Family Ties

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Something a little different, a homecoming with a twist. Enjoy!


My Dad was always strict and was defiantly the head of the household. Don’t get me wrong: Mom was no beat down mouse, afraid of her own shadow. Mom was a business woman who ran her own chain of office temps. It’s just that once she entered the house it was always clear who was in charge, my Dad.

Yeah, I resented it as a kid. You don’t get to run wild like your friends seemed to be able to. Homework and chores came before play time. Curfews, what clothes you were allowed to wear, what television programs you were allowed to watch, what music you were allowed to listen to, all were controlled by Dad.

Saying it this way makes it sound like he was some kind of Nazi or right wing fundamentalist preacher, nothing could be further from the truth. Politically Dad was a fiscal conservative and a social liberal with a libertarian bent. Religiously he was always looking for answers, but was unwilling to take anything on faith.

“Son,” he would say. “If you can’t pick it up in your hand, prove it mathematically, or recreate the event, it’s not real, it’s fiction.”

Anyway it got me through high school with an A- average and into a pretty good college. Now I’m back home for the summer break, first time in three years and things have changed. Boy, have they changed.

Oh, a couple of things I should have mentioned, the first being my siblings. Two sisters, one older and one younger. When I left for college my older sister Catherine was already at some fancy girl’s finishing school/college back east and my younger sister was in her second year of high school and constantly getting in trouble. The second thing is that I didn’t tell the folks I was coming home for summer break.

I hadn’t planned to come home but my summer internship fell through when the senior partner in the law firm caught the junior partner with his trophy wife in a very hot, hot tub.

So late on a Friday evening, I arrived home bag and baggage and let myself in. I dumped my bags in my old room and headed for the kitchen for a late night snack/dinner. Ok, I was starving. I had driven straight through on coffee and drive through crap and hadn’t bothered to stop for dinner.

The house was so quiet, I figured everyone had gone to bed, so I was being extra quiet myself not wanting to wake the family. I eased open the kitchen door cause it used to have a tendency to squeak and got the shock of my life.

A woman stood with her back to me at the kitchen counter doing dishes. Ok that I could handle. The fact that from my vantage point she appeared to be nude from the waist down was a little disconcerting. The broad leather strap with D rings around her very thin waist was a little unusual as were the chains leading from the D rings to the leather cuffs on her wrists.

I couldn’t see any of trabzon escort her upper back due to the waist length reddish brown hair covering it, but I had a feeling she wasn’t wearing much on top either. I stood in the doorway frozen in place, though I must admit I was enjoying the view. Her ass was nicely rounded and her feet were far enough apart for me to be able to see her pussy lips hanging down and quite bare of any hair. She had nicely shaped legs and good calf muscles which she needed as her feet were encased in a set of high heels with at least a six inch stiletto heel.

I may have been frozen in place, but my cock wasn’t. It quickly grew to an almost painful boner and I could feel the heat growing in my groin. I reached down and adjusted my pants for a little more comfort. That’s when the damn door decided to squeak.

I’m not sure who was more surprised as the woman spun around, while dropping to the floor, on her knees, head down and arms outstretched as far as the chains would allow. I was so shocked, I forgot I was adjusting my boner and she would see me standing their apparently jacking off watching her.

Which from the smothered giggle I heard was exactly what she was thinking. I think I tried several times to say something, but what do you say to a naked and chained lady in your kitchen? I did note that in her bent over position her ass looked even better and with her hair fallen off to one side of her body I could confirm that her upper body was as naked as the rest of her. Her tits must be an impressive size as they bulged out from the sides even with most of them lying beneath her and resting on the floor.

“I’m, aah sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I, ahh, didn’t know anyone was in here. I mean I just came in to get something to …” My voice trailed off as she sat back on her knees and I realized that the naked and chained woman was my younger sister.

“Hi, Brian. I didn’t know you were coming home for the summer.” Lauren smiled up at me, seemingly totally unconcerned that I was staring at her naked body.

What a body! When I left home she had been in punk/goth/vamp mode, weird hair colors, and black baggy clothes that hid her slightly chubby body. I could see that she wasn’t chubby anymore. Her face and body had thinned out, her breasts had grown to well rounded proportions that looked larger on her thin frame. Her nipples were pink and puffie with curved rings hanging from bars piercing them.

She was tanned all over with wavy reddish brown hair. The only items of clothes were her cuffs, belt, collar, and chains. “Why are you wearing those?” It was the only thing I could think to ask, which shows how blown away my mind was at that moment.

“It’s all I’m allowed to wear around the house.” Lauren shrugged, making her breasts bounce and drawing my eyes to the rings in her nipples. “May I uşak escort return to work? If I don’t get the kitchen cleaned, I’ll be punished.”

Punished? Lauren worrying about being punished? She used to go out of her way to GET in trouble. “Ahh, yeah, sure. I guess.” I watched as she got effortlessly to her feet without using her arms. She turned towards the sink, then turned back towards ms and sank down on one knee. “May I fix you something to eat?”

I walked over to the kitchen table and sank into a chair. “Yeah, ok.” I watched my younger sister hustle around the kitchen, actually cooking food. This from a girl that thought pop tarts were too much work to cook. Watching her naked form bending and bouncing as she moved around the kitchen, I was again painfully aware that I was sporting a hard on that was making sitting uncomfortable.

I know, I know, this was my sister, my baby sister whom I babysat and who bugged me by tagging along when I was playing with my buddies. So why was the sight of her delicious ass and heavy bouncy tits making me think very unsisterly thoughts? Because she was fucking hot!

She brought a plate loaded with a small steak medium rare just like I like it, a small salad and my very favorite a side of fried mashed potatoes. Once again she knelt as she presented the plate, putting those beautiful pert tits dangerously close to my slightly shaking fingers.

I began to devour the repast and the a thought that had been shouting for attention in the back of my mind finally made it’s way into my hormone soaked brain. “Lauren, what the hell is going on here and why are you dressed up for a slave auction?”

Lauren sank back on her heels and lowered her head, she answered in a voice I could barely hear. “I was a very bad girl, Brian. Mom and Dad couldn’t control me and I just kept getting in more trouble. Then I got drunk on my eighteenth birthday and almost killed a family when I hit their car while driving drunk. That was the last straw for Dad. He stripped me and canned my backside until I passed out. When I woke up He informed me that since I couldn’t control myself he would control my life. We fought for weeks, but I finally had to agree with his opinion. My life was shit and I was dangerous to everyone I loved. That’s when Dad began to train me to be a perfect submissive, just like Mom.”

Ok, I admit it, I choked and it had nothing to do with the food. My mind had just gone into overload and forgot I was in the process of swallowing food. I choked, I gasped, I coughed, and Lauren was slapping, thumping and holding me way to close. When I could breath again my cock noticed that a naked female was really close and took over for my abused brain. I kissed her.

Laurie melted into me and my hands gravitated directly to her breasts. Her hand dropped down and freed the trapped bit of controlling flesh van escort that made me forget that it was my sister’s tits I was squeezing. What made her forget that the cock she was kissing, sucking, and taking deep into her throat was her brothers I’ll never know. I do know that at that point all mental activity on my part was reduced to the level of our primitive ancestors, I.E. naked woman – must fuck.

I took her there on the kitchen floor, spreading those tanned and muscled legs wide apart. Her pink inner lips stood out in sharp contrast to the all over tan of her bare cunt. My tongue just had to taste this enticing bit of pink flesh and I dove in lapping at my sister’s wet hole and sucking her engorged clit. I loved the way the chains attached to her collar and cuffs kept her from reaching down and blocking her pussy from my assault. Not that it looked like she wanted to stop me, her breathing was rapid and her pussy was flooding, even her nipples were harder than any woman’s I had ever seen or felt.

Something in me wanted to see what would happen if I twisted the rings embedded in those tight tips and my hand moved of their own accord, thought to deed with no conscious effort on my part. Lauren moaned as my finger grasped her rings turning the nipples in opposite directions. I moved up on my knees and drove my cock deep into the molten flood pouring from her pleasure channel. She gasped as I hit bottom and began to thrust in and out heedless of anything but the urge to cum in my sister’s pussy.

“Fuck your slave Master! Fuck me good.”

Wow, talk about fantasy fulfilled. A boyhood spent growing up on tales of Arab princes and their harems, knights and conquests, African slaves and white plantation owners, Indians and their captured white women, the words from my slave sister reverberated through my head and triggered something deep inside and my balls responded by pumping load after hot sticky load of my little breeders deep into her wide open womb.

My flood triggered Lauren’s as she shuddered and bucked and came like an ocean wave soaking us both. I collapsed on to her heaving breasts, feeling the rings dig into my chest and didn’t care. The warmth of her body and the sound of her heart hammering in my ear was all the comfort I required at that moment.

“My, my, looks like my son has finally discovered his dominate self.” My mother’s voice caused my heart rate to soar once again. I looked up from my position between my sister’s sperm and cum covered thighs. I figured I was a dead man, either from my parents or from my heart exploding from my chest.

First I saw her dainty feet, resting in pointed and high heeled shoes. I began moving my gaze up her well muscled legs and froze when I reached her bare pussy. I jerked my eyes higher to her corseted waist and bared breasts. I tore my eyes from those beautiful tits, only to see a collar fastened to her elegantly long neck. I finally looked high enough to see her smiling face and laughing eyes, when my brain kicked in with an emergency message. I looked back at the collar and followed the attached leash.

“Hello, Father.”

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