Jack and Jill – A Naughty Tale

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Once upon a time there was a fellow named Jack. Jack was retired and lived in a log house on a hill in the woods at the edge of town. Since retiring he had become a bit of a loner. He and his wife of thirty some years had amicably parted ways 5 years ago and he had gotten used to being on his own. He had retired at 60 three years later and his ex had bought him out and taken over their investment company. He had a comfortable lifestyle, spending his mornings out walking the trails and his evenings playing around with investments online. Since his divorce, he had gone out to dinner with a couple ladies, but for some reason never got involved beyond that. Oh, he still thought a lot about sex and often read erotica and watched the odd bit of porn to get his juices flowing.

In town lived Jill. Jill was 38 and shared a small house with her boyfriend Mike. Jill was a bubbly curvy lady who was, as her friends put it, ‘always the life of the party’. Jill and her boyfriend Mile jointly ran a landscaping business. Jack was one of their clients. Jill was a big football fan and really enjoyed watching her Seahawks play. She and Mike had seasons tickets and although they were up in the nosebleed section, she loved being at the games and the excitement of being in the crowd. Lately, things hadn’t been great between her and Mike. This weekend he had gone to Portland to “visit his mother”, or so he claimed. Jill suspected that he was really down there banging that slut Tammy, his ex girlfriend.

Jill was laying in bed that sunny Sunday morning, feeling a bit sorry for herself, but also thinking of the football game that afternoon. The Seahawks were playing in Nashville against the Titans and the game was on TV at Noon. She was a bit shocked when their business phone rang just after 8 AM.

“J and M Landscaping, Jill speaking.”

“Oh hi Jill, it is Jack Davis, is Mike there?”

“Sorry Jack, Mike is out of town until tomorrow night, can I help you?”

“I guess you heard that windstorm we had last night? I have branches everywhere and I don’t think I can clear them myself, I was hoping Mike might be able to come by and give me a hand. I would pay double the usual hourly rate being it is a Sunday.”

“Well, I could give you a hand, I am free this morning, but would like to be able to watch the game this afternoon, kick-off is at Noon.”

“That would be great Jill, I am sure we can finish by then. You might want to bring that little chain saw you have to cut up some of the bigger ones.”

“See you in 45 minutes Jack. Bye.”

Jill got up and jumped in the shower, then after quickly blowdrying her hair she dressed and loaded up the pickup and headed off. She thought to herself that this was great, she could make some extra cash to help buy that coat she had been eyeing at Macy’s and get a little exercise in to boot.

“What a fucking mess,” Jill thought as she drove up the long driveway to Jack’s house.

There were branches everywhere, cedar, fir and a few small alder trees had completely blown over. Jack met her as she parked the truck.

“Wow, Jack, you are lucky none of these hit your house, that one branch could have caused a ton of damage.”

“I know, and I have my brother and his wife coming to visit tomorrow and I wanted balıkesir escort to get the yard cleaned up before they arrive.”

“I should have brought the trailer, but Mike has the big truck with him down in Portland, so I guess we can just make a big pile beside the garage and we can haul it away next Friday when we come for our normal visit.”

“That sounds great Jill, let’s get started.”

With that the two of them started moving the debris from the yard and driveway to a neat pile beside the big detached garage. Jill got out the chain saw and cut up the bigger branches to make them easier to move. For an October day it was quite warm and after only a short time, Jill had taken off her jacket and was working up a bit of a sweat.

When she took off the jacket, Jack could not help but notice. She had on a fairly tight pair of jeans that accentuated the curve of her bottom and was wearing her “12” Seahawks jersey that showed off her big full breasts.

They worked in unison and eventually there was a huge pile of branches stacked neatly beside the garage. Putting the last of the branches on the pile, Jill looked at her watch,

“Damn, I’m going to miss kick-off!”

“No you’re not, I have a 65 inch HD TV and the least I can do is make you lunch for all your help. Besides, you are already dressed for the game.”

“Are you sure, I don’t want to impose.”

“Not a problem, I have to have lunch myself and I make a mean grilled ham and cheese. And if you are so inclined I have some cold beer in the fridge.”

And so it was settled. After heading into the house Jill excused herself to go to the bathroom and Jack turned on the TV and started preparing the lunch.

“Wow, that’s a great picture Jack, so clear and sharp, way better than my 35 inch at home!”

“Hope you don’t mind a Pyramid Curveball blond ale, it is all I have.”

“That’s great Jack,” Jill responded as she took the frosty bottle from him.


“No thanks, this long neck is just fine.” she said with a wink and then brought the bottle to her lips, running her tongue around the opening seductively before taking the first sip causing Jack to raise his eyebrow and wonder if she was coming onto him.

Jack finished making the sandwiches, adding some pickles and crunchy potato chips to the plate before serving her.

“This is way better than what I would have made for myself!”

Jack took a seat in a chair that was beside the big couch where Jill was seated.

“Sit over here Jack,” she said, patting the couch beside her, “you will be able to see better.”

Now unbeknownst to Jack, Jill had always thought He was a very handsome older guy, and he certainly looked too young to be retired. As he moved to the couch, she checked him out. He had taken off his heavy flannel shirt and now wore just a tee shirt with his grey loose fitting sweat pants. He was certainly in shape, no belly and nice strong looking arms and chest. The only thing that gave his age away was his thick white hair.

The game started and Jack saw that Jill was really into it. He wasn’t that big of a sports fan, but enjoyed watching the local teams and occasionally had gone to the home games. Every time the Seahawks made bartın escort a big play, Jill was animated, sometimes jumping up and yelling. When she did her big breasts really bounced, giving Jack quite the eyeful. He was soon paying more attention to Jill than to the game.

Of course, Jill knew that Jack was checking her out and made sure to give him lots of opportunity. Just before halftime, Seattle intercepted a pass and ran it back for a touchdown and Jill leaped off the couch cheering and then grabbed Jack, hugging him and pushing her big breasts against him.

Jack instinctively wrapped his arms around her and hugged back. There was electricity to the moment and he felt her give him a kiss on the cheek before they split apart. Jill sat down and picked up her beer and took a swig while keeping her eyes on Jack.

She hesitated for just a moment, knowing she wanted to make a move on Jack, but wondering if doing so might fuck up the relationship with their landscape business. It was just a fleeting thought though, because she was feeling so very horny.

Playfully she said, “I see the game has you excited too!!” as she glanced down at the little tent in his sweat pants.

Jack, a bit flustered at this, did not know what to say and tried to move so his arousal was not so apparent. He felt the redness rise up his cheeks.

“It’s OK Jack, I have been flaunting myself a bit and it is pretty flattering that I might have gotten you a little turned on.”

She paused a bit before putting the beer bottle down and then reaching over and brushing her fingertips over the front of those sweats. “What shall we do about this?”

Still a bit stunned by this unexpected turn of events, Jack said nothing, but his desire quickly kicked in and his hand went to the back of Jill’s head, pulling her close and bringing his lips to hers in a long delicious kiss. As they kissed he felt her hand against his arousal, squeezing it and making him moan softly against her lips.

Satisfied that Jack was into it, Jill broke the kiss and stood up quickly pulling her Jersey over her head and tossing it aside. Jack’s eyes were fixed on her big breasts, now only covered in a sheer black bra. She took her time, slowly bringing her hands behind her, undoing the clasp, sliding the straps down her arms and holding the bra in front of her, teasing him for a bit before letting the garment fall to the floor. Her full breasts bouncing a bit as she let them go. Jack was transfixed, his eyes drinking in the size of those big globes of flesh, the dark areola and her thick taut nipples.

“I think we need to give you some relief, don’t we?” Jill said with a wicked little grin as she moved closer, kneeling down and grasping the waistband of his sweats.

“Oh god, yes!” came the reply.

Jill slid the sweats down and off. The outline of his cock now visible as it strained against the material of his grey briefs, a noticeable little wet spot by the tip.

‘Yes,’ thought Jill, ‘he wants this too!”

Her head dipped and she began running her tongue up and down his shaft through the thin cotton, mouthing the head with each upward lick. She could hear him breathlessly whimper, “Oh fuck!”

She lifted up, long enough to batman escort divest Jack of his briefs and she smiled as his cock came to view. It was beautiful, not too long, but nice and thick with a well-defined crown. She found him with her hand, her fingertips sliding slowly up and down his flesh. A big drop of pre cum glistened at the tip. She leaned in and scooped it up with the tip of her tongue, eliciting another soft moan from Jack.

She kept slowly stroking him, loving the feel of his shaft in her hand. Her tongue instinctively slid around her lips, wetting them, knowing that they would soon be caressing that beautiful cock. Slowly she dipped her head and her tongue swirled around the head, tracing the edge of the crown. She held him with her hand and began licking his frenulum and as she did she felt his fingertips lightly stroking her hair.

Jack was lost in the moment. It had been years since he had felt lips on his cock. It had been what, nine or ten years. Fellatio had always been a part of lovemaking with his wife during their marriage, but when they began to drift apart it had stopped completely. So today, it was like something brand new, something he had missed so much. He let out another soft groan as Jill’s lips enveloped his cock and slid slowly down the thick shaft. He hadn’t been this hard is a very long time.

Jill was totally into it now and loving the feel of Jack’s cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed slowly up and down, her tongue active as she pleasured him. Her one hand circled the base of his cock as her lips moved over the top half. She could taste his pre cum on her tongue, smell his masculine scent and that made her want more. She looked up and their eyes met and she could see that he was lost in her spell.

Jack was rock hard and Jill craved to feel him inside her. She pulled her lips from him and gave the swollen head a kiss. Then she quickly stood up, and stripped off her jeans and panties. Jack could see her mound, the neatly trimmed bush of hair, the glistening lips. She mounted him, reaching back and guiding his cock to her wetness and slowly lowering herself onto his rigid shaft. Jill let out a sigh of pleasure as his manhood filled her. She began to ride him in a nice slow rhythm, savouring the feel of him as his cock went deep. His strong hands found her breasts, squeezing them, pushing them together, bringing his lips to them to lick and suck those thick nipples as she rode him.

Jill felt the sensations building; she tilted her hips so her extended clit rubbed against his hardness. She was making little whimpers of pleasure as she fucked him, her body flushing and her pussy tingling as it slid up and down his flesh. She heard him growl and felt his hands grip her breasts tighter and knew he was about to come. She quickened the pace feeling him so deep inside and she let herself go, gushing over his cock as she cried out in pleasure. She felt his hips rise and she clenched him as they both rode the wave of pleasure.

She leaned forward, their lips meeting as they held together and savoured the wonderful sensations. As the kiss broke, their eyes met as she said, “That was so nice Jack, so very nice.”

After a bit, she got off him and picking up her clothes headed to the bathroom to clean up. When she came back, Jack was dressed again, sitting on the couch with a big smile on his face.

“That was quite the halftime entertainment.” He said winking at Jill.

She leaned down and gave him a kiss and giggled as she replied, “If you think that was good, wait until you see the post game show!”

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