Gina Gets Rewarded

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I dozed for a short while, and as the warm sunlight filtered through my blinds onto Gina’s olive nakedness, I wrapped my arms around my precocious young lover and marveled at my ample good fortune. Here was a voluptuous sexual gift beyond measure, and I had merely a taste before my catnap. It was still ten minutes before seven.

To be fair, it had been Gina doing all the tasting so far this morning. Apparently she’d convinced my roommate I wouldn’t mind unexpected company at sunrise. She’d snuck into my bedroom, under my covers, and was sucking me enthusiastically as I awoke. Before I’d even had a chance to consider that she was my oldest daughter’s best friend, a former employee, and only eighteen years old, Gina had total control of my desire, demonstrated extraordinary technique with lips and fingers, and had me shooting buckets down her throat while seeing stars in the ceiling’s texture.

So as I cuddled closer to her drowsy sweet-smelling softness, I felt damned lucky. After all, we’d been flirting for months, but one of the reasons I felt free to flirt as because of the age difference. Sure she was young and sexy, but I thought of Gina as the budding woman I’d watched grow into loveliness and femininity from childhood. I could never take advantage of her, anymore than I’d take advantage of my own child. In a few passionate moments, she’d obviated all that rationalization. She sucked any argument right out of me.

Feeling sheepishly fortunate, I also felt somewhat grateful. I felt truly challenged too. After all, this mere teen had attacked me in my sleep, sucked the shit out of me, and swallowed my cum like whipped cream. My recovering erection remembered Gina fondly and was thankful too. I needed to do something nice for her, to make her feel comfortable, make her feel appreciated, make her feel desirable. She had made that comment about not being satisfied “with the easy one.” I guessed she meant she was planning to fuck me, and I certainly wasn’t going to be satisfied until I had plumbed around inside of her either.

I carefully rose from the bed, pulling the sheet over my angel. Gina snuggled deeper into a pillow and sighed contentedly. I grabbed the washcloth kaynarca escort from the carpet and dumped it in the hamper. I needed to get a few things from the kitchen, so I put on the kettle, pinched some fresh mint from the windowsill and added a scoop of Assam leaves to the pot. I stocked my tray with some likely ingredients, remembering to get two cups and a spoon. Pouring boiling water into the teapot, I stood back to survey my tray. I wanted to do this right; hell, I was really excited. Sensing the missing ingredient immediately, I snagged what I needed from the vase on the kitchen table. I stopped by the bathroom to pick up a fresh towel and washcloth. I was ready.

I walked into my bedroom, set the tray down on the side table, then reached for the blinds, opening them just enough to lend a warm comfortable glow to the whole room. Gina stretched luxuriously on the mattress, undulating under the sheet like an amber goddess. Oh boy, I thought. This is going to be such fun. I hadn’t done this since I was married. I used to love eating Susan for an hour on Saturday mornings.

I might say now that Gina is not a tiny girl. She stands my height, and while she’d say she’s overweight, I’d argue that she has curves where women should have curves. At this exact moment she was a little girl playing possum, clearly not asleep, but with her eyes still firmly closed. I took off my robe and pounced playfully on the squirming form. Gina kept her eyes closed; I took the yellow rose from the tray and tickled her nose with the petals. The girl inhaled the fragrance deeply. I traced the tip from her temple down the side of her neck, up over her torso and across the top of the sheet, tracing her full breasts and over-large nipples with the yellow flower.

I pulled at the sheet; Gina made no contest. She was pretty excited too. Damned, she was beautiful to look at. She was lush, every limb, each olive skin surface smooth and full. She was completely hairless but for her head. Shaved baby smooth. Beautiful.

I wasn’t in any hurry this morning. The clock showed five minutes past. I put the rose back to Gina’s lips and nose. I moved to kiss her, pulling the rose away at the orhanlı escort last. It was our second real kiss, and I’d known her since she was a little girl. A lot of passion in that kiss, I thought. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this,” said Gina. “ I was always jealous of Susan, and now that you two have split up for good, you were lonely. You used to joke about this, but I knew that once you just got laid, you’d feel much better. So I took it upon myself to get you laid.”

I had been kissing her, and nibbling on her neck and chin. I grasped her hand and brought it to my own lips, keeping her eyes locked with mine. “Thank You,” I said. Gina flushed. “May I express my appreciation?” She nodded, smiling meekly. Innocent thing, I thought. No longer.

I had been gently caressing Gina’s fingers with mine. I kissed her hands, then began softly kissing around her breasts. “Show me what you like,” I said.

“You can go rougher,” Gina replied. I responded by grinding my short beard against her chest, nipping at her skin with my mouth. “Yessss!” she sighed. I gathered one nipple up in my teeth and bit gently. Gina liked that.

After kissing and cuddling for a while I decided to get serious. I moved back off the bed, and then focused in on Gina’s feet. I sat on the foot of the bed, and first took her left foot in both my hands, kneading the ball of the foot with my palms, stroking the instep with my fingers, generally getting Gina worked up. While I paid attention to her calves, I went nowhere near bare bottom, and after a short while, my young lover grew restless. She wasn’t saying, but she really was ready to have her pussy eaten. She was wriggling around, enjoying herself, but starting to get impatient. She started using her manicured fingers to rub the mound, the middle finger sliding between the inner lips. It was getting wet in there, I could see.

After teasing her for fifteen minutes or so, I decided she was ready. I nibbled quickly up her calves and inner thighs. I started sucking gently on her labia, smelling the musk of her, ready to dig in.

“How do you like your tea?” Gina asked. As much as she was enjoying my attention, she had worked the tray tepeören escort around where she could get organized.

“Pass me the honey” is all I said in response. She handed me a plastic bear of clover honey, the protective tip removed. I inverted the bottle, and squirted a glob right at the upper juncture of her labia. Gina cooed. I started licking on each side, licking upward, paying generous attention to the hood at the top. I used my right hand to penetrate her passage, my little finger tickling at her anus. After a few minutes her clitoris made its first appearance. Gina has quite a clitoris. The honey made the little nub sweet and sticky, my sucking and licking brought her little half-inch erection to full stiffness.

I felt something soft tap my head twice. I looked up to see an unpeeled banana in Gina’s hand. She wasn’t exactly smiling, but she didn’t look unhappy in the slightest. I guess the word I’d use was intent. Passionate. Serious. I smiled reassuringly back into Gina’s eyes. She wanted that banana inside her. I peeled while I ate, and then pressed one end at her opening. As I worked the fruit smoothly inside, Gina groaned. I starting licking and sucking her clit in earnest. Gina was juicing like a sprinkler. She started pressing hard, like she was trying to squirt the banana out. Every time it came out halfway, I tried pressing it back in. At one point the fruit couldn’t take the punishment anymore and I just started eating every bit of the banana I could find. Gina started pushing and rocking at her own pace. I could see she was building to something, but I had no idea how worked up she’d become. I kept looking into her eyes for cues, but she wasn’t looking at me.

The dam burst. “Awwwwwww!” Gina whined. “I’m coming.” I pushed her button like a doorbell. She went over the falls. Pissed out her satisfaction, to my surprise. All over me. I grabbed one of the towels next to the bed and wiped my face, the sheets, and her bottom. She pulled me up to her face, kissing me with icy lips. We cuddled.

I thought we might nap again, but she trapped one of my hands firmly between her legs and placed one of her hands on my semi-hard cock. “Thanks, that was so worth the wait,” Gina said. “Now that we’ve both come hard, there’s no big pressure for what’s about to happen.”

“Let’s eat some of this nice breakfast,” Gina teased as she stroked me to full hardness. “Then I get what I came over here for.”

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