I Was Tied Up In The Garage

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We were each doing our own thing like we do every night. He was off doing something else while I took my shower and got ready for bed. Just as I was getting comfortable between the sheets, my husband came up to see me.

Pushing the door open, he grabs the handcuffs hanging on the bedroom wall. Grabbing my arm, he drags me out of bed, twists my hands behind me and locks on the handcuffs. He grabs my hair and marches me down the stairs and through the kitchen. He throws open the door to the yard, and I start to panic. I try to stop him from going outside, but his big strong hands have a firm grip on my arms and he pushes me out the door.

I ask “Where are we going?” “Shut up”, he says. “I am your master and you are my slave.” I was half naked, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear. He pushes me across the yard and up against the garage, never letting go of my arms. He opens the side garage door, reaches inside, and the lights come on. He pushes me into the garage, shutting the door behind him.

I know he likes being the master, and I like being his slave, but tonight I could feel something different, and it wasn’t right.

He spins me around and takes off the handcuffs. Grabbing my wrists, he pulls me closer to his body and kisses me, hard.

Still holding my wrists with one hand, he slips the handcuffs back on, but with my hands now in front. Tugging on the cuffs to be sure they are tight, he reaches for the rope running through a pulley and ties it to the handcuffs. I don’t recall seeing the pulley, he must have installed in during the past week. How long has he levent escort been planning this? He pulls the other end of the rope raising my hands into the air. Reaching down, he ties one of my legs to one side of the tool shelf. He spreads my legs apart, and ties the other leg to the other side. He reaches a roll of duct tape off the shelf, and sticks a length across my mouth. I guess he doesn’t want the neighbors to hear me screaming?

He tells me I am going to be punished, and it would be worse than what he did a few weeks ago. He grabs the neckline of my shirt, and rips it down the front and peels it off my body. My underwear follows close behind. There I was, naked, and there was nothing I could do.

Why he wanted to punish me I still didn’t know.

He grabs my boobs with his strong hands, then sucks on my nipples and pinches them.

In between each slow hard suck I would moan. He tells me I am his slave, over and over again. I was there for his pleasure and I wasn’t going anywhere. Despite the circumstances, I feel myself getting excited.

He said he was going to punish me because he found out I read his emails. He was extremely pissed off and wanted to teach me a lesson. He said it would be a lesson I would never forget.

He looked in my eyes, and he could tell I was aching for his hard cock. He turned around and left, shutting the door behind him, leaving me there hanging. He has never left me before, and panic again welled up inside me. I tried to get loose from the cuffs, and pulled against the rope on my legs. The mecidiyeköy escort handcuffs were on tighter than normal, and his knots were secure.

A little while later, he finally came back, holding a beer in his hand. I have to admit, I was relieved to see him. He pulled up a chair from the corner and drank his beer. This was feeling very familiar to me. Finally, after looking at me for the longest time, he gets up from his chair. Maybe he was wondering what he was going to do to his sex slave. He walks behind me, pulls my hair and head backards, and whispers “slave, what am I going to do with you?” He doesn’t let go of my head for a long while, thinking. “What should I spank you with?” he says.

He looks over the tool shelf seeing if there’s anything there he can use. He grabs a paddle, swings, and hits my ass with it. I try to move so he doesn’t hit me again, but I can’t move far enough. I see his face from the corner of my eye, I can tell he likes to watch me squirm. When my ass turns red, he puts the paddle down and spanks my ass with his hand, then rubs my ass making it feel better between spankings. He pulls my head back by my hair and starts kissing me. He walks around in front again, and moves his chair closer and sits in it. From his chair, now he can grab my nipples and pinch them. He sucks one nipple hard and puts a nipple string on it, and then moves to the next one tying it the same way. He tugs at the string knowing it causes me both pleasure and pain. He sucks my nipples until the pain makes me cum. How he likes to make me cum.

He looks at my spread kağıthane escort legs. He whispers “slave, what am I going to do with you now?” A ruler is retrieved from the shelf, and he softly hits my pussy a few times. Then he grabs my pussy with a strong grip, lets it go, hits it again and then grabs it again. At the same time telling me “it’s his, and only his.” He slides a small dildo out of his pocket, and finds the right spot on my pussy, making me shoot cum again and again.

He stops, gets up and goes into the other room of the garage and finds a sleeping bag. Returning, he puts it on the floor beneath me.

Letting my hands down with the pulley, he unties my legs from the shelf and takes the tape off my mouth.

Pushing me down on the sleeping bag, he positions me on my knees. Pulling out his hard cock, he slides it in and out of my willing mouth.

When his cock is wet enough, he pulls it out and replaces the duct tape back over my mouth.

He turns me around and ties my legs to the posts again, and my hands are tied to another post.

I am on the floor and my pussy and ass are at his pleasure.

He spanks me again, for it seems like forever, and my ass is now cherry red. He sticks his big huge cock in my pussy and fucks me hard. He pulls out, and then puts his huge dick in my ass and fucks me there. He reaches forward, pulls my hair, and says “never

read my email again, or the punishment will be worse.”

I scream but no one can hear me through the duct tape. My blood is boiling and my heart is pounding from all the pain.

After punishing me for what seems like hours, he knows I’ve learned my lesson. He shoots his cum. He slowly unties my arms and legs, but I am too sore to get up.

He lays on top of me, pulls my hair and says in my ear “Who’s your master? Don’t you forget it!”

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