Gloria’s Adventures Ch. 01

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Hello, my name is Gloria. I will be showing you today how these wonderful devices work and how they will improve your life. If you’ll just come closer and gather around so you all can see the inside workings.” This is how my typical day starts out. The only difference is the faces and the city I happen to be in.

I’m a sales person that travels and sells things for a big corporation. I sell many different kind of things, ranging from electric can openers to adult novelties. Just depends on what store I’m pitching to that day.

I’m happily married for almost three years now. My husband Gary, is very supportive of my job. He knows that one day I’ll be able to have the office job in town and not have to travel so much. Gary, himself travels a lot on his job, so it works out ok, most times. Sometimes we’ll miss each other in passing. But when we finally do get back together, lord is the sex excellent. Granted Gary has yet to bring me to orgasm, but that’s ok, I know how to finish myself off. He usually goes downstairs and watches some tv afterwards anyways.

So here I am, its creeping up on our three year anniversary and guess who has to be out of town for another sales pitch. My idiot boss will not let me have the time off and refuses to get someone else since I’m ‘his best sales person’. So Gary and I have a quickie before I leave out of town.

“I’m sorry I won’t be here for our anniversary, Gary.”

“Hey, honey, I understand. Just think in a few more years you’ll be in that office job and won’t have to worry about going out of town. Hey, maybe when your vacation comes up will go somewhere hot and tropical and pretend that is our anniversary, ok?”

I pouted a little, just for show, then threw my arms around his neck and smiled up into his beautiful face. “Sure, baby. That sounds fabulous.”

“Now go on, we don’t want you to miss your flight. Don’t forget, I won’t be here later tonight, I’ll be over at Franks with the guys for poker night. But I’ll talk to you in a couple of days ok,” Gary groped my ass as he laid a big kiss on my lips. I wiggled a little up against his hard-on to show that I would be willing to stay for a few more minutes. “Now don’t start that, we don’t have the time for a proper quickie. You’ll miss your flight.”

I groaned as I pulled myself away from him. Then I picked up my bag and blew a kiss as I went out the door. Gary pretended to catch it, like always and smiled back at me closing the door.

Of course when I got to the airport my flight had been delayed a few hours, but that was my luck I supposed. So I sat down and waited, picked up one of my rather long and sordid romance novels and got ready to lose myself for a few hours in hot men and hotter sex.

Some time later someone plopped down beside me jolting me away from the characters that had just started getting into some hot and nasty sex.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to disturb you. Just waiting for my flight that never wants to leave.”

The man was tall and lanky he had dark blonde hair and startling gray eyes that seems to look right into you. He had a dark tan like he’d been in the islands and playing volley ball, half naked with sweat gleaming off of him. Whoh, stop, rewind and delete, where the hell had that come from.

I smiles companionably at him and tried to return to my book. But I knew that with that turn of thought I probably wouldn’t be able to. There was no way that I was going to put the book down and open myself up to conversation with him. That would be courting trouble.

“You know those books can really give you some interesting ideas, can’t they.”

I did my best to look at him and maintain composure as I lifted one eyebrow. Because I knew right now exactly what he was talking about. Some of those ideas were currently running thru my mind as to what this man and myself could be doing. Him, tall, dark and long limbed and me petite and fair skinned.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, I’ve just been sitting here for a few hours waiting for my flight and you were the closest person to my own age.”

Looking around, he was right, all the other people waiting for well over sixty. That usually happened in Florida, when ninety percent of the population was over retirement age.

“That’s ok,” I replied. “I get caught up sometimes and forget where I am. They haven’t announced any flights while I’ve been gone have they?”

“Nope, no flights for the last four hours. The way its looking that hurricane watch is turning into a warning and we’ll probably be stuck here for a few more hours, if not days.”

“Great, if I’d known that I would’ve stayed home.”

“Yeah, well, weather cannot always be predicted.” He smiled and I had to stop from catching my breath, he wasn’t handsome really, but when he smiled it just made my stomach flip-flop and tighten. “By the way, I’m Xavier.” He reached out his hand.

“Oh, yeah, I’m Gloria,” and took his and a charge seemed to zap between our hands.

I pulled my hand away quickly.

“Sorry, must be the static build up in here.”

Just then there was an announcement over the speakers

“All flights outbound for tonight have been delayed indefinity due to adverse weather. Please make your way matadorbet to the service counter to make further travel arrangements.” The announcement repeated a few times then crackled back to silence.

“Well, I guess that means no one is leaving tonight.” Xavier smiled again and stood up. “Coming?” he asked reaching out his hand.

If only, I thought, then shook my head. “Ah, yeah, thanks.” I gathered up my bags and took his hand to help me up off the seat. Again the spark.

“Hmm, maybe I should change shoes,” he laughed as he released my hand. “Shall we?”

After we had both managed to get our flight plans changed and were outside the building.

“Well, Gloria, its been nice to meet you and maybe we’ll meet again, sometime.”

Xavier turned to look at me and I felt a warm spot begin between my legs. God, I really had to stop this, I was a married woman for gods sake.

“Yeah, maybe when our flights pass again, we can get a drink or something,” I offered smiling at him.

“So are you parked here or did you get dropped off?”

“Oh I drove, you?”

“Taxi,” he smiled.

“Well, I could give you a ride home or something, if you needed it,” I offered and then kicked myself. I didn’t know this person. What the hell was I doing he could be a mass murderer.

“Its really not to far from here, I can walk, but thanks.”

“Oh, well ok then, I guess I’ll see you then,” I turned to leave and was pulled back and into his arms. When he brought his mouth down to mine it was instant shock, but not from static, it was from the immediate response from me. I dropped my bags and threw my arms around him and kissed him back without abandon. I could vaguely recall that we were standing in front of the airport with people milling around us to get out and to their cars in the rain. But all I could really feel and cared about was that his hands were on my ass pulling me snugly against his crotch. I moaned into his mouth when I felt his hard-on press into my center. God, how I wanted to feel him inside me at that moment.

Then he was pulling away and I heard someone saying “Please clear the area and return to you cars.”

I abruptly pulled away, picked up my bags and turning I raced to my car. The rain and the wind did little to cool my cheeks or the burning between my legs. I ran and didn’t stop until I was in my car, then I sat there and rested my head on the steering wheel. What the hell had come over me. I was a married woman, a happily married woman. I had cheated on Gary, the shame. Should I tell him? No, it was just a kiss, right? God no, it was more then a kiss. It was a revolution. To hell with it, I just need to get home before I see him again and throw myself at him and beg him to fuck me.

I started the car, pulled away from the airport and headed for home.

Surprisingly when I got there Gary’s car was still there. But then he probably rode over with someone so he wouldn’t have to drive home, especially if he had been drinking. He was so smart like that, I thought. So stupid, don’t fuck up your marriage for a little piece of ass. I finally stopped berating myself and got out of the car. I left the bags so I wouldn’t have to bother unpacking and packing them again. All I wanted right now was a hot bath and a good vibrator.

I slipped quietly into the house and slipped off my jacket. The house was quiet, I smiled as I climbed the carpet covered stairs. When I reached the top stair I heard something, stopping me. Maybe it was burglar and I didn’t want to surprise him and get killed. I slipped off my shoes and tip toed to the bedroom as that was where the noise seemed to be coming from. I decided it would be best to go thru the main bath since I could get into the bedroom that way with out notice.

It was a good thing I had good night vision and knew the house in the dark otherwise I would’ve stubbed by toe may a time.

Once at the bathroom door that linked to the master bedroom I started to notice the noise was the sound of our bed creaking. What the hell, was the burglar jumping up and down on the bed? No wait, that’s what it sounded like when Gary and me were screwing. As realization began to dawn then I heard a woman begin to moan. “Oh, oh , oh yes, oh yes, Gary, oh fuck me harder, yes, oh yes…”

Thru the crack in the bathroom door I say illuminated by the moonlight streaming the large window, on the bed was Gary behind a woman and he was fucking her doggy style.

Then I heard Gary speaking, “Yeah that’s right, take it like the bitch you are…”

I stumbled back a step then climbed into the shower and behind the curtain quietly so as not to be heard. Not that I figure they would notice if the house was on fire. I bit down on my fist to prevent the sob that wanted to creep out of my mouth. Here I was not an hour ago ready to tell him that I had kissed another man and now my husband, Gary, was in our bed, My bed, I had paid for it, fucking another woman. That bastard, that son of a bitch. Just then the bathroom door swung open and banged up against the bathroom sink. I heard the toilet seat lift and urine begin to hit the water.

“So was it good, baby?” I heard coming from the doorway.

“Yeah, hon, give me matadorbet giriş a second and we’ll go for round two.”

“Was I better then your wife?”

I heard Gary laugh, “If only you knew, fucking my wife is like fucking a wet log.”

I heard them both laugh as the toilet flushed and then the bathroom door shut again and the bed creaked as they lay back down on it. For round two.

I know understood the meaning ‘seeing red’. Because I was certainly seeing it now. Part of me wanted to go out and rage at them. And another part wanted to lay down in the shower and cry. But no that was not the way I wanted to be. Screw this. I slipped quietly out of the shower and crept back down the stairs and back to my car.

I drifted out of the parking lot and drove away, not really sure where I was going but away from home. And Gary and his whore.

I somehow ended up on the road that lead back to the airport. In the passing lights I made out a man walking in the rain in the opposite direction. And I knew it was him, it was Xavier.

I pulled over to the side of the road and waited for him to come to the car and open the door.

“So you need a ride, stranger,” I smiled at him.

He smiled back as he slide into the seat.

“Hell of a night to be out walking that’s for sure,” he said as he shut the door.

As I pulled back onto the highway and made a u-turn he spoke again, “Listen about earlier….”

“No, lets just leave it for now,” I said. “So where do you live.”

As he gave me directions I made the necessary turns. Within a few minutes we were in front of his home. It was a huge two story home with a private gate.

“This is where you live?” I asked astounded.

“Yeah, I make pretty good money,” he smiled.

“Doing what?”

“Come in I’ll show you.”

Before tonight I would have politely declined, but I was feeling reckless and in the need of a little adventure. So hell with it.

The adventure begins ….

I moved a little hesitantly now that I was actually inside the house. I didn’t want to appear too eager. I wasn’t having second thoughts or anything, I was just a little nervous. I had never had sex with anyone except Gary and I knew that whatever else happened tonight, I knew for sure that sex was going to be involved.

“Come in back and make yourself at home. I’m just going to go up and change and get dried off.” Xavier smiled at me as he turned and walked up the marble staircase.

I wondered around the room, there were many wonderful sculptures and painting line the walls. Some I recognized and some I didn’t. There was a beautiful mahogany bar in the middle of the room. I looked up towards the staircase and quickly moved to the bar. Some liquid courage didn’t sound so bad right now. I found a few different liquors lined up underneath the bar and decided on the rum. I quickly poured a shot and drank it, while that burned its way down my throat I poured some more rum over top of some coke and ice then sipped it as I walked around the room.

As I was staring at a sculpture, trying to figure out what it was, I felt hands run up my arms, then I felt Xavier’s warm breath on my neck as he whispered, “Did you find everything ok?”

“Mmm, I believe so,” I turned in his arms and accepted the kiss. And it was just as hot and just as intoxicating as I had remembered.

Xavier managed to get my drink and set it aside as he pulled me into his arms and flush up against his body. He had changed out of his wet clothes and was now only wearing a pair of loose jeans, unbuttoned, hanging onto his hips. My hands now free from the drink found their way up his smooth, muscled chest. To have looked so gangly he sure did fill out nice without the clothes, I thought. My hands made their way up to his broad shoulders and over his smooth tanned back. I could feel his muscles rippling as he pulled my closer.

Xavier meanwhile had managed to divest me of my jacket, blouse and skirt. So when he stepped back there I was in my bra, panties, stockings and shoes.

“Mmm, very nice package you got there, Gloria.”

I smiled shyly and felt a blush creep up my cheeks and across my breasts.

“Very nice package. You are not going to run away again, are you Gloria?” Xavier’s tone was teasing but his eyes were serious.

“No, not this time,” I said stepping out of my skirt that pooled around my ankles, kicking it aside.

I could still hear Gary’s voice in my head as I stepped back up to Xavier.

“Wet log…. wet log…. wet log…” It continued to echo in my mind, it only fueled my need to continue.

“Touch me, Xavier. I burn for your touch.”

He smiled knowingly and reached out a hand. I took it and walked with him to the bar. He turned and put his hands on my waist and easily lifted me so I was sitting upon the bar.

“Now let me touch you, Gloria,” he whispered in my ear before kissing my neck. I was helpless, I couldn’t have moved if I had or had even wanted to. And I didn’t want to be anywhere except where Xavier had his lips all over me.

As his lips kissed my neck and breasts, his hands were sliding up and down my thighs. The anticipation was building in me, every sensation was new, every touch burned a trail across my skin. More, I thought, oh yes more. Then he cupped me with his hand and I just about jumped off the bar from the thrill of his touch there. I moaned and squirmed under his hand.

“Shhh, be still, let me…” through the thin shield of my panties he traced his finger up and down, up and down. The barest of touches, feather light, just barely touching. My hips seemed to gyrate of their own will, begging for more. Begging for his finger to slide into me. But still his finger stayed on the outside of the thin fabric. When I had first bought the panties they had seemed thin and skimpy, now they were a wall, a barrier between what I could feel and what I wanted.

“Please,” I heard myself plead, “please….”through heavy eyelids I could see Xavier’s smile. Slowly, ever so slowly I felt him slide his fingers along the edge of my panties and then just barely under the edge of them. Again slowly his finger slid up and down just to the side of my throbbing clit. Whimpering like an animal, my hips again tried to move to position his hand over my clit, but Xavier was holding my hips down with his other hand, and god was he strong.

“Shhh, Gloria. Let me play a bit longer..,” he whispered as he kissed my breasts. Then he took my nipple in his mouth and rolled it between his tongue. I groaned in pleasure, willing to let him do anything he pleased as long as he didn’t stop. I had never been so close to orgasm with Gary. And god how I wanted to come, right now with his fingers buried deep inside me, the walls of my pussy squeezing him tight.

Then he moved away and I was left throbbing so close that I almost cried out in agony.

“Shhh, just a second.” he whispered as he slid my panties down my thighs and off of my legs. Then he came back and I could feel his warm breath on my thighs. Then his tongue was licking me, god how glorious it felt. Xavier lifted my legs so he’d have better access to my hole. All the while he was licking my just around my clit, and the anticipation built and built. Then he plunged his tongue into me and I screamed as I came in his mouth. But he didn’t stop he continued to lick me all over now. My body continued to convulse as orgasm after orgasm stuck me. When I thought I couldn’t handle any more Xavier once again pulled away from me. Thru heavy lids I saw him divesting himself of his jeans and when his large erection sprang out I moaned with barely contained pleasure. Oh god how I wanted his thick rod shoved into me now.

“Oh, yes.” I heard myself moan just before he plunged into me.

Now I have to say in hindsight that the bar was probably not the best location for this but I was beyond caring.

I was laid out like a buffet and he could have all he wanted. He stood in front of the bar and I lay across it and he rammed into me over and over again. My knees were pushed up to my chest and I could feel Xavier’s large dick crammed deep inside me. No way was I having another orgasm my mind thought, but my body was not agreeing with my mind, because I began to feel it build again. Then it hit me and my walls gripped Xavier’s dick and he threw his head back and groaned loudly.

“Oh, yeah, baby, oh so good, yeah, ahhhhhhh …” then he slowed down and slumped against my stomach. My walls continued to convulse and his body would every once in awhile jerk from his orgasm. “Good, Gloria, I think I’m dead, but don’t worry, I died happy.” Xavier chuckled.

I smiled and wrapped my legs tighter around his body. Wet log, my ass, I thought. Screw Gary, what the hell did he know. He had certainly never given me an orgasm like that. Well he had never given me an orgasm at all. Selfish bastard.

“You ok?”

Xavier’s question brought me back to present, “Oh, yeah, just thinking that this bar is a little hard on the back.” I said to cover.

“Oh sorry about that, you just inspired me and then I couldn’t seem to stop myself to move to a more comfortable location. I hope you weren’t to uncomfortable,” he stood wit h our bodies still joined and walked over to the plush sofa.

“I hardly noticed anything at all,” I said sheepishly and smiled up at him as he laid me down on the sofa and slide beside me. His dick, still hard, pressed against my thigh. I reached down and slid my hand up and down its length, it was still slick with my juices. I heard Xavier caught his breath as I used my whole hand to stroke him. Inspired, huh, well I was inspired to have his cock in my mouth. I rolled over on top of him and kissed him thoroughly then began to kiss my way down until I was face to face with his hard dick. I licked up and down the shaft, like a lollipop, around the circumference of it and I did this for a few minutes. Lightly licking around the head and then back down but never putting the whole of him in my mouth. Lightly squeezing his balls with my other hand as my other hand helped my mouth handle him. Xavier groaned and touched my hair, stroking me, urging me own. Finally I opened my mouth when I got to the head again and took just the head in my mouth and licked and sucked it. Then slowly began to take the length of him in my mouth, making sure that his head was bumping against the roof of my ridged roof. Slowly in and out, until Xavier’s moans and his hand pressed me to go faster. Then suddenly he was coming in my mouth, great spurts of it, so much so that it came running down my chin because I couldn’t swallow it all.

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