Gillian Newark’s School Tales Ch. 09

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I spent lunchtime watching Dave and Freddy. I could see the subtle way in which Dave was ordered about by his wife’s lover. It was less obvious to those who didn’t know. They both caught me grinning at them as Dave was asked to get Freddy a coffee. Dave moved next to me to pour the coffee.

“Still there is he?” I asked quietly.

I didn’t look at Dave but I’m sure his eyes were burning into me. I just grinned at my book. I had gone through all sorts of emotions that day, but I felt I had made a little headway. I had for the moment kept my affair with Pete a secret, and I think Sabrina was going to straighten herself out.

I went down to the garden looking at the flowers that were in full bloom. I phoned Pete and his voice gave me an even bigger lift. I wandered around smelling all the different perfumes from the flowers. I talked to my lover while school kids ran around oblivious to me.

“What are you doing?” I asked quietly.

“I’m just cleaning up for you. How’s school today?”

I wasn’t going to tell him the truth, “OK, same as usual. I just wish I was there with you.”

“God so do I. I just want to be in bed with you right now. Just kissing you and kissing you between the legs.”

I giggled down the phone, the thought of all these kids running around, and I was having a sexy conversation right in the middle of them!

“Play with yourself, imagine it’s me doing it?”

“I am already Gillian. I want you here kissing my cock. You could have come home for lunch.”

“Yeah but all those sexy teachers are here,” I laughed.

“You don’t fancy any of them do you?”

“Um now let me see, Freddy is nice, tall and black. I bet he’s quite domineering too.”

“Yeah you want a big black cock in you then?”

I could hear him panting a little. I knew this was turning him on, and it amused me. I didn’t fancy Freddy but just talking dirty to Pete had gotten me wet. The air was circulating around my bare pussy, and licking my stocking covered legs. All the time the school kids were milling around in their own little world, and I was in mine.

“Jason and Jimmy put that boy down!” I yelled.

I watched as the boy was dumped onto a garden bench.

“Sorry Miss,” Jimmy called.

My mind turned back to Pete. I began flicking stones back into the flowerbed with my foot. I remembered why my toes felt stuck together.

“I bet he’s got a big dick Gillian.”

I smiled at the thought of teasing Pete some more.

“I wonder if he’s as big as you. I bet he is,” I mumbled in hushed tones.

“You do fancy him don’t you?”

“No darling it’s you I want. I love you Pete.”

“Yeah, you really do? But I bet you wonder about how big he is? Do you reckon you could take his cock in you?”

I laughed again, “well what do you think? Hey maybe I could try him just once, you know sort of compare the two of you.”

“You randy tart!” he gasped.

“I think he’d fuck me. Oh those big black hands running over my body and that big black something else!”

“He would fuck your ass I bet,” Pete mumbled with a gasp.

“Yeah I bet he would,” I purred,

“Oh fuck Gillian,” he panted.

“Have you done it yet honey?”

“No keep talking, sexy talk,” he grumbled.

I giggled again, “about Freddy fucking me?”

“Yeah, go on tease me!”

“Hey Freddy and I have both got a free. Maybe I’ll bend over a little too far, right in front of him. You made me come to school with no underwear. I bet he loves stockings too. Do you think I should let him see my stocking tops? Hell why don’t I just rip my blouse off, hitch my skirt up, and offer it to him on a plate?”

“Oh fuck Gillian I’m going to…..”

“I’ve still got your spunk in my shoe. My toes have stuck together. Maybe I should take my stocking off and suck it right in front of him. I think he would like that, especially if I fingered myself in front of him too! Would you like that? Would you like to see your lover with another man?”

I paused as two girls walked by. My pussy was dripping down my legs, and my little nipples were as hard as bullets.

“I’d suck him off through my spunky stocking. Then I’d straddle his cock and bounce up and down until he shoots, would you like Bycasino to watch that Pete?”

“I, I, oh fuck!” he groaned.

“Hey perhaps if I begged, he would slip it in my ass. I could bring his spunk home, and then dare you to lick it out of my ass and cunt. Maybe when he shoots in my mouth I could spit it down your throat! I’d make you swallow it, all of it. Wouldn’t that prove how hot I am?”

I waited on the phone listening to him grunt and pant. His breathing was rapid and he took ages to come down.

“You wouldn’t would you Gillian?”

I chuckled, “no I’ve got all I need right at home, sexy.”

The spanking I had received earlier that day now seemed worth it. Pete was my man and I loved him dearly. I would do anything he wanted to keep him, even things he didn’t know about. But we needed to talk, we needed a big talk. I wanted him but we had to think about telling someone, his mother and father. This would be the big test. Could we ride it out, or would one of us fall and crumble? We needed to go forward together with this, and I suppose I would have to be responsible enough to point out the pitfalls, even if I wasn’t responsible enough to let Pete go. If he wanted me as badly as I wanted him, why should we give each other up? We could wait for a year or two but too many people knew about us, and I didn’t want his parents to find out from other people. We would have to tell them soon, the sooner the better, and just hope they didn’t hit the roof like I was dreading.

I got another shock at the end of the day. I went into Dave’s class and there was Becky scrambling her skirt down to cover herself. I just stared deep into her eyes. She grabbed her bag and left, just as Dave came out of the cupboard doing up his trousers.

“So still doing it with the schoolgirls then?”

“Like you are doing it with Pete?”

Yes he had me, but I was determined to get the better of him.

“So what happens tonight when you get home? Does your wife cook tea for her lover, and then get you to wash up while they go to bed?”

He backed away looking quite embarrassed.

“And whose arm will she be on at the end of school dinner?”

“Fuck you Gillian!” he spat, “it really amuses you doesn’t it? After all we’ve been through I thought you would understand.”

He slumped down in the chair looking quite broken. I softened a little.

“Dave you have to kick him out, and your wife if necessary. Does it really turn you on that much?”

“You don’t understand. Even when I married her she told me I was her second choice. She, she said she would have Freddy back anytime. I suppose I thought she would forget about him. But now he’s back she doesn’t care about me. Yes it does turn me on sort of. But I still love her.”

“You know you two will split up if he stays? You have to make a choice, and do you think fucking schoolgirls will get back at her?”

“No I know it won’t. But I can’t describe how it feels. But it still doesn’t come close to seeing her cuddling him on the couch.”

“They are laughing at you, you do know that don’t you?”

He nodded and then looked up into my eyes, “that’s what I find so arousing.”

I shook my head. I couldn’t hear anymore. I was trying to give him a little advice but he didn’t want it. It was like he was waiting to be told to leave.

My mind was on other things on the way home. I wanted to talk to Pete about us, but I also wanted cuddles and sex.

“My god what have you done?”

My eyes rolled over the kitchen and the mess it was in.

“I’ve made you tea,” he said with an impish grin.

“No I don’t mean that, where is my sink, is it under all those pots and pans? God Pete you must have used everything.”

We began giggling at each other and I hugged him. He pushed me down in a chair and went to the oven. OK the place was a mess but the plate full of pork chops, vegetables and gravy, looked remarkable like it should.

“Well what does it taste like?” he asked with a screwed up face.

“Good enough to make me do the washing up,” I said with a grin.

We sat in the lounge, now it was time to talk. I was dreading this moment but we had big decisions to make. It was 10 o’clock when he left for home. Bycasino giriş No sex even though I wanted it, but Pete had a lot to think about. I waited with the phone switched on but he didn’t call. I had told him not to but it still didn’t help, I just wanted to hear his voice, I wanted him to tell me things would work out. But it was up to him now; he needed time to think about everything.

The next day I went to school. I hadn’t heard from Pete and I was getting desperate. I waited in my class at lunchtime. I stood up as he came in; his face wasn’t giving anything away.

“I told mum,” he mumbled.

I slumped in the chair. He wasn’t supposed to say anything.

“I told her I was in love with you. I said I wanted to be with you.”

“Why did you tell her now? Pete you were supposed to have thought about us, and definitely not have told your mum, that was what we decided!”

I put my hand to my mouth. This was it I suppose, after months of should we, shouldn’t we in my mind, now it was out.

“She wants to see you after school.”

“I bet she does,” I mumbled to myself.

I knocked on the door. My heart was racing faster than ever. She moved aside to let me in. She didn’t have any show of emotion on her face. She led me into the kitchen.

“You evil old cow how you could do it with my brother? If I knew those shoes were for you I would have told mum!”

“Annabelle, go to your room, now!”

I watched Annabelle stomp off.

“That’s what you are going to get you do know that? Annabelle was 18 last week, she really looks up to her brother, but now she finds what you two are doing is something quite disgusting.”

I swallowed hard. I sat and told her how much Pete and I loved each other. She didn’t flinch once. This was far more difficult than anything else I had done. She just sat there listening, she didn’t once interrupt me. I even told her that we planned to go to my friend’s house. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to hear this but I was being honest.

“Well I can’t say I’m happy with this, and Alvin will thump walls. But I can handle him.”

It almost slipped by me what she had said.

“Pete is very strong willed. If you make him happy then well, I suppose I’ll get used to it. But promise me you won’t try and trap him.”

My fingers were trembling so much I had to hide them.

“I’d rather he went out with girls his own age. I really think you are a novelty to him. But if you ever try to trap him I’ll make your life a living hell.”

“What do you mean trap him?” I mumbled.

“You know there is quite an age difference between Alvin and me. I suppose that is why I’m not jumping up and down throwing things at you. I had Pete on purpose; Alvin didn’t know I had come off the pill. I trapped him, but don’t you ever do that to my son.”

“I promise you I won’t,” I mumbled, noting a tear in her eye.

“I’ve already talked to Pete about what I want to happen, so now I’m going to tell you the same. I want you to leave town, go to your friend’s house. I want Pete to phone me once a week. If I think he doesn’t want you anymore I’ll come and get him. Believe me I’m his mother and I’ll do anything to make him happy. I don’t want him to stay with you until you leave. You are not welcome here anymore, and certainly not to his 19th birthday party next week.”

“I understand,” I mumbled.

“Then understand this, I’ve asked Annabelle to invite his school friends, boys and especially girls. I just hope he realises he should be dating one of them, and not you. Now like I say I’ll worry about Alvin, you worry about how you are going to look after my son.”

I stood up wanting to thank her but that wouldn’t be right.

“I promise I’ll make him happy, I’ll do whatever it takes.”

She walked me to the door.

“You know you are going to get shouted at or maybe abused? That is why you should keep this under wraps and move as soon as you can. One last thing, I want to see my son once a month, but not you, is that clear?”

I nodded.

I collapsed into Pete’s arms when I got home. I cried a stream full of tears. I kept repeating over and over how much I loved him.

I had a new spring in my step 3 weeks later. Pete had spent Bycasino güncel giriş the weekend with his mother. I had agreed not to have contact with him. But now we were off to our new home. I had resigned from school much to Mr Hobson’s annoyance. Now we were free to live our lives in peace.

I stood before him in the bedroom. I wore all white underwear, lacy bra, panties, suspender belt, and stockings.

“Well what do you think?” I asked with a shy grin.

He held me close to his wonderful naked body. I looked up into his eyes and we kissed. My hand went around his cock.

“I see you are already for me then darling?”

“Yep, as always,” he said with a grin.

I slipped to my knees and took him in my mouth. I loved the taste of his hard dick. I slurped and sucked him, listening to the little satisfied grunts that occasionally escaped his mouth. I pulled myself up and pushed him back on the bed. Slowly I pulled my panties down and straddled him.

“God you are so sexy,” he mumbled.

I grinned at him as I plunged over his cock. I bounced hard and with such passion, my breath blew the wedding veil off my face. I looked at the gold band that we had exchanged just hours ago in front of his parents. He had dared me to marry him, and now 3 years after we left our home town together, I had become his wife.

I could feel ripples of an orgasm start to build. Pete was toying with my nipples through my bra and driving me crazy.

I gripped the headboard and bounced up and down. I felt him fighting with my bra clip until it hung off my arms, and my small tits jiggled freely. His hands went back to them and he pulled quite hard again.

“Oh god yes!” I screeched.

“You like that Mrs Hardwick?” he grunted.

“God yes I love it Mr Hardwick,” I panted breathlessly.

He began thrusting up to me even harder. I was now gripping the bedrail as hard as I could, I used it as a lever to pull myself and after each time I dropped. I was using such force I could feel his dick rip into me. Deep inside my pussy felt like it was ready to burst open. It was hard sex but so beautiful. Pete was covered in sweat and looked so good; especially his lovely blonde hair that he had now grown longer. I began to gasp and shudder. Pete was on the verge too, my young husband and I climaxed together, just like in those romance novels I had read, but I never dreamed it would happen to me.

The following morning we looked down out of the hotel room, and there was Annabelle looking up.

“Do you think she’ll ever understand Pete, will she ever accept us being together?”

“I hope so; mum and dad are OK now, although it took along time.”

A year later my dare for him was met, I was now pregnant. Yes we still played the dare game, and since we had started it all those years ago we were still on the same game. It kept our marriage fresh and we got into some quite risky situations. The only rule we played by, was never to have sex with anyone else.

Annabelle had fallen out with her mother; she was now 22 and coming to stay with us for awhile. She wouldn’t tell us why, all we knew was she was pregnant. I phoned her mother to let her know she would be safe.

I greeted her as she got out of the car, I was keen to show off my bump, and then I noticed hers! We just stared at each other.

“How far are you?”

“2 days over now. And you?”

“Nearly 6 months gone,” she replied.

“Go on into the house Pete is waiting for you.”

“Would you see to my baby’s father?”

I looked back at the car I couldn’t see who it was due to the sunlight on the windscreen. She gave me a little embarrassed smile then went into the house.

The car door opened, and I gasped.

“Surprised Gillian?” he asked with a smirk, “well it seems we are related now.”

My head was spinning as he got out of the car.

“You are Annabelle’s husband?” I asked slowly in shock.

He kissed my cheek and then walked up to the house. I just watched in amazement, Annabelle had married….?


Well why don’t you decide?

Maybe it was Dave Bird who might well have been kicked out by his wife, or Mr Hobson the headmaster, Freddy the black teacher, or maybe Maurice Appleby? Or if you really want a sinister ending, how about Sabrina’s father, the one who left the scars on my face and body! I suppose Zack could also be a favourite too?

Thanks for reading my love story.

The End.