Dindi Pt. 04

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Chapter 4 is here. It took a little longer to be edited, but is finally ready.

You could call this “Travis’ Chapter”. It’s a bit serious. It explains him a little better, and even Morena makes some revelations of her own.

I’ve said this before, but let me say it one more time.

When I started writing this, I knew instantly that this wouldn’t be the kind of story (or characters) people in this site tend to love. It’s too serious, maybe. But I like real people with real feelings in real life situations. So I figured I’d submit this since Literotica has all kinds of stories for all kinds of people. This is more about the characters and the things they think and feel than about what happens around them. I try my best to write this as well as I possibly can, considering English is not my first language (I’ll always say this and apologize for whatever mistakes you might find). However, I imagine things I’m not sure I’m able to convey to you. I hope I do, though.

Be that as it may, some of you make a point of reading every single chapter of Dindi and letting me know what you think of it. I can’t thank you enough for all the nice comments and feedbacks (you know who you are!).

This story even got me a pen pal! linalinnius, you’re a sweetheart. Thanks for reading this before anyone else and highlighting (and fixing!) my mistakes for me.

Part 5 (the last part) is all written, just waiting to be revised a million times before I consider it good enough to be here.

I’ll shut up now.

I hope you like this,





Of everything her lips were what I loved the most. I knew exactly where they began and where they ended. I knew the little dimples in their corners that gave the illusion of a constant smile even when she was upset and serious. I knew that if I pressed three of my fingers to them, they’d disappear, and the contrast between my pale hand and her rich, gold and brownish skin was fascinating.

I loved their fulness. I loved it when they touched my skin. I loved it when she put them around me.

Right now they were all the more plump and pink, swollen from my ungentle kisses. Powerless to resist it, I shifted in my bed and pressed my lips to hers. I didn’t want to wake her up. But I wished she would, anyway, so I could make love to her again, and again.

Make love to her. I wondered when I started calling it that.

She breathed evenly, blowing warm, humid air out of her parted mouth. I kissed her again, I just had to. Dindi was a light sleeper, although she was very appreciative of the activity.

“Travis.” She spoke in her full of sleep voice, with her eyes still closed.

“Shhh. I’m sorry I woke you.” I lied, moving to kiss her now she could properly respond to me.

My lips touched hers very lightly, just to tease her. She felt semi-liquid so soft she was. Her body was delicious. Everything just begged me to take her. With a hand on my nape, under my hair, she moved closer and pressed her wondrous bed warm body to mine. She was so small I was afraid I could break her if I touched her too carelessly.

Outside, I heard the honking of cars and general city noises, but her ragged breaths while she kissed me made for better music. Her tongue met mine, insistent as always. They danced together, swirling around each other’s as I rolled on top of her. Her breasts were so supple, it was indecent how they felt against my chest. She made one of her satisfied sounds, and it went straight down my spine making my cock readily hard.

My insatiable fingers grabbed the flesh of her thighs. I hooked them under her knees and brought her legs up, allowing her to lock her ankles on the small of my back. Then I pushed my hips, stroking myself on her.

“Hmm, Travis…” She moaned.

Lord, she was so wet already. It was me. I did this to her. With great effort, my lips left hers intent on exploring the rest of her skin. There was a little vein on the side of her neck that pulsed frantically. I traced it, making her shiver and wiggle under me when I let my tongue out to lick along it.

I loved her little sounds. Sometimes they were so desperate, so hungry. She begged me not to stop touching her, kissing her, fucking her.

All the sensation ability on the skin of my back was focused on processing the feel of her nails running over it. The ten tips of her little curious fingers went down my spine until she grabbed a handful of my ass, silently pleading with me to enter her. I growled on her neck, inhaling the scent of the vanilla body soap she left in my bathroom.

My mouth went down following the path sure to drive her crazy. I kissed her collarbone, beginning on the left and kissing a straight line all the way to her right shoulder. She squirmed under me when the ends of my shoulder length hair tickled her skin while I kissed down her sternum until my tongue dipped inside her navel. Her back arched on the bed, and she grabbed a fistful of my hair coaxing me to denizli escort move up again.

I indulged her, trailing licks and little bites up to her breasts. They were so firm, but still so soft. They disappeared inside my hands when I grabbed them. She didn’t like it. She said it made them feel small, but actually my hands were huge and her tits were fucking perfection. I loved how she whimpered when I squeezed them.


Reluctantly, I lifted my head from her soft mountains to look up at her.

“I want you to go in right now.” Dindi was a damned demanding woman. Fuck, if I didn’t love it about her.

“I’m not ready to go in yet.” But I was, I just didn’t want to.

I liked to tease her, drive her mad, make her beg, make her come with just my fingers and tongue so when I finally went inside her she’d feel slick and tight and perfect like only she could be.

“I’ll make you ready.” She said, reaching her hand down to my face, trying to push herself into sitting on the bed. Quickly, I grabbed both her fists and held them above her head.

“Don’t you dare move, Dindi.” I glared a warning at her.

I knew she wouldn’t keep still. She wouldn’t because she just wouldn’t, and she wouldn’t because she couldn’t. Oh, what it did to my male pride to know I could make this woman -the most stubborn and sexy woman I knew- beg me for mercy and release.

“If you don’t stay still, I’ll tie you up.” I threatened.

That made her laugh. “Promise?” She asked with a mischief that forced me to consider the possibility.

“Yeah, I promise.”

With one hand holding her wrists, I brought my free one down between us to grab my throbbing cock. I positioned it at her entrance and began rubbing it on her. Over her clit, down around her lips, then back up to her clit again. It always drove her crazy when I did it.

“Agh! In!” She gasped, fighting to free herself from my grip.

“Shhhh. Stay still, woman.”

“Oh! You’re evil!” she drawl.

I rubbed and rubbed myself on her, feeling her wetness making my movements more slippery. She was nowhere near still. Even if I tied her hands to the bed there was no containing the rest of her body. Her legs were practically spasming around my waist. She pressed her heels so hard to my ass I felt the pressure in my bone.

“Travs…pleeeeease!” She dug her nails on my hand. “Please, fuck me already!”

Two months ago I had seen her for the first time. Marveled at her beauty. But not even in my imagination had I dared think I’d have her under me this way. Begging and giving herself to me so willingly. It was enough to make me come if I didn’t hold myself back.

Somewhere along the weeks we’ve been sleeping together I picked up these little things about her. I had never been with the same woman exclusively, and for such a long, uninterrupted time before. I was able to tell she had put on some weight by the way my hands roamed over her body. She liked it when I kissed her belly and my beard tickled it. Without even asking what she wanted or how she wanted it, I knew when she preferred me to be rough, or when she leaned towards the gentle and slow.

The way she pleaded and mewled under me, told me she wanted it fast. I wanted to go slow, though. I had things to tell her later. Things I was afraid would drive her away. So I had to enjoy her body as much as I could before risking losing my access to it. Wanting to feel her hands on me, I let go of her wrists and hooked my thumbs under her knees to push her thighs against her chest.

“Will you be a good girl and come for me?” And I knew when she needed me to dirty talk her.


Her nails bit my ass as she tried to pull me inside her.

“Say it, Dindi. You know I like to hear you.”

“I’ll come for you, Travs.” Her eyes held mine with pure boldness. “If you make me.”

Even when I tried to be in control she’d find a way to tease me.

“Oh, I’ll make you come alright, sweetheart.” Giving her what she’d been asking for, my cock sank inside her.

“Ah!” The look on her face was priceless.

If I could choose one single sensation to have for the rest of my life, that’d be it. That ecstasy I get just when I go inside her, feel her encircling me, so tight, warm, and wet. I forget everything. I forget I exist. The whole world is inside her.

When I started to move and pushed deeper into her wetness I knew I wouldn’t last too long. I cursed myself for not having my camera with me. The faces she made when I fucked her. So fucking gorgeous and lustful. I couldn’t remember ever feeling so much like a man as I did when I pleasured her.

“Mmmm, yes, yes, Travs! Right there! Don’t stop!”

Fuck me if I could stop. Sex with her was unbelievable. I felt like her body was my own because of the way I fit inside her so perfectly. She met every one of my strokes with an animalistic eagerness. I was very well acquainted with the burning pain on my back that would diyarbakır escort let me find scratch marks there later.

I was slow. Going in. Going out. Moving around in little circles that rubbed at her slick clit. Her legs were over my shoulders, and every time I pushed in, her thighs touched her breasts. She did something -fuck me if I knew how- that made her internal grip on me fasten, squeezing my cock inside her. It drove me insane.

“Fuck, Dindi!”

Sitting on my heels, I grabbed her hips and pulled her to sit on me, somehow managing to keep my cock inside her. I liked to watch her closely while I fucked her. Face to face I could kiss her without much effort. I brushed her wild hair from her face and found her mouth with mine. I swallowed her sounds as I gradually picked up speed, finding it hard to kiss her with the ups and downs of her body and her strangled moanings.

“Oh…ah…ahhh!” She was close. Always so fast. So good.

My cock was more easily sucked in the tighter her pussy got. She arched her body backwards, moving like a siren, and rubbing herself on me, making me the beacon of her pleasure. One of my hands felt compelled to caress her breasts, one at a time, as they jumped up and down following the movements of her body.

I loved how her areolae and nipples were various shades darker than the rest of her skin; the color of bitter chocolate. The thought made my mouth water and I leaned over to take the little hard peak in my mouth.

“…Oh…mmm…” She was going to come. Soon. I could feel her body ready to shatter around me.

I thrust into her one more time roughly, and as deep as I could go. That was all it took. Sometimes I thought that feeling her come on my cock was even better than coming myself. A tremor shook her from the inside out. Her waves of pleasure squeezed me, and my balls tightened until I started to come too. With her. Inside her.

“Oh…fuck…” She gasped, and her ohs and ahs died in her throat. She wasn’t the loudest woman when she came. It was like she lost her breath and her conscience. Sometimes she screamed my name. Some others she didn’t even say coherent things. But she was never scandalous about it. I liked how real she felt.

My cock was outlined by the quivering inside her. She never stopped moving. Not for a single second during her orgasm, not even after it. She kept moving, and moving, her body wanting more even when it had already reached its climax. When I came, shooting all I had inside her, I was louder than she was herself.

“Agh…Fuck, Dindi!”

I held her, encircling my arms around her ribs, and forgetting for that moment how small she was. Forgetting I had to be careful, or else I might break her in half. Her walls were pulsing around my cock that still twitched inside her as I was milked dry.

The smell of her skin, the soft smoothness of it, were the only things I had in my mind. In those moments with her I had no problems, no life to deal with, no family troubles, no nothing. There was only her.

“Mmm. I’m ravenous.” She whispered breathlessly into my hair.

I tilted my head back to kiss her mouth. She always looked absolutely stunning after she came. Glowing and looking so damned satisfied I wanted to give myself a handshake.

Look at this woman, man. Congratulations, you lucky fucker.

Some stubborn curls clung to her sweaty forehead. I swept them back, then laid her on the bed before pulling out of her as slowly as I could just to watch her mouth shape in that O and then the look of loss mar her features.

“Let’s shower first. You’re disgusting.” I said, grazing my lips against her salty forehead.

“Wanker.” She laughed.

I crawled out of bed and went looking for my phone.

“Hey, Dindi. Have you seen where I left my phone?”

But when I looked over to the bed she was lying still, sound asleep. Her naked breasts rose and fell in a slow, steady rhythm. I got an itch to wake her up and take her again. Instead I let her rest, going to take my shower feeling as content as I’d been in quite a while.


“I think we can all agree that Jeff Buckley is better than Elliot Smith.”

“Black beauty, I love you so…” I intoned, making Dindi smile and blush hotly.

“Oh, I love that song.” She enthused, throwing her head back and exposing the little mark my mouth had made on the curve of her neck.

Rarely, we had this talks when she’d tell me these little facts about herself. Things she liked, things she didn’t. Precious moments when she lowered her guard. I loved it when she spoke so fluently, waving her hands everywhere. I added it to the list of things I was learning about her.

Talks with her hands.

Loves Jeff Buckley.



Really loves that disgusting kale smoothie.

Eats a lot for such a small woman.

Says she loves the freckles on my back.

Says she loves my mouth, and when I asked her antalya escort where?, she said everywhere.

We were sitting in a table at our little bistro. Same place by the corner we always went to after sex.


She looked at me wide-eyed. Her eyes were always more brown after sex. Just like mahogany polished wood. I hardly ever called her by her name. To me she was Dindi.

“I want to ask you something.” I said.

“Oh, you look very serious.” She said, setting her wine glass down. “Ask on.”

Oh, yes. And she loves her wine.

My use of her name startled her, so I took her hand from across the table and entwined our fingers. “It’s my birthday this weekend.” I said carefully.

The brightest smile split her face. “Really? How lovely. Do you want to ask me for a present, is that it?”

“Yeah. Kind of.”

She eyed me expectantly. I opened my mouth, but clamped it shut again. It was a big step to take and I had to tread cautiously.

“Travis, you’re being very serious and that’s odd. What is it? You want to have a threesome with George and I? Just tell me what you want.” She joked, trying to make me laugh and succeeding at it.

I took a deep breath then let it out. “I’m going home. To my mother’s house, I mean. I want you to come with me for the weekend.” I said it like I was ripping off a band-aid.


I already knew enough of her to see that her surprised reaction came from reservation. She had walls around her, walls I had yet to bring down. Of course I knew from the moment I decided to ask her that the invitation would take things to a whole new level. So far, the both of us treated the whole thing as only sex though I, at least, hadn’t slept with anyone else from the day I first laid eyes on her. I didn’t want to. I figured she hadn’t slept with anyone else either, considering she had very little free time, which she divided between George and I.

“You want me to meet your family?” I squeezed her hand afraid of the sudden shadow of doubt that passed across her face. “Travis…”

Just as I never called her Morena, she hardly ever called me Travis. At least not since we started whatever the hell this was between us. She’d been calling me Travs since that first time. Travis was reserved for conversations of the serious nature, which we almost never had.

“No, no, Dindi, listen. It’s only ’cause it’s my birthday. Every year I promise my mother I’ll go home, but I never do. Not once in five years.” I stopped to catch a breath. I couldn’t screw this up. This wasn’t even the worst part. “I just want you to come with me. Have some fun. Go to the beach. If it makes you feel better I’ll tell my family you’re just a friend.”

Morena laughed loudly, cocking an eyebrow. “Just a friend? A fuck buddy, and an obvious one at that.”

I clicked my tongue in disapproval. Was that what she thought she was? Just a fuck buddy? I guess that’s what we were, really. At least that’s what she liked to pretend we were. I knew better, though. No strictly sex relationship felt like this (I’ve had a few of those before). Hell, I doubted even real relationships felt this good.

“Please? These weekends home are shit and having you there would help me go through it. At least I’d have a distraction.” I needed her to say yes. If she asked, I’d beg her on my knees.

She pressed her lips into a line and stared at our joined hands. “A distraction, yeah?” I sighed relieved catching the light joking tone in her voice. “And how would I distract you?” She lifted her eyes to mine.

I brought our joined hands to my lips to kiss hers. “Well, you could do that thing you do with your mouth, you know? When you put it around my cock, you know what thing I mean? When you suck it like a dirty little girl?” I teased her.

She blushed, the crimson of her hot blood showed under her dark skin. “Oh, that thing? The thing I only do when I want something? Oh, yes, I know what you mean.” She played along.

“Only when you want something? No. I think you do it because you really like it.”

“Nope.” She shook her head, making her curls jiggle around her face.

“Yes, you do. I know you like it, because I’m the one who gets to see your face when you do it. You look like you like it. I have pictures to prove it.” I was smiling, but when the actual image of the way she looked when she was kneeling down in front of me, taking me in her mouth and eyeing me with defiance in those beautiful eyes of hers…I ignored the urge to throw her over my shoulder and march back to my loft.

She laughed and pulled her hand away from mine. She always did that. Whenever we were in public and I took her hand, she never let me hold it for too long. She always pulled away after a few minutes, trying to be subtle about it.

It’s just sex. It’s all that it is. We had agreed the first night we had slept together. Or rather, I had agreed with her.

Still, she had a toothbrush in my bathroom cabinet. She had panties in my underwear drawer. Her vanilla soap scent infested my bathroom. My sheets smelled more of her than of me. She was in my bed almost every night for the past two months, and the most terrifying thing to her was to think she was something like my girlfriend. As if not saying the actual word would change the fact that I didn’t want to be with anyone else.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32