Daniel and Sara Pt. 09

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Their flight was on time, thankfully. Sara and Daniel settled in for a four and a half hour trip from Rome to Tel Aviv, and both decided to get some sleep. Frankly, they needed it. Fly First Class has its definite advantages, including plenty of leg room and complimentary champagne. They both fell asleep easily.

The El Al flight landed at 8:15, a little early, and they awoke feeling refreshed. By the time they got through luggage, customs and picked up their car, it was after 9, and they got to their hotel right on the beach a little before 9:30. So even though they got to the room around 10, they were not at all tired.

Sara said “So, what do you want to do? Should we go to a restaurant? Room service? I’m starved, baby. We can still have some fun later.” She touched her father’s thigh and gave him one of her very sexy smiles.

“Lets go to a restaurant. Something light; it’s relatively late, and besides, we don’t want to stuff ourselves, do we. We certainly want to be a little ‘hungry’ when we get back here.” Tel Aviv has a very busy night life, with bars and restaurants open until 2AM, or sometimes even later. It’s also a very casual, laid back environment. He had tan slacks and boat shoes, no socks, along with a blue Polo shirt. Sara had on a red floral sun dress with thin shoulder straps and wedge tan sandals.

“Sounds good to me. Let’s go, or I’m going to eat you for dinner! And I don’t mean the way you’d enjoy!”

They found a small place that served all different kinds of hummas and salads. Despite the hour, the place was humming, and they had to wait 20 minutes for a small table. They ordered a mixture of 3 different kinds of hummas along with fresh hot pitas and salad, and a couple of beers. It was a relatively light meal, perfect for the hour. Unfortunately, the service from the waitress was terrible, typical of Israel. The service part of their economy was just awful. Daniel had to get up to pick up their plates. He was gone for 2 minutes, and when he got back, there was a young man, about 25, sitting in his seat, obviously trying to pick up Sara, even though she was clearly letting him know she was not in the least bit interested.

“Come on, girl, let me take you out for a good time. We go dancing!” he said in heavily accented English.

Before Daniel could say anything, Sara spoke. “No thanks, I’m busy. You can leave.”

Daniel was standing next to the table, putting the dishes down. The young Israeli man said “Thanks, waiter. You can leave us” deliberately being dismissive of Sara’s father. He didn’t know they were father and daughter; however, he could tell they were together.

Daniel was getting furious, something he rarely did. Again, Sara spoke up to diffuse the situation. “Look, whoever you are, you’re in the way. I tried to be nice. Now I’m telling you to get lost. You’re interrupting our evening.”

“You’re with this old man? I can fuck you better than him any time!”

Daniel was about to toss him to the floor. Again, Sara spoke, this time in Hebrew, something Daniel didn’t understand. When she was done, the Israeli was turning shades of red and got up, said something in a low voice in Hebrew, and stormed out in a rage.

Daniel sat, admiring his daughter. “I guess your Hebrew is better than you thought. He certainly understood you, which is more than I can say. What did you say to him?”

With the sweetest, most innocent smile she had, Sara said “I told him that you’re 10 times the man he’ll ever be and he should go home and let mommy tuck him in. Then he called me a dyke.” She was laughing hard, and Daniel joined her.

“Your mother would have been so proud! She always said Israeli men can be the most rude, thinking they’re gods gift to women. Not all of them, but some. He was incredibly obnoxious. I was tempted to give him a kick in the ass. You handled it so much better, though. My beautiful, brilliant love!”

Sara was beaming that brilliant smile, perfect white teeth against her bronze-brown face. “The day won’t come when I can’t handle someone like him, baby. Now, what are we going to do with the rest of our night?”

“I have an idea. But it means going back to the room. What do you think, honey?”

“I think you’d better take me there, or I’m going to go find that asshole and give him the fuck of his life! You or him, daddy. Someone’s going to fuck me!”

They hurried back to their hotel as fast as possible.

They had an 8th floor room overlooking the water. There was a 3/4 moon, shining brightly on the sea. It was a perfect romantic atmosphere.

They left the lights off and the curtain to the balcony was wide open, so the moonlight filled the bedroom.

Sara melted into her fathers arms as soon as the door closed, and they shared a very tender and passionate kiss, then more kisses. Their bodies were pressing against each other, and Sara could feels Daniels cock, erect, rubbing against her pussy through their clothes.

“Daddy, Uzun porno I want you to make love to me tonight. Now, unzip me, and then let me go to the bathroom. I’ll meet you in a few minutes, I don’t think I have to tell you to be ready for me. You’re definitely ready!” She turned around, held up her hair, and Daniel pulled the zipper down to her back, but Sara didn’t take it off. He bent down and started kissing her shoulders, but Sara said “Not yet, daddy. Soon.” She made her way to the bathroom with a small bag and said over her shoulder “You should get comfortable, daddy. I’ll be there in just a few minutes.”

Daniel called to his daughter “I’ll be ready, honey. Ready for you, my sexy, lovely lady.” He got out of his clothes, folding them over a chair in the room, and sat back against the headboard in just his black briefs. He was hard and eager when Sara came out in another of her “outfits”. This was a green peignoir, dark green, silk from just below the bust to the hem at her ankles. It was lacy at the bust with a deep cleavage and shoulder straps. He thought My god, she knows how to dress to seduce a man. We’ve been going for almost 6 months, and I still want her just as much as that first night.

Sara was waiting for her father to say something. Finally, she asked “What do you think, daddy? Do you like it?”

“I like it very much, honey, but I LOVE who’s in it. The peignoir is beautiful, but ultimately, it’s packaging. The most beautiful part is you. You’d be stunning in a potato sack. But I do love the way that looks on you.” He stood in front of her, stroking her cheek in his hand. Her bright, dark, seductive eyes reflected the moonlight and she took his wrist in her hands and kissed

the palm of his hand.

“You really do know how to make me feel so special, so wanted, every time we’re together. I love you, daddy. I want you, with all my soul.” She kissed his lips, biting gently on his lower lip. It was an incredibly seductive act, and Daniel let out a soft groan.

“I want you too, honey. From my heart to my mind, and everywhere else in me, I never stop wanting you.” Daniel lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed, gently laying her down. Both their bodies and minds were crying out their need for the other. At that moment, there was no one else in the world to them.

They locked in an embrace, Sara’s legs and arms wrapped around her father, his arms holding her tight as he kissed her deeply, over and over. His lips moved all over her face and her throat, then he went to her ears and gently blew warm air into them, touching her deep in her soul. Sara’s head tilted backwards, exposing her throat and thrusting her breasts upward. “Oh my god, daddy! Please, devour me! I want to feel your sweet warm lips all over my body! Just help me get this thing off me. It’s in the way!” Sara was burning inside, and the peignoir had to come off her body. Daniel helped her pull it off and then she was gloriously naked before him. Immediately he was kissing her shoulders and upper arms, then working lower to her breasts, covering her perfect brown cones with wet kisses and licks. Her hands were all over his back and then going through his hair. The heat radiating from their bodies was palpable; a light sheen of perspiration coated their bodies, even though the room’s air conditioner was working just fine.

Daniel whispered “Your skin is so salty, delicious, baby. Sorry, I shouldn’t have called you that.”

“Daddy, I don’t care about that any more. You can call me whatever you want. I’m your lover, your sweetheart, you baby girl, your whore, I don’t care, just make love to me, please!” Sara said with a touch of desperation in her voice. “I need you, daddy, so much. My body is aching for you!”

“I’d better cure that ache then. What kind of daddy would let you suffer like that?” And he went to her breasts, his mouth licking and sucking her gorgeous flesh. She might have felt they were too small, but Daniel thought they were beautiful, perfect for her, and he suckled with great hunger.

Sara was moaning loudly, almost crying, running her hands through the crown of hair on the back of her daddy’s head. She gasped loudly every time he bit gently on her swollen nipples, making her back arch. By now her pussy was a soaking mess, her juices covering her inner thighs and dripping down the cheeks of her soft ass. “Daddy, please, my pussy is on fire, I’M on fire! Please, don’t make me wait any longer. I need you there!”

“I want to taste you, baby. Daddy’s going to eat your sweet pussy, and I want you to cum all over my face and tongue. You’re my dessert!”

He didn’t tease, instead he went straight for her gushing hole. In just a few seconds, he was licking her swollen lips, and Sara was crying for real now, her fingers gripping at the sheets and tensing her body involuntarily. As her daddy was eating her cunt with gusto, her hips and ass were squirming all over the Öğrenci porno bed. She was thrusting up into his face, forcing his to fuck her with his tongue. Then he replaced his tongue with his fingers, first one, then two, slipping them into her and twisting them around in her hot swamp of a pussy. Sara was babbling, her right hand roughly massaging her tits. Her body was so close to cumming now, needing just one last thing to send her over the top. And that’s when Daniel started sucking gently on her throbbing clit, pulling it with his lips, sucking on it like a little cock, and she was now cumming, cumming, cumming hard. Her thighs wrapped around his head, locking him in, forcing her father to keep up his oral assault. Sara’s body was tensed up, from her head to her toes. Finally, after what seemed like hours to her, Sara relaxed, her thighs let Daniel free and he disengaged, just lightly kissing her labia and her thighs until she asked him to stop. Her sex was just too sensitive.

Sara was trembling all over, and Daniel moved to her, taking his daughter in his strong, comforting arms, just cuddling her until she came back to earth. She clung to him, needing the love and comfort her father gave her with such natural ease. Finally she calmed down, catching her breath.

“Daddy, even compared to your usual ability to shatter my world, that was something unreal!” She moved to his face and kissed him passionately, tasting herself on his mouth, smelling her scent all over his face, in his moustache and beard. It was a very arousing scent for both of them. “I don’t know how you keep finding new ways to drive me crazy still, but I’m not questioning it, and I’m certainly not complaining! My handsome, sexy daddy! Now, you lay back and let me show you how much I appreciate you” she said with a moonlit twinkle in her eyes.

“Whatever makes my sexy love happy. Have fun, but don’t make me cum, please. Unless you don’t want my cock in you tonight?”

“I’ll have to think about it while I give your hot cock a workout. We’ll see. Now, lay back, daddy. Lets get you out of your underwear.” Sara just pulled them off, exposing her favorite dick in the world. She loved seeing how hard he was for her, loved the effect she had on him. He had the same effect on her, she admitted. That’s how she knew they were in love, not just lust, with each other.

Daniel eased back onto the mattress, propped up by a few pillows so he could watch his sexy, sensual daughter suck on his cock in the natural moonlight. Her black hair reflected the light, making her appear like she was aglow. Sara made contact with his eyes, holding his stare, as she stuck out her tongue and took a long, tentative taste of him, starting at the base of his cock and licking all the way up to the tip, using the flat of her tongue on the little slit there. It made his cry out and his body squirm.

“Honey, please, don’t do that. It’s one of the very few things I don’t like, it’s very uncomfortable for me. OK?”

“Daddy, I’m sorry, you know I’d never purposely do anything that would hurt you. Forgive me?” She was looking at him with a sorrowful look.

“Baby, there’s nothing to forgive. You didn’t know; you’d never done that to me before. It’s just a sensation that I don’t like. I know some men do like it. I’m just not one of them.”

“Let me make it up to you, daddy” and before he could say she didn’t have to make anything up to him, Sara took his cock deep into her mouth and massaged the underside of his dick with her firm wet tongue. She was looking at him the whole time, she loved it when he stared at her while she was giving him a blowjob. She had one soft hand wrapped around the base of his cock, and the other was playing with his big balls, gently massaging them between her elegant fingers.

“Fuck, that feels so great, honey. You treat me so wonderfully, honey. I can feel your love for me. I can see it as well.”

“I adore you, daddy” Sara replied, stroking his cock as she spoke. “I love you with all my heart, and I love to show you how I feel. I also get very turned on seeing that look of lust on your face” she smiled. Then she went back to the task at hand…and mouth.

Sara used her wet, warm mouth to suck on her daddy’s balls, taking first one, then the other, into her mouth as she used her tongue to roll them around. When his balls were in her mouth, she jerked his dick harder with her soft fingers. She wasn’t moving fast enough to make him cum, though. She had made up her mind.

Sara released Daniels balls from her hot mouth. She got up to her knees and moved herself so she was straddling his hips, her sopping wet pussy hovering over his turgid cock. She kept her hand wrapped around him the whole time, never breaking contact. Wordlessly, she eased herself down, his cock gliding into her in a single, smooth motion. She was now sitting on his cock, holding perfectly still.

Daniel loved how snug he fit inside his daughter, almost like they were made for each other. He said “I’m going to sit all the way up, honey. Move with me, I’m going to skootch up now.” He slid up the bed so he was sitting almost upright against the headboard. Sara moved with him. It was a little tricky at first, but after a few seconds, they were sitting together. Sara was facing him, their upper bodies almost touching and her legs were wrapped around his back. Her pussy was in his lap, the angle of his cock just right so his base was grinding against her clit and pubic bone. The sensation was exquisite. She didn’t even have to move much at all.

“Daddy, why haven’t we done this before! It feels fucking amazing!” She moved a couple of inches so she could kiss him, her arms around his neck, and when she did move that small amount, it sent pulses through her body from the contact on her clit. She cried out into his mouth.

Daniels’ arms were around her upper back, his legs slightly spread, creating a comfortable place for Sara to sit in. They were grinding gently together, even the smallest of movements creating wonderful shocks of pleasure through them. “I’m so glad you like this position, honey. It feels pretty great for me as well. I love having you so close right now. He kissed her over and over, and the motion was giving her a bunch of small, pleasurable orgasms. She was gushing her cream on his lap, making the bed something of a mess, but it was well worth it. As the time passed, at least half an hour, then longer, they gradually started moving faster. It wasn’t so much thrusting, but more of a grinding together. Now they were both covered in sweat, and they were feeling all hot and sticky. The room was filled with the scent of sex, and the moon lit them both with its brilliant glow.

Soon they were fucking harder. Sara was having more orgasms than she’d ever even come close to experiencing before and her tits were rubbing hard against her fathers hairy chest, adding to the intense pleasure. Daniel’s balls were boiling now. He wanted to fill her with his cum but he wanted to make sure she was ready; he wanted her last orgasm to be her best one. Grunting from the hard friction of their fucking, he managed to say “Are you ready, baby? I want to fill you with cum, and I want you to cum all over my cock. Tell me when, baby.”

“Fuck, daddy, I’ve been ready for 10 minutes! I’ve just been waiting for you! I can cum right…now! Fuck me daddy! Fill me up! FUCK!!” And she squeezed his dick hard with her tight cunt muscles, setting Daniel off into a screaming orgasm of his own, shooting what felt like a quart of man-cream deep into her womb, it felt like it would never stop, until finally it did end. He leaned back, Sara coming with him, their sticky bodies pressed together.

Daniel was spent from one of the most incredible orgasms of his life. But for Sara, this was like nothing she’d ever felt before. Her mind was scrambled, her heart pounding in her chest. Neither could say a word, neither could even gather a coherent thought. Their bodies were melded together as one.

Finally, Sara disentangled herself from her daddy; she desperately needed to use the bathroom. She kissed Daniel wordlessly, and hurried to the bathroom. Five minutes later, after cleaning up a bit, Daniel did the same, emptying his bladder and washing up enough to be able to go to sleep.

Nothing had been said up to this point.

When he joined her back in the bed, they cuddled up together as they did every night the last few months, his arms around her, and hers around him. Eventually he said “We are definitely going to be doing THAT again.” Sara laughed, and said “You bet your sweet ass!” and they both broke up.

Sara said “Seriously, daddy, where did you learn that? And why haven’t you showed me that before? I never felt anything like that before. You really blew my mind there.”

“I’ve actually never done that before, that sitting up together position. I’ve seen a soft-core version of it in a movie, you know, not a porn movie, where it was simulated in a chair. But I’ve never done that. Makes me think I’ve been wasting my life” he said with a laugh that Sara joined in.

“Well, no more holding out of me! You want to try something, we try it. We don’t have a lot of time left, daddy” and the mood turned more somber. The thought that they had less than a month together was very sobering.

“Honey” he said, it’s late. Let’s not talk about this right now. We both need some sleep. I love you, sweetheart. So very much.” He gave her a series of gentle, soft kisses.

“Ok, daddy. not tonight. And I love you too. So very, very much.” Sleep came, but not as easily, and not as peaceful as usual.


The next two days were relatively quiet ones. After the hectic two weeks in Italy, Sara and Daniel needed a couple of days to just chill. They spent the time on the beach or by the pool, soaking up the sun, drinking some beer or wine, eating healthy meals, including trying a couple of new restaurants for dinner, fancier fare than Israel had traditionally been known for in the past. Tel Aviv is a modern, cosmopolitan city, as well as a laid back one.

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