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It had been a quiet, enjoyable evening, snuggled up in Master’s loving arms as we watched His *man’s* movie. You know the type of movies full 0of soldiers, fighting, violence, all with a few women thrown in for fun.

As the movie came to and end, He clicked rewind and nudging my arm he gently said, “come my pet, let us get some rest tonight.”

There was never any indication of the unexpected to come this long night ahead. As we complete the nightly routine with Master giving me all my medicines, I am thinking to myself, “I truly am blessed that He takes such good care of me.” The desire to please Him in all ways grows ever stronger daily. Settling in against fluffy pile of flannel covered pillows, Master begins inspecting that which is His alone to inspect. Going over (my) His body with a gentle loving hand, caressing lightly. He gently urges me over, indicating He is ready to inspect the back side.

Relaxing, sighing with the pleasure that only His touch can . and to love so much in return. I have no thoughts that something new and strange may happen as Master begins tenderly stroking down the back, along the curves of plump buttocks.

Suddenly, He is on His knees coming between my legs forcing them wide to make room as He moves in closer. Without warning He thrust His hardness deep into His slave, taking me fast, thrusting deeply. After only a few quick strokes, He pauses, reaching up into the headboard. *Click* the sound of a top flipping open releases the aroma of spearmint into the air. My senses are reeling, the surprise of being taken in such a way, something so new for Master. Laying there whimpering, knowing I am His to do with as He wishes, but still bewildered at this new side of Him. He has never treated me so roughly before and I cant help worry if I have done something to displease Him.

Feeling a cool tingling from the lotion, I tense as He smoothes lotion along the crack, stopping at His other opening nestled in behind. kuşadası escort Again without warning, He thrust in deeply. Without a word He pins me to the bed, fingers digging into my arms. I moan and whimper, startled even shocked, but still falling deeply into His pleasure, knowing I am truly the slave of His desires. Pounding, thrusting in, out, violently taking His slave as is His right, I hear His unspoken words deep in my heart. You are mine, pet, mine to take as I wish, anytime, anywhere, in anyway I desire my little one!” So many times He has said the words to me. Tonight He is showing me the true meaning of them as thrust deeply into my ass. As He trembles, the deep shuddering overtaking Him, I feel the hot, wet cum released, filling me with His orgasm, oozing down my legs. I lay there still whimpering some, still unsure of what to do, He has not spoken, not a word of pleasure or disapproval. I am uncertain as to where I stand but still I am filled with my own pleasure, knowing I am His as I have desired for so long to be.

“SMACK” I almost yelp but manage to bite my lip hard as the sting of His hand connects with my buttocks. *Smack* again and again, He hits me harder than before, not once asking if its too much, saying nothing. I shudder, tears forming in my eyes, knowing I cant take much of this but forgetting I even have a word for stopping it. I crave His hand on me, its more than I have ever endured but I cant stop it. *Smack , smack* feeling the heat rising, trembling at the pain but unable to stop. Just at the moment I am sure I can not take another touch, I feel His hand again, this time ever so gentle, smoothing on the cooling spearmint lotion. He caresses the heat of my ass, soothing it with His touch. After putting away the lotion He roughly yanks me close to Him, spooning around me tightly. Still He says nothing; I hear only a growling chuckle from deep inside Him. As sleep quickly claims U/us both, I have but a moment to kuşadası escort bayan savor the feelings, the joy of submission, the wonder at this new side of Him, the pleasure of being taken so, being shown by the Master fully that without a doubt I am His.

Chapter 2

Laying in His arms, floating half asleep yet half awake in that dream like state, I whimper softly. Reliving in my mind the events of last night, I whimper louder and stir restlessly.

Even in His sleep Master responds to my whimpering by pulling me closer, trapping me tightly in His arms. I wriggle against Him, inhaling deeply His scent, so proud to be His. But still I whimper, needing but unable to voice my needs, unwilling to waken Him for my own pleasure. But He knows and wakens, His voice deeply rumbling in my ear, “what is it that you desire My pet?”

After being shown unconditionally last night that I am His for His pleasure alone, I am unsure of how to respond. He was so different then. What would this morning bring? It is always hard to express desires for my own pleasuring. Needing always to put Him first, I can only respond with a slight shake of my head. Still I press ever closer to Him, trying desperately to convey my needs without words, guiding His hand to my breast.

Hearing the laughter bubble up inside Him and rumble deep in my ear, I whimper yet again. Master speaks again, “what is it you desire My pet?” Knowing I can’t answer and yet knowing what I need, He yanks me roughly against Him. First pinning my left leg under His, then with the right foot He kicks my right leg wide apart and pins it to the bed. W/we are there, intertwined, me trapped helplessly in His arms, the safest place I have ever known. my breath increases rapidly, the pleasure coursing through my body when His fingers find my nipple and stroke it lovingly. I begin to moan lightly, His left hand has found His special place, the fingers dipping into the crack, feeling escort kuşadası the hot wetness.

Still showing me I am His to pleasure only as HE chooses, He pins me tightly to the bed. Master strokes my clit rapidly, roughly, as I moan in pleasure and increasing desire, trying desperately to press against His fingers but unable to move even a little.

Slipping His fingers into the wetness and plunging deeply, He strokes in and out furiously. all I can do is cry out at the sudden intense pleasure. The desire builds to a feverish pitch as He continues to torture my nipples. Begging, “please Master, PLEASE!” finally I find my voice.

“Please what my pet?” He purrs softly into my ear. Even though He knows just what I want, He will not give until I say it exactly.

But, I CAN’T, not yet. So He strokes furiously, knowing I am on edge, barely containing. Moaning loudly, still I try to squirm, hovering in subspace, unwilling to plunge over the waterfall of release.

Finally I scream out, “MASTER PLEASE LET ME COME” only to be greeted with the sound of His evil laugh at my ear.

I whimper desperately as He makes me wait until HE says I am ready. I am lost as the waves of pleasure course over my body, radiating from the center out. Alternately moaning and whimpering as He plunges fingers deep inside and then out again to stroke His clit. In, out He works me furiously, still pinning me tightly to Him and the bed.

Until finally just when I can no longer stand it, when I can no longer even moan, the pleasure being unbearably intense, softly the words are spoken, “Now my pet, now you may come”

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”, I scream as the release courses over me, wave after wave of orgasm, crashing down over me. “OHHHH MASTER YESSSSSSS” Tears course from my eyes as Master draws me near, holding me gently, caressing my body. “There my pet, there, you did good.” gentle words of praise from Him, the One I so desire to please.

Snuggling deep within His arms, feeling His love as now He caresses me tenderly, His breath soft in my ear. “Thank You Master for taking such good care of me.” I speak, my voice comes strongly now. I know where I belong. I am His, heart, mind, body and soul. Eternity and beyond, I am His.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32