Impudence and Paybacks

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It seems a bit strange, but you’ve promised me a surprise tonight and won’t tell me anything more. You just walk around looking like the cat that ate the canary. I know it’s a loaded situation, because you’ve said I would receive instructions before we left. So we sit here, acting like nothing wonderful is about to happen, nothing is going on, watching an old movie on t.v. We always did like Full Metal Jacket, but after that was over, you uncharacteristically chose a really romantic movie. I’m curled against you, my fingers playing on the inside of your thigh, absently. You stroke my hair gently.

As the movie credits run, you wordlessly hand me an envelope. “Wha’?” I start to say.

“Silence.” This is the beloved Master tone of voice. I choke back the rest of my question and look at you. What a delight this past year has been. We’ve spent our first whole year together I feel like a teenager newly in love. Every day I can look into your sweet blue eyes, run my fingers through your hair, touch your sweet skin.

You look pointedly at the envelope. I glance at it and it’s addressed to Gypsy. Ah! The game is afoot. Without speaking I look at you and raise my eyebrows questioningly. You nod. I tremble. The envelope succumbs to my assault, hands shaking as I fight my way past the glue. I pull out a single sheet of paper. It reads:

“Gypsy, your clothes are laid out. Bathe, shave yourself well, and prepare yourself for an evening out. We are going to dinner, and then to visit friends. M”

My pussy is in full drip now. I can feel the moisture as it seeps between my closed lips, the pressure of the incipient flood pushing the inner lips apart and oozing from me in drops. The tops of my thighs are now wet.

I look at you again and get your best Master look. I grin back and am rewarded for my dalliance with a swat on my ass. “Go!” You thunder. I spin on my heel and dash to the bath. Your words follow me. “You may play, but don’t come.”

As I move toward the bedroom, I am stripping off my t-shirt, my shorts, panties (hopping on one foot, bending to pick them up), and wrangle with the hooks to my bra. I toss the mess into the hamper and see surprisingly little on the bed.

In the bathroom, I adjust the water to a pleasantly hot stream, get in and, as is my habit, duck backward under the flow to wet my hair. I lather in ….. a lather. Conditioner. The conditioner seems to coat my body with a slippery invitation. I grab the sponge, apply soap and begin to scrub. The rough surface hits my nipples and they telegraph excitement to the center of me. Electric pulses seem to jolt through my clit. I pinch and pull at them, but they’re so slippery it’s hard to hold on. I’m enjoying the repeated pleasure thundering between my thighs.

Breaking off, thinking I shouldn’t keep you waiting, I finish the soaping, grab the shower sprayer and rinse my body. It feels good on this soft setting, but I know it will feel better on a stingy setting, so pause to adjust to needle spray. It’s like having a million little fingers battering on my erotic zones. And that seems to be everywhere the spray hits. A noise distracts me and I notice I am moaning, eyes shut, reveling in the sybaritic delight of this touch. Again, I shake my head and re-hang the nozzle.

More liquid soap on my otele gelen escort hands this is the fun part. I slide both soap filled palms between my legs, relishing the sensitivity of the outer lips. Picking up the razor, I begin the painstaking job of removing all traces of hair. Much concentration is required for this stroke with razor, counter stroke with fingers. I can feel my clit getting harder as my fingers dance in its vicinity, pulling the skin tight. As the skin is pulled, my clit peeps out of its shelter begging me to ….. play. I ignore the summons, for now, and finish with the razor.

Now, I must check to be sure I am slick and sensitive. My fingers glide lightly over the bare skin of my outer lips, to my ass I check to be sure it’s smooth, too. My pussy and ass spasm as my fingers find the rosette, and gently probe it. I know now that it is my voice that is moaning. I can feel the involuntary thrusting begin in my hips. I leave that tender spot, appropriately slick and aroused, and move forward, parting the outer lips to tease at the tender inner petals. GOD! It feels soooo good. My breathing accelerates, I can feel my heart pumping blood and it seems all to pool between my legs. My cunt spasms from its wanting. I slide the soap-slicked fingers in circles around my clit. I can feel the orgasm build in me. If I clench again, I’ll come! OOOhh. I think I’m whimpering now.

“GYPSY!” Snatches me back to my world. My head snaps to the side and you stand there, lounging against the doorway. I swear I blush. Why, I don’t know, but you certainly reminded me of your stricture and I almost blew it.

I quickly complete the rinsing and shut off the water. You turn and leave. I towel dry myself, still languishing in the almost-cum. I’ll have to dry my pussy again before I leave the bathroom. Hair, subtle eye make-up, deep red lipstick I’m done in here. Dry the pussy. A splash of Chanel and I’m ready to dress.

Padding toward the bed, I survey the paucity of covering I am to be allowed. A bustier, thigh- high stockings, tall heels, a short skirt, a tube top and .. Goodie! My collar. I shiver with delight. I am going to be on display. I pull on each piece and then turn to see the effect in the pier glass. Pure slut. “Fuck me now” is written all over me.

Dressed, and ready, I go back to the living room. You’re dressed, too must have done so while I was showering. Black slacks, white shirt, with studs, your snake-skin boots, you look good enough to eat (I hope!).

“All ready, baby,” I say.

“Let’s see.” I pirouette before you. “Bend over.” I do so, facing you and grinning to myself.

“Bitch! I want to see your ass and that you’re properly dressed.” I quickly turn and bend over. I can feel the cool air tickle at my bare wet pussy as it is exposed between my legs. Your fingers test for slick, bare skin. Bolts of hot sexual energy run through my body, my stomach feels full of butterflies and my pussy is on fire. Your hand lands smartly on my ass. “Gypsy,” you say with mock sternness, “you’re pushing it you’re going to be punished before the evening is over.”

Standing and turning to face you, I drape my arms around your neck, snuggle my body against yours and grind my hips into your groin. “Ooh! Nice!” I think, mecidiyeköy escort feeling just the beginnings of your erection, and slide my hips back and forth, feeling you respond. “I’m sorry, Sir,” I say with my best fake humility.

You unwind my arms from around your neck, pushing me back slightly, take my collar from my hand and lock it around my neck, give me a peck on the mouth, and say, “Let’s go, we’ve got reservations.”

Dinner is at a nice restaurant. The other patrons stare at the nicely dressed man with the slut on his arm. I raise my head and follow the waiter to our table, a banquette where we can sit side by side. It’s a lovely Italian place, and you order for us, although god knows what we’ll get as the waiter couldn’t take his eyes off my breasts, pushed high and barely covered with that tube top. As the waiter departs, you put your hand in my lap, pull up my skirt and your fingers demand access. My knees part, and my hips tilt to meet them. You push something hard into my pussy. “Fuck! It’s the egg!” I think. You remove your hand, after sliding it through my lips and giving my clit a couple of rubs, neatly replacing the wisp of skirt its whole four inches past my pussy.

We chat and suddenly the insistent vibration of the egg begins its work. I jump and freeze. It is sitting right on my g-spot and a whimper issues from my throat, followed by a moan. You turn it off and we continue our talk. You’ve got the control in your hand, but I can’t tell when you’re going to flick the switch. I begin to relax and see the waiter heading for our table. Suddenly the buzz is back. It’s barely audible, but I’m having an awful time controlling my throat. My nipples are hard and poke out over the top of the bustier, tenting the tight spandex of the tube top, which is now barely hanging on over the areolae. I want to wiggle, and squirm, but have to hold still or I will come. I stare at you, begging. You slowly shake your head from side to side.

Again the waiter’s eyes are glued to my chest, hoping, I’m sure, that the scrap of fabric will slip just a little. He licks his lips. I’m whimpering. “Is there something wrong, ma’am?” I shake my head, not trusting my voice.

“Gypsy! How rude. The young man was only concerned for you. Tell him you’re all right.”

Struggling to speak, I say, “I’m fine. Thank you for askinnnnnnngggggg,” as the egg begins a rhythmic pulsing, on, off, on, off, onnnnnnn. My pussy spasms around the intruder. I love the full feeling, I know I am flushed across my chest and cheeks.

The waiter places our dinners at the table, watching closely. I am still trying mightily to control the now insistent urge of my body to tip into a full blown orgasm. Your mouth wears a wicked smile, as you thank the young man. He still hasn’t looked at you, and his cock is now pressing against his pants leg for some reason my eyes have focused on that. I moan softly, and I see it twitch. I moan again, willing my throat to shut up. The egg again begins its on-off pulsing, and I grab the table edge something solid to keep me in this world.

“Are you sure you’re all right?” The young man asks again.

“Unnnngggggghhh,” is my reply.

“She is so easily aroused,” you explain. “It’s all right, she just has a pressing matter occupying her at the moment.” türkmen escort

The waiter’s face splits into a grin and, as my orgasm subsides, the egg ceases its buzzing. “I’m fine, thank you for asking,” I say again, blushing furiously. I let go the table edge worthless thing and move to tug my top a little higher.

“Leave it,” you say, sotto voce. My hands drop to my lap.

We eat dinner, with you occasionally interrupting my train of thought and passage of food to my mouth, lighting up the egg and freezing my motions and speech in mid flight. Dessert is served and you finally pluck the egg from my pussy, putting it in your pocket.

After dessert, as we sip our coffee, Gypsy reasserts herself. My hand wanders to your lap, stroking your thigh, and then moving to grasp your cock. If I’m going to be on display, so are you! You relax into the feeling for a moment as your member stiffens. I continue to tease and stroke and squeeze you, my fingernails traveling to scrape along your balls. One little moan escapes your throat.

“Well, baby, I think we’re done here,” I say, slipping out of the booth. “Shall we?” Gypsy’s best wicked grin lights my face. “Gotcha!” I think.

With great aplomb, you shift your hard cock to a more comfortable position, stand, and offer me your arm. We leave the restaurant. As we exit, you reach over and tug at the tube top, which slips past my nipples, hanging on the edge of the bustier. “Leave it,” you demand. We walk through the well-lit parking lot, men staring, women’s faces exhibiting shock staring and then averting their eyes.

At the car, you tuck me into my seat and get in your side. “You’ve caused quite a stir here, Gypsy. And you tried to embarrass me. You WILL be punished for that. But since you’ve gotten me arouse, you will suck my cock. Now.”

I look around, suddenly conscious of the traffic at this busy place. People stream by the front of the car. Bending over, I reach to unzip your pants and pull your cock out. It is leaking precum nicely.

“On your knees with your bare ass and pussy in the air.” Your voice cuts through my concentration. “Damn! I didn’t think he’d do that!” Rumbles through my brain. Your fingers find my exposed nipple and twist it sharply that near thing between exquisite pleasure and pain. “NOW!”

I turn sideways on the seat, ass in the air, and begin to lick your cock, then gently suck just the crown between my lips. I twist my head rotating my lips around you while my tongue madly flicks and tickles the most sensitive spots. “Fuuuckkkk,” you say, a groan following on that word.

Suddenly I deep throat you. Another satisfying groan and your hips pump your cock up to my mouth. I back off to tease the crown again and feel your hands grasp my hair. You begin to fuck my face up and down your raging hard-on. I feel you swell, feel your stomach tense, your hips thrust upward and your hands force you deep, my nose buried in your groin.

“Honk! Honk!” Someone noticed my bare ass waving in the wind.

You continue to fuck my head on your cock, taking away my teasing. Just as your head falls back, you begin to grunt, and you explode into my mouth, there is a tapping on the glass behind me. “Whoo hoo! Go for it!” A male voice exclaims. “Hey! Guys! C’mere!”

“Don’t move, Gypsy.” You say, slightly out of breath. You release my head, start the car and begin to back out. “Since you’re such a slut, you may as well entertain the other folk on the road on the way to my friend’s house. Every time you hear a horn honk, you will wiggle that sweet ass of yours and finger your pussy.”

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