Durmantravada Ch. 04

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Disclaimer: All characters described in the story are above the age of 18. All relationships described are also between consenting adults. The author does not condone any underage or unlawful sexual activity.

Note: The word Durmantravada in multiple Indian languages refers to black magic and dark arts.

Note to Readers- Thank you all for the comments and feedback given for the previous chapters. I found the suggestions given by you guys to improve the writing and detailing to be quite useful and relevant and will surely try to incorporate it in future chapters. Sorry I could not stick to the timeframe mentioned in publishing this chapter- had too much on my plate the past 2 weeks. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter too.

Chapter-4 An Unexpected Visitor

As he came down from the attic with the ring on his finger, he could feel a real change come upon him. Both mentally and physically, he felt fresh and quite awake and alert. His senses seemed to tingle at the slightest stimuli, and he found himself perceiving minor stuff he had missed before. He remembered what his ancestor had told him and wondered how much of it was the ring’s effect and how much the previous night’s activities’.

Getting down from the ladder in his twin sister’s room, he, for the second time that day, found himself face to face with a just showered, towel-clad woman. His beautiful twin Asha was in the process of selecting fresh clothes from her wardrobe when she saw him. She gave him an unsure smile.

“Oh, sorry, I’ll get out right now,” he said.

“No, it’s fine, tuck the ladder in and close the hatch before going,” she said.

He brought out the step stool again and pushed the ladder up, standing on it. The ladder slid back gracefully, and he closed the hatch. Stepping down, he saw his sister with her hands folded, waiting for him to leave.

“Well, I was almost hoping you would not mind me being here,” he said, testing the waters. A new closeness had crept in between the twins after their talk, and Atharva was determined to keep the momentum up.

“You would love that wouldn’t you?” she said.

Wouldn’t you too?” he asked.

“Well, if only you weren’t all dusty, we could have played a little, perhaps,” she said.

The statement came as a pleasant surprise to him. She had always been shy and less forthcoming than his older sibling. “I’ll take just a few minutes to shower,” he said.

“Silly brother, Veena will be home soon, and it is almost dinner time anyway.”

“Don’t sleep with mom tonight,” he said.

“Not tonight, tomorrow,” she said, “And on one condition.”

“Anything,” he said, his heart fluttering wildly at the prospect.

“I’ll stop you if we go too far,” she said, “And you will stop if I say so.”



It was only after dinner that Atharva was able to corner Veena alone. The siblings hadn’t talked after their previous night’s romp. Veena gave a smile as she saw her brother. He could feel a great deal of emotion towards his sibling rising in his heart. The gravity of his previous night’s actions flashed in his mind suddenly. The siblings had lost their virginities to each other, and he had pumped full of his seed. He realized that he had been in love with his sister ever since that momentous night a few months ago, and was determined to cherish and treasure her always.

“I had fun last night,” he said.

“Me too,” she said, coming close to him. She then whispered into his ears, “I could feel your fun leak out of me all day.”

He grew hard at this. “Did you get a pill?” he asked.

Her smile disappeared at this. “I couldn’t go to the store today. I just hope it won’t be too late by tomorrow.”

He put his hand around her and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll be there whatever happens.”

She snuggled into his arms, kissed him gently on his cheek, and said, “Well, that means you can come around tonight too then since I’m gonna be getting a pill tomorrow anyway.”

“Can’t wait,” he said. Though he was determined to make a quick stop tonight before going to his sister’s room.


Getting out of his room around midnight, Atharva silently made his way to the Pala tree. It was as if he knew what he needed to do in the back of his mind. He could feel an uncommon chill permeating the area, while the trees to his left seemed shrouded in mist. Nearing the tree, he could feel the unmistakably familiar scent and cool breeze in the air.

He could see her standing at the foot of the tree, beautiful and fearsome as ever. She had a smile on her face and looked pleased upon seeing him.

He approached her slowly, still intimidated and afraid of the wraith. She wasn’t who he wanted to talk to, though. He felt the ring in his finger with his other hand. Soon he felt a presence in his back and turned around to see his grand uncle.

“You have done well, my child. I’m impressed with your progress so far,”

“What antalya escort has happened to me?” asked Atharva.

He gave a condescending smile and said, “The powers you possess now is not even a fraction of what you can potentially possess under my tutelage child.”

“What sort of magic is this?”

“The common folks call it the dark arts,” he said, “Though there’s nothing dark about it. What I’ll teach you are the sciences passed on in our family from time immemorial. Something which has helped us maintain our dominance.”

“Why me?” Atharva asked flabbergasted,

“Because none of your uncles had the suitable aptitude for this,” he said, “I thought the arts were doomed to die out until you arrived, and I tested you. And you, my child, has exceeded my expectations.”

“What do I need to do?”

The man looked at him with eyes filled partly with regret. “I’m bound to the ring and you until I make sure that the arts are in safe hands,” he said, “You shall do the same. You will beget heirs and make sure that you pass on the knowledge to them.”

“Only learn and pass on?”

“Learn, use, and pass on. As I said, you will bring back the power and prestige that our house once held,” he said, adding, “You’ll also battle our enemies and spirits that seek you out.”

“Enemies?” he asked, now worried.

“Do not fear for now. It will be a while before they realize the existence of a new durmantravadi in the house. By then, I’ll make sure you are ready,” he said, “For now go and continue collecting power through pleasure, my child. You’ll need it for the lessons that I plan to start tomorrow.”

Atharva nodded. The man then turned to the Yakshi and said, “Now that you have the ring, Neeli here can manifest in a physical form with you. She’ll join you tomorrow and lead you to the place where we can start it all again. Now go.”

He nodded and turned to leave. Suddenly the breeze and the scent stopped. Turning back, he saw that both of them had vanished.


As he tiptoed his way into Veena’s room, he felt more confident and energetic than the previous day. He was looking forward to these night time exploits he had planned. The move here had certainly paid off for him so far.

He opened her door slowly and peered inside. A pleasant white light wafted through her closed glass window, bathing the bed and its occupant in it. She was draped in her sheets and sleeping peacefully, evident by the smooth rise and fall of her body in tune with her breathing. Getting inside, he gently closed the door of the room and made his way to her bed.

Tiptoeing, he slowly crept into her bed. Lifting the sheets, he was surprised to find her naked underneath. The movement allowed cold air from the air conditioner to hit her naked form, and she shivered at this sudden invasion. Waking up groggily, she smiled at him and pulled him in for a deep kiss.

“I thought we could save time by getting rid of the undressing me part,” she said.

“Good thinking as always, sis,” he said, yanking off and casting his t-shirt aside. He stepped back and removed his shorts, and threw it onto the pile of his clothing on the floor. Once undressed, he almost jumped on to his sister’s naked body.

Moving close to her, he grabbed her naked form with his hands as his face sought out hers in the dark. He kissed her on her chin and moved upwards to find her luscious lips waiting for him. Sucking hard on them, he slipped his tongue into her mouth and found hers on the way, trying to reach his mouth. Battling it out in her mouth, the siblings began making out passionately, and Atharva let his hands slide to his sister’s cunt. Her channel was slick with juices and extremely hot to touch. She moaned hard into his mouth at his intrusion into her depths, before extricating herself from his mouth.

“Fuck me, little brother,” she said, “Give it to me hard this time.”

He was quite enjoying the make-out session with his sister and needed no further instructions. Taking his now steel like hard rod in his hand, he positioned himself at her entrance, ready to break in once more into her waiting channel. He could feel the heat of her dripping canal on the head of his cock. Dimly, he was also aware of the heavy load now constrained within his balls; the thought of pumping it all into his fertile sister before daybreak made him harder.

Drawing out some of her copious moisture into his cockhead, he pushed inside hard. She gasped at this hard, drawing a lungful of air into her lungs as her brother’s massive dick threatened to tear her in half. Her tight and wet cunt gripped him like a glove, multiplying his pleasure manifold. He withdrew and then penetrated her again with full force, this time managing to get his entire cock inside her. By now, his cock was wet with her juices, and he could feel himself sliding easily into her with every thrust.

Soon he could feel her cervix and his mind once again filled with thoughts of her fertile antalyadaspor.com womb that lay just beyond, which he had filled with his seed just the previous night. He was determined to fill it again tonight. The thought of his seed finding fertile ground in her belly made him almost lose control.

He took her left breast in his mouth and sucked deeply on her now rock hard nipple. She moaned again at this, overcome with pleasure as he played with her breasts, switching continuously between the two. Taking his hands off her sides, he took one breast in each of his hands and squeezed hard, before taking his mouth back to hers. The siblings began making out deeply again as she moaned continuously into his mouth. He could feel spasms emanating from her body, making him realize that she was close to her first climax for the night. He drove hard into her at this knowledge, almost hammering her with his dick.

She moaned and came hard on his cock, coating it with her juices. He could feel the grip on his dick getting even tighter at this, almost pushing him over the edge. He wanted desperately to come. Suddenly she pushed him off her gently. She pushed him onto the bed and placed her legs on his either side.

“Let’s try something new,” she said, straddling him. Deftly, she guided his cock back into her sopping wet hole and soon began riding him at a pace far exceeding his. The air was filled with the slick noises of their frantic fucking.

Reaching up with his hands, he took a breast in each of his palms and began kneading them hard. The softness and firmness of the tissue pleased him, and he rose to taste them once again. Tracing his way up from both, he found himself sucking hard on her neck. He looked up to see her with eyes closed in ecstasy, enjoying every moment of their coupling.

“My God, brother. Why do I get the feeling that your cock has grown in size since yesterday,” she asked. It was true; he could feel himself reaching depths he had been unable to conquer the previous night. If her cervical barrier hadn’t thwarted him, he could have gone further, he felt, potentially depositing his seed deep in the recesses of her womb.

He didn’t reply directly and only kissed her. He could feel his limit approaching fast. The bubbling sensation he could feel in his balls told him that this was a giant load. Releasing her mouth to warn her, he said, “I’m going to come now.”

“Just a second. I’m almost there too. Let’s come together,” she said.

“Inside?” he asked, though he knew what her answer would be. He was determined to seed her regardless, anyway.

“Of course,” she said, “Breed me, little bro. I need your seed inside me.”

He climaxed at that moment, sending jet after jet flooding her insides. The feeling of his come, rising through his shaft, directly into her depths, was quite exhilarating. She came violently then too, milking his cock for every drop that she could. The feel of her brother inseminating her unprotected womb at her most fertile period was enough to give her a mind-shattering orgasm unlike any before.

Slowly the siblings collapsed in each other’s arms without decoupling, panting like hell. Both of them had a thick layer of sweat, despite the cool air conditioner. Unlike the previous night, both of them were too tired to continue and swiftly fell asleep without even removing his dick from her pussy.

At around five in the morning, Atharva woke up and found his sister sleeping calmly in his arms. The feel of her naked skin on his pleased him immensely and almost made him long for the time he could spend the whole night cuddling up with her. Taking care not to wake her, he slowly extricated himself from her sleeping form. His dick plopped out of her well-fucked cunt, and he found a small quantity of semi-dry semen collected at her entrance.

He tucked her in neatly into her sheets, collected his clothes, and walked back to his room. It was then that he noticed his biceps.

He had been a skinny but healthy guy all his life. Now, however, he was surprised to see his arms and chest looking quite muscular. He was delighted at this; he knew that it was his powers manifesting now. As he looked forward to seeing how things would unfold now, he couldn’t help but be happy at the turn of the events.


The following afternoon after lunch, Atharva was reading a book when he heard the doorbell. This was quite unusual, and he rushed to the main door to find his mom chatting with a woman. As she moved aside, he could see the woman’s face, which made him gasp.

It was her, Neeli, the Yakshi, standing there now in the flesh, chatting with his mother. She turned and flashed him a beautiful smile, which made his heart flutter. He remembered his grand uncle’s promise that she would come to him in a physical form and understood immediately.

“Neeli here is joining us as a maid from today,” his mother told him.

“That’s great,” he stammered.

“She lives nearby, so she’ll help us with every chore out here,” she said.

Atharva knew how close she lived, but held his tongue. He simply nodded and turned to go back.

“Can you show her around the kitchen, sweetie? I need to take a shower now,” his mother asked and turned to her, “You can start by making us tea. He’ll show you the ingredients.”

“Sure,” he said, beckoning her to follow him. Once they were out of their mother’s earshot, he turned to her and asked, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“As my previous master promised, I’m here to teach you stuff you can’t find on your own,” she said coolly, “And to keep you satisfied in other ways.”

“But what if my mother or sisters find out?” he asked angrily.

“They won’t,” she said, narrowing her eyes, “Unless you tell them. Which you won’t.”

He led her quietly to the kitchen. Reaching there, he turned to face her and asked, “Neeli. Is that your real name?”

“It’s the name I carried while I was alive,” she said, “A name my master chose to retain. As my new master, you can give me another if you like, though.”

“No, I like it,” he said, “So does that mean you will do anything I ask you to?”

“Anything that I can do,” she said, flashing him a seductive smile.

“What all can you do?” he asked.

She came close to him and took his hand in hers before answering, “In this form, almost anything that a woman can do. And a bit more.”

She moved her face close to him and kissed him hard, filling his nostrils with the familiar flowery scent. His mouth was also filled with the delicious sweetness that his grand-uncle had made him experience the other night.

“Not here,” he said, “Someone might come.”

“I’m tied to the house and can see what is happening in all rooms and with all its occupants at any time,” she said.

“Really?” he asked, delighted.

“Your mother,” she said, “Is naked and wet, in her bathroom, soaping herself in the shower. I can see her going extra hard on her tits. I wonder who she’s thinking of that makes her derive so much pleasure in her fantasies.”

Atharva got hard on hearing this. He could imagine the scene himself and tried to push the thought away. She put her hands on his crotch and slipped it under his shorts, grabbing his cock.

“And your twin sister,” she said, whispering into his ears, “Is also naked in her room, playing with herself. I guess she can’t stop thinking about the promise you made to her about tonight.”

He gulped hard at this. He had promised not to go too far with her, and yet the thought of the things he could do to his virginal twin sister made his dick twitch in her hands. She yanked his pants down and kneeled in front of him, bringing her face level with his cock.

“I need to tell you that you have an organ befitting of a scion of this family,” she said, her eyes wide with desire, “This fine specimen will sire many heirs.”

He got harder at this statement. She pumped it a few times before kissing his cock and taking it into her mouth. The feel of her mouth on his dick made him feel as if he was in heaven. Moving forward, he could feel his cock touching her throat, which didn’t seem to matter to her at all. Soon she started bobbing up and down on his penis, giving him unimaginable pleasure. He could sense the supernatural skill she possessed in this act; the tight grip that her mouth had all over his dick and the smooth and pleasant touches that her tongue all threatened to push him over the edge soon.

She took his dick out of her mouth at that very moment, eliciting a groan from him. Gripping it with her hands, she looked lovingly at his eyes and said, “I can sense it is not me who desire, master.”

“Noo…” he said helplessly.

“You wish right now it was one of your sister’s pussy wrapped around you so that you could pump your seed into her fertile body and create an heir who could carry your name forward.”

He groaned at feeling his cock twitch hard.

“Or do you wish you were inseminating the very womb you came from? Your mother’s?” she asked.

Atharva grabbed the back of her face, and forcefully pushed his cock back into her mouth and began humping her face hard. He could feel his release building in his balls. Without warning her, he came hard, shooting jet after jet down her throat. She swallowed it all hungrily, eying him with eyes full of unsalted desire.

“You have given me enough nourishment for a week Master,” she said, “Though I would not refuse another helping sooner.”

“Is it harmful to me?” he asked, “You and what we did.”

“On the contrary, it’s good for you,” she said, “As you were told that night, the more pleasure you derive from the flesh, the faster will your powers grow.”

He nodded, buttoning up his pants. She had now started making the tea and continued, “Your powers are already manifesting. I can feel that you are more virile and potent than anyone. You’ll face no difficulties tonight with your twin.”

He blushed at this. “Potent?” he asked.

“Of course,” she said, “A tiny drop of your seed will be enough to impregnate both your sisters as well as your mother. A tiny drop of the stuff that you now produce in gallons.”

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