Island’s Sail Ch. 02

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This is my second fantasy about the Bahamas. I was out running on the beach the next morning. I had only a pair of running shorts on and was enjoying the early morning run. I had all kinds of aerobic exercise the day before with the 3 girls on board our boat. I am in decent shape for being 38 years old. I regularly weight train, swim, bike and run. I train to run Olympic length Triathlons. I am an amateur, but am fairly good at what I do. Besides it keeps me in great shape.

I am running along the beach and am about 2 1/2 miles from my boat, when I round a bend and see a beautiful brunette. She has placed a towel in the sand and is just starting to take her bikini top off. She sees me and is a little startled freezing in mid action before she gets her top off. I stop and apologize for startling her. She starts to look me over and I am looking her over too. From what I can tell she is in excellent shape with no fat anywhere. She has just past shoulder length hair. She’s 5’6″ tall and all of 110# with a 36-25-36 figure to die for.

I apologize for startling her, and then introduce myself, her name is Shawnee. I ask her if she is OK, I really didn’t mean to scare her. I always run this way in the mornings, when we are on this island. She asks me what I mean and I tell her that Nathalie and I own a sailboat and cruise the islands. She tells me that sounds exciting and I say most of the time it’s a lot of fun. Lately I tell her it’s been more fun than usual. She just gives me a quizzical look and smiles.

I tell her not to let me stop her from what she was doing and she smiles even more. Shawnee drops her top and exposes the nicest set of enhanced tits that I have ever laid eyes on. My adrenaline is already flowing from the run and my cock is starting to come to life now. Shawnee sees me adjusting my shorts, as I fidget around, and asks if everything is all right. I reply “Oh yes, it’s more than all right, it’s down right beautiful!” With that Shawnee turns around and removes her porno izle bikini bottoms by bending over at the waist. She looks at me from between her legs and winks. Then she runs her hand up between her thighs and lightly brushes her pussy lips, all the while watching me squirm as my cock gets harder and harder to contain in my running shorts.

Shawnee stands up and turns around walking over to my now protruding shorts and grabs my cock. She leans down and pulls my shorts off, while taking my cock into her mouth. When my shorts are at my ankles I step out of them. Shawnee lets my cock go from her mouth and runs into the ocean. I chase after her, and then come up behind her in chest deep water. She reaches around squeezing my cock and spins around wrapping her legs around my waist as she does. My cock slides between her legs as she does this. Shawnee reaches down and guides my cock into her pussy. Then she starts to ride my cock in the waves as I suck on her tits floating on the water line. She starts to orgasm and her pussy muscles contract on my cock, which sends my come deep into her pussy. She stops pumping and hugs me for a few minutes as her orgasm subsides and my cock is milked dry.

I am in heaven once again; this day is starting out great. We make our way back towards the shoreline when Shawnee trips me and I fall into the waterline on my back. Shawnee straddles me and kneels down on top of me. She leans over and begins to kiss me deeply. I can feel her sliding her hips up and down over my cock and getting me excited once again! She lies down on top of me as the most firm and wonderful pair of tits rest on my chest. She is an amazingly built woman. My cock is now rock hard once again and she guides it into her pussy. Shawnee begins to rock up and down on my cock and massages her tits as she does this. She is totally turning me on in every way. I grab hold of Shawnee and pull her to my chest, then roll us both over into the missionary position. I am now slowly pumping porno in and out of Shawnee as slow and controlled as I can go. I pull my cock out, so just the head of my cock is still in her pussy, and then I slam back into her as hard as I can thrust.

Shawnee begins to moan and yells “I’m coming!” right as a wave crashes over our bodies. She pulls her head above the water and I slam into her one final time as I fill her pussy with every ounce of come in my balls. She leans up and bites my neck hard and I scream out in pain and ecstasy. We lay there as the water washes over us and rinses our bodies with seawater. We lay in the water line sun bathing and talking for a while, and then we get up and go back to Shawnee’s towel. She picks it up and I ask her if she wants to come back to our boat for a breakfast. She replies sure and we get dressed and head back towards the boat.

It takes us about an hour to walk back to the boat and as we round the cove, I see a really well built man on the boat with Nathalie. They are on the bow net and Nathalie is being pounded by the guy’s cock doggy style. She is thrashing about and looks to be totally enjoying herself. Shawnee knows the guy, she says his name is Jeff and he works on a fitness show with her. She then tells me Deprise and Carol work on the show with them too. They had told them about the excursion they had with us yesterday. Then Jeff and Shawnee got a little jealous and set this whole morning up. They had seen me running a couple of mornings earlier and decided that Shawnee would keep me busy, while Jeff visited with Nathalie.

Shawnee and I swim out to the boat and climb the ladder, just as we step onto the boat Nathalie cries out in ecstasy and Jeff fills her pussy with his come. Shawnee and I walk over to the front of the boat, just as they collapse onto the bow net and look up to see us there. Nathalie just looks at me smiling, as Shawnee takes hold of my hand and moves us towards the deck shower. We turn it on rokettube and Shawnee strips my running shorts off of me again. I reach around to hug Shawnee and remove her bikini top. I start to massage her breasts, then kiss and suck her nipples until they are totally erect. She is now moving and rubbing her thighs against my cock. She is making me hard once again and starts to rub my cock up and down.

I kneel down in front of Shawnee and pull her bikini bottoms down. I start to kiss and nibble on her pussy lips and lick the inner lips warming her up once again. I nibble on her clit, then slip my tongue into her pussy and lick her G Spot. As I stand up, I grab hold of her one leg and put it onto my shoulder. I am now standing with her pussy spread open by her legs being separated. I slip my cock into her pussy and start to pump her slow. I make side to side movements as I pound her hard. She holds onto the railing of the boat and tries to rock back into me as I drive my cock into her. Just then I explode into her, filling her pussy with my come and feeling totally satisfied! I continue to work her pussy for another couple of minutes until Shawnee explodes into orgasm.

Just then Jeff walks up behind Shawnee and takes hold of her bending her over at the waist and slipping his rock hard cock into her ass. Nathalie slides in front of me, and then leans back against me. I hold onto her as Shawnee starts to lick Nathalie’s pussy from the front. Nathalie is alternating Shawnee’s kisses and her own fingers working her into frenzy. She screams out in orgasm just as Jeff fills Shawnee’s ass with his come. Nathalie collapses onto the deck and I crawl down on top of her. I pin her arms and legs down to the deck and enter Nathalie’s pussy driving as deep, hard and fast as I can exploding inside of her within a couple of minutes as Nathalie has her second orgasm.

Jeff and Shawnee get dressed and say goodbye; they have to work this afternoon. We thank them for everything and I drive them to shore in our motorized rubber raft. Nathalie and I take a real shower and kiss each other lovingly. We have had a fantastic sexual stay the past couple of days, but it’s time to move on. We pick up anchor and sail away into the sunset!

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