Faun Series Ch. 01: The Son of a God

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Faun was born the son of a God. His mother had copulated with Pan many moons ago. He had been raised by his grandmother and great-grandmother and had learned their Magickal ways. They had seduced him at an early age. Many a pleasant evening had been spent licking and sucking his grandmother’s pussy as his great-grandmother deep-throated his maturing cock. They enjoyed taking turns riding his massive Thunderbolt and often asked him to cum in their mouths, as his essence was Divine. As a result, the two women shone with health and vigor.

They often spoke of his mother, Isolde. Tales of her Sexual Healing had spread throughout the Land. The pride in their faces as they described her service to the Goddess. She had mated with the Pharoah himself. He longed for the day he would see her again. He dreamt of her and masturbated to her. Stroking his thick, 8-plus inch delicious penis, he closed his eyes in ecstasy. He came, throbbing and shaking at the thought of her luscious pussy and sweet breasts.

As Faun came into his Manhood, the urge to wander became so overwhelming, uzun konulu porno soon it was time to leave home. He enjoyed a rousing three-some with his family that morning, buried deep in his grandmother’s ass, while she rapidly flickered her tongue and finger-banged her mother deep in her cunny. Great-grandmother spasmed as her daughter sucked lightly on her clitoris. Faun pulled out of his grandmother’s quivering ass-hole and showered them both with cum. His spendings sparkled in the weak sun. Soon, he was on the road.

He stopped to rest and forage for something to eat. He heard a noise and a tinkling little giggle. A beauteous little nymph was peeking at him behind a Majestic Old Oak tree. Faun blinked his beautiful eyes as he took in her long, lithe beauty. He beckoned to her as he felt Apollo’s chariot cross the sky. She shyly came forward in curiosity. She took in his strong, muscular arms and tight buttocks and smiled.

He could see the curve of her small but perfect tits and her slit. An urge was stirring in his loins xhamster porno as he began to mentally undress her. He invited her to sit beside him and soon his hands were all over her. Pulling her dress up, he began to rub at her yoni. His skillful fingers slipped and pressed on her enlarging clitoris as her head fell back in pleasure. Soon he was on his knees between her legs lapping with sensuous flicks and swirls of his tongue. He had spent many a night exploring Grandmother and Great-grandmother’s cunts and had become a connoisseur. He pulled her vaginal lips back and her tiny God stood out in the sunlight. “Oh, oh, oh,” she moaned as she felt the warmth of his finger enter her.

Faun moved his finger in circles, pressing upward and feeling her God-spot swell. His tongue was moving in rapid strokes all over her vagina as he alternately fondled her heaving titties. As she started to press her punani into his face, he lifted her slightly and slipped his hot tongue into her anus. He alternated between sucking lightly on her clitoris and vibrating xnxx porno his finger inside of her. She started to cum, crying out in joy. He picked her up easily and laid her in the thicket. Stripping off his tunic, he put her shaking hand on his erect cock. She gasped at the size of it. Her pussy was weeping dew as he entered her slowly, rocking the head against her vaginal opening. She uttered a moan as the satiny mushroom tip entered her and slid in to the hilt.

He wrapped her slim legs around his waist as he teasingly slid his penis in and out of her. She begged to be filled completely then shrieked as the full length of him penetrated her. She had an instant orgasm as he howled in pleasure at taking her maidenhood. She instantly fell in love with the way he was making love to her, over and over again. No one had ever touched her before. Faun felt himself getting harder and harder inside her tight and wet cunt. He struggled to hold back because her vagina was grasping and curling around his Man-spear and he wanted to make it last.

He was rubbing her clitoris in tandem with his thrusts and she was matching his rhythm. Her nipples were hard and she was digging her nails into his back. He orgasmed with a wild Pagan yell and collapsed on top of her.

And in the clearing, hidden from view, Pan smiled and cheered on his son.


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