Forbidden Fruit Pt. 02

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She stood there in shock. The coffee on the stovetop boiling vigorously filling the kitchen with its smell. Her eyes were open wide, staring blankly into the aether. How could she have forgotten? He still had her underwear. She sighed creasing her eyebrows. Exhaling and rubbing the bridge of her nose. Seconds ago she had decided to be over with all this business. This terrible, terrible business. This disgusting and despicable act. But now the memories came rushing back, the pleasure she felt, and the guilt. It all felt like a terrible dream, but it was real and happened only the day before. She picked up her phone from the floor and poured herself the coffee which was simmering impatiently. As she sipped it she read the email again.

“Naughty girl,” the words were bold. “Very naughty teacher,” her head felt hot. “Likes being touched by younger men,” she could only let out a laboured breath as she remembered Jack’s masculine hands playing wonders on her pussy. How he held her when he kissed her. “Fetish for her teenage students,” this part stung the most. Did she really? Was she really into this? She shook her head. She didn’t feel like this toward other boys. In fact, she was quite disgusted by their advances. And yet, Jack’s smell was enough to have her collapse and his eyes, those deep sea blue eyes could melt her within seconds. She couldn’t believe how quickly her emotions changed. How quickly she once again felt completely helpless.

Jack could easily blackmail her. “A fee must be deposited for their return,” these words rang out in her mind as she read them over and over. He wants payment. Of course he does. The fucker. But what could she do? She was the one in the position to lose everything. She was the one who was caught staring at him, he is the innocent student and she the manipulative teacher. If only it were such. If only it was not his devilish spell. His evil trance. He did this on purpose, she thought. She leaned back in her chair. She would soon need to get going if she were to make it to her lesson, but first, she needed a plan of action.

After some thought, she decided she would email him on his school account. Knowing fully well these emails could easily be traced and monitored she considered what to write. But she had no other choice, how else could she contact him. She logged onto outlook and searched his name. Subject. “Where?”. Text. “When?” And that was all. Anything more could have given away their situation. She pressed send with shaking hands. Placing the phone in her purse she got up to prepare herself for school. She took off her home clothes. Standing in only her bra and panties she searched her wardrobe. She needed something empowering, to give her confidence. Eventually, she found it, the perfect outfit. She began by putting on long navy blue over-the-knee socks. First, her left leg placing gently the soft rolled up sock on her foot and rolling down her leg. Touching her skin like that reminded her of where Jack had touched her. Her mind racing simply at the memory. Pulling it up to her inner thigh, where he had placed his flaming kisses before devouring her pussy. Then the other leg. The same feelings, only more intense. Her breathing now irregular, only memories of yesterday filling her head. She put on a simple dark skirt, shorter than usual. Was this perhaps too provocative? Yes, absolutely. But she was only in for 2 lessons today, and chances are no teachers would see her. She would get away with it. She needed to. To feel strong. To feel like herself – not his puppet. Together with this, she put on a simple T-shirt and atop it a formal cream-pink coloured sweater.

Looking herself in the mirror she thought she looked less slutty than she had imagined, much more… cute. She smiled at herself, liking this look. Just as she was about to put on her shoes, she felt something. Between her legs. Was she… already wet? She touched her panties. She let out an involuntary gasp. She was! Simply thinking about the day before had made her pussy moist. She was truly shocked and appalled at herself. All of today she had told herself she was stronger than this, and now she was… his “naughty teacher,” the words in the email playing games in her head. She shook it off. She wouldn’t let him manipulate her. Better yet, she wouldn’t be blackmailed by him. If he demands payment, she’ll claim he forced her, that’s right. She too can play the game dirty. Feeling stronger, she slipped on her shoes and left the house.


As she arrived at the school car-park she felt her phone buzz. She knew it was him without looking, she simply felt it. In a moment like this, it could not have been anything else, it was almost dramatic. She was not wrong. He must have responded to the email during the morning break, which was going on right now for another 10 minutes. She opened the email. It was equally as short.

“Hu3. End of Break.” She understood. Humanities room 3 in 10 minutes. She had little time to waste. Since he picked a time when everyone would be around she assumed pendik escort he would simply hand over her things after demanding some silly price. After checking in at the office, she walked to the room with a few minutes to spare. She was anxious. In her own environment, where she was the ruler, where she had the authority, this boy, this incubus, was tormenting her without even being there. She resented it. The idleness of waiting for him only permitted memories to flood to her mind again. Confused emotions controlled her again as her body began to get hot. Remembering how she fucked Matt the night before, how she imagined it was Jack and how much she enjoyed it. Guilt taking over again, she remembered also how Matt kissed her, and hugged her and massaged her. How he cared for her. This calmed her down. The bell rang. The mass of students outside was moving slowly. Seconds passed, and he entered the room. Before he could speak, she took the initiative.

“Where is it,” she demanded in an assertive tone.

“Where’s what?” he said moving closer, faking ignorance.

“I have no time for bullshit Jack,” she snapped with her hands on her hips, looking up at him. It was almost pathetic with how much taller he was than her. Her brown eyes were full of rage and emotion as they stared right into his blue eyes – she could barely hold her mascarade up. Inside she was breaking apart into tiny little pieces, his gaze disintegrating her strength.

“You’re cute when you’re angry,” he smirked. “And dayum how you’re dressed,” he commented and reached out to touch her – but she swatted away his hand. The smack of her hand on his resonating through their ears. His mood changed. As if he realised, this was not an act. His smile disappeared and his face grew cold. She could see him clench his jaw. His beautiful face looking down at her.

“Where is it,” she repeated, now in a softer tone seeing that he had stopped messing around.

“So that’s how this is,” he said, a mixture of disappointment and betrayal in his voice. His eyes completely serious.

“What do you want… as your ‘deposit’,” she asked, holding up air quotes. She did not plan to give in to his demands but wanted the conversation to move on, lessons would soon begin and she could not be late or their scheme would be uncovered. His face contorted into a strange expression of disbelief.

“Nothing,” he said, saying the word as if it were obvious now. As if some sort of curtain had been pulled and all was revealed. She looked back at him, confused.

“Nothing?” she asked, dropping her hands from her hips.

“That’s what I said, didn’t I,” he snapped back. “I don’t have them on me right now, they’re in a safe place. In the PE hall, there’s a storage room, at the back of that room there’s a second, smaller one. Nobody ever goes there, I’ll be there at Lunch, so come get your shit,” he said in a defeated, angry tone. The tone of his voice and expression on his face confused her, why was he angry? If he didn’t want anything then why did he ask for it in the first place? “Clear!?” he snapped once more, clearly agitated and itching to leave. She nodded gently. He turned and walked to the door. He stopped just like the day before. Turning his head to look at her slightly. She stood, waiting. He scoffed and turned his head back before stomping out.

She was stood there in the empty class deeply confused. But now that he was gone and the adrenaline was wearing off she could feel her legs weaken as she slumped down into the chair. She stood up to him, she really did. She didn’t let him touch her. She was shaking in excitement and almost laughing to herself. She was so proud. She was still slightly concerned by his demeanour, but her pride in her assertiveness and strength took over and felt quite sexy. She liked this new self. A few more hours and this nightmare would be behind her. As she gathered her things ready to move on to her classroom she noticed something. On the ground where he stood. Something lay there, some dark cloth. She walked over to it slowly analysing it with her eyes. What was it? She picked it up and knew immediately.

Her head felt weak. In her hands were a pair of male boxers. She had no doubt – they were his. Who else would drop a pair of boxers on the ground in a history classroom? She held them in front of her, confused as to what to do with them. She rubbed the material. It was soft. Her mind went blank. Completely, and utterly blank. Her eyes staring at the underwear emptily. All of a sudden, she pushed the boxers to her face, inhaling deeply as she did so. Her eyes fluttered and rolled into the back of her head. The smell, the deep musk. The stench of his cock and balls. Another whiff. What was she doing? She snapped out of it immediately stuffing the boxers into her bag, horrified. She couldn’t do this. She was stronger than this. Her legs were weak. She held herself up using the desk. “Come on, you can do this,” she told herself. “This was a moment of weakness,” she explained to herself. “This isn’t your fault. He did this, he pushed this onto you,” she justified her own actions, deeply embarrassed, pendik escort someone could have seen her. She left the room, walking to the next class, feeling her pussy was wet again. God, why was she like this?

The next two periods were agonising. Every few minutes her eyes drawn to her bag containing his underwear. She could barely focus on teaching. Her outfit all of a sudden felt no longer empowering, but exposing. She felt the gaze of every boy in her class. Their hungry expressions for the first time ever, scared her. She counted the minutes until the lesson was over and all of them left the room. She composed herself and locking the door she too left the room. Outside the courtyard was filled with commotion, the younger year students running about, screaming, chatting, as usual, She always felt lucky to teach only sixth-formers. She began her journey to the PE hall. She was trembling slightly, each sound stinging her ears, the world beyond in slow motion. But she told herself she had to be strong. Just for a little longer, she needed to keep the facade up – she could not be intimidated by Jack. His disgusting advances.

She reached the hall. It was at the back of the school, the hubbub of the outside was only a low murmur here. The tapping of her shoes on the laminated floor of the sports hall was the only sound around as she crossed it to the large double door labelled “storage”. She gently pushed it open she walked inside. It was filled with various sports equipment, as expected. She looked around the room and spotted the second door Jack had mentioned. It was quite difficult to get to, partially blocked by a broken ping-pong table and some benches. But she made it, pushing this door open too, she stepped into the room. It was much smaller than the previous. The far majority of it was taken up by old disused equipment that the school didn’t want to dispose of. There was no light except the streaks of light coming in from the tiny long window slots near the ceiling. They filled the room with a creepy gloom, the dust particles rising in the sunbeams. The room smelt of plastic, dust and old wood, she had to stop her self from sneezing. Closing the door behind her, she noticed Jack.

He was sat on a large pile of old mats, his arms resting on his knees, in his hands the thing she came here for. This time he wore his uniform rather than his PE kit; a white shirt with the school’s blue and black striped tie, together with smart black trousers fastened with a belt. The shirt was tight around his muscular arms and chest, but she couldn’t let herself focus on him, not now, she got so far.

She stood opposite him. He didn’t raise his eyes. She placed her hands on her hips again. “Well?” she began. “My things?” she asked staring at him directly. “This scavenger hunt your making me do isn’t very fu-” she was cut off. Without looking up, he held out his right hand and opened it. In his palm lay her panties and stockings, neatly folded as if they were brand new. It really would be this easy, she questioned. She slowly placed her hand on the items. Lingering there for a second. All of a sudden his grip closed. Holding her hand right where it was. His eyes now staring directly at her. She let out a gasp. His gaze penetrated her. His deep blue eyes staring right into hers. He tried to read her face.

Her assertiveness replaced with a desperate and cowardly expression, “Please,” she spoke in a half-whisper. She looked as if she was about to cry. So far, and here she was, weak again. He smirked letting out a soft exhale through his nose. He released his grip, looking back down. She snatched the items and stuffed them in her bag, taking several steps back. Still looking at him, she was about to pull the door open and leave, but something stopped her. The post scriptum of his email burnt into her mind. “I can’t stop thinking about you,” she kept reading it in her mind.

“Jack,” she began, not knowing what she even wanted to say. She knew she had to say something, she wanted to be clear, this was over. It was a one-time thing. A moment of weakness. But the words could not come. They simply looked at each other in the dimly lit room, between them only a streak of sunlight. “I-” she began again but knew not what to say. She stopped and thought for a moment, “what did you mean, earlier?” she asked finally. He clenched his jaw again.

“What don’t you understand?” he asked, agitated, rocking slightly from side to side. “This is how it is now, after what we did,” he continued. She analysed his voice. He sounded almost as if he too was about to cry. She stepped closer, no longer fearing him.

“Jack I know you-” she was cut off.

“No Miss, you don’t know,” he said. She could clearly see tears in his eyes now. She was confused, someone who seemed so confident and so strong to her, like this. “I thought,” he stumbled, “I thought there was something,” he finally spat it out, “something between us, when we kissed yesterday, and afterwards” he began to sob into his hands. She understood now. Her shoulders dropped, putting her guard down, she walked over to him. She sat down pendik escort onto the pile of mats next to him. She rubbed his back and consoled him. His head resting on her shoulder, true tears falling onto her sweater, as he cried. She sighed a little. In truth, she felt a little bad for him. She understood now why his mood changed so violently earlier, and why he left her his ‘gift’.

“Jack, look,” she began, pushing him up so they were facing each other. He looked pathetic. This was it. She would tell him now there was nothing. There would be no better opportunity, she was the strong one and he the soft one crying on her shoulder. She thought of the exact words to use while she drove to school earlier. She would tell him its all over. She looked into his eyes. She opened her mouth to speak. In the dimness of this room, he looked so different, his face glistening with tears. She tightened her stomach and was about to speak when her brain did something she was not anticipating.

She took her hands, placing them around his neck she kissed him violently, passionately. Swinging her leg around she sat on top of his lap, making love to his face. “Why,” run through her mind. But the thought only lasted a second as Jack returned her enthusiasm. Kissing her yet more passionately. Their tongues twisting and dancing. She had never kissed anyone like this before, not even her boyfriend. But she did not think of those things now, only him. Only Jack mattered now, his lips, his body. She let out gasps and moans as they kissed. His hands wandered to her body, touching her through her clothes. He grabbed her sweater and removed it, tossing it to the side. They kissed again, he bit her lip as they parted. She shuddered. No thoughts other than him filled her mind. She was his naughty teacher. She was. And she loved it.

She grinded her hips on his lap as he removed her T-shirt, touching her bare body. Struggling a little to unclip her bra he eventually released her breasts. He took them into his large manly hands. Fondling them. His lips sucking gently on her erect nipples sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. “Yes,” she moaned as his tongue flicked her sensitive nipple. Looking at him he was so much sexier in his uniform. The shirt stretching around his body. He kissed her neck with a deep inhale, still fondling her firm large breasts. He removed his tie and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. He was so into this, she could see. He was waiting for this, just as she was.

For the first time, she saw his body. He was a god. A deity. An ancient Greek hero. His toned abs and muscular chest were sculpted like a renaissance statue. They kissed again as she slid down from his lap onto her knees. She kissed his chest. Moving downward her lips leaving gentle pecks on his muscular body. His scent intoxicating her, she felt dizzy. He was so perfect. Her lay back on the mats as her head was now at the height of his belt. She was ready to repay him for yesterday. Undoing the buckle, he placed his hand on her head. It felt so good, so strong, gently caressing her hair. She slid down his trousers. She was looking directly at his groin. His cock war large. But it wouldn’t have mattered. His erection struggled against the fabric of his boxers, the imprint clear and bold. His hand stroked her gently, touching the side of her face. She placed her hand on the bulge, rubbing it erotically with her palm as she exhaled. Just like in her fantasies, it was happening, for real.

She lowered his boxers and revealed his beautiful dick. The tip was covered in glistening precum. She licked her lips. Beginning at the base, the tip of her tongue glided upward to the head of his cock. Taking it into her mouth she felt him move. Her lips dragging up and down the full 7″ or 8″ of his girthy penis. The smell here was so intense. His sweaty cock and balls made her eyes roll back into her head as her nose wandered near his pubic hair. With each stroke her lips moving more hungrily. She returned to the tip and began feeding his dick into her mouth. Jack moaned as his penis was engulfed by the warmth of her wet mouth. Deeper and deeper. Her pussy was already overflowing as his penis hit the back of her throat. She retreated, her tongue swirling around his cock as she did so. And then again, back down, each time her mouth and throat clenching around his dick making him tremble, his hands were now on her head, his hips moving in motion with her. He was fucking her face, and she loved it. This continued for a while as his moans and groans got louder.

Suddenly she felt his hands move from the top of her head to the sides, he was pulling her up gently. She obeyed and stood along with him. He kicked off his trousers and boxers, taking off his socks. He was now completely naked, the only thing remaining on his body, a silver chain around his neck. She admired him as they kissed again. He took her breasts into his great hands again as he squatted down, dragging his hands across her hot body. His fingertips were hot like fire on her olive skin. She needed to rest her hands on the pile of mats to remain standing. His hands then wandered to her ankles, tracing up along her long socks, up her thigs, and eventually hooking behind her panties. Just like before, he removed them slowly staring at her from below, and just like before a thick strain of her grool connecting her pussy to the slowly descending soaked panties.

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