Daddy’s Struggle

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Mindy was a very lonely girl. Having to move across the country to live with the father she hasn’t seen in 2 years after her mother passed away wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially halfway into her senior year, not to mention having been home schooled her whole life and being forced into public school. Her mother wasn’t fit to raise a child but before anyone really realized that it was too late. Being paranoid about everything Mindy’s mother all but locked her in the basement to keep her “safe”.

Once Mindy was old enough to start growing into her independence her mom freaked. Started worrying too much about what her environment might do to impact her growth and in turn kept her from experiencing life. So when Mindy turned 9, her father left. He couldn’t handle her mom anymore and tried his best to get Mindy away from her but other than being dangerously over-protective, she hadn’t done anything to warrant her daughter being taken. So instead he moved nearby and did his best to introduce his daughter to the world best he could but with work it wasn’t much and there was nothing he could do. So about two years ago when Mindy’s grandfather got sick her dad moved 2,000 miles away to help take care of him.

Now here Mindy was on her way to join him after loosing the only person she really knew. The loss consumed her but she couldn’t help but get excited. She now had the opportunity to truly explore what the world had to offer an 18 year old southern girl.

James was running late yet again. And in a day as important as this. He felt shameful. Worried for his daughter Mindy and how she was handling herself at the airport in such a fragile state. Rushing through the doors his heart skipped a beat when he saw his beautiful daughter. Her light brown hair had grown out. Nearly to her waist now. It kept its volume and wave too. He always loved her hair. Her natural beauty simply amazed him. He noticed she had filled in some. Though it was hard to see through her plain, baggy clothing. But even then he could tell her breasts were an easy 34c. Gosh, was he really checking out his daughter? He shook it off and approached her.

“Hey baby girl.” He said as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

Mindy jumped and nearly screamed as her heart felt like it just about pounded through her chest. But as soon as she saw the familiar green eyes and somehow always messy brown hair of her father she jumped up and through her arms around him. Finally she could let everything go and move on with her life. Until she felt her dad’s arms around her she hadn’t cried. But now she knew she had to. It was time to look forward.

In the car on the way to her new home she couldn’t help but see how much her father had aged since she had seen him last. He was still very handsome but the lines under his eyes had depended, he had white and grey hairs peaking out and he looked over all tired. Not that she had much to compare him to. Before today in the airport, Mindy had only seen a handful of men and even then it was glimpses here and there before her mother shooed her to her room as she collected the groceries or accepted the mail. James was taller than she remembered. At least a foot taller than she stood at 5’4″.

Drowning in the awkward silence her father finally spoke.

“Grandma and grandpa can’t wait to see you. Grandpa is still very weak and fading quite fast but I’m glad you’ll be there in his final months. Though I’m so sorry you’re going to be dealing with so much loss so soon.”

Silence… He tried again.

“So what have you been up to? Have you made any friends since the last time I was in town?”

She looked at her hand in her lap. “No daddy, mommy wasn’t comfortable with me going outside without her.” Which was never considering the fact that her mother was afraid to go outside at all. But she didn’t share that fact.

“Well I’m sure you’ll make fast friends at school. You start on Monday but we’ll go in tomorrow to get your schedule and your books.” He exaggerated his excitement. He was terrified for her but figured if there was a time to enter the real world, that time was now.

After a very boring drive with a view of nothing but trees, they finally arrived at the quaint little brick house that belonged to her dad. Considering her lack of belongings, she only had one bag with her so once her dad grabbed that she followed him into the house and her new life.

They took a quick tour, you know the normal… Living room, kitchen, bathroom, my room, your room bla bla. All she cared about was getting to her room, unpacking and having some time to herself to let it all soak in. Apologizing to her dad that’s exactly what she did.

She must have dozed off because the next thing she knew her dad was knocking on the door announcing dinner.

As they ate James explained the rules of the house and what his schedule usually was. She had no idea what he was talking about with curfews and cellphones and drinking. So bahis siteleri she just smiled and agreed to whatever he said.

Mindy collected the dirty dishes and began cleaning up as James slipped away to return with a small wrapped box.

“It’s a cell. I figured once you start making friends and spending time out of the house you may need one in case of emergencies or something.” She just smiled and thanked him. She didn’t understand how to use them but was too embarrassed to ask. She knew it had to some with some sort of directions so she hugged her father and escaped back to her room.

After setting up her phone the best she could and reading a bit.she realized now that the exhaustion of the day had worn off it was going to be hard for her to fall asleep somewhere so unfamiliar to her. She had heard her father go to sleep about an hour and a half ago so she snuck into his room quietly as she could and slipped under the covers.

“Mindy, honey what are you doing in here?” He croaked trying to fight through his sleepiness.

“I’m sorry daddy, it’s just I always slept with mommy, she was always afraid I’d sneak off. Being somewhere I don’t know and sleeping alone, it’s just too hard. I’ll try harder tomorrow I promise but can I please sleep here tonight?” He could see the fear in her eyes as she spoke. “Of course baby girl.”

He rolled onto his back allowing her to snuggle up to his side. He thought this was a bit strange but knew she meant no harm and didn’t know better so he did his best to ignore it and fall asleep.

Mindy was out almost instantly but James was having trouble. Almost two hours later he was still awake. Just as he was dozing off Mindy stirred and her hand moved from his chest to his crotch and James froze. He didn’t know what to do. He knew she was asleep and didn’t mean to but didn’t want to embarrass her by waking her. As he was trying to figure it out he noticed his body was betraying him. His cock was growing and he couldn’t believe it! “This is your daughter you prick!” He thought to himself. Knowing he had to stop this somehow he just rolled onto his side putting his back to his daughter making her hand fall away from him. After yelling at himself for allowing her touch too affect him like that for another hour he finally dozed off.

The next day dragged on. James took Mindy shopping fairly early. He was shocked at some of the things she bought. He could tell she was struggling with who her mom wanted her to be and who she wanted to become. But she made a style all her own. Mixing her two selves and he could feel his heart swell at her strength. She’d pull through all of this just fine.

He stopped at the house before they went to the school because she wanted to change before they went. While waiting in the car he couldn’t help but think back to what had happened the night before. Clearly he had temporarily lost his sanity. She was his daughter and he needed to remember that. His beautiful, some would venture to say sexy, daughter but his daughter nonetheless. Deciding to put the incident behind him he waited just a minute longer before she came out and his new resolution to forget how turned on he got crumbled.

It’s not that Mindy had dressed inappropriately or anything. She was actually still quite modest but some of she best features were on display and he couldn’t help but stare. Starting at her feat with a pair of classic high top chucks he moved his way up her body. Her long, lean legs tightly covered in a pair of black skinny jeans, her chest mostly covered by a white tank top that shaped her supple, perky breasts just right and a loose fitting flannel to finish it off. The teen in her was trying her best to reveal itself but she still felt the need to be covered by baggy clothing. Something to hide behind. Still though. Her father couldn’t look away and couldn’t ignore the fact that his pants seemed to bee fitting slightly tighter as her chest bounced as she jogged down the stairs.

Clearing his throat as she climbed in the car, he complimented her. “Wow honey, you look great! I’m glad you’re venturing out of what you’re used to. I know mom had some issues with the way most teens dress these days but really baby you look amazing.” With that he placed his hand on her thigh as a sign of comfort but had trouble pulling it away. He just sat there and stared at his large hand nearly covering the front of half her thigh. Picturing what it would look like to use his hands to spread her delicate legs apart allowing him access to her sweet-

“Daddy? Are you okay?”

He felt his groin twitch. She has got to stop calling him that. For some reason it merely added to his torture.

He looked up at her and smiled. “Of course baby girl. Just got lost in my own world thinking of all I had to do today.” As he started to drive away he noticed Mindy looking at his lap. He wondered if she could see his hard-on. Even more, he wondered if I’ve was affecting her the radissonbet way she was affecting him.

The rest of the day went smoothly. James had trouble keeping his gaze off of his daughter but it was nothing too uncomfortable. Mindy seemed excited for school and he was excited for her.

They ate dinner quietly and James excused himself for a shower and bed. He tried to let the heat of the water wash away his tensions and his temptations but every time he closed his eyes he saw her chest bouncing from running down the steps. Frustrated he decided he would go to bed and maybe release himself before bed. Maybe look at some porn on the internet to get his mind off of his daughter.

Mindy was glad her father was turning in for the night pretty early. It would give her space to think. She was very happy with today. Even though she hadn’t done anything but shop and register for school, she felt a certain sense of freedom. And she couldn’t wait to express it. But what really had her mind swirling was what happened after she changed her clothes before going to the school. Before her dad told her how great she looked, the way he was looking at her she almost thought she messed up with her outfit and upset him. As they were driving away she swore she saw him with an erection. She read about it in a book once about a year ago. All she knew what that when a woman excited a man his penis grew and it was called an erection. Had she excited her dad? Somehow she knew it wasn’t right but the thought of her exciting a man excited her. Throughout the day she couldn’t help but look at his crotch to see any sign of swelling. Sadly she hadn’t.

Getting ready for bed she was on her way to the bathroom when she walked by her dad’s room and heard a noise. Curious she put her ear to the door and listened best she could. She didn’t really understand what she was hearing but it sounded like a woman was in pain and pleasure at the same time. Whatever it was it made the pit of her stomach get warm and tingly. She began to walk away until she head her dad make the same noise. This made the tingling stronger and she decided to find out what was going on between her and her dad. And after what she just heard she knew exactly how to.

James was about to cum. He could feel it building. He found the perfect video of a girl who looked just like Mindy. He could feel it building in his balls working its way out and just before he exploded there was a knock on the door. “Shit! Hang on honey.” He closed his laptop, slid it under the bed and quickly pulled up his boxers and got under the covers to hide his hard-on best he could. “Come in.”

Mindy opened the door and came in dressed in nothing but a large t-shirt and a pair of underwear. Her hard nipples peaking through the white material. James swallowed hard.

“Hi daddy. I hope I’m not interrupting. I was just having trouble sleeping and wondered if maybe I could sleep here one more night? I promise this is the last night. I just… I just need a little more time. If not I understand I’ll try harder in my room….”

He was struggling with his answer. As a father he felt sorry for his baby girl and knew he needed to be there for her. But as a man who is feeling attracted to said daughter, the idea made him nervous. He sighed, gritted his teeth and said, “of course baby girl. Anything you need.”

James laid down on his back and opened the covers inviting her in. Mindy snuggled up to his side and quickly went silent and still breathing deeply.

James figured she had fallen asleep and started his mental argument but Mindy had other things in mind.

She began grinding her hips toward his leg trying to get closer to him, still pretending to be asleep. But as her legs squeezed together in the movement she noticed a tingling between her legs from the pressure. She decided to throw her leg over her dad and put the spot that was tingling onto his leg.

James was freaking out. He was glad his daughter was getting sleep and felt comfortable but with her this close, her leg thrown over his body and her pelvis grinding on his leg it was getting hard for him to breath and his unsatisfied erection from earlier had retuned with a vengeance. And suddenly he froze. Had he just heard her moan? No way. Then he felt her arm grip his side as she used it as leverage to grind harder onto his leg and he heard it clear as day, she moaned.

“Mindy, honey?”

Nothing…. She just continued to ride his leg.

He placed his hand on the leg that was draped over him and began to shake her a bit. Calling her name and squeezing a bit to see if she would respond. Again, nothing. To make matters worse he could feel a wetness between her legs.

His cock was rock hard now and he needed to do something. As gentle as he could he lifted his hips and slid down his boxers best he could, finally releasing his 9″, very thick cock and began stroking it, caressing his daughters betsalvador leg with his other hand.

When James moved to readjust his boxers Mindy almost froze in anticipation but knew he might realize she was awake. But she wasn’t doing it only for him anymore. As she rubbed herself on her fathers leg she could feel her breathing growing more rapid, she was getting warm all over and for some reason she felt a pool of liquid forming between her legs. Whatever was happening she liked it and refused to stop now. Then she noticed the bulge in the covers over her dad, which she assumed was his erection and she could feel him rubbing it with his hand. Every time he squeezed her leg she knew it was due to his overwhelming pleasure and that made her go a bit faster.

“Oh yea baby. Rub that pussy on your daddy. You like riding my leg baby? I want to feel your cum baby come on faster.” James egged her on quietly. But when she seemed to do as he told, picking up spread and moaning more intensely, he froze. “Mindy honey, are you awake?”

“Please don’t be mad daddy… I was just feeling so funny after I heard you making those noises in here and I didn’t know what to do. I saw the erection I gave you daddy. I know you have one now. Please don’t be mad daddy. Can I see it? Please?”

James struggled. “Honey, what all do you know about sex?”

“Nothing.” She bowed her head in embarrassment and began to cry.

James scooped her into his arms and onto his lap and held her. “Shhh it’s okay baby girl. It’s not your fault. Daddy is a man and I have needs. Certain things about a woman make those needs stronger. Being away from you for so long I just didn’t realize how much of a woman you became and my body can sometimes react to things it shouldn’t. You are a woman but you’re my daughter. I shouldn’t have reacted to you that way and I’m sorry.”

“What kind if needs daddy?” She asked with her face lit up like she was tasting candy for the first time.

James went on to explain sexual desires and acts and such the best he could knowing his teen needed to be prepared and warned of that dangers and ways of preventing them. She was a gorgeous young lady who obviously had needs of her own and he wanted her to be comfortable with her body.

“That’s why you felt wet down there. Your body was telling you it needed to be cared for intimately and was preparing itself.” He explained.

“Daddy, I’ve never seen one before… Could you please show me yours?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea honey. It’s not something dad’s are supposed to show their baby girls.” He was growing beneath her despite himself. The idea of his daughter staring at his stiff cock excited him beyond belief.

Mindy giggled. “C’mon daddy. I can feel it getting hard on my butt. I know it you have needs that need to be met. I can help you. It’ll be okay. It’ll be our special secret.” With that she began to rotate her hips on his lap pushing her ass into his already miserably hard cock. Quickly, his resolve began to vanish and he threw his head back and moaned.

“I want to know what it feels like to cum daddy. Don’t you want to help me? I’d love to help you daddy. Do you want your baby girl to make you cum?” She smiled deviously at him while she continued to move on his lap. And when she felt his cock press against her sex she gripped her dad’s shoulders and let out the hottest moan James had ever heard. He was done for.

“If you liked the feel of that you have no idea what you’re signing up for baby girl… But don’t worry, I’ll be gentle… For now. “

With that he threw her off of him and onto the bed. He climbed up her body until he was looking her in the eyes. Looking for any reluctance but begging for her to go through with this. She reached behind his head, ran her fingers through his hair before taking hold and pulled him down for a kiss. He pressed himself between her legs and began to grind into her through her panties escalating the kiss. They were wild moaning and groaning and pulling at each other like letting go of this kiss meant letting go of life itself. James could feel himself preparing for orgasm for the second time tonight so he decided to break the kiss and get to work. No way he was wasting this load on some dry-humping. He was gonna make her enjoy it.

He began kissing her neck ticking her with his lips as he moved his way down to her chest. He slid his hand to her chest and began massaging them over her shirt until she got frustrated and removed it. James grinned. She’s a feisty one. This was going to be fun.

He smiled at her as he stuck his tongue out. Mindy caught her breath in anticipation as he slowly lowered it to her hardened nipples. The sensation was so unbearably incredible her hips bucked nearly throwing her dad off or her. He just laughed and went back to work.

After giving her beautiful tits the attention they deserved he moved his way further south to the waistline if her panties. This was it he thought. He paused, taking into consideration what he was actually about to do to his daughter.

Sensing his hesitation Mindy reassured him. “Daddy it’s okay. I want this. I want this so bad. I need it. Daddy please. Don’t hold back. Just take me. I’m yours daddy.”

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