First Thing in the Morning

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Jesse woke up lazily, noticing that Tulip was no longer beside him. After a leisurely stretch and a satisfying yawn, he dragged himself out of bed and headed for the bathroom, where he saw his lovely young companion starting on her makeup, clad only in her panties.

Quietly, he stood and admired the view, from her stylishly bobbed blonde hair down an exquisitely narrowing bare back to the delightful swell of Tulip’s ass, tantalizingly framed by her simple lavender bikini panties. He loved the position she was in, legs straight, slightly bent over the sink, looking in the mirror.

Her ass was like a magnet to him. He gave it a playful smack and left his hand there, loving the feel of her firm, soft flesh. Tulip’s quick, high-pitched squeal only encouraged him, prompting him to give one cheek a hard squeeze as he kissed the spot that joined her shoulder and neck. As he let the tip of his tongue taste her soft, freshly showered skin, he moved his fingers to the edge of her panties, pulling the fabric aside.

Jesse quickly found Tulip’s warm, smooth pussy lips, gently fingering them with one hand as the other reached around to her bare breast, feeling its weight, loving pendik escort the way it settled into his palm as she bent over further, ever so slightly.

Tulip spread her legs just a bit for him. She looked at Jesse’s face in the mirror, and they smiled wordlessly at each other’s reflections, knowing what would happen. Jesse moved both his hands to her breasts, nuzzling her neck and then surprising her by twisting her stiffening nipples lightly, making Tulip’s innocent smile dissolve into a moan.

Jesse inhaled deeply, savoring the jasmine scent of her hair, hunching forward to rest his cock in her crack, through her panties. Erect to begin with when he woke, the closeness to Tulip’s flesh made his muscle strain and swell above and beyond an everyday hard-on. Tulip felt the hardness resting teasingly between her cheeks, and longed to feel more.

Jesse reached down to pull her panties aside again, and by this time Tulip was dripping. He held the head of his cock right between her puffy lips, splitting them with just the tip of it… then plunged it inside her as deep as he could go. He loved the sound of Tulip’s throaty gasp as he sank it in, filling pendik escort her cunt.

But he wasn’t fucking her yet, just feeling how good it was inside her, keeping himself buried all the way inside her hot pussy. He felt Tulip’s perfect ass grinding against him, desperately trying to make him start fucking her.

Tulip’s eyes closed, and she dropped her head while Jesse savored being enveloped by her tightness. When he saw this, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled your face up to the mirror so he could see it, see her beautifully familiar features contorted with desire. She begged for his cock with her eyes, begged to be fucked just with her expression. Without words, she pleaded with Jesse to fuck her, to give her pussy what she needed more than anything, to make her come.

He slowly began to pull back, delighting in the feeling of his shaft gradually pulling through her grasping pussy lips… until finally he could prolong the moment no more. Just as he lurched forward, Tulip slammed her ass back up against him as well, burying his cock to the hilt again. Jesse could sense that she wanted it fast, so he immediately started fucking her hard, pendik escort pounding his aching cock in and out, slapping against her gorgeous ass.

His left hand cupped one hanging breast, gently squeezing it, tweaking the nipple, feeling it bounce and shake as he drilled her hard over the sink. His right hand was still in her hair, holding her pretty face up so he could watch her expression of blind lust in the mirror, eyes unfocused as she concentrated on the hard, beautiful shaft reaching deep into her, again and again.

Tulip let her hand drop between her legs to play with her clit as Jesse fucked her, and he knew she was already about to come. Her moans and cries filled the room along with the smell of the sex and the lingering steam from the shower. A long, low-pitched moan/scream came from deep inside her as she started to quiver and shake and then stiffen, and Jesse knew that her orgasm was there. He didn’t stop fucking her, because he was close too.

He looked in her eyes, through the mirror, and thought that she looked as sexy as she ever had… sweaty, slightly disheveled now, and well fucked. She silently mouthed the word “come” to him, and after one last deep stroke in her cunt, he pulled out to shoot jet after jet of cum across her smooth, bare back.

As he admired the long streaks on her flesh, Tulip spoke for the first time that morning. “Looks like I need another shower,” she said, smiling into the mirror.

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