Erica’s Man – Five Day course – Day 04

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“So, Erica enjoyed her video call yesterday?” Rhea smirked, as it wasn’t really a question. Erica, my wife, had masturbated on the other end of a phone call as she watched me fuck her friend and colleague from behind.

I grinned, eyeing Rhea’s soft thighs under the table next to me. They were very much on show today as below her black strappy top, which gave a lovely view of her chest, Rhea wore a green skirt which flirted with the boundaries of propriety given that we were on a week-long course with other teachers and teaching assistants.

“You know she did. Did you enjoy the video she sent you?” We’d recreated the scene as best we could at home, Erica bent over the kitchen sink while I fucked her from behind, and she’d sent the video to Rhea and to yesterday’s videographer, another colleague of Erica’s, Helen.

Rhea answered, blushing slightly, “I enjoyed it a lot thanks… three times in fact!”

I grinned again as I felt my cock twitch at the thought of Rhea masturbating to our video, before we both waved to Helen as she entered the room and sought us out. Helen was wearing a shorter skirt than she had previously; a dark pleated one, and a white blouse which was buttoned up not far enough to be decent, if not for the white strappy top she wore underneath. I followed her long, toned legs across the room as she walked over and sat on the other side of me to her colleague.

As she placed her stationery in front of her, she turned and I was treated to a pleasant view down her top as she leaned in and whispered into my ear, “Thanks for the video. I think my fiancee would thank you too if he knew why I was so horny last night.” Erica had informed me last night about Helen’s fiance, as she’d been somewhat surprised that Helen had gotten involved the previous couple of days, even just to suck Rhea’s juices from my cock afterwards. Helen had apparently always professed to have a much more traditional view of fidelity than my wife, who had always enjoyed involving other women in our sex life, so while Erica had told me from the start she thought Rhea might have plans for this week, Helen’s involvement had been a pleasant and unexpected development. It did, however, seem unlikely that anything more than the erotic clean up she’d provided so far would be on the cards. Still, at least her fiance was reaping the benefits!

The fourth day of the course passed slowly – Erica had been correct at the start of the week, when she’d said she didn’t know how they would drag what had previously been a three day course out over a whole week. The answer was to stretch out every activity until nobody was paying attention any more. I don’t think there was a single person in the room who stayed on task for the activities right until the course leader asked us to stop. As with the previous day, this led to a lot of daydreaming on my part, which at least twice meant I had to quickly readjust and tuck an erection under the waistband of my boxer shorts before moving to a new activity. Unfortunately the day also involved lots of work with new groups again, so I was unable to work with Rhea or Helen until the last session of the day, when a partner activity saw me paired with Helen.

After half-heartedly attempting the activity, which was only slightly changed from any of the previous three, Helen broke the tedium in a hushed whisper, to avoid being heard by the pair nearest to us. “So Erica really enjoys you… being with other women?”

I smiled. It was a question I wasn’t often asked, but I know Erica had been asked by some of her friends she’d told about our lifestyle. Being on a course together for a few days clearly gave a better opportunity for Helen to ask me, although I was sure she’d ask Erica herself when she returned to their school the following week. “She certainly seems to,” I responded. “She’s bi, as I think she told you?”

Helen nodded without interrupting.

“Well, always before we’ve both been involved. Threesomes with another woman. I said to Rhea on Monday, it’s hard for her to be bothered by what I’m doing when she’s sat on another woman’s face!”

Helen blushed at this, but smiled and waited for me to continue. “It’s only this week she told me she’d be happy for me to have sex with someone else while she wasn’t there. From how wet and horny she’s been when I’ve got home, she’s definitely enjoying it though!”

Helen sat and thought for a while, and I decided it was best to let her think about it. Eventually, she asked another question. “Does she not want to get other men involved?”

“Honestly, I don’t know,” I answered. “She’s never mentioned the idea. I think, if I’m honest, she likes sex with women better in general. Beylikdüzü Zenci Escort She’s always said most previous boyfriends didn’t make her cum, and she definitely believes no man can eat out like a woman can! She says I’m good, but nothing beats a woman. I can live with that though!”

“So she just likes for you to sleep with other women?” I could hear the disbelief in Helen’s voice and realised what she was getting at.

“No… she likes for both of us to sleep with other women!” I waited a few seconds to let this sink in before continuing. “Erica loves sex, and she knows I do. This week, she saw an opportunity to explore a little bit more by her not being present. I think it’s safe to say she’s enjoyed it, although I’m pretty sure keeping her involved with pictures… and your video call, has helped!”

Helen took another while to think, and I offered a question of my own. “So, why join us? You were filming the whole thing yesterday.”

She chuckled. “Honestly, on Tuesday I wasn’t sure I believed Rhea, and then when I followed you in… well, I got horny.” She shrugged. “Yesterday, I thought it’d provoke a reaction from Erica. I didn’t believe she’d actually enjoy watching you. When she did… well, that’s why I decided to ask you about it. I’ve always thought I’d want another man involved if Jason and I… that’s what I didn’t understand.” She smiled more warmly now and continued, “I figured since it was only other women then it was for you, but I suppose if Erica’s getting off too then it works for both of you.” She stopped and thought a second or two. “I suppose I understand a bit… I got horny watching you and Rhea yesterday. Otherwise I would never have… you know.” She looked conflicted, and I could tell she felt guilty about sucking my cock clean. She had a fiance after all.

“Ever been with another woman?” I asked, trying to distract her from that line of thought.

Helen started, clearly not expecting the question. “No,” she answered shortly.

“Maybe that’s the difference. Erica says that apart from the obvious missing part, which she loves, then women are generally better than men in bed. Maybe that’s why she’s only been interested in having more women involved.” I paused. “So far.” I added, grinning at Helen.

She grinned back, and I suggested we have another go at the activity in front of us before the course finished. The course wound down over the next twenty minutes or so, and although we both participated in the activity, I could tell Helen was distracted. I wondered if she was regretting getting involved with me and Rhea.

The course finished for the day and Helen quickly gathered her things and headed straight to join Rhea getting up on the other side of the room. Again I put my things away slowly, enjoying watching the two leave with their heads close together, clearly in discussion about something, their long legs beneath their short skirts causing my cock to twitch as I hoped there’d be a repeat of the week so far.

As I left the room though, holding the door for the course leader, I noticed neither Rhea or Helen was stood by the toilet doors. I really hoped they hadn’t just left to go home. As usual, I entered the men’s toilets, but this time I was accosted on entry as Rhea grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss.

A quick survey behind Rhea as our lips locked and I reached to grab her arse told me that Helen was there too, leaning against the sinks. She was making no move to join us however, and I assumed she would be content to watch again today. I had assumed as much from her obvious guilt at betraying her fiance.

Rhea’s hands were already reaching for my belt buckle and I slid my hands down to lift her skirt at the back, allowing my hands to grasp her pert arse cheeks which were uncovered thanks to a thong pair of panties I hooked my thumbs under. As my belt buckle came apart, Rhea sank to her knees and peeled down my jeans and boxer shorts together, releasing my quickly growing erection. Reaching up, she took hold of the shaft of my cock and slowly began to massage along it, alternating between gazing at the eight inches in front of her and up into my eyes.

After a short time, Rhea extended her tongue and licked around the head of my erection, staring up into my eyes as she tantalised the sensitive tip and probed the eye with her tongue. Closing her eyes, she opened her mouth wider and took the head into her mouth, engulfing me in the warmth before beginning to suck as she slowly took more of me into her mouth. Rhea had shown on the first day of this course that she gave an expert blowjob, and this followed suit. She varied between slowly sucking Beylikdüzü Manken Escort along my length, to licking around the head again and trailing her mouth and tongue up and down the sides of my shaft before she took my testicles one at a time into her mouth while she used her hand to rub along my cock. The pleasure was incredible as she used every trick she knew for my enjoyment. Eventually, licking back up the bottom of the shaft from my balls, she took the head back into her mouth and began to bob up and down the length in earnest, causing the level of pleasure to rise until I could feel an orgasm beginning to build.

Rhea was truly an expert and, recognising the signs, she slowed her ministrations and gazed up at me, slowly working my cock deeper into her throat with each slow movement. Before long, she had almost my entire cock buried deep into her throat, and I could see her eyes starting to water slightly as she stared up at me. I groaned in pleasure at the sight, and she released my cock with a gasp, flashing me a grin as a combination of spit and precum dripped down her chin.

I lifted her to her feet and, stepping out from where my jeans and boxers still sat around my ankles, reached around Rhea and picked her up by the thighs, carrying her to the sinks and placing her bottom down on the flat surface between the basins, her back pressed against the mirror. Her skirt was already bunched up around her waist from when I had lifted it to caress her backside earlier, so I had a lovely view of her moist panties between her tanned, toned legs.

Almost forgotten, I noticed Helen hadn’t moved from where she was leaned, further down the sink area, although now her right hand was hidden down the front of her skirt and I could tell from the movements she was touching herself.

Focusing back on Rhea, I kissed her neck and quickly moved down to her chest, my lips roaming the top of her breasts before I reached up and pulled the straps down from her shoulders and uncovered her bra. Reaching behind her as she reached down to rub her clit through her panties, I released the bra clasp and, after taking a second to admire the beautiful, pert breasts, took a hard nipple into my mouth and began to suck and lick as my hand found the other, rubbing at first before pinching ever so slightly as my palm caressed the breast.

I continued to suck and play with Rhea’s nipples for a couple of minutes while she played with her pussy, until she reached up and took hold of my hair, pushing me down to place my face in front of her damp mound. I kissed her inner thighs before hooking her panties and pulling them down along her soft, warm legs and off, revealing her glistening, pink lips and engorged clitoris. Wasting no more time, I licked from bottom to top slowly, exploring her lips and the moist cunt between. She moaned as my tongue reached her clit, and I settled there as I had the day before, flicking and caressing the sensitive area. As I used my tongue to tend to her clit, I slid first one finger, then a second into her tight pussy, sliding them in and out, slowly at first, before allowing her moans to guide me to increase the speed until I was fucking her fast and hard with my fingers.

Rhea suddenly pulled my head hard against her cunt, and I felt her mound push against my mouth as her back arched and she gasped in orgasm. I slowed my fingers as her juice flowed over them and used my lips to suck her clitoris as she came, rather than continuing the flick with my tongue.

After a few seconds heavy breathing, Rhea lifted my head to face her and with her other hand, reached down to grasp my cock as I stood up. Staring into my eyes, she guided me to the entrance to her pussy and I slowly pushed forwards to enter. Warm, sticky wetness engulfed my length as I slid easily into her well lubricated cunt. Despite the tightness, the slick walls offered very little resistance and I was almost immediately buried deep inside her. She pulled me forward by my t-shirt to kiss me as I began to slowly pull backwards before again burying myself deep into her pussy.

I thrust slowly in and out of Rhea at first, enjoying the sensations of my cock gliding against the inner walls as we kissed hard, Rhea even biting my lip as our eyes held each other’s. After a short while slowly thrusting into her, I pulled back from the kiss and began to move faster, although our eyes continued to hold each other’s gaze intently.

Suddenly, a muted gasp and moan from further down the sinks drew both of our attention, although it didn’t halt the continual thrusts into Rhea’s pussy. Helen, un-noticed, had now climbed fully on the sink area between Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort two basins and was sat, legs wide apart with one foot pressed into a sink as the other hung over the edge, her panties pulled to one side and the fingers of one hand buried inside herself while the other caressed her own breasts over her top. She was clearly enjoying a powerful orgasm, as she didn’t see us both watching her until her back had relaxed and her eyes had reopened, bringing a blush to her face, before she slowly began to rub her clit again, her eyes returning to where my cock still slid in and out of her friend’s body.

I decided now was the time to build the speed, and I began to fuck Rhea harder and faster. Her moans quickened and she soon came loudly, clutching me hard to her, my face buried into her neck. From the angle, the mirror showed me Helen still masturbating as she watched us, and an idea formed.

Grasping Rhea’s thighs, I pulled her off the surface, lifting her up whilst still impaled upon my cock, her arms wrapped around my neck. I carried her to where Helen sat between the wash basins and set her onto her feet, before pulling out of her, turning her to face her friend and colleague and bending her over. Rhea’s face was now inches from Helen’s pussy, her hands grasping the edge of the surface either side of one of Helen’s milky thighs as I entered her again from behind.

Helen had initially stopped rubbing herself as her friend’s face appeared in front of her cunt, but as I began to fuck Rhea again, fast and hard, her fingers took on a new urgency as she began to rub furiously at her clit. Watching her face, her eyes never left Rhea’s face as I fucked her, and I wondered if Rhea was holding her gaze the way she had mine with those deep, brown eyes.

It wasn’t long, maybe half a minute, before Helen came again, rubbing herself as furiously as she had been. Her pussy and fingers glistened as her juices flowed out in front of Rhea’s face, and Rhea soon joined her in another orgasm. I slowed as I felt the walls of Rhea’s pussy contract around my shaft, and focused on enjoying the deep, hard thrusts as I felt my own orgasm begin to build.

In front of me, I noticed Rhea’s face had moved closer to Helen’s pussy, and that she had moved her hands as I slowed inside her, to place one on each of the paler girl’s thighs. I slowed right down, knowing that this could be a pivotal moment for both women as neither had been with a woman before.

Sure enough, Rhea tentatively leaned forwards and, sensing no resistance from Helen, kissed her friend’s pussy. An O formed on Helen’s lips and she took in a sharp breath as Rhea kissed it and then pulled away. A moment later, Helen pulled Rhea’s head up to hers and kissed her mouth, before redirecting her attention past Rhea to me.

“Don’t cum in her,” she instructed.

Sliding herself off the counter, she took Rhea’s hand and used it to turn her friend round so they were both facing me, my cock exiting Rhea’s pussy as she did so. Without a word more, she dropped to her knees, and Rhea, realising what was planned, followed suit.

Helen reached out and took my cock in her hand, stroking firmly along the shaft, wet with Rhea’s juice. Rhea’s hand immediately cradled my testicles as she leaned forward and took my head into her mouth. After a few seconds licking her own orgasm off the tip, though, she released me from her mouth and Helen leaned in to replace her, my cock entering her mouth as she began to speed her hand up along the shaft. The pair alternated like this a few times, each releasing me to the other’s mouth, and my orgasm quickly built, with two beautiful women sucking on their knees in front of me.

I groaned as I came close, and Rhea released my cock from her mouth to Helen, who, instead of taking me back into her mouth, firmly and quickly rubbed my shaft to the point of no return, her mouth open and tongue extended as she caught the first spurt of my cum partly on her tongue and partly on her upper lip and freckled nose. The second spurt hit her across her glasses and forehead. She slowed her hand as she turned my cock to Rhea, allowing Rhea to take a third shot of spunk straight onto her closed lips and her cheek.

As my groans subsided, signalling that I was finished, Helen reached across behind Rhea to where her bag sat by the wall. Wordlessly, she passed me her phone, bringing up the camera as she did so. Equally wordlessly, I took a photograph of the pair of them, faces covered with my cum. Rhea opened her mouth so the cum on her lips stretched across, providing a perfect visual. I also focused on each face separately before handing the phone back.

Helen and Rhea stood and shot me smiles before cleaning their faces with some tissues Helen pulled from her bag as I re-dressed. As they left the room to finish cleaning up in the ladies’ room, Rhea turned back and simply said, “Last day tomorrow,” before smiling as she left.

Last day indeed. I wondered if the week had saved the best ’til last!

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