First Day in the Caribbean 18

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Asch and Octavia looked into their iced coffees, then at each other. She spoke first. “I’d buy the place myself except for two things. I ain’t got the money, and I like the idea of you buying it.”

Asch sighed, using his straw to stir his iced coffee. “Buying the place has its appeal. I like it, but it would be a pretty serious commitment. When I came here my intent was to look the place over, then check out a few other islands, and maybe settle on one, maybe not.”

“Girl in every port, eh?” she kidded.

“Ha. I didn’t come with the intention of being on the make, but I have to say I met a woman who blew all the other ports to pieces.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “I think.”

“You’re welcome to shop around,” she said, “if you like living dangerously.” She gave him a sexily dangerous look, then got more serious. “Well, you could still buy the place, get a sailboat, have here be your base of operations.”

Asch nodded. “Hmm. True. Have Bill be my pilot.”

“I bet he’d like that. He can’t afford a boat yet himself, and I hadn’t thought about him operating someone else’s boat until just now. But that might work out. He could still own the bike shop; give Jenny and the others a bigger share, still make money.” She smirked. “Then he could have a girl in every port.”

Asch chuckled. “He ought to get lucky sometime.” He scowled a little. “The thought keeps intruding that I might as well spend my money on something, and it’s tempting to just do it.”

Octavia tilted her head. “Your call. I don’t want to nudge you either way. In fact, whatever you decide to do, I’m content. As long as you don’t decide to ditch me. I mean, I’ve been a hundred percent happy just living in the present, and hadn’t even thought about your future until this came up. So I know I’ll be happy if nothing changes, and the prospect of actually having the house is attractive in prospect.” She smirked again. “Those are the facts. You decide.”

Asch slurped the last of his coffee, making an obnoxious noise. “Ah! Best part of the drink.” He sighed and smiled. “It’s almost noon. Let’s go have lunch.”

They stopped by Bill’s Bikes and Asch asked if they could figure out a way to put a bike carrier on the back of their little car, then they stopped in Bob’s Beers for a sandwich while Charlie went to work on the bike carrier. Octavia could tell that Asch was looking at her a lot, mentally taking off her white blouse. The thought made her nipples hard, and increased both their fun. Private fun, of course. They were halfway through their sandwiches when Charlie ventured in. “All done! Piece of cake. Um, I wonder if I could ask you two a question.”

They invited him to join them, and Asch insisted he order a sandwich, on him. “Call it a tip for fast service.” So he did. They chit-chatted about scuba things, and Charlie timidly held up his challenge coin, to which both Asch and Octavia presented theirs.

“Guess I don’t get a free beer today, he grinned. Oh well, I hate the stuff anyway. Had one for my twenty-first birthday and haven’t had one since.”

Asch agreed that beer was an acquired taste. Charlie’s sandwich came, and they both looked at him expectantly.

“Okay here’s my situation; you guys have been around the block a couple times, so I figure you might have some wisdom for me.”

“Well, we’ll see. Is it girl problems?”

Charlie chuckled at their insight. “Close. It’s girls problem.”

Asch and Octavia nodded knowingly. “Having two girlfriends ain’t so bad,” quipped Asch. Octavia kicked him under the table. “Oof! Okay, I’ll be serious. And we won’t share what you say with anyone, either. Okay? Spill.”

Charlie heaved a big sigh. “Okay. I’ve known Jenny for several years, and admired her from a distance, but too scared to do anything. Then she got her job at the bike store, and she was even friendly! We went to that music lecture together—which was pretty interesting, by the way—and I walked her home. Got ice cream. She let me kiss her goodnight! I was in heaven.”

Asch and Octavia were holding hands under the table. They smiled at Charlie’s romance.

“So okay, we agree to be cool and professional at work, which was all right. Lets me concentrate on the job. Then Sharon shows up, and she starts flirting with me!”

Asch shook his head. “Man! What a problem. Oof!” Octavia had kicked him under the table again.

In spite of himself, Charlie smiled. “Yeah I know. All the guys are jealous. It wouldn’t be so bad if Sharon weren’t so cute. And she does things I like. And I dunno, I like Jenny. A lot. And I don’t want to make her mad at me. But she’s more reserved, y’know.” He heaved another sigh. “Sometimes I think about Jenny doing the things Sharon does.” He looked up at them and grinned. “That’s kinda fun.”

“Have you asked Jenny what she thinks of Sharon?” Octavia asked.

Charlie looked blank. It hadn’t eryaman escort occurred to him to talk to Jenny.

“You might find out how much Jenny knows about Sharon.”

“And if you ask Sharon about Jenny, she could get the idea that you like Jenny more. And in any case, people reveal a lot about themselves when they describe someone else.” Asch added. “But I think you’re wondering how much you can get away with with both of them. If that’s the case, try socializing with both of them at once. Like a three-person dive or something. If you try to chase each of them behind the other’s back, you’re crusin’ for a brusin’.”

Charlie brightened. “I’m saving up for an underwater camera. And studying for the underwater photography certification. We could have a photo session.” He got a gleam in his eye. “Several photo sessions. We could be a team.”

Asch sat back. “Excellent idea. I think you hardly needed our advice.” The lunch meeting broke up and Asch and Octavia headed back to the house. They still had several hours before she had to show up at Rita’s.

They found a note on the table. Lydia had gone to Easthaven to talk with Sharon, then have dinner; didn’t expect to be back until late.

“Oh goodie!” Octavia clapped her hands and jumped up and down. “We can pretend the place is ours and see how we like it!”

Asch played along. “Maybe we should try my old bedroom instead of the one on the second floor. For now.”

“Okay, let’s go!” She grabbed his hand and they headed upstairs.

She shut the door behind her and stood by the bed. “I know what you were thinking at lunch. Undress me for real.”

Asch smiled and approached her slowly, chin in hand. “Let’s see. Where shall I start? Left side, right side, top, or bottom?” He took her shoulders and spun her around. “Maybe back side!” and he slowly untucked her blouse, then ran his hand slowly up her back. She had no bra on for him to unfasten, so he let his hands drift around to the front so he could untuck the front of her blouse. She started to lean back against him, arching her back to tempt his hands to her breasts, but he spun her around again. “Oh you’re a tempting morsel, but I plan to see that I’m getting first, and he unbuttoned the first available button, which was not the top one. She pulled her shoulders back to tighten the fabric. He undid the next button and the blouse opened in the middle, showing the curves of her cleavage. He ran his fingers down her chest and stopped at the bottom button, then unbuttoned it. He reached up and undid the top one. Well, third from the top. The top two had been unbuttoned the whole time. Her blouse fell open, almost revealing her nipples.

Octavia had closed her eyes, reveling in the thought of him opening her blouse and looking at her. She felt his hands on her neck as he pulled the top of her blouse back, off her shoulders so it would drift down. She took another deep breath, and he ran his fingers down the seam along the sides of her breasts to open the front so her nipples would show.

He let the blouse fall, and turned her back around. This time he pulled her against him and he held her breasts while he kissed her neck. Then he nibbled her ear and let his hands drift to her waist. He unfastened her shorts and nudged them over her hips, making sure to run his hands over the parts formerly covered by them as he worked them down, and he felt the sharp intake of her breath. They slid to her knees and he caressed her pussy, thighs, and sides. “Step out of them, and put your hands on top of my head.”

She reached up and back, arching her back. Asch let his hands drift upwards and she inhaled to emphasize her curves. He caressed her breasts, then pinched her nipples and she jerked in surprise. “Hmm. A reaction.”

“Mm-hm. It’s interesting if you don’t do it too hard.”

“How about this?” and he ran his fingers back and forth over her nipples. Then he pulled them.

“Mm. Same deal. You can be rougher when I get really turned on, though.”

Asch made large circles, gradually spiraling inward to the nipples, then back out again. Octavia started to tremble. “Let’s see. Now that you’re properly naked, lie down and let me admire the scenery.”

Octavia sighed and leaned forward, pressing her tush against him, then rolled right over onto the bed, flopping down onto her back, legs spread, and looked at him. “How’s this? And when you gonna take off all those clothes?” She tucked her hands behind her head and raised her eyebrows.

She watched while he pulled off his shirt, then slowly loosened his shorts and let them drop. He ran his hands over his chest and down to his crotch and down his inner thighs.

She kept her eyes riveted on him, enjoying the amateur show. “C’mon, Baby! More! More!” she pretended to chant.

Asch chuckled. “I don’t know what to do. I’ve never seen a guy do a etimesgut escort strip tease.”

“Well, for one thing, it starts before the clothes come off, but that’s okay. I like your straightforward style.” She grinned up at him. “It turns me on, knowing this is for me, and anticipating what’s gonna happen.”

Asch stepped right next to the bed and ran his hand across her cheek and down her neck. Octavia closed her eyes in pleasure, then arched her back, inviting him to address her breasts. He accepted the invitation, and continued down across her belly, down her near leg, then back up the other side. He made some delicious figure-eights on her chest, then continued up the other side of her face to the top of her head.

Octavia heaved a big sigh of contentment.

“Okay, enough relaxation, young lady. Things are going to get exciting. I hope”

Octavia gave a short. “You’re so modest. If things get any more exciting, I’ll die and go to heaven.” She pulled her knees up and let them fall apart.

Asch leaned forward and put his mouth over one nipple, sucking on it and playing with it with his tongue while he rolled the other nipple between his thumb and finger. His free hand drifted downward.

Octavia moaned.

Then he stood up and ran his hands down her sides, up her thighs, then back down her inner thighs while he positioned himself at her feet. He ran his fingers up her thighs again and back to her pussy. She moaned hungrily, and he gently ran his fingers over her mound and barely into her slit. She scootched herself down, closer to him, letting her lower legs hang over the edge of the bed. Asch continued his ministrations, taking turns with each hand on her womanhood, already moist with desire. He let his thumb slide into her slit and rested it on her clit, then started to make gentle circles.

Octavia began to moan and rock her hips to encourage his strokes. He pressed a little harder and she responded, moving faster. Then he used his “free” hand and picked up some of his own moisture on a finger and stroked her back door, sliding up and down and around. Octavia’s moans became more urgent, and she rocked her hips harder. “Please come inside me. I can’t last much longer,” she moaned.

Asch leaned forward and Octavia pushed herself to the edge of the bed. Asch slid right in. He kept one hand on her clit and pinched a nipple with the other. Octavia bucked violently and rocked her head, crying out in ecstasy. The sound got to Asch and he joined her thrust for thrust.

They came together.

Later, as they snuggled, Octavia sighed, “I really like this house. And the people in it.”

Asch agreed. “Only I like it and you better”

“Oh no, we’re not gonna get into that argument!” She pretended to start to slap him and he caught her wrist, then held her down while he attacked her neck. She stopped even pretending to struggle and let him kiss and nuzzle her. She sighed contentedly again. “What time is it?”

It turned out to be half an hour before she had to be at Momma Rita’s. They got up and showered together. They had fun scrubbing each other, but didn’t get carried away—not enough time. Asch sighed lugubriously while they dried off. “I wish we weren’t so responsible, deciding to get to work on time.”

Octavia rolled her eyes. “Men!” then she paused. “You wanna be irresponsible?”

Asch chuckled. “Yes, but I’m not gonna be. Let’s get down to Rita’s.” They put a bike on the back of the car and headed down to town. Asch laid out a couple day’s worth of menu specials in exchange for his supper, then hopped on the bike and headed back to the house. Halfway through town he noticed a light on in the office of one of the law firms that the Olsons had recommended. He pulled up and went in. Half an hour later he came out, put a folder in one of the carrier baskets, and finished his trip to the house.

Lydia was home when he arrived. She looked him over. “I’m surprised you’re back. And you’re getting into pretty good shape with all that exercise you’re getting.” She smiled “By which I mean bicycling and swimming. I have no idea what other exercise you’re getting,” she snorted.

Asch shrugged innocently. “What other exercise is there to get?” he batted his eyelashes at her.

“Don’t give me that innocent look. I know what you two are up to. I’m just not referring to it.”

“Do you realize you just used a figure of speech with a fancy name?” he grinned, wanting to distract her.

She looked blank for a moment. “You mean apophasis?”

It was Asch’s turn to be surprised. “Wow. Are you in Mensa?”

“Was, a long time ago. Not enough Mensans on the island to make it worth the dues. And having confessed that, I’ll mention something that completely changes the subject. John proposed this evening.”

That caught Asch off guard. “Now I’d say that is rather etlik escort a change of subject! May I ask—?”

“Understatement. And I told him ‘maybe.'”

He looked blank for a moment. “Ah yes, saying that was merely ‘rather a change of subject’ was an understatement. Okaay, so ‘maybe,’ eh?” Asch heaved a sigh. “I suppose it’s my turn to drop a bombshell. I talked to the lawyer about the house on the way up her after supper.”

“Hyperbole,” she grinned at him, then waited.

“Let’s sit down. What kind of deal do you want? Um, maybe I want to go through with this.”

She disappeared into her room and came out with several sheets of paper. “I visited a lawyer too, in Easthaven.” She pushed them over to Asch. “I trust you; I’m willing to do a contract. The paperwork is cheaper. Besides, I’ll know where you live.”

Asch looked at the paper. “This is a fair amount less than its market value. And it includes the livestock and a lot of furniture and stuff. Shouldn’t you be a little more generous to yourself?”

“Well, The livestock would be a burden in town, and I’d be moving into a furnished house. Really, I could abandon this place and I’d be okay. John and I talked about money and he wants to support me and is okay with me keeping my money separate. He’s not ambitious, so I believe he’s telling the truth. I plan to help Sharon with college, but I really don’t want anything else. I also kind of want you to have it; I think you’ll make me pleased with how you treat the place. Octavia’s the closest thing I have to family, and I suspect you’ll take pretty good care of her. At least she seems, um, “rather” happy with the exercise she’s getting,” Lydia smirked.

Asch didn’t quite blush. He heaved a big sigh. He paused a bit and made a thoughtful face. “Well, here’s what I propose. I don’t like debt, and I sold my place and possessions for about what you want for this place. If I accept your very generous offer, I’d like to transfer that account into your name. Right now it’s earning better interest than what I’d pay for a mortgage, and you’d get that instead of just the equity. That way you get the benefit of the interest in exchange for the low price of the property.”

“Then you won’t get the benefit of your interest. You could do a mortgage at less than your money is earning and end up ahead.”

That’s true, but I don’t like the commitment on the future caused by being in debt, and I haven’t even touched the insurance settlement yet.” He smiled. “And I like you. I don’t mind rewarding you for all these years of taking care of the place.”

She sat back and drummed her fingers on the table. “I kind of figured you’d figure out some way to be generous without forcing me to raise the price.” She looked up and smiled, offering her hand. “Deal!”

Asch and Lydia stood and shook hands. Then she gave him a big hug.

They separated. Asch said, “I think Octavia will be happy about this. I suppose I should start on my part of the paperwork tomorrow. I’d say do your stuff at your convenience. It’s not like I’m eager to see you gone.”

Lydia gave a shuddering sigh. “Well, I already packed most of my bedroom stuff. I suppose you’ll be wanting to move into my bedroom eventually. John is eager to have me in with him like, yesterday. Want to help load the truck? You might be able to surprise Octavia with your new bedroom tonight!” She gave a shaky grin.

“I can help you load, but don’t feel like you have to turn over the keys any time soon, okay? I haven’t done any actual work on this yet, except for a quick interview with that lawyer. He’ll be disappointed that I won’t need him for much.”

Lydia nodded and opened her bedroom door. The room was almost bare except for being filled with boxes. “I kept pretty much my whole private life in here,” she explained. “The rest of the house was pretty much public.”

They were about done when Octavia pulled in. She got out, surveyed the scene, and put two and two together. She ran over to Asch and threw her arms around him, jumping for joy. Then she sobered and went to Lydia and tearfully hugged her. “What am I gonna do without you here for a chaperone? Can I come visit you in Easthaven?” She asked.

Lydia choked out a chuckle. “I’ll never speak to you if you don’t!” They wept on each other’s shoulder for another few moments before they each accepted a handkerchief from Asch.

“How did he know to have two hankies?” Octavia wondered to herself.

Lydia climbed into the truck. “I’ll be back in the morning to get more stuff. At least I got the bed cleared off.” She waved a shaky smile and headed for Easthaven.

Asch tucked his arm around Octavia. “I propose we don’t use that room at least until I get some of the paperwork taken care of, and she has the chance to clear more of her stuff out.”

“Not a bad idea. It’ll help her get used to this. Besides, we can celebrate anywhere in the whole house!” and she grabbed him in a bear hug and almost swung him around. “Say—you’re all dirty and sweaty from that ride up here. Let’s get you cleaned off. And me. I’m all restauranty and foody.”

They raced each other to the bathroom.

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