Colorado River Ch. 5

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Katie and I took a long needed nap, I was sore from head to toe due last nights orgy. I woke to the smell of a bar-B-Q. I could feel Katie’s breath on the back of my neck as she slept soundly at my side. I turned facing her and lay there marveling at the beauty of my best friend. Her long auburn hair falling over her cheek, and sweet pout of her full lips. I lightly ran my fingers along her manicured hand feeling her soft tanned skin. I loved her and in the past few days I had loved her in way I never thought possible. Her eyelids opened revealing the sparkling sapphire pools of her eyes. She smiled and leaning in kissed me.

“Morning.” She whispered.

“I thinks it’s almost three in the afternoon.” I laughed.

“I’m going to take a bath.” I whispered, kissed her lightly and slid from the bed.

I tuned the water on to fill the tub and walked to the kitchen for a drink. As I sipped the water I peeked through the window at Jay and his friends next door. They were out on the deck standing around the smoking grill, drinking and talking. I smiled thinking about my first night here and how Katie’s and I seduced Jay. I wondered if he had been thinking about it too as I felt that tingling sensation stir between my legs. I crossed to the bathroom and lowered myself into the steaming water. Katie came in twenty minutes later and excused herself as she sat on the toilet to pee.

“Did you see Jay’s friends out there? She asked.

“Cute.” I replied “You want to get in with me?”

“Sure.” Katie said. She slipped in facing me and grabbed the loofah.

Soaping it up she talked about last night and asked if I enjoyed anal sex. I admitted that it hurt like hell at first but the pain lasted a short time. After the pain was gone I loved it especially when Kevin was inside my pussy at the same time. I had never been with more than one guy and to have a hard cock in every possible way was ecstasy. My favorite moment was kissing her and Lisa our mouths full of cum. I told her that I definitely wanted to experience that again very soon.

Katie brought her soapy hands to my face and looking into my eyes she kissed me sneaking her tongue into my mouth. I accepted it hungrily and my hands slid along her slippery body. Her fingers brushed my nipples sending bolt of electricity through me. I felt my pussy flood with moisture as she cupped and squeezed my breasts. She motioned for me to turn around and I did so willingly. Katie ran the loofah over my back while her free hand glided to my clit. I leaned back taking her soapy nipple between my teeth. Katie’s fingers roamed the folds of my throbbing pussy, her thumb rotating on my swollen clit. I felt two fingers enter me and before I knew it an orgasm ripped through me. I gasped for air as the tiny earthquakes shook my body. I turned and kissed Katie pulling the shower massage from the hook.

I turned the water on and set the shower head to pulse. I moved the thrusting stream of water down Katie’s neck to her breasts. Betturkey I slowly circled her erect nipples then moved to gain access to her shaved pussy. Katie arched her back as the jetting water hit her sensitive clit. I ran it around her folds letting the water penetrate her. I bent down taking her nipple in my mouth and aimed the pulsing water on her dripping slit. Her hips bucked as I pressed the head to her clit the hot spray pounding her into ecstasy.

Her hand forced it’s way into her quivering pussy as she came slipping back into the water. Without giving her time to recover I straddled her open leg and ground my pussy into hers. Water splashed out of the tub as I reached to her ass and slowly eased a finger inside. Katie hand reached for her own submerged clit as we ground together. We were both panting as our orgasms peaked my intruding finger pumped rapidly in and out of her tight ass. We embraced kissing passionately.

We got dressed and went out to a small diner. When we arrived back at the cabin Jay and his group of friends were heading out to the bars. Tonight was known as hump night and most of the bars had wet T-shirt contests that ran from bar to bar. The Boob Barge as they call it was trolling around the docks picking up contestants for the event. Katie and I changed into our sexiest bikinis and waited at the nearest bar to join. I was a bit nervous but as we waited we both did a few shots to build up courage. The boat pulled along side the bar and I was immediately intimidated by some of our competition. Some of these girls were beautiful.

I heard a girls voice shouting my name and spotted Lisa waving at us. Katie and I stepped onto the boat and Lisa hugged us both unhooking our tops. My breast fell free brushing against Lisa’s own bare chest. I was quickly reminded of the taste of her skin as I licked the cum from it last night. The boat made one more round picking up girls for the first contest. Music was blaring from the speakers and the large group of girls waved and danced for onlooking guys in boat and along the shore. Getting crazy for a group on a speed boat Lisa and I gave them a show by sucking on Katie’s nipples.

Another girl was stroking my ass easing closer to my bikini clad pussy. I stood up and she kissed my neck as her hand wrapped around me in a warm embrace. I turned and introduced her to Lisa and Katie and myself. Her name was Christina. She had long curly red hair sparkling green eyes and cute freckles covering her tall curvy body. Her breast were at least a 38D and her lips were the poutiest things I had ever seen. The four of us chatted while flashing the cheering guys in boats, jet skis and on the banks. The boat stopped at the first bar and we filed inside.

Just before we all walked to the stage I gave Christina’s hand a squeeze and kissed her on those soft pouty lips. She smiled and said she definitely wanted more of that. I winked to let her know she could have all of me she wanted. Bar Betturkey Giriş after bar we danced and flashed our tits to the roar of hundreds of horny guys. Many of them had cameras so I have no doubt that we’re floating around the internet.

We had each won once or twice and Christina and I tied when we started making out on stage. All together we raked in almost a thousand bucks. It was a blast. Christina introduced us to her friend Kelli at the last bar and we all sat on the docks talking and giggling like idiots. Katie and Christina had broken the seal and raced off towards the bathroom. Kelli confided that she and Christina had become lovers after Christina’s former boyfriend couldn’t take their relationship. Now they are just good friends and take the lovin’ as it comes.

Kelli was very cute, sort of petite, pixieish with short black hair and big brown eyes. Her chest wasn’t large but they were perky. Her ass, and legs were flawless shown off in her boy shorts bathing suit and thick clogs. Lisa said she had never though Kevin would share her but after last night he was Ok with it and liked seeing her with other men and women. Katie and Christina came back giggling and the rest of us inquired to what was so funny. Before they could get it out I noticed a glob of cum on Christina’s left boob. They had just sucked off the DJ. Kelli laughed and licked the gooey spot from Christina’s ample chest. To look at us you’d think we were all insane. Not finishing our drinks the five of us went to Kelli’s place to continue the fun.

Kelli’s apartment was more than I expected with a big living room filled with pillow and bean bags. It was very relaxing and became more so as the stereo played old jazz standards. One by one we hoped in the shower to rid our bodies of the smoke and beer stench of the bars. None of us bothered dressing as we sat in a circle of pillows sipping wine and talking. Kelli left the room and retuned with a large basket of dildos and vibrators fresh from the dishwasher.

I myself don’t have more than a standard vibrator and the staple of every woman’s underwear drawer, the silver bullet. Kelli had everything under the sun. She sat the basket in the middle of our circle and we all giggled madly. Lisa picked a large flesh colored vein laden cock from the basket and began stroking and licking it, then popped the head into her mouth. Katie chose a smooth chromed vibrator and fell to her back before pressing the buzzing tip to her clit.

Kelli leaned to me pressing her hands to my breasts kissing me deeply. Christina’s hands were instantly on my hips and I felt her wet tongue glide along my slit and ass. I looked to my left to see Lisa and Katie in a sixty-nine moaning loudly. Katie was slowly pushing that chromed vibrator in and out of Lisa pussy. I lost myself kissing Kelli until I felt the pressure of a large dildo enter me. Christina had taken the double sided dildo from the basket and was now fucking Kelli and I with it. With Betturkey Güncel Giriş quickening speed she pumped the dildo into us. I came within minutes, I felt my juices run from my pussy down my legs and the dildo. Kelli bit my lower lip as her own orgasm rocked her little body. I lifted myself from Kelli and positioned myself between Christina’s open thighs, her pussy was bright pink with a tiny heart of plush red hair just above her clit.

I opened my lips and tasted her wetness swirling my tongue inside her folds. Even in my inexperience Christina had the sweetest pussy I have ever known. Her nails raked at my shoulders as I devoured her. I sucked her swollen lips into my mouth while easing my tongue inside her slit. Her hips bucked her entire body trembled with orgasmic abandon. She pulled my juice soaked face to hers and kissed me tasting her own sweetness. Behind us Lisa was guiding a thick blue double dildo into the pistoning pussies of Katie and Kelli.

Lisa was lubing another and aimed it into their asses. The girls slowed their pace as the shafts penetrated them, but sped up as they relaxed. They were both screaming like banshees as their asses smacked together driving the double penetrating cocks deeper inside them. streams of lustful wetness streamed down their legs. I laid in Christina’s lap suckling on her erect nipples while she stroked my hair softly. With a series of low grunts and wails Katie and Kelli came collapsing on the floor exhausted. Lisa crawled to me and kissed both Christina and I.

I fondled and sucked her hanging breast as she made out with Christina. Lisa turned and pulled the basket of toys to her side. Selecting a large strand of beads she spread my legs and inserted each bead into my pussy. Then with a smaller strand slowly slid them into my tight ass. She attacked my clit with hunger and my body lurched towards her sucking mouth. Christina worked on my nipples as my body began buzzing with pleasure. I closed my eyes and a hot wetness covered my face as Kelli straddled me. I pulled at her thighs and drove my tongue into her steamy slit. Her juices poured from her pussy drenching my face.

Another mouth was on me and I knew that Katie had taken my right nipple into her hungry mouth. Kelli’s hips were gyrating in circles on my outstretched tongue and I pulled her down onto me and she came instantly. She fell away from me and crawled between Lisa’s legs driving a huge black veiny rubber cock deep into Lisa’s pussy. Lisa screamed and pulled a bead from my pussy. My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. Christina and Katie clamped down on my nipples and my body spasmed. Lisa was slamming into that big rubber cock like a woman possessed. each time she slammed her body back she pulled another bead from my ass and pussy. Each bead sent my head spinning with a stronger orgasm.

Katie’s fingers were a blur on my clit, my body contorted as the last bead was pulled from my holes. My nipples were released and I lay in a fetal position trembling with aftershocks. I heard Lisa wailing and I knew her orgasm had taken her at the thrusting of Kelli.

I think I may have passed out or simply fell asleep. I awoke in Christina’s arms, her red hair cascading over my shoulder and I drifted back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32