Family Lessons in Lust Ch. 14

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Cindy stepped into Brad’s room, admiring her brother’s lean form stretched out on the bed. She had on her flimsy black bra under her tight white top, and a loose skirt that flared out inches above her knees, with black bikini panties on underneath. Brad had some classical CD on his stereo, and his hands folded under his head as he lay on his back, his bare chest and midriff moving softly up and down with his steady breathing. His cutoffs were loosened at the waist and partially unzipped.

Cindy began to move in time to the music, feeling the rhythm change, feeling herself change as the rhythm took hold of her, feeling the lust for her luscious brother growing in her loins. She wanted to fuck him again, and again and again. She started a slow, gyrating dance, swaying her hips provocatively. Brad reached to turn the music up a notch, eyeing his sister’s seductive movements with obvious approval. She moved closer to the edge of the bed, cupping her breasts, thrusting them out at him, the outline of the black bra showing invitingly under the tight white top.

She spun a little, lifting her skirt to show him her tiny black panties, then peeled the white top off, letting it linger over the mounds of her breasts, exposing herself to his lustful gaze. She could feel his eyes burning into her, and she couldn’t wait to get into his pants. Cindy rubbed her own breasts through her bra, then moved closer so she could wriggle them against Brad’s chest and bare legs, thrilling when he reached one hand from behind his head to grab the tit closest to him and massage it tenderly.

He put both hands behind her back and undid the clasps. Julia held it up with her hands, dancing back away and playing peekaboo with her tits, finally letting the bra fall to the floor and raising her hands high over her head, lifting her firm tits so her brother could stare at them.

She danced closer, leaning to rub against his crotch, feeling the erection peeking out behind his zipper. With the music on, neither of them noticed that Sara was in the room, having heard the music up a bit loud and seeing that the door was open. She entered just as Julia was bending to rub Brad’s cock. The blood sprang to her face as she lusted for both her children, but she backed out of the room quickly, leaving the door ajar. She wasn’t gone long, and when she got back, Brad’s pants were around his knees and Cindy was jacking him off, and her skirt was on the floor. She had on only the pair of black panties, and Sara watched as she curled her fingers tightly around Brad’s hard cock. Her mouth drooled with desire.

Brad reached to turn the stereo back down, while Sara waited quietly by the door, waiting for her moment. “You know,” Cindy was saying, “Mom looks so cute in that little party outfit. I could just eat her up.”

“Um. I know what you mean,” Brad panted as his sister jacked him off. “She makes me so horny. And so do you, sis. I’d really like to fuck both of you at the same time. What a turn-on that’d be.”

“No need to wait,” Sara said, recognizing her opening and stepping toward the bed, one hand rubbing her pussy through her micro terry shorts. Both the children turned to face their mother. She took only a couple of steps and stopped. “But how about some more company?” She ducked her head out in the hallway and nodded and Jamey followed her in. “Now the whole family can fuck together,” she said with a satisfied grin on her face.

Brad’s hard-on bulged and Cindy’s face lit up with pleasure at the prospect. Sara and Jamey came nearer, Sara’s hand again working at her pussy, and Jamey dropped his shorts and something else with them, revealing his cotton briefs dotted with a wet spot just over his hard dick. Sara moved up behind Cindy, kissing her softly on the neck as Cindy leaned back into her mother’s embrace, feeling the wonderful soft tits grazing her back. Sara slid her hands up her daughter’s sides, toying sensuously with her breasts, twisting at the rosebud nipples. She ground her own tits into her daughter’s back as she kneaded the warm woman flesh in her hands.

She reached one hand up to turn Cindy’s face to her, soaking in the luscious lips parted just inches away from her own, the reddish hair falling back softly onto her shoulders as her eyes swam with lust. Sara ran her fingers down the smooth cheeks, outlining the high cheekbones and soft lips. Cindy eagerly sucked a finger into her mouth, taking it in and out like a miniature dick she was milking. Sara eased her slippery finger out and replaced it with her tongue, sliding it in probingly until her daughter’s anxiously greeted it, the two twining together in a deep mother-daughter kiss as the two men gaziantep escort watched, getting immensely turned on.

Sara pulled away with a gasp, feeling Cindy melting beneath her torrid kiss. She moved them together toward Brad, who had his dick in his hand, Cindy’s having fallen away during the hot kiss with her mother. Sara kissed Brad, searching for his twirling tongue, giving him a rougher, more insistent kiss. Then she pulled Cindy down with her as the two women began licking the length of Brad’s body, one on each of his hard little man nipples, sucking them into excited erection, one in his sunken belly button, one on each thigh, one sliding under his tightening balls, their tongues meeting again poised over his throbbing cock.

Then Sara opened her mouth in a tight ‘O’ and dive bombed straight onto Brad’s hard dick. She gulped almost the whole thing into her mouth in one gigantic thrust, stopping just as he poked at her throat muscle. She held tight against him until it relaxed and he plunged in all the way to his base. Again she held fast as his cock surged inside her.

She began making little motions, fucking him with her mouth moving just an inch or so back and forth, keeping him buried in her throat. Bursts of pleasure rode through Brad as his dick was squeezed by the tight throat muscles pressing in on him. He could feel his balls bulging already. Sensing this, Sara slid off his cock, leaving it waving in the air, gasping for breath, licking her lips.

“Quite a mouthful, son,” she said, “A big, juicy mouthful.” She looked deep into his eyes, holding his attention as she made another ‘O’ and fucked her finger into her mouth to give him a close up view of her lips working. Meanwhile, Cindy had begun sucking on the cock her mother had just abandoned, taking it in a little at a time, nursing it in and out, her cheeks sinking in as she applied increasing pressure.

“That’s it, baby,” Sara encouraged Cindy. “Suck him good and hard, but don’t let him cum yet.” She motioned for Jamey and he trotted up to join them. “Why don’t we eat her together while she eats Brad?” she suggested, lying down under her daughter as she straddled Brad’s legs. Jamey moved up behind, spreading his daughter’s ass cheeks and rubbing a finger up her slit, bringing a squeal from Cindy as her mouth continued to work up and down Brad’s stiff prick.

Sara got into position and glued her mouth to Cindy’s clit, rolling it in her mouth, kissing it softly, sucking on it as Jamey got his tongue to her cunt, lapping at the open lips, forcing his tongue in and out of the hot hole. The double treatment dislodged Cindy from her brother’s cock as she moaned and gasped with pleasure-filled animal sounds. Sara moved slightly, sticking her tongue against Jamey’s, and he forced his nose into the cunt he had been eating, slurping at his wife’s searching tongue, sharing the sweet taste of their daughter between them, their lips noisily joining, churning against each other as Cindy writhed her hips passionately.

“I think she’s ready to get fucked,” Sara whispered to Jamey. He rolled back on his haunches and Sara slid out from under her, rubbing her tits against Jamey’s back as he moved into position to fuck his daughter, urging him into the sweet pussy they both had just been hungrily eating. Jamey started working at Cindy’s upturned butt, sliding his tool up and down her wet crack. Sara crawled up to where Cindy was half sucking and half jacking on Brad.

“Dad’s going to fuck you now,” she said, her voice low in her throat, “and I’m going to fuck Brad.” Just then Jamey entered Cindy’s pussy and she let out a groan of delight, as Sara turned Brad sideways, bringing his legs out from under his sister so that the two couples were perpendicular on the large bed. She straddled her son and grasped his hard cock in both hands, guiding the tip toward her steaming pussy, sighing when it touched her outer lips, then sinking slowly onto his erect shaft.

Brad took in ragged breaths as his mother lowered herself onto him, feeling the clinching pussy grabbing at every inch of his surging cock. Slowly, she settled all the way onto him, resting against his pubic hairs, just like she had done with her mouth, then working in little movements back and forth, up and down, riding him, bringing incredible sensations into his whole body as she fucked his prostrate form completely, thrilling with every movement. She threw back her head, the wet strands of her hair splaying against her shoulders, her breasts rising as the breath caught in her lungs and her bouncing tits rolled wonderfully with her motions.

Brad was in total ecstasy, but he was nearing giresun escort orgasm again. He grabbed his mother’s hips and began thrusting up into her, wanting to cum deep inside her pussy, but she felt him beginning to race at her, and held him back, placing a hand on his chest and slowing her own motions. “Not just yet. I’ve got something else in mind. Today I want you to cum in my mouth. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Um. I’m so hot right now I could cum anywhere. Your pussy, your mouth. You name it, I’m there.”

Sara climbed off Brad, and from the gasping sounds coming from the other couple, she guessed Jamey wasn’t far from cumming either. “Okay, lean back,” she cooed, easing Jamey out of Cindy’s pussy, and turning her over onto her back. “It’s time for some girl fun.” Jamey grinned with a knowing smile, and started to stroke himself slowly, his cock lubricated with his daughter’s sweet pussy juice. Brad sat up slightly, watching his father, and imitating his action, maintaining his erection, but calming the cum urge back into his balls.

Sara went to pick up the object Jamey had brought in and returned with a clear, jelly-like dildo in her hand. She held it in the middle and it seemed extra long, quivering in her hand as she walked, giving off a faint purple sheen. She held it up for everyone’s inspection, letting it shake and shimmer in erotic motions. It was a double headed dong, over twelve inches long total.

“Doesn’t it look just too wickedly delicious?” Sara said. “We tried it out earlier, but it really takes two girls to make it work right. What d’you say, honey. Want to give it a try?”

Cindy stared in fascination at the pulsing artificial double dick, imagining it fucking into her and her mother at the same time. She just shivered with lustful delight, rubbing her pussy and spreading her legs.

“I’ll take that as a definite yes,” Sara said, moving into place between her daughter’s eagerly spread legs. She toyed with the dong, feeling it shake and quiver in her hand. She rubbed one end against her already moistened pussy lips, lubricating it and turning herself on as she watched her daughter squirm in anticipation.

She slid the purplish jelly dong between Cindy’s spread legs, pushing it gently against the wet cunt that writhed in front of her. She got it good and wet with pussy juice, then started sliding the artificial head into the real pussy. She felt Cindy accept it with a low grunt, then began working it slowly into the grabbing pussy, fucking it in sensuously, feeling the vibrations up the shaft of the end she held tightly in her hands, its shape molding and warming to her touch.

As Cindy began to push against the jelly cock, Sara started working the other end into her own pussy, thrilling to the feel of it going in more with every push of her daughter’s hips. Cindy was aching for it now, thrusting hard to get it all inside her. Sara let Cindy do the work, gasping with each new inch that went inside her. Soon the dildo was buried in both women’s snatches and they were humping toward each other, their legs locked against each other, their breast heaving up and down, the juices from their pussies coating the clinging shape of the double dildo.

“Oh. Fuck me,” Cindy yelled. “Fuck me Mom. Fuck that dick into me.”

Sara felt herself sliding deeper into the pits of her passion for her daughter as she yelled out in her own ecstasy of lust. She increased the rhythm, grasping Cindy’s hips for support, then slowed to press all the way in and hold the lovely firm cock deep inside her. She looked around and saw that Brad and Jamey were jacking themselves off watching the two women fucking each other.

“Come on over here, Brad,” she coaxed. “Mom wants to suck your beautiful cock. You like watching me fuck Cindy, don’t you?”

Brad moved toward his mother, aiming his dick at her open mouth. Hearing his mother’s hot words put a pulse in his cock. “Yessss,” he hissed, “I love seeing you fuck her almost as much as I love fucking her myself.”

“But you’ll love cumming in my mouth most of all, won’t you baby?” Sara cooed, her voice like honey and her lips inviting, promising pleasures deep inside her. “And Jamey’s gonna cum in your sister’s mouth while I fuck her hot, sweet pussy. Come on, now, fuck my mouth so I can eat you up.”

Sara grabbed for her son’s cock, wrapping her hand around its vein-covered length, her mouth drooling with desire. She licked it up and down, then flicked her tongue across the slit in the head as she squeezed a drop of pre-cum out, lapping it like a babe in heat. “Mmm. The appetizer,” she said, as Brad pumped against her hand, feeling her fingers gümüşhane escort tight around him and feeling the blood pounding in his brain.

Sara pursed her lips and brought his dick against them, forcing him to buck his hips in a wild motion as he tried to enter her tightened mouth. She tickled his balls as he drove against her, then gulped as he finally entered her with a plop. She exerted a steady vacuum pressure against him, and heard Cindy sighing under her. She looked up at her daughter’s sweat-covered body, the swelling hips, the heaving breasts, and saw that Jamey had entered her mouth from over her head, opening her throat so he could fuck all the way down it. Like fucking a tight little puckered asshole, she thought, and turned her attention back to the dildo buried deep inside her pussy.

As Brad fucked in and out of her mouth, she started up a new rhythm of fucking the dildo in and out, sobbing with the twin pleasures of getting a hard cock in her mouth, and a jelly one in her pussy, and Cindy’s moans were reaching a higher pitch as she bucked against the pistoning artificial cock and swallowed her father’s dick all the way down her throat. Sara could see the outline of it as it slid home, and watched with excitement as his dick was buried time after time all the way to its base, his pubic hair nestling against her chin and his balls banging against her nose.

Cindy was lost in ultimate pleasure, taking in as much as she could, and Sara began to feel a rumbling deep inside her as her own passion built. She urged Brad on, pulling on his ass cheeks as he slammed against her lips. She ran a finger up the crack of his ass, poising her fingernail at the opening, and as he was on the outstroke from her mouth, her finger slid into his anus. He let out a little yelp, but quickly relaxed against the pressure, and Sara felt it slide farther into him, finally feeling him sink back against it, pulling it all the way into his ass, while his dick pounded into her mouth, and the double dildo swirled in her pussy and her daughter’s at the same time.

A trembling began in Brad’s balls as his mother’s finger slid up his asshole, and her mouth sucked at his dick. He could feel the cum bubbling up and the first drops began oozing out. “Oh God, I’m cumming,” he yelled, and Sara grasped him even tighter, not wanting to lose a drop of his sweet cum, wanting it all deep inside her mouth and down her throat. Her pussy started throbbing around the dildo, and Cindy wriggled against her, signaling she was dropping over the edge as well. Shivers moved up her luscious body, and Mark began to feel her orgasm beginning to work its way up her mouth to his pulsing cock.

“Oh Yeah. Here it cums,” Brad shouted, grabbing his mother’s hair and fucking violently into her mouth. “Suck it. Suck my cock. Take all my cum in your mouth.”

Sara sobbed with delight as wave after wave of hot sticky fluid filled her mouth. Her pussy was aching from getting fucked, and the jism flooding her mouth sent her into her own orgasm. She struggled to yell as her own pleasure overcame her, but her son had her tightly by the ears, fucking his huge cock deep into her mouth, filling her with spurt after spurt of his juicy cum.

Her body shook everywhere, sending gasps of pleasure into Cindy’s pussy. Then Jamey added his yells as he came deep in his daughter’s throat, sending his cum straight to her belly. He fucked against her so hard that his dick made slapping sounds as the base of his prick pushed against her lips. Her lips were spread wide and her throat bobbed up and down as her father’s cock fucked into it in a paroxysm of uncontrolled family lust.

Cindy kept her throat open, and wriggled her hips against the dildo as her pussy juices poured out and her father’s juice poured into her. Each new orgasmic spurt kept them going, as they all twitched to the thrills of their mutual cumming. Finally the jolts started to subside, leaving them all trembling in a heap of flesh. Sara lay against Jamey’s chest and rolled her tits against his chest, working her tongue into his mouth. “Taste good?” she asked, feeding him some of his son’s cum.

“Tastes good in your mouth,” he said. “I always love to taste cum in you.”

“It tastes good in you, too,” she said, flicking her tongue against his lips and sucking the cum back into her own mouth.

Brad kissed his sister passionately as they listened to the wild talk from their parents. He couldn’t taste much cum in her mouth since Jamey had shot down her throat, but her mouth was hot on his, and her tongue stabbed deep into his mouth. Still, he could taste the remains of his father’s dick in his sister’s mouth, and he sucked hungrily at her sweet lips, twirling his tongue deep inside her mouth.

“What a fucking party it’s going to be,” Sara said as everyone nestled down to revel in the pleasure they had just given each other, thinking ahead to fucking the rest of their hot family.

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