were allwoman, sweetheart. I know what you mean, though. I feel like I shouldn’t feel this way, but I really loved seeing you like that.”


“Really,” Ryan said. He took Margie’s hand and showed her how just thinking about it had made him hard.

“Wow,” she said softly. She opened his pants, took out his cock and stroked it gently in her fist. “Our sex life is just off the charts lately.”

“Pretty good, right?”

“So good,” she said, the words muffled off when the cock filled her mouth.

After a few minutes of pleasant work Ryan gushed his warmth into Margie’s moaning mouth. They both smiled lovingly as he tucked his cock in his pants and sat down to eat his donut. Neither one knew how to bring up the next subject, so it lingered unsaid for a few minutes.

“So…what happens Escort bayan now?” Margie said. “With Alicia and Joey, I mean.”

Ryan washed down a bite of donut with a sip of coffee. “I don’t know if you talked to them at all, but I can tell you what she and I said. We both agreed we’d kind of like to do it again, and we both agreed that there shouldn’t be any cheating. So…more parties, at least, but, maybe some get togethers with just the four of us?”

“Really?” Margie said. Ryan was glad to see a happy twinkle in her eyes. “Can we do that? I mean, we’re not supposed to do that, but…”

“Hey, we’re consenting adults, right? I mean, I don’t know what Joey thinks. We’d all have to be all in, with no reservations.”

“Oh my God,” Margie said quietly. “I’m all tingly. How did we get here? I mean, I’m not complaining. It’s just all so different from the way we used to be.”

“We were open minded. That’s good, right?”

“Wow,” Margie said. Her excited voice was just a whisper.

“Holy shit!”

Alicia had just typed the password Kelsey had given them into the Tucker’s Studio website, and was scanning through the choices of all her porn scenes.

“She’s Cinnamon Sugar!” Joey giggled excitedly. “I love it! Look at her long hair! Oh my God!”

Alicia’s heart was pounding. She scrolled back to the top and clicked on the first choice.

“Did you see the description?” she asked Joey. “It said she won the Best Newcummer award for this one. Do you think it was her first time?”

Joey waited silently with bated breath. When the scene started it filled the screen.

“Shit!” Joey said. “Look at how young she is!”

“She said she was eighteen when she started. Oh my God, she’s…”

“God, she must have had those tits in high school!” Joey said. “Can you imagine?”

“I’m gonna have to slap Margie when I see her,” Alicia said. “How could she not tell us about this?”

Forty-five minutes later they sat stunned after watching Jamar’s big cock and skilled body reduce young Kelsey to a sweaty, worn-out, smiling pile of ogasmic flesh.

“Gooood Looord!” Alicia said quietly. She reflected for a moment on all that was happening. “I can’t believe we were with her.”

“Fffuuck!” Joey said quietly.

“You better not brag to your friends and tell’ em you fucked a porn star. We can’t talk about this, you know, if we want to keep on…”

Joey smiled at the way Alicia suddenly halted her thought. “Keep on? Do you want to?”

“Do you?” Alicia asked.

“With Margie and Ryan, you mean, or the smokin’ hot Miss Newcummer and her friends?”

“It all seems too crazy, doesn’t it? I mean…did we really do those things last night? I feel like I dreamt it all.”

“Me too,” Ryan said. “It was one hell of a dream.”

“So…I get the feeling we both really liked it. What does that mean?”

“It means I’m hard for you, and we should go back to bed and rest our weary bones.”

“Yeah, so you can think about Kelsey!”

“You can think about her, too.”

“She licked me, you know,” Alicia said shyly. “I mean, there was plenty more later, but she was…my first girl.”

“Really? I missed that.”

“Yeah, it was…God, she’s just…”

“Yup,” Ryan said, looking dreamy-eyed. “You’ll get no argument from me.”

“You really want to go back to bed?” Alicia asked. It was so unusual, she looked surprised by the idea.

“Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.”

“What about Ryan and Margie?”

Joey smiled mischievously. “You wanna invite them over?”

“No! I mean, what are we…gonna do? Is everything going to be awkward now?”

“Well, you know me, I’m a guy, so…you tell me what you’d like to happen.”

“I mentioned to Ryan that maybe it’d be nice to…continue.”

Joey smiled. “Good. And he said…”

“Yeah, he…agreed. We both said that we want it all out in the open though. No cheating.”

“Absolutely. Holy shit, are we swingers?”

Alicia giggled nervously. Her beautiful smile told the story.

“Morning, Sweetheart,” Barbara said.

She was at the stove making breakfast, all bundled up in an old-fashioned terrycloth robe that covered up everything but her neck, ankles and wrists. Big fuzzy slippers covered her feet.

“Morning,” Austin said. He noticed the change in morning attire, and the fact that his mother hadn’t turned to look at him. The awkward tension was palpable in the small kitchen.

“Coffee’s made. Did you have fun last night?” she asked, sounding like she hadn’t been in attendance.

“Yeah. Did you?”

“Yes. Those girls really know how to throw a party.” Barbara put the plates on the table and sat down to eat. “Did you know Margie tends a big herd of goats? She makes cheese from their milk.”

“You can do that?”

It was the start of a very average conversation. No mention was made of sex, or nudity, or anything along those lines. Just friendly chat about their mutual friend’s regular lives. The whole thing Bayan escort struck Austin as very odd. He told Kelsey about it on the phone a few hours later.

“That’s not good,” she said. “She’s gonna get all mixed up if she tries to shut it out. I’m comin’ over.”

Austin tried to talk her out of it, but Kelsey was Kelsey. Half an hour later she knocked on the door.

“Oh. Hi, Kelsey. Austin’s in his room. I was…just going out to do some shopping.”

“No you weren’t. What’s goin’ on Barb? Are you feelin’ weird ’cause you saw Austin and he saw you and stuff?”

Austin was listening from the door of his room. He stayed put, hoping the weirdness would be eased before he was drawn into it.

“And stuff? Kelsey, I let every man there fuck me, and my son saw it all. I don’t know what I feel today. I’m just…so confused.”

“Maybe he is, too. Don’t you think we should all talk about it?”

Barb didn’t answer.

“So, yeah, he saw you,” Kelsey said. “And you saw him, too. What did you think about that?”

“Oh, God, Kelsey. I should be in church today. That’s what I think about that.”

“You didn’t like it?”

“I didn’t say that. That’s the problem.”

“So you did like it. I’m glad. I thought maybe I’d made a real mess.”

“It’s plenty messy, Kelsey.”

“Does he remind you of your husband, back when you loved him?”

Barbara looked at Kelsey with disbelief. “God, Kelsey what are you doing. Do you want to psychoanalyze me?”

“Somebody needs to, I think.”


“So my dad, he says a lot of it is that thinkin’ back part, being reminded of the old days with my mom. I think it’s cool.”

“Are we taking about me?” Barb asked.

“No, me. Me and my dad.”

Austin couldn’t believe Kelsey was telling his mother about that. He thought about rushing out to put a stop to it, but he didn’t.

“Kelsey…” Barbara said, her eyes darting between her young surrogate daughter’s eyes, trying to read things. “How long has that been going on?”

“Just since I got home from school. About six months I guess.”

“Wow!” Barbara said. The word left her mouth on a soft rush of breath.

“I’m sorry Barbara. I feel like maybe I shouldn’t have been so enthusiastic to get you involved in everything. I really thought it would be good for you. I love you. We all love you, but if you want to stop, we’ll understand.”

“Oh my God, no! I love you, too!” Barbara said. That’s when the waterworks started. She cried wet tears and hugged Kelsey. Kelsey cried, too. “Other than Austin, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Barbara sobbed.

“Really? Oh, God, I really though I’d made a mess of things,” Kelsey said, wiping away her tears.

“You okay, Mom?” Austin said when he walked out.

“You stinker!” Barbara said, sniffling and wiping tears from her wet eyes. “Were you hiding, you coward, and listening? What am I gonna do with you…”

Kelsey had the answer. “You’re gonna put your hand on his cock and you’re gonna realize it’s not threatening. It’s just nice.”

All the warm breath huffed out of Barbara’s lungs. “Am I?”

“If you want to,” Kelsey said.

“Oh, God…” Barbara said. “I guess I’ve been asking for it, haven’t I.” She glanced quickly into Austin’s eyes, and then away. “I wish I knew why.”

“It’s primal shit, Barb. There is no why.”

Barbara chuckled under her breath. “Where did you find her?” she asked Austin.

“She found us,” he said.

“Come with me, Honey,” Kelsey said to her.

They went to Barb’s bedroom and closed the door.

“Let me fix your eyes,” Kelsey said, settling the older woman in the makeup chair.

“Not too much,” Barbara said when Kelsey started with the eyeliner. She didn’t want to look like a whore.

“Yeah, a little more than usual. You’ll see. You got any fresh undies that are as hot as last nights?”

“I bought another one of those bustiers in white, to wear to work,” Barb said sheepishly.

“Really? You sexy girl!” Kelsey smiled. “Yeah, white’ll be hot.”

Kelsey thought it would be perfect, fitting the whole ‘motherly angel’ thing that should really get Austin going. “You know, the guys were, like, drooling when you took your dress off last night. You were hot, girl. I don’t think they expected your tits to be out like that.”

“I almost chickened out and wore a regular bra,”

“Your tits look good in anything, but yeah, showin’ off those big nips was hot. You got the double whammy, you know. They hang nicer than anyone’s, when you’re, like, doggie and stuff, and when you’re on your back they look awesome, too. When me and Joshy were with you last night, when you were on your back and you arched it all up and stuff — that’s what made him cum, you know. Guys love that kinda tit shit. Especially with those big dark saucers you got on yours. Super hot.”

Barbara smiled at all the praise. Kelsey finished up the eye makeup, patted on a little flesh colored powder, and applied some casual looking lip gloss. Barbara had Escort never had such attention paid to her before.

“Were’d you get that old robe, Sears and Roebuck?” Kelsey kidded. “Where’s your undies, Honey.”

“I’ll get them,” Barb said. She got up and slipped off her robe.

“Nice Granny’s,” Kelsey said, looking over the big, oversized panties Barbara was wearing. “You seriously gotta put those away in the waste basket, Honey.”

Barbara smiled. “Has anyone ever told you you’re way too opinionated?”

“Just put the new stuff on. The less I see of those Granny’s the better. Don’t ever let Austin see you in those.”

Barbara shook her head and smiled, she put on the sexy white panties she wore to work when she was feeling frisky, and fastened the new bustier around her chest. After some tit adjustment, she was ready, but she still wasn’t sure if she wanted to be.

“We’ll call you Barbi. That’s a hot name.”


“Yeah. One of the girls in my old Playboy magazines is named Barbi. She’s wicked cute. It’s perfect for you. It’s perfect for Austin, too. You can be Barbi when you want to be, and Mom when you want to be.”

“Kelsey, this is all too…”

“Just one touch, Barbi. You’ll see. It’s the nicest, warmest cock ever.”

Barbara was falling under Kelsey’s spell again. It was far from undetectable, but it snuck up on her somehow anyway. It happened time and time again to Barbara, and to almost all of Kelsey’s friends. Crazy things were made to seem normal, and normal things were nowhere to be found.

“Put this on,” Kelsey said, handing Barbara the little leopard-print kimono robe. “Austin loves you in this.”

“Austin, I want you to meet a friend of mine,” Kelsey said, leading a slightly reluctant Barbara by the hand. “I met her a while ago. Her name’s Barbi. She likes to play, like we do, so I asked her to come and meet you.”

“Mom, are you okay with this?” Austin asked. He looked intrigued, but concerned.

“Barbi,” Barbara said, extending her slender arm toward him. “Nice to meet you, Austin.”

Austin took her hand. He was surprised at how good the dark, smoky eye makeup looked on her. The role playing was freaking him out a little, but he went with it — Kelsey’s crazy ideas usually worked out.

“So, Honey, I know you had a hard day at work,” Kelsey said. “Why don’t you sit in your favorite chair and let us relax you.”

She led him to the big, soft chair where Barbara did her reading. Barb smiled when Kelsey unzipped her little fleece jacket and there was nothing on underneath. She took it as her cue — the leopard-print kimono slipped down her arms. The look on Austin’s face was priceless when he saw her in the white version of the nipple-baring bustier she’d worn the night before. The two pairs of tits, his favorite in all the world, were perky and aroused and lovely as can be.

“You don’t mind if we relax you, do you, Honey?” Kelsey said, her voice soft and mesmerizing.

Austin shook his head and watched Kelsey’s hands slide up his thighs. She kneaded the growing lump in his pants as Barbara looked on.

“Barbi, come and feel. Austin’s warmer than most guys. It’s like he’s on fire inside.”

Barb knelt next to Kelsey. Her hand moved slowly, almost hovering. Kelsey was about to help it along when it landed, massaging the big lump gently.

“You know what’s funny, Barbi? He gets super hard when he thinks about his mom. She’s seeing this eighteen year old guy, and every time Austin hears them he knows he could do better. He knows he could make her cum harder.”

“I bet he could,” Barbi said quietly, looking up into Austin’s eyes.

Kelsey’s mesmerizing magic was in control. Barb’s chest was starting to heave and her hands were working the zipper on Austin’s jeans. Kelsey helped and the big cock was suddenly out. Barbi let out a soft “Ohhh!” noise that was sexy as hell. She had a suspicion that Austin didn’t wear underwear all the time, but it was still a surprise.

“Nice, huh Barbi?” Kelsey said.

She put her hand over Barb’s and they stroked the big thing together.

“You feel all that heat? Put it in your mouth and feel all that heat.”

Barbara’s head moved as if a hand was pushing it. Her mouth opened, surrounding the meaty shaft, and then wet flesh met warm flesh. The “Ohhh!” noise happened again, but it sounded different with the big cock entering her mouth. Austin made a noise too — an earthy exhale that sounded like a big lion purring. Kelsey smiled and stopped talking. She moved in, doubling the mouths, doubling the pleasure.

Barbara’s lips slipped off the big cock and she guided it into Kelsey’s mouth. She watched for a few seconds, and then she sucked in Austin’s tight ball sack. Her tongue reached out and tickled underneath it. She inhaled deeply and moaned.

“Mmmmm. You smell just like your father,” she said in a breathy whisper.


“Mmmm hmmmm,” she nodded, with her mouth full of soft balls.

She buried her face in the manly scented crotch, still holding the base of the hard cock as Kelsey sucked it, inhaling as much as tasting. Her tongue tickled soft flesh as she breathed deep.

The girls switched off, sucking and licking, holding the shaft upright for the most part, to get the smile inducing effect of its eight-inch length.

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