Fuck Session

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I clutched the letter in my hand that held my future. It was either a rejection letter or an acceptance letter. I opened my front door.

“Hi mom dad we’re home!” I called throughout the house. I heard loud moaning coming from my parent’s bedroom. My sister who was my twin (were both 18) looked at me and I shrugged. I opened the door slowly and there was my step dad fucking my mother for all it was worth.

“You fucking slut,” dad groaned. My mother screamed at the top of her lungs as my dad pounded and pulled on the hair. He was fucking her from behind. My pussy was aching for attention at that point and I couldn’t pull my sister in our room fast enough. I ravaged my sister’s mouth, tonging and assaulting her with my hands.

“Get on the bed darling sister,” my sis ordered, her voice dripping with lust. I listened and she removed her skirt, and straddled my face. Her pussy was inches from my face.

She ordered me with a fierce and dominate voice, “lick bitch.” I licked her whole pussy, mostly her clit until she held my head and forced more of my head in.

“Come on you slut you can do better than that!” I picked it up and slid a few fingers into her cunt.

“You finger fuck that cunt,” my sister moaned in ecstasy. I sucked at her clit as I finger fucked her. After several minutes of this her orgasm approached.

“Awww fuck I’m cumming sissy I’m cumming!!” I slid my finger in one last time and was rewarded with Betturkey a huge gush of her juices that filled my mouth and I swallowed it whole.

My sister panted as she held on to my hair. We shared a passionate kiss before she ordered me to get the strap on so she could fuck me.

I got it from my drawer and stripped naked, stretching out on my bed. Jasmine stuck it on her waist and went to the entrance of my cunt.

She slowly eased in and began fucking. “Oh yeah you like sissy cock ha? You slut.” The name calling only got me going more and I stuck my fingers to my clit and rubbed furiously.

“Come on you slut cum from sissy cock.” That sent me over the edge and I cummed screaming out my sister’s name. My whole body shook from my intense orgasm. But my sister wasn’t finished, she tore of the strap on and ordered me to bring her to orgasm one more time. I of course did.

“What in the world do you think you’re doing!” my mother boomed.

I looked over in fear but she really didn’t look mad, I could see a hint of lust in her eyes.

“sissy was just fucking me mommy,” I said innocently. My step dad was here as well. My mom sat down on my bed.

“Naughty girls. Over mommy’s knee for a spanking.” I obeyed along with my sister, we were both over her knee.

Mom’s hand spanked as I watched dad stroke his 9 inch cock. He must of seen me staring because he stuck it in my face. Betturkey Giriş

“Suck on it slut.” I took it in my mouth, not only sucking but making love to it. I swirled my tong around the head, deep throated and he was moaning my name. The heat that my mother was producing on my bottom was more erotic rather than painful.

“Our daughters are such naughty girls,” my mom said as she stuck her fingers into my sisters pussy.

“That’s nice and wet. Jasmine, on your knees like a good girl.” Jasmine climbed down and on her knees like mom said.

Dad pulled his cock out of my mouth and stroked it until he cummed all over me face, then he smeared his cum across my cheeks before making me lick it clean.

“You to Brittany join your sister.” I obeyed. This was like a dream come true, were being fucked by our parent’s.

My mom looked at us both as we waited, and as we waited she was petting us like pets.

“Lick mommy’s pussy girls,” mommy ordered. We both obeyed and tried to lick her without getting in each other’s way. I worked her clit while my sister licked the entrance to her hole.

“Aww fuck that’s right lick mommy. Make mommy cum sluts.” It only took a minute or two before mom screamed out that she was cumming and she quivered, soon calming down.

“You two get into a sixty nine,” mom ordered us. I laid down and so did my sister. I pressed my lips to her cunt and Betturkey Güncel Giriş began licking as she did the same to my pussy.

We both moaned as we licked and orgasmed screaming each other’s names. My sister being the dom, flipped me over on my back and she positioned herself in a scissor position, meshing her cunt to mine and she started sliding and fucking.

“That’s it girls. Fuck your sister Jasmine,” dad urged. Meanwhile as my sister fucked me with her cunt my mother sat on my face and I licked her until she orgasmed again.

“I’m gonna cum all over you pussy’s.” My dad was hovering above us and he started stroking and finally cummed on our pussy’s, getting our juices and stuff all mixed in as we slid our cunts together.

“Let’s fuck them both Dave. Sluts on your knees and stick your asses out.” Jasmine pulled off of me and we both did what mom said.

I assume mom put on a strap as she was at the entrance of my cunt. Unlike my sister she slid in and fucked me hard and fast and I was screaming from pain and pleasure.

Dad was pounding my sister much like he was to my mom earlier.

“You like daddy’s cock baby?” he said as he slammed hard into her.

“YES DADDY IT’S SO BIG!” my sister moaned.

“Take mommy’s dick.” I focused on my mother slamming into my cunt and started rubbing my sore clit.

Once again my orgasm ripped through me and I screeched out. “IM CUMMMING MOMMY!!”

“Come on baby girl cum for daddy,”

“I- AWW DADDY,” my sister screamed, having her own orgasm.

My sister and I lay spent and exhausted. That was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had!!

“T-thanks mom, dad,”

“Our pleasure. Have a goodnight girls.” Our parents left us, closing the door.

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