Dinner for…

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I’m driving to meet you, you are in the shower getting yourself ready for a night out with me, your phone buzzes with another text from me…

‘By now pet, you’ll be naked in the shower and I’m hard imagining the water running down your body, over your breasts down between your legs. Get back in the shower and stand with one leg on the side of the bath and part your lips. Spray the shower head onto your clit and think of me kneeling in front of you, your leg over my shoulder as I slowly lick your pussy, holding your hands behind your back. when you are about to come, stop and dry yourself. Wear a short skirt for me tonight, a nice lace bra thong set and your favourite heels, I will meet you in the restaurant at 7.’

I arrive a little late and see you at the table, a round table hidden away in the corner of the restaurant. I lean down placing my hand on your shoulder, my thumb running over your collar bone softly as I peck your cheek, then your lips as you turn to face me.

“You look amazing pet and Sir is very pleased, good girl.”

I sit next to you and without a word I take the wine list and begin to read. You know not to move, your back straight, knees together hands facing upwards under the table on your legs, awaiting your next instructions….

The waitress comes over and immediately asks if we are ready to order, instinctively looking at you first before I begin to speak.

“A glass of Rose and…..” I pause and lean into you, my mouth next to your ear.

“Open your legs girl.”

I turn back to the waitress, “And a glass of red please.”

As your knees part quickly, almost like a reflex to my command, my hand rests lightly on your knee, I continue to look over the menu slowly browsing through it. My hand moves slowly along your inner thighs, out of the corner of my eye I see your chest rise and fall as your breathing becomes heavier and your eyes glaze over. I reach your thong and tracing my fingers over the fabric and I smile as I recognise the pattern at the front of them, gently pressing them against your pussy, by now quite damp.

‘You know pet, I do enjoy the first moment each time I reach your pussy, clothed or not as you never ceased to amaze me how wet you become for me, how you are always ready for me.”

You try to smile, inside you are flattered and proud at how well you present yourself to me, how much appreciated it is, but at the same time you are shocked at the fact I say these words out loud as if it’s a normal conversation. You worry someone over heard, but at the same time your clit throbs knowing you are mine and what other people see or hear doesn’t matter.

The waitress arrives with our wine, as she leans over to place on the table, my fingers slip under the thong and effortlessly inside you.

“Are you ready to order?” she asks, my fingers slowly teasing out before slipping out of you as they begin to circle your clit. “Could you tell me what the specials are?”

I smirk, knowing that inside you are crying out ‘Bastard’ I have no interests in the specials, but you know better than to say anything, not that you would in front of company like this. On the flip side you enjoy the way I can tease you, use you, enjoy you while I’m seemingly busy with other things.

You see the waitresses’ mouth move but you hear nothing as all you can think about are my fingertips, expertly toying with you. I feel your hand grip my forearm, I know you are close as I turn to you and look at you to tell you to assume your position again, as my fingers slow down against your clit.

“My pet will have the seared tuna and I’ll have the fillet steak please, medium to well done.” The word pet makes your clit throb, but it goes unnoticed by our waitress.

She leaves as I remove my fingers and bring them to your mouth.

“Good girl,” as you lick them clean just how I like it.

“Now I noticed that your thong was quite wet, go to the ladies and remove it, but play with yourself through the fabric first until you’re at the edge of orgasm.”

I watch you leave, not being able to take my eyes off you as you leave the room. Opening the Ladies your are relieved that you’re alone, you walk into the stall, locking it behind you as your raise your skirt and lean backwards against the wall, slowly rubbing your pussy through the thong, only you know what’s going through your mind. You are close to the edge and so desperately want to come. ‘He won’t know, will he’? Your conscience wrestles with you, ‘of course he’ll know, he always knows.’

You decide to stop, just like the good whore that you are, but before your skirt is lowered, the door flings wide open, your eyes open quickly, but not quick enough to see me before I turn your around, my hands around your neck as I lift your skirt and tear your thong off, my already hard cock throbbing as I feel your dripping wet cunt engulf it. Your gasps make your mouth open wide, just long enough for me to stuff your thong in it as my cock thrusts inside your dripping wet pussy. I push you Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort against the wall as I fuck you hard, without mercy, a raw need that has to be met, only you have ever brought out this side of me. One hand at your throat, gripping it tightly, the other against your inner thighs, fingers curling as they dig into your flesh, forcing them apart as my cock stretches you and thrusts deep inside you.

Within a few minutes you feel my cock swell inside you as I start to come, my hands tighten as I empty myself inside you, pressing against you, the side of my face against your shoulder as I catch my breath, arms wrapped around you as both our pounding hearts can be felt by the other.

I zip myself up and turn around, without looking back. “Your dinner is getting cold.”

As I walk away, you fall against the floor, breathless but knowing you need to be back at the table quickly. you reach down and feel my come running down your thighs, as you reach up for a tissue to take care of it, you hear the door open as I leave, calling out.

‘Leave my cum where it is.’

And the door closes.

I am sitting back at the table as you walk back to me, smiling. I smile back as I pull out the table to allow you to sit down. My hand moves beneath the table as I tap the inside of your knee causing you to instinctively part them. My hand reaches up and takes your chin between thumb and forefinger as I kiss your cheek.

“Good girl.”

My fingers inch lower as my hands softly grip your neck, my lips brushing your as I slowly slide my tongue between them, kissing you softly whilst my hands grip your neck tighter just how I like it. Kissing you harder, tongue deeper as my hand moves down between your legs, finding your thighs soaked in my come and your juices as I force two fingers back inside you, stretching you. Bringing my soaked fingers to your mouth making you lick them clean, not that you needed any encouragement.

We are interrupted by the waitress as she arrives with our food, her nipples poking through her blouse as her cheeks grow red, she places our food on the table. As always, you wait for permission to start before we both begin out meal. I find myself watching you, how your lips part as you slowly put each mouthful in, watching your throat expand each time you swallow, reminding me of the sight I see overtime I stretch your throat with my cock. As I watch you, I feel my cock growing hard once more and thoughts, again, turn to using you.

I call over the waitress and as she approaches I turn to you and roughly force 2 fingers inside you, finding you still dripping wet like my good girl always is. Curling my fingers upwards I feel the rough sponge part inside you and caress it, feeling your chest rise and fall as I look indoor eyes, seeing them widen as the waitress arrives and your disbelief is overshadowed by your arousal at being used this way in front of an audience. The waitress asks if we have finished, but I simply ignore her as I have more important things to attend to, so she waits patiently as I begin to kiss and devour your neck.

“Clean this up.”

She steps forward and reaches for the plates, just as I remove my fingers from your pussy, holding them up.

“Not them, this….”

My hand in the air she looks confused as I stare into her eyes, as hers lower to see my drenched fingers. Biting her bottom lip she stares at my hand before leaning forward and slowly taking each finger in her mouth, slowly licking them clean her eyes fixed on yours as she does so.

“Doesn’t she taste wonderful?” She nods in agreement as she completely clean them, stepping back standing by the table with her hands behind her back, her nipples hard through her, not tight, blouse.

I beckon her to me and lean over to her, whispering in her ear, then I turn my attention back to you, checking you are ok, watching your eyes grow wide as you see her crawl under the table……

I turn to you again telling you to put your hands on the table, palms down, and not to move no matter what.

my hand grips your throat as I slowly kiss you, gently at first but soon with more urgency as my tongue flicks and teases your lips. I know this drives you wild and my cock throbs at your frustration.

I smile.

My hand slowly works its way down, unbuttoning your blouse one button at a time, all the time kissing you, sometimes softly, sometimes roughly, occasionally stopping myself to inch back and look into your eyes, if only to seek out the ache in them.


Your blouse undone now as you knees part obediently, running the backs of my fingers across your stomach, to your sides around to your back as it arches on that cusp of tickling and pleasure, something I learned at the cinema that time.

You feel a pair of hands on your knees holding them apart, wide, as a pair of lips softly, slowly kiss their way along the insides of your thighs. Working their way up along the left, nothing but her warm breath Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort touching your pussy as she continues to your right thigh down to your knee.

You feel the pressure of her fingers digging into your skin as she moves her mouth to your pussy, where she stops, awaiting instruction.

“How badly do you desire this pet?”

Looking in your eyes, I see them widen as they give me your answer, my right hand gripping your hair pulling your head back sharply as softly kiss your neck. My other hand reaches under the table as I grip the waitresses hair, pulling her sharply towards you as her mouth engulfs your pussy, her tongue diving straight inside you. Hearing you moan I pull your hair harder, wrapping it into my fist as I bite on your neck, greedily sucking, licking feasting on it as I hear the waitress moan over your pussy, all the time pulling her hard into you. Her hand runs along the inside of my thighs as she starts to rub my hard cock through my trousers, it’s throbbing so hard again as I imagine her tongue deep inside you. I reach over the table and take a knife, slowly running the back of the blade against your stomach as it travels upwards, slipping under the centre of your bra. Looking into your eyes I apply enough pressure to cut it open, your breast falling out with your nipples giving you away, as If there was any doubt how turned on you are. My mouth slides down your neck, your chest before I take a nipple between my teeth, biting gently as I suck on it. My fingers toy with the other, still feeling her hand on my cock as she unzips me, releasing my hard, wet, cock. I feel her weight shift as she’s about to take me into her mouth but I stop her, pulling her to me as I kiss her hard, tasting your pussy on her mouth, her tongue, her lips before pushing her down to my cock. I turn to you and kiss you deeply, letting you taste yourself third-hand. Her mouth engulfs my cock as I continue kissing you, feeling you moan against me, our tongues battling away in each others mouths, before I pull back, looking into your eyes…

“Slut, I have missed you….”

Still kissing you, I push the table forwards as we both look down and can see her sucking on my cock, her hand grips my cock as she moves lower to lick under my balls, taking one in her mouth as her eyes look up at me, then to you, pulling my foreskin right back showing you my full red wet head.

Releasing my grip on your throat, ‘be a good girl and help our friend’ my fist grips your hair once more, forcing your head down over my cock, straight to the back of your throat as I force you all the way down, knowing full well you can’t breathe right now. I pull you up slightly, my cock still in your throat before pushing you back down just an inch, slowly just edging your throat the way I trained you, my cock stretching it, forcing in a little deeper before pulling back slightly. Allowing you just enough room, and time, to breathe as she licks my balls and your saliva as it drools over them.

This continues for some time as your throat is gently, but harshly, fucked as my hand grips the back of your neck tightly, controlling the motion. Her hand moves between your legs, which initially remain closed…


I force your throat even deeper onto my cock as your legs open wide inviting her to lick your pussy again, your moans vibrate around the head of my cock as her tongue dives inside your soaking wet cunt, her fingers opening you wide so she can get deeper…

“Stretch her ass for me girl, I’ll be using that soon.”

She moans as well as her fingers start teasing your ass, her tongue never leaving your cunt. I feel you moan louder and longer as she invades you, obviously you are looking forward to me taking you there, just like you always do. Pulling your mouth from my cock I lift you up to kiss you deeply, my tongue fighting yours as I look into your tear filled eyes.

I smile.

“Get on all fours…”

You comply as always and get on all fours on the long seat while I stand and grip your hair in my fist, pushing your head back so your throat is straight, ready for me.

“Fuck her with three fingers, stretch her and tongue her ass, get it nice and ready for my cock.”

I force my cock deep into your mouth, all the way down your throat until your nose is pressed against my stomach, holding you there for a few seconds before slowly pulling you. Looking down at your, your eyes streaming as the make up runs down your face..

“Ready my whore?”

You pause before nodding your head as I force my way deep into your throat, this time not stopping as I fuck it hard without mercy, needing to use your throat the same way I’ve used your ass and pussy many times, fulfilling MY need. At one point, your hands reach up to my thighs in an effort to push me away. I don’t stop fucking your throat and take your hands, placing them on my ass as I look down at you. You look up at me as I fuck your throat, your eyes saying, pleading, what your mouth Ümraniye Vip Escort has many times over.

‘Please!! PLEASE!!!’

But you know it’s useless, you are mine and your mouth is a vessel for my use as I continue to pound your throat. I feel my balls begin to tighten as my orgasm begins, but I pull out, not wanting to come, not in your throat. A long trail of my pre cum and your saliva trails from my cock to your chin and lips your make up streaming down your face. I tell you to turn round and tell her to lie back on the seat with her legs wide as you bend over in front of me and push your ass back towards me, I smile – as if this was your choice anyway. I rub the tip of my cock between your pussy lips, using your juices to cover my cock as I tease you. you’re just about to go down on her when I lean forward and grip your hair in my fist, pulling it back as the other grips your throat, squeezing it tightly as I whisper in your ear…

“You are such a good whore, you are MY whore and I love the fact I have moulded you to be what you are now.”

My cock rests at your ass, just the tip pressing against you….

“See how hard you make and keep my cock? I’m so proud of what you have become in order to please me and I am going to enjoy watching you eat her.”

I push your head back down, forcing your face into her cunt as I grip you hips, teasing your ass for a while with the tip of my cock before thrusting forward all the way, hearing you cry out in pain as she pulls your face to her cunt. Your screams are muffled as she grinds her cunt against your mouth, fucking you as she watches me take you completely. Stretching your ass, fucking you harder than deeper than ever before, sweat pouring down my chest, my breathing heavy as my nails dig into your flesh. Your cheeks, your hips your back, marking them purposely so you can feel them for weeks to come. You scream out in pain as I dig deeper than ever and thrust one last time while I empty myself inside you, crashing down onto you, my arms wrapping around you tightly.

I tell her to leave as I roll to the side taking your with me, still deep inside you. My back against the back of the seat, your back against me as I hold you tight, our breathing slowing down, our pulses felt against each other as we lay there in silence, lying together in the middle of the empty restaurant. I lift your chin up and kiss you softly.

“Good girl.”

Slipping out of you as my lips find yours, my tongue slipping between them my eyes fixed on yours.

“Clean my cock.”

Without hesitation you drop to your knees and slowly take my limp, wet cock into your mouth, looking up at me all the time as you clean very last drop of our juices. I love the feel of your mouth around my cock, especially when you pay attention to the head and flick your tongue waiting for my reactions. Looking down at you, smiling as I see my girl pleasing me I reach down and lift you to me, kissing you hard, tasting ourselves on you still amazed how I have no problem tasting myself on you.

The waitress returns, waiting patiently for us to finish. “Your room is ready Sir.” She places the room key on the table before walking away, which I take and hand it to you.

“The room is all yours for a while pet, I will join you shortly.”

I lean down, kissing your forehead before helping you up and walking you to the restaurant door.

You get in the lift and proceed to our room. Once inside you close the door, seeing a note pinned to the back…..

‘Hello Pet.

‘For the next hour, the room is yours, make the most of it and prepare yourself for me. Remove your clothes now and leave them here, then go to the bathroom and enjoy…..’

You slide your dress down your hips, letting it puddle on the floor as you step out and proceed towards the bathroom. As you open the door your bath ready, bubbles, candles, a glass of red wine next to an opened bottle with music softly playing in the back ground. You step into the bath, lowering yourself gently as you indulge yourself in the moment, sipping your wine letting the warm water and bubble caress you. The hour nearly passes and you soon get out, padding yourself dry with the towels as you notice another note on the back of the bathroom door …

‘I hope you enjoyed your bath pet, it truly makes me happy when I get to treat you this way, I will be up shortly so make sure you are ready for me. There is no need to dress other than the gift I have left for you in the lounge, by the couch. Put it on and wait, kneeling, with your back to me and I will fasten it when I’m ready…’

Proceed to the lounge, steam rising from your skin as you approach the table in the centre of the room, finding a large, flat box placed upon it. You proceed to open it, pulling open the thin sheets of paper to reveal a purple whale-boned corset. For a moment you just stare at it, toying with the fabric between your fingers as you look over every inch of it, imagining it tight around your body.

You hear the ping for the lift and know I am near, taking the corset and placing it around your body, carefully just doing the top bow, leaving the rest for me. Just as the door open, you kneel with your back to the couch and part your legs, your head to one side you brush your hair aside, exposing your shoulder and neck for me.

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