High Time at Halloween

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I couldn’t write about this before because it happened Halloween and I needed time to recover enough physically and mostly mentally regarding what had happened.

Amber my girlfriend’s workplace boss and senior level associate Bart Gould, planned to have a giant Halloween Party on the eve of; October 30th. The few times I met Bart, he was always the fun-loving, gregarious type who had a party anytime he could. His trophy wife, Cheryl never complained since it was all catered at their huge house. He didn’t have to work but did and was a very successful sale guy. It only added on to the wealth he inherited from his parents who passed away many, many years ago.

The parties were always fun and lavish; no half measures for sure. There was always a mix of work or personal friends and selected customers. With premium booze flowing like water, everyone had a great time. Bart was a great host and even made sure everyone took a taxi or limo home afterwards. All work associate always took the next day off, called in sick or pretended to work from home (sic).

Being a real Comic Con guy, I suggested we’d go as D.C. vs. Marvel. Reluctant at first, she wanted to go as a sexy librarian but after much coercion decided to go as Catwoman. I had no hesitation about going as my favourite, Spiderman.

I ordered mine on-line with guaranteed delivery for the Monday since the party was Tuesday. I was really excited to get it when it arrive. I tore open the package but was really disappointed with what I found. All the pieces were there except that when I put it on, it looked like shit. The tights were thin and ill-fitting while the top was just a baggy long sleeved shirt rather than a form fitted outfit that the real Spiderman would have. It didn’t have any of the muscle forms to help build out my less than muscular physic. The mask too was a little loose and I had to keep adjusting the eye hole so I could see. I called around but it was too late to get anything better.

Amber was smart. Once convinced, she was committed. She went to a costume store and found her outfit. She giggled when I modeled mine for her. I asked her to model hers for me but she coyly said. “You’ll just have to wait, Spidey.”

That night, she pretended to be MJ and we fucked most of the night. Well actually about three minutes. After than she made me eat her out until she came.

The night of, I ordered some Chinese for an early dinner since the gala wouldn’t start until around 9 and would give us ample time to get ready. Unfortunately when I swallowed a big bite of the sautéed fish, I found it wasn’t really the freshest. I was okay but couldn’t really eat anything else.

Amber didn’t want me to watch her get ready so I changed in the den while she readied herself in our bedroom. With the baggy shirt and mask, I looked like a wrinkled Spider-Grandpa. Even the tights were now saggy.

Meanwhile, Amber had a bath before running to change behind the closed door. An hour and a half later, she emerged. My mouth dropped inside my head covering. “Uh… That’s not Catwoman’s outfit.”

“No. I looked up the one Julie Newmar wore. It was sexy but…” Amber turned around. “I like this one better.”

Amber wore a black, painted on latex outfit closer but not exactly to the one Michelle Pfeiffer wore. Where Michelle’s’ outfit had pretend rips stitched up, Ambers had a number that were precariously ripped open; along her torso, between her firm breasts and one that yalova escort almost reached the top of her pussy. It was ripped low enough to make evident, she wasn’t wearing panties and was clean shaven down there. Amber’s hard nipples noticeably poked out from the skin tight outfit meant she wore no bra either.

There were also strategic tears elsewhere and down the legging part showing ample skin. Although I was disappointed Amber did not opt for Julie’s, my cock didn’t care and I was so fucking hard inside my tights.

“I think Spidey like it! Or at least his cock does.” Amber gazed at my crotch. My boner was easily tenting out through the thin loose tights.

I was so taken aback by her outfit, I barely noticed the whip in her right hand. With a quick flip of her wrist, I felt the painful sting of its tip on my tip. I immediately fell to my knees in agony. She laughed almost sadistically. “I’ve been practicing.”

“Oh yeah! Catwoman’s outfit didn’t really come with a tail, so.” Amber held up a sleek looking, long, black cat’s tail. When she held it up, I realized it wasn’t a stick on. There was a small brass looking plug opposite the tapered end. Amber turned her back side to me and bent over slightly. There was a slight ripped hole big just enough to push the plug into her ass. As it popped in, Amber let out a sharp moan. “Umm…!”

We arrived at Bart’s a little after nine. The party was already going. Amber looked incredible. Somehow she even managed to learn how to flip her tail around. With the dim lighting, you couldn’t tell it was a plug and not attached.

Like I said before, the booze was free and flowing. The first couple of drink, hit my head since my stomach was mostly empty. I sat on the couch watched Amber seductively slide and slink about as she freely hugged people she seemingly knew. I noticed a number of costumed males gratuitously grabbing Amber’s sexy body and pulling her plug-in tail.

“Hey! Great Spiderman outfit!” I heard Brat greet the guest entering the house. “We have another Spidey too. Maybe you two should have a web off or something.”

In a stupor, I stared at the new Spiderman. He was about the same height as I was but his outfit was perfect. It was everything mine wasn’t. It was the padded muscled, form fitting outfit I wanted. I suspiciously eyed him grab a beer and around walk around. Of course with the mask, he and I have to pull it up to drink. When he did, I saw his chin was strong and chiseled.

He made his way over to me.

“Hey, Spidey!” He suddenly stood in front of me and held his hand out for me to shake. Then in a sarcastic tone said. “Nice outfit.”

I stupidly took his offered hand to shake. His grip was strong and slightly crushed my hand. From my seated vantage point his crotch was at my eye level. I wasn’t sure if it was on purpose or accidental but his cock was evidently trapped inside his tights and pointed down his thigh. He had to be a good, meaty, eight inches.

He moved away without another word to hug some Cleopatra in a toga. I watched her hand slip down and palm his cock. A Dallas Cowgirl cheerleader did the same thing, so did the sexy cop and Alice in Wonderland. I laughed to myself when I named him. “Spidey-prick!”

I grabbed another cold one and noticed some food laid out. “That looks good!”

I grabbed a brownie and finished it in a couple of bites. It WAS good. I grabbed another one and yozgat escort wolfed that one down too.

“Ooh. Take it easy, Spiderman.” Bart whispered. “Those are weed brownies!”

I felt okay but needed to pee from all the beer I drank. I walked upstairs towards the bathroom and past an open door. Inside was Spidey-prick. He was standing in front of Alice with his tights pulled down and his cock out being sucked by girl dressed as a sexy librarian. He must have been ten inches hard but she managed to take it all down her throat without any problems.

Spidey-prick saw me and the fucking bastard gave me a thumbs up.

I shook my head and made my way to the can. I was surprised that I had to let my own hard on subside a bit so I could piss. My head started to feel woozy from the browns. I staggered back towards the open door. Spidey-prick was still there; standing behind and plowing a bent over Dallas cheerleader with her shorts pulled down over her bum.

I flopped back into my seat then was unable to really move anymore, but my eyes seemed to be wide open. I smiled when I saw my sexy Catwoman. She was still slinking about albeit a little tipsy when Spidey-prick returned. Her smile beneath her cowl was big as she gave Spidey-prick a hot hug and a huge kiss through his mask.

I could feel my blood boil as I watched his hand feel her body over her rubber suit. I watched his finger run a trace from her throat down the ripped opening between her breasts. His finger slipped underneath. Amber bit her lips as his finger played with her nipples.

I wanted to stop him and beat the shit out of him but I was unable to move. My arms and legs were like rubber and just seemed to flail about. I tried to yell out but nothing came out but gibberish. A baseball player and a French Maid looked at me and just laughed.

By now, Amber’s hand was actively rubbing Spidey-prick’s prick through this tights. Meanwhile his hand managed to find the opening just above her naked pussy and was diddling her.

A mess of costumed people started to dance in front of me and block any further viewing. I completely lost track of them when Bart came by and handed me a bottle of water. “I think you might need this.”

Bart helped me up and took me upstairs to one of the bedrooms. He set me down in a padded chair and told me. “I think those brownies affected you more than yoo know. Just relax here in the quiet until you recover a bit more.”

Alone in the dimly light, quiet room, I remained unable to move or speak. I started to feel a bit better when the door creaked open. Spider-prick was cradling Catwoman in his arms.

He let her feet touch the ground and kissed her strongly on her lips. Catwoman found the tops of his tights and pushed them down as she descended to her knees. She parted her hot red lips and licked them. Spider-prick pointed his endowment into her mouth. Catwoman lips surrounded his pole as she moved her head back and forth taking more and more of it inside. She could easily take me down her throat but she got a little more than three-quarters of it in before she gagged slightly. Spider-prick looked directly at me and smiled.

Catwoman drew back slightly, keeping some of him in her mouth and took a deep breath. I watched her with determination as she took more and more of Spider-prick down her throat. Even though she choked a bit, she refused to give up. With about an inch to go, ankara escort she grabbed Spider-prick’s muscular ass and pulled him the rest of the way in until her lips touched his base.

Gobs of spit spewed out her mouth and nose as he assaulted Catwoman’s throat with his cock until she couldn’t take it any more and pushed him off. Still gasping for breath, Spider-prick pushed Catwoman up onto the bed. He pulled off his top. The flaccid shirt did not give him the muscle; his pecs, abs and biceps did.

He knelt between her spread legs. He used his fingers to rip open Catwoman’s crotch area and attacked her cunt with his mouth. She grabbed the back of his head and mashed it into her.

Spider-prick lifted his head again to look at me. He extended his tongue. It had to be longer than Gene Simmon’s. He lowered his head and I could tell from her reaction, he was fucking her with it.

“Oh gawd! Uh! Fuck! Gawd! That feels so fucking good!” Catwoman mewed out. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Wiggle it around like that. I can almost feel it on my G…g…g… FUCK! I’m cumming!”

I had no idea she could do it but a huge spray shot out from her and soaked Spider-prick’s face and mask as he continued to tongue fuck her. Good thing he removed his shirt.

Exhausted, a panting Catwoman laid on her back. Every once in a while, her body jerked like it was jolted by an electric shock. Spider-prick stood up and grinned. I hate it when he smiled at me. His cock was at full mast; his knob a dark purple. He leaned forward and used his hand to aim it at Catwoman’s hole. He looked at me as he slowly pushed it inside her.

“Uuuhhh…!” Came from her mouth. “Oh gawd! It’s so big! Oh… Fuck!”

He wasn’t even halfway in yet as Catwoman spasmed and came again. “Oooh! Fuck me! Oooh! Put it all inside me. Stretch me open!”

The bastard pulled out; Catwoman whimpered. He looked directly at me and plunged himself all the way in banging his hips hard into her at the end. He redirected his look at her and went to work. Slowly at first then with increasing speed and intensity, he started to pound her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Catwoman grunted with each thrust. “I…e…e…”

Nothing came out of her mouth but garbley-gook. I’m not sure how many times Catwoman climaxed when Spider-prick finally came inside her, but she was just a catatonic rag doll when he pulled out. Amazingly he still had a few spurts left and jacked them out over her face and body.

He pulled his tights and pulled his top back on before leaving.

It was still awhile before I could garner enough strength to rise and help Amber to her feet. We moved through the crowd. Cum stains in her hair, on her face, on her suit and dripped from her exposed cunt. It was obvious Catwoman have been fucked as we got knowing whispers and such dirty looks from everyone as we passed by.

I got us into the cab and directed him to our place. Amber’s head rested on my lap to start with but as she became more awake, her hands pawed at my crotch as her mouth tried to take me in through my tights.

I struggled to get her inside and onto our bed. She pulled me in and ripped open my tights. My cock instantly sprung up hard. She mounted me and I easily slipped inside her greasy, dirty, cum-filled cunt. It was still gaped and had not shrank back to its normal tightness. Her ass slammed up and down hard and fast until she came.

She fell asleep exhausted on top of me. My unsatisfied cock still inside her needing relief but remained unreleased.

We awoke the next morning; Amber lying next to me smiling.

“Good morning, Spiderman.” She kissed me. “Wow! You were great last night. Pretty hot fucking me at the party. My pussy is still sore. And those brownies…!”

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