Good Morning, Teacher

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The morning sun was just beginning to warm the plants on the counter of her classroom window. Dedrie was perched at her desk, lesson plans sitting, ready for use later, when it was the children’s time.

This early hour however, was her time, and Perry’s. He had been her partner now for two years. Each working heir third grader’s in classrooms side by side. Their main connection being the shared juvenile lavatory, a “no-man’s-land” of sorts, invaded by teachers only on the rare occasion – “Mrs. R., you have to see what Ross wrote on the bathroom wall!”

Most mornings, Perry would stroll in about fifteen minutes behind here, place two container’s of coffee on her desk, turn one of the tiny third grade chairs around and straddle the seat. Morning ritual: it was pleasant and comfortable. They reviewed lunch and bus duty assignments, class trip plans, lessons, reading groups, shared family news and last night’s sit-com plots. After two years they slipped easily into the routine, sipping their coffee and entering the day.

Dedrie had some different ideas this morning. She had deliberately prepared for what she was about to do. After weeks of anxious thought, today was going to be the day. She knew it when she awake and now the time had come to implement her plan.

A 43, Dedrie was happily married and head only recently returned to teaching as her children had outgrown the mother-care years and entered the adolescent mother-worry period of their parent’s life. Now, after two years of working with Perry, she had begun feeling a new bond.

These quiet morning times had allowed them to become quite personal. They had through time shred some rather intimate secrets with each other. Emotions she once thought subdued in her marriage had surfaced and Perry had become a subject of her fantasy.

She had fallen in love with him. Not that she loved her husband less. There was as strong a bond as ever there. It was just that she had begun to realize that she could love other people in here life and do so without guilt. Perry had touched her heart and what she was about to do was a daring step that last year would never have entered here mind. Morning coffee with him had become the most sensual part of the day.

“So, are you driving up to Massachusetts tonight?” she asked him.”Yeah, with the long weekend, we figured we would catch the leaves and enjoy a nice Bed and Breakfast place”, he answered.

Perry was 40 and had been married for five years. There were no children and not likely to be any. He and his wife seemed to be perfectly matched; content to play together in a childhood that neither seemed to have really had. He was always open to adventure and that was one of the things that led Dedrie to consider this action.

“Well the weather promises to be nice”, she said. Meanwhile here brain was shouting to her, “Enough with the pleasantries, get on with it!”

“Okay, okay”, she thought. “Here it goes.”

Knowing what she was going to do, Dedrie had dressed with great care. fixbet Her skirt, usually calf or ankle length was hemmed just below her knee. She slid her chair away from the desk and with a mock yawn, stretched and turned toward Perry, giving him a superb view of her nicely shaped legs encased in tawny, shimmering stockings. Almost in a recline in her chair, she tossed here head back and laughed.

“I guess I need to get more sleep. I really did not want to get out of bed”, she said. A wicked smile made her lipstick shine seductively.

Here skirt draped over the legs right around her knees and a hint of lace from her black slip was evident. A calculated shift of her legs allowed the skirt to slip a bit and reveal an enticing gap between her lower thighs. Dedrie, however, had kept her eyes on Perry and was pleased to notice that the display was not lost on him.

In the next instant, she was up and sitting next to him also on one of those tiny children’s chairs. She sat there with the confidence that comes from doing so in front of little ones for many years.

“Look at this article I found”, she said.

She was now close to him with a professional magazine in her hand. She went on to discuss the details of some idea that an administrator in California had championed. Meanwhile the spiciness of her perfume and the nearness of her body were having a definite effect on Perry.

From the shoulder of her sleeveless blouse, a shiny black brassiere strap fell against her upper arm. Directly in Perry’s sight. Dedrie made no attempt to push it back. She gazed directly into his eyes and saw what she wished to see.

Still sitting, straddle-legged on the chair, Perry was quite vulnerable. Dedrie let her hand, in pretence of taking the magazine from him, find that area she was intent upon. Never once did her eyes leave his. At the moment of her touch, the sunlight that had been creeping along the windowsill broke over both of them, illuminating and suffusing them with unexpected heat. The kiss that followed opened a wellspring of desire and passion. Neither imagined themselves capable of such feelings.

Perry was now responding by exploring her body. First, his lips melded with hers, and then they went on a journey about her eyelids and the lobes of her ears. His tongue flicked and tested as he went along. When he found her neck she could not but help releasing a deep moan of appreciation for these travels.

She was not at all passive. After all, this was her play. Her hands had worked their way up under his shirt and with her fingers she played with his nipples, reveling in their firmness. Following close on, she explored that other “firmness”. The one she now wanted to free from its bonds.

On the tiny chairs, clothes slightly rearranged, they realized their vulnerability to prying eyes. It was still early and probably only the day custodian was around. He had duties on the other side of the building and was really not a worry. They both knew the routines of their fixbet giriş coworkers and it was somehow, silently deemed safe to pursue what they had begun albeit under a bit more cover.

Unwilling to separate but aware of their need to concealment, they left the chairs, locked the doors and moved toward the lavatory that connected their rooms. Far from a romantic trysting place, yet in the heat of their passion, it became a safe cell providing a cloak for their sensuality.

Oblivious to the tile and porcelain, Perry now matched her boldness and unbuttoned her blouse. Upon parting the folds, her sheer black brassiere cups glistened invitingly. Her nipples were already protruding against the nylon as if begging for his lips to suck them into stony hard pebbles of pleasure.

He wasted no time pulling the cup’s stretchy material away from the globes of Dedrie’s breasts. For a brief moment, he enjoyed the weight of them in his hand and then he dived in, giving the nipples and dark aureoles what they needed. Dedrie clasped his head close to her chest and ran her fingers through his hair.

There were no words at this point. Hands, fingers, mouth and lips conversed easily. She had unbelted and unzipped him and now stroked his cock with glee. She was mesmerized by it, enjoying its shape and the heat it seemed to exude. She rejoiced at the slick ooze that escaped its tip. Kneeling, she let her tongue and lips play gently over the whole of it. The taste and texture gave her a thrill. Knowing the excitement of the moment and aware of here own desire, this was but a brief tease.

Dedrie stood up and stepped back slightly. She could feel the cold hardness of the low sink on the back of her thighs. A movement of her hand indicated that Perry should stay where he was. She unwrapped her skirt slowly and draped it on the doorknob of the lavatory. She stood before him, blouse unbuttoned, breasts high and firm and black half-slip with a well-placed slit.

Slowly, Dedrie raked the hem of the slip up over her thighs. Each inch revealed more delights and surprises. First the darker tops of her stockings. Next the black garter clasps and shiny satin straps. Finally, at the juncture of her thighs, her sex was encased in black and red panties, sheer enough to show the shadow of her bush. Wisps of dark brown hair peered from the lacy edges.

Perry could not help touching himself during this display. It pleased her to see this and she responded by sliding her hand beneath the waistband of her panties and doing the same to herself. For a time they were frozen like this.

Now, he took control. He approached and pulled her panties down following them with his eyes until he was kneeling before her. Finding the sink behind her, she arched her back and surrendered to his tongue.

Inhaling her musk, he began to lick and suck every ounce of liquid she could manufacture. This was an impossible task as her fluids issued more copiously with each ministration from his tongue.

He responded to each groan and whimper, every utterance from her acted as a guide to her pleasuring and now he wanted her to be overwhelmingly pleasured. Not at all shy about sex, Perry now let himself go fully. His tongue found an area between her vagina and rectum that elicited high-pitched squeals from her. To her delight he increased the pressure on the area of flesh and was even so bold as to probe her nether groove with his finger – something that surprised her but was not at all unpleasant.

Upon returning to her clitoris, the first orgasmic wave shuddered though her body. Mindful of their location, Dedrie did not shout but shook all over and whispered desperately, “Yesssssssssss”, until she could inhale again.

Their time was rapidly passing and so Dedrie did not muse over the tingle of post orgasm. She now turned her back to Perry and pulling her slip up to here hips, she braced herself over the sink. Her ass was presented to him as she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, giving him a splendid view of both here holes. No verbal encouragement was necessary.

Which aperture Perry decided to invade was of little consequence to her at this juncture. She wanted him inside her any way she could get him. He on the other hand followed form and “first time etiquette” by guiding his manhood deep into her cunt.

Now their union was nearing completion. Fantasy and feeling came together as they began to move in this final dance. A rhythm was silently and quickly agreed upon and taken up in earnest.

They both strived to keep quiet. Although the doors were locked and they were invisible to any one else, other people must be in the building, going about their own early morning tasks.

The pace quickened and she could hear his breathing became shallower and more intense. Deep inside her, waves of pleasure surged with each push of his cock.

Suddenly, he stopped the rhythm and thrust fully and hard into her. Something between a moan and scream found its way from between his clenched mouth. Dedrie felt his cock twitch once, than again and then the walls of her womb per painted with what seemed to be endless spurts of his fluid. This triggered another wave of orgasm from her. Now they were both slick with mingled juices.

Knowing there was little time for post-coital cuddling, they used the rough brown paper towels to dry themselves. The mad what ablutions they could in that cramped unlikely place of passion. With one last hungry kiss they composed themselves for the day to come.

Checking carefully to see if the coast was clear, they each left the lavatory though the connecting doors to their respective classrooms. Nothing was said and it was an unspoken question as o whether there would be any such encounters in the future.

Dedrie saw Perry’s briefcase sitting by her desk where he had placed it. On the desk were the two half empty, now cold, cups of coffee. Picking up the case, she smiled to herself and opened it. In her hand were the panties, which she had not put, pack on. Carefully, she folded them and placed them neatly on top of his brown bag lunch. Closing the case she took it to his classroom and smiled as she said, “See you at lunch.”

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