Dr Mabuse SOI: Tom, Angie, , Mark

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Hello, my name is Tom but all of my friends and family call me Tommy. I live in a large city in southern California but grew up in Texas. I have a younger sister named Angela and everyone calls her Angie. She married Mark, her high school boyfriend who enlisted in the military after graduating. Mark joined the military to get college money but liked the service and decided to make a career of it. Mark and Angie have lived in many parts of the country and I had very few chances to see her after she was married. Recently, Mark was assigned duty at the base close to the city where I lived. I was looking forward to seeing my sister on a regular basis.

Angie is two years younger than me. We were close as brother and sister and when we were in our teens, maybe too close. Our youthful hormones were kicking in and we were experimenting with each other. My first experience with a girl was with Angie as we masturbated together and had oral sex. In high school, our sexual relationship faded as we found interests with other people in high school. I went to college in California after high school and stayed there. I am not married although I have had many loves and sexual experiences over the years.

It was in late January when Angie and Mark arrived. I had them stay at my home for a few weeks until they found an apartment and when their household belongings finally arrived from Mark’s last duty station. It was good to be around my sister again. I had not seen her in several years but she still looked fine for 27. She had the same blond hair, blue eyes, and a petite figure with 36 C’s. I didn’t really know Mark well but he turned out to be a good person and we got to be good buddies. As it turned out, Mark was a big hockey fan like me. Since Angie was not a lover of hockey, Mark and I would hang out at this sports bar on Wednesday nights and watch the game.

My 30th birthday was coming up and I decided to have a hot tub put in as a present to me.

The project took longer than I thought and my birthday came and went before the tub was up and running. Once operational, I loved being in the hot soothing water on those chilly nights before summer really comes to California. The playoffs had started and as usual, Mark and I were at the sports bar that Wednesday evening. We get there about an hour before the game, grabbed a few beers, and staked out our favorite spot by the big screen TV. We chatted awhile and then Mark started a conversion that would change my relationship with him and with my sister for the next year.

“Tommy” said Mark, “You have lived in California for some time. Are the people here really open minded as they say?”

“Well” I replied, “This used to be a real crazy place to live but people are more conservative than they used to be. I guess it depends on what you mean by open minded.”

“I mean like swinging.” said Mark as he raised his eyebrows.

“I don’t think Austin Powers has been here lately” I joked, “If you are talking about partner swapping and group sex, yes, that still goes here. I have done some of that stuff before. Why?”

“Don’t take any offense as you are Angela’s brother and all” Mark apologized “But I have always wanted to try that and we have talked about it. I mean, Angie has a fantasy about it like I do but she says that she could not do it with a stranger or even a close friend.”

“What kind of swinging have you talked about”, I asked.

“We have talked about swapping with other couples, threesomes with another guy or girl.

I think that Angie would do a bi scene if with the right person. We have talked about a lot of things but we never have tried anything. I thought maybe being California something might happen. The small communities that we lived in before were real conservative and there were no chances of meeting anyone who was into that.”

I smiled and said, “I’m surprised that Angie would consider some group activity but then again, maybe not. Angie was pretty wild in school and I guess she still is. You would know that better than I do.”

“You know it” smiled Mark, “ She’s hot in the sack. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we not satisfying each other but we expand our sexual lives if it feels good.”

“Oh, I understand” I said, “I’ve done that scene, once or twice.”

“You see” said Mark who bent his head across the table towards me so no one could hear the conversation, “Angie told me this and you tell me if its’ true. Did you and Angie fool around when you were younger?”

I was taken back at first but motioned Mark to pick up his beer and we moved to a quieter part of the bar where no one was sitting. “OK” I said, “Yes that’s true. I’m surprised that Angie told you that but it’s OK. We were younger then but I enjoyed it and it is some of my fondest memories from my teen years. What did Angie say about it?”

“You know how couples talk?” replied Mark, “Each other want to know who your first love was, who was your first time, who was the best, that sort of stuff. Angie didn’t want to talk about some of that and she was embarrassed. It wasn’t about what she did but that I would think less of her. After reassuring her, she told be me about the two of gaziantep escort you. After hearing everything, I told her that I got excited hearing about the two of you and thought it was cool. I wanted to screw my sister when I was a teenager but it would remain a fantasy. My sister didn’t like me much. Anyway, Angie enjoyed those early days too and she wishes she could relive them again.”

“Wow” whistled from my lips, “I always wondered how she felt about that after all these years. I’m happy that she thinks fondly of those days like I do.”

“Well, this is where I’m getting” said Mark, “What do you think about us three hooking up? I almost choked on my beer and Mark explained more, “We want to try something with more than just Angie and me. She is hesitant about it but she might do it if it is with you! I mean the thought of you two together having incest turns me on and I really believe that Angie would like to do stuff with you again.”

I didn’t know what to say but the idea of a threesome with my sister and Mark did appeal to me. I told Mark, “Let me think about it. I would love to do that but I really want to think this over. I am so happy to have my sister around after being separated for so many years, I really don’t want to screw up our relationship. I’ll call you back in a couple of days about doing that. OK?”

We went back to watching the game and sports talk but my sister was in the back of our minds. I thought about it and decided I couldn’t resist not doing it. I wanted to create a situation where it could happen and if it did, then cool. If it wasn’t going to happen then

everything would be OK and our relationship would stay the same. I called Mark and told

him that I couldn’t make the sports bar next week but that Angie and he should come over to my house Saturday for some BBQ, drinks, and try out the new hot tub.

Angie and Mark came over that Saturday afternoon. We sat on my patio and had some drinks while I was slow smoking some ribs. It was getting twilight by the time we finished with dinner and the cool evening breezes were coming in. It was getting chilly compared to the warm sunny afternoon and I could that Angie was getting cold.

Cleaning up the patio table, I mentioned, “Its getting cool out tonight. We can go into or try out my new hot tub?” I heard a unanimous response for the hot tub and walked over to remove the cover, turn on the lights and water jets. I told them that they could change in the spare bedroom where I had some extra bath robes that could wear. I went into my room, stripped, put on my robe and headed back to the tub. I assumed that Mark and Angie would have swim suits on and I wanted to see what her response would be if I was already nude. I had hurried so that I would be in the tub before they came out. I set out a bottle of wine and some glasses, dimmed the lights, removed my robe, and eased into the hot tub. The water felt nice as the weather was getting cooler. I had privacy walls on the left and right of my property but had a great open view of the city lights at the end of the property.

My attention to the view was stopped by the sounds of Mark and Angie coming by in their robes. Angie smiled, picked up the wine bottle, and starting pouring the chardonnay into the glasses. Mark undid the knot in his belt robe, let the robe fall to the ground, and step into the hot tub. To my surprise (or maybe not) he was nude. He sighed as he immersed himself into the hot water and moved across from me. Angie leaned over and handed Mark a glass of wine. Then she handed me a glass and I had a wonderful view of her cleavage as she bent towards me. My sister walked to the hot tub steps, let her robe slide to the ground, and walked nude into the hot tub with one hand on the rail

and the other holding her wine glass. She was beautiful and almost goddess like descending into the foaming water between Mark and myself.

Angie shook her hair back and motioned for us to toast our glasses. She said, “Here’s to us in California and to Tommy’s hot tub. I hope that that is appropriate attire for the west coast!” I nodded and she broadly grinned. We clinked our glasses and each drew a slip of wine. Soon the three of us were almost shoulder to shoulder chatting in the tub. My sister was as beautiful as ever. I noticed that she was looking me over which was the first time she had seen me nude in years. I try to keep in good shape but her husband had some both beat in that department which was probably his military training.

“So you like this part of the west coast lifestyle?” I asked

Angie took a sip of wine, smiled, and said “This is great! I’m enjoying the best weather, best beaches, and best times here with my best brother” She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Just look at that view. You can see the whole town light up from here.” She pointed her wine glass and said, “I think that is our apartment complex over there.”

“I think so” said Mark, “But I’d rather be here right now that there” Mark slipped his arm behind Angie’s, around her lower waist. I decided to see what happened when I slid my arm behind Angie’s back, crossing Mark’s arm, and around the babelan.net other side of her lower waist.

Angie smiled and laughed, “Such attention from you two! I’m with my two best guys.”

Mark said, “I love being out here. You couldn’t do this at the last place we lived. That town was the buckle on the Bible belt. Angie, can you believe that here we are in a hot tub, naked with your brother, drinking wine?”

Angie reached over my head and sat down her empty glass on the ground. She kept her arm behind me and laid it across my shoulders. Looking down at her husband, Angie said, “Looks like you might be enjoying yourself too much.” Angie reached down and playfully shook his stiff cock and laughed. Her arm slid off my shoulder and she rested that hand on my thigh. Seeing her touch her husband and feeling her hand on my thigh, caused my cock to stiffen also. Angie was smiling at her husband and looked over me with that same smile and looked down. “You guys are terrible!” she laughingly exclaimed. “What am I going to do with you two!”

Mark smiled back and said, “I know what I would like to see you do with us, two.”

Angie whispered to Mark, “I know we have talked about this, but Tommy is my brother.”

Her whisper wasn’t that low and with my free hand, I touched her hand on my thigh and moved it to my cock. I whispered, “I would love to join you two. I can’t tell you how many times I thought about us from the past and wished we could do it again.”

Angie’s eyes widen and she looked a little shocked but then smiled at me and whispered, “me too.” Her hands started to explore on their own as she whispered again, “You gotten bigger since you were a teenager.” Mark slid aside and was going to watch us for awhile.

I lifted Angie easily in the buoyant water and sat her on my lap facing me with her legs wrapped around my hips. It was wonderful to feel her breasts against my chest again. I kissed her like we had in the past with our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. Angie

pulled away for a moment and catching her breath moaned, “Oh god, this feels like old times. Let’s get into drier ground, OK?”

We slowly got out of the water into the chilly air. Angie was full of goose bumps and our cocks shrunk back to normal. Putting on the cold robes, we raced back into the warm house and flopped down on my bed. Angie rolled on top on me and started to kiss me as my hands eased into her robe and felt her butt. After a few moments, Angie looked over to Mark who was stroking his cock, watching and asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?

He nodded fixated on us. Angie broke into a big smile and said, “I do too!”

I smiled, and said, “Me three!”

Angie laid back on me, gently kissing me as Mark lifted the robe from her body. My hands roamed her body and I compared it to how it felt years ago. Angie is more developed since then but her body still felt great. My cock grew and was sticking between her thighs as she started to kiss down my neck and chest. Soon, Angie was kissing where we both wanted. It was almost deja vue to have my sister sucking on my cock again and as she licked my cockhead, it took me back to when we were teens doing this for the first time. Mark had moved closer to us to get a better view of us. Angie glanced over to see Mark stroking himself and smiled while moving her lips up and down my cock. Angie moved her hand over to Mark and now, two hands stroking his cock

Angie moved to all fours and moved her tongue over to Mark’s cock. I got on all fours behind Angie and moved my tongue into her pussy. Angie tasted the same as when she

was a teen and as sweet. Angie was enjoying the action and started to rotate her hips around my face and increased her lip movement on Mark’s cock. I knew that I would do something that I had not done in the past and that was to fuck my sister. With that in mind, I straighten out on my knees and moved my cock between Angie’s thigh and stoked my cock against her clit. Angie moaned in approval and with a slight movement

of my guiding hand, my cock eased deep in her pussy. What a feeling! If I had known now what it felt like, I would have fucked my sister many years ago. I was in ecstasy pumping Angie from behind and now, Mark was on his knees fucking Angie’s mouth.

Mark and I exchanged grins and we watched each other fuck Angie. Sweat was pouring down my back as my pumping grew faster and I closed my eyes, lunged deep, and came

in Angie. It seems that Angie was in orgasm for some time already and the hot cum just added another delightful feeling for her. I regained some consciousness and opened my eyes to see Mark sliding my cock into my sister’s eager mouth and with a sigh, he arched his back and came into Angie’s mouth. Her eyes opened widely as she swallowed his load. We untangled ourselves and briefly rested on our backs with Angie between us.

I looked over at my sister and glanced at Mark and said, “That was so hot! I have been in a few threesomes before, but this was the best. Angie, it felt like when we were teens. I absolutely loved being with you again.”

Angie smiled and said, “I wasn’t too sure about this threesome stuff and being with my brother again, but this was great. It was like old times. How come we never screwed back then?

“I don’t know” I replied, “We should have! Mark, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing great.” Mark replied, “It was everything that I imagined and loved seeing you two fuck. I really got an extra thrill watching.”

Later that evening, the threesome resumed and it became our regular Saturday night plan. Sometimes we were at Mark and Angie’s place and sometimes we were at mine. Sometimes, it would be all three of us together, sometimes Mark and I would take turns and screw Angie all night, and sometimes Mark just wanted to watch us together.

Several months of fun had passed when Mark and I took Angie out for her birthday. We rented this luxury condo in a mountain resort for the weekend where there was a great restaurant nearby. It was a great place with a great view of the mountains, huge fireplace, and a round king size bed. After a great dinner, we sat around the fireplace, drinking wine

and glazing at the fire. There was a knock at the door which was room service bringing Angie’s birthday cheesecake to the room. Mark answered the door and brought the cake

over to Angie.

“Surprise!” said Mark

“Oh, my favorite.” smiled Angie, “I thought that you had forgotten birthday cake or that maybe you thought I was too old for that!”

I wouldn’t forget, you know that” said Mark lighting the candles, “Blow out the candles and make a wish.”

Angie thought for a minute, leaned over, and blew out the candles. Mark pulled out the candles and then we took our forks and started to sample the cheesecake.

“Great cheesecake” I said, “I think this was your favorite at home. By the way what was your wish?”

“Ahh, you two really don’t want to know.” grinned Angie.

“Come on, what is your wish?” goaded Mark

“Well…. If you two really want to know” smiled Angie, “You know that you have to make it come true since tonight is my birthday” Mark and I smiled and nodded yes. “I

have always wanted to watch two guys do each other.” I laughed but the smile slid off of Mark’s face. “Not anything like butt fucking but doing stuff, you know”

“I would do anything for my sister on her birthday” I said and looked at Mark who wasn’t sure what to say or do.

“Honey, you will do this for me, won’t you?” grinned Angie, “My husband has to do anything I want on my birthday.” Mark reluctantly nodded. “I will tell you what to do.”

“You two take off your clothes while I change” Angie left to the bedroom while Mark

looked glumly at me.

“I don’t think I can do this” he said, “Not even for Angie”

“Hey Mark, don’t take this seriously” I said, “We both know that we aren’t gay and it will be like when we were kids, experimenting with sex. Angie is not going to have you do anything that is going to hurt you. She is just fulfilling a fantasy like you did.”

Mark and I removed our clothing and were drinking wine on the couch when Angie came back in a red crouchless teddy and a small velvet bag. Smiling, she said “I see you two are ready to be my bi boys for the night. First, I want my brother to jack Mark off.” Angie came over to me and gave me a nice French kiss or two while reaching into her velvet bag for a jar of Vaseline. She had Mark stand up with his legs spread apart and had me kneel on the rug.

I opened the jar and scooped out a spoonful of Vaseline. I worked the grease onto the fingertips of both hands and spread the Vaseline on Mark’s cock. To my surprise, Mark responded to my touch right away and got hard. I started to pump Mark with one hand and then using both hands, worked the sticky smooth lubricant up and down his shaft and over the head of his cock. Angie was enjoying the show and removed a vibrator from her bag. With a gentle buzzing sound in the air, Angie started to work the vibrator across her clit. I started to stroke Mark with one hand again and applied some more Vaseline with the other hand on his balls. I could see that he had closed his eyes but was enjoying being jacked off by another man. Soon his balls were being softly massaged with Vaseline and he had pre cum mixing with my stroking hand and the Vaseline. The pace of my stroking hand increased as Angie leaned over, tongued my ear, and whispered some instructions in my ear.

My non-stroking hand scooped some more Vaseline and applied the grease between Mark’s butt cheeks. My stroking hand was going up and down on Mark’s cock faster as my other hand slid behind his balls and massaged the Vaseline around his ass hole. My index finger moved in circles massaging him where I could insert my index finger fully into his ass. I had done this many times with women but it was different with another man, tighter, more muscular. Mark was getting off on this as he pushed his hips forward, moving his cock in my hand as I rhythmically pushed my finger in and out with his hips. Angie was looking at us wide eyed and moaning while the vibrator was sliding in and out of her pussy. Mark’s cock was getting thick and soon his knees bent with a lunge into my hand, he shot his cum on my chest. Angie shook her hips as she came, witnessing her brother jacking off her husband with his cum dripping down his chest. Angie put the vibrator aside and kneeled next to me, massaging the cum onto my chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32