Class Time

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I was thrilled to have Mistress Polly visit my class, especially since the topic was female reproductive system and sexuality. I had introduced her to the class as Polly – a visitor, observer, and friend. Believing that all was going well – that I was sharing my depth of knowledge on the subject with my class of four lovely females, I was surprised when my lecturing was suddenly interrupted.

“Molly,” my Mistress interjected – “your delivery is too fucking clinical! You are not feeling the subject at all!” I was startled by her language, and began to protest, but then she used the Voice on me. “Be Quiet!” She commanded. “Why use Powerpoint, and dull textbook images, when you have the real thing so handy? Remove your clothing! NOW!”

Almost of their own volition.. my hands flew to my blouse buttons, and started undoing them as my Mistress locked eyes with me – compelling me to obey, as I also kicked off my shoes. The students’ eyes widened as they saw it how quickly I complied. I heard gasps as I tossed my blouse away, revealing such a sexy bra, that I am certain my students never dreamed I would wear. There were murmurs as my hand went to my skirt zipper, and pulled it down, dropping my skirt, revealing the near wisp of nothing that covered my pussy. It certainly did not cover my mass of pubic hair – my bush protruded from both sides of it.

Amanda, the most remarkable of the four students, and the one that I had been secretly lusting after during this term, spoke to a classmate “Would you dare to call those panties?”

I paused in my underwear… scarcely believing what I just done. Mistress saw my hesitation , and grasped my hair at the back of my head and inquired “Did I tell you to stop?” Again, the Voice activated me.

My mouth dried to a cottony feel as I reached behind my back, unsnapped my bra, and let it tumble off my breasts. The classroom exploded in sotto voce conversations, the shocked student voices interacting. The noise intensified as they saw me grasp my panties, yank them down, and step free of them!

And as I realized I was completely naked, my face flushed red with embarassment. One of my arms threw itself across my chest, covering my areolae…. the other slapped over my cunt protectively.

Again my Mistress’ Voice rang out: “Uncover yourself at once. Do you want these young ladies to think the female body is something of which they should be ashamed?”

“No” I stammered in reply.

“No? Just no?”

“No, Mistress” I blurted out. As the class heard that word from my lips, they fell into stunned silence. Their eyes had gotten so big that as I glanced at them, I could imagine four owls had taken their place.

“Beauty stand, girl!” commanded my Mistress. Without thinking, I immediately straightened up and placed both hands at the back of my head, fully revealing my body to everyone in the room.

“Much better, my pet. You have a lovely body, and you should be proud to display it. Now, you were discussing female anatomy. Here we have two perfect examples of the female breast.” And saying this, she lifted my right tit in her hand as if presenting it to the class. My blush deepened, my breath quickened, as I felt her hand take possession of my breast. To add to my chagrin, my nipple immediately began to respond, starting its engorgement – stiffening under the close scrutiny of my students. “Now, my girl, explain about this portion of female anatomy, both with words and with physical action.”

Trying to regain my composure, I began explaining about the main structures of the breast – the nipple, the areola, the axillary tail, the internal alveoli and ducts, and the suspensory ligaments.

At this point, my Mistress spanked my naked ass with her open palm, saying “Not just words – I told you to add physical action.”

Ass smarting, face burning with shame, I went back over the explanation, this time grasping my nipple as I discussed it, tracing my fingers around my areola as I reached that part of the explanation, sweeping my hand over my breast tissue up into its axillary tail (leaving a trail of goosebumps behind my hand as I did so) to illustrate its location, and finally kneading my tender flesh as I described the internal structures.

“What do you think class?” my Mistress addressed them. “Was that a better explanation?”

Heads nodded very vigorously – their eyes still betraying disbelief at the way the situation was unfolding. “I think I should review with you”, my Mistress said with a twinkle in her eyes. “As I understand it, this structure is the nipple” – and saying this, she grasped mine very firmly in her fingers. “With arousal, it begins to engorge with blood” – saying this, she began rolling my nipple back and forth between her fingers. I tried, but failed, to hold back a moan as she did this.

“Besides being a source of erotic pleasure, due to its many sensitive nerve endings, the nipple also provides nourishment to offspring when they suckle it.” And then, to my amazement, Pendik Olgun Escort she placed her lips to my nipple and began suckling. Even though she was doing this in public, I could not deny the pleasure that shot through my body at this moment. My moans became louder and my hands came up to gently cradling her face to my breast.

After a minute or two of stimulation, she removed her lips and began tracing my areola, which was all bumpy and crinkled due to my arousal. And she went on to repeat the rest of the lesson, kneading and squeezing my breast tissue very thoroughly as she did so. She even placed both hands to encircle the base of my tit, and squeezed and held the flesh firmly, allowing blood to enter my breast, but preventing it from leaving. This caused the entire breast to not only swell, but to begin to turn to a delicate shade of purple.

She explained to the class that sometimes the breasts were tied in this fashion during playful bondage to make them even more sensitive. Seeing how intently Amanda was staring at this demonstration, she called her forward to assist.

“Your name is Amanda?”

Amanda, a little awestruck, could only nod.

“All right Amanda – first run your fingertip lightly over the nipple on her other breast, the one I am not holding, and observe the reaction.”

Amanda did as she was told, obviously enjoying herself. With a big grin, she ran her fingertip back and forth over my normal nipple. I merely smiled, nervously.

“Now do the same to this highly engorged nipple.”

As Amanda ran her fingertip over this nipple, my body erupted in sensation, and I arched as I moaned loudly. “See the difference, class?” my Mistress inquired. All four heads nodded.

“Good – we can now proceed to the next part of the lesson – the genitals.” I felt my knees weaken. Surely my Mistress was not going to tear away the last shred of my dignity, I thought. On the other hand, I had never seen my students so focused on their learning.

“I think you should climb up on your desk, to give them a better view.” I looked at my Mistress with pleading eyes wanting to shake my head side to side, but not daring to. She merely extended a hand to me, assisting me on my awkward, naked scramble up onto my desk. I stood up there atop my desk, blinking, momentarily at a loss as to what to do.

Mistress, seeing this, placed her hands on her hips and said, “Show them your cunt, girl.” There were several sharp intakes of breath as the students heard the word ‘cunt’. Swallowing hard, I spread my thighs apart slightly, and reached between them to grasp my labia and open myself to view.

“No. I’m afraid that won’t work. You are up much too high. Sit down on the desktop, and spread your thighs wide apart.” Feeling very embarrassed, I obeyed, sitting down and then closing my eyes so I would not meet the eyes of my students as I placed each of my feet at a front desk corner, fully exposing my private area.

When I failed to do anything else, my Mistress commented, “Well slut – are you just going to sit there, or are you going to continue the lesson?”

I heard a whisper go through the class as they repeated the word ‘slut’ to each other in very quiet voices. Remembering my Mistress’ earlier command to add actions, I began touching various parts of my anatomy as I explained their name and function.

My hand slid over my mound and then down along my labia majora, gliding through the fuzzy curls there. Bracing myself with one hand behind me, I use the other to delicately part the labia majora, revealing the smooth, hairless inner lips. Of course by now these lips were glistening with my leaking juices. The earlier playing with my breasts had certainly turned on my waterworks.

I then parted the inner lips, spreading them as wide as possible, revealing not only the opening to my vagina, but also the tiny, sensitive urethral orifice just above it. And the pressure of my fingers spreading my labia apart even caused the hood which covers my clitoris to retract slightly, letting the head peek out.

I could swear I heard subtle ‘OOOs’ and ‘AHHs’ as I displayed my intimate region.

Mistress said, “It seems a little dark here, do you have a flashlight?”

“In my desk drawer Mistress,” I replied.

She retrieved it, turned it on, and focused it on my display. I felt like my pussy was now in a spotlight. She also had me tilt my hips back even farther so that the students could get a better look at my perineum, and even the pucker of my anus.

I thought perhaps the lesson was complete at this point, when my Mistress said, “Surely you are forgetting something.”

“What is that, Mistress?”

“Why – your cervix of course. They must see that.”

“But – but I have no speculum here.”

“That’s okay, I’m sure you can use your fingers.”

“My –” I paused – I swallowed – “my….. fingers?”

“Yes, my slut – one finger on each side and pull yourself wide open Pendik Sarışın Escort – do it.”

My face crimsoning, I slid each of my index fingers deep into my vaginal tunnel, and pulled sideways, trying to relax my muscles to let myself dilate, as my Mistress shone the light up into my cunt. The students gathered close staring up inside me.

“A little wider, my pet” my Mistress instructed. I pulled even more, and apparently succeeded in bringing my cervix into view.

“Awwwwww,” Amanda crowed – “how cute!” There were general murmurs of consent.

Relieved that my ordeal might be finally drawing to a close, I slipped my fingers back out of myself. But my breath caught when my Mistress said – “So that’s the anatomy – now, about the sexuality. Pet, you’ll have to lean back on your hands to keep giving them a good view, so I think I will have to do this part of the demonstration.”

With that, her hands began caressing me. She really enjoys running her fingers through the soft curls of my outer lips, so she spent a good deal of time doing that, explaining to the class the erotic pleasures that this can generate. And then she parted my outer lips again and began stroking along my moist inner lips, making my body shudder and tremble. She pointed out to the class how this stimulation draws even more blood to the area, making the labia swell, redden, and become extremely warm to the touch. Of course, she had each student touch me there, to confirm the temperature change.

My heart was thumping so hard and fast, I thought it might try to leap out of my chest. She then opened my inner lips, revealing my vestibule once again. Moistening her fingers in my copious fluids, she began carefully rubbing the tiny knob surrounding my urethral orifice, explaining how sensitive this area is to touch. Indeed, my pelvis started shaking as she rubbed me there. I was glad that my bladder was relatively empty, because such stimulation otherwise might have made me pee all over myself.

Continuing, she took more vaginal fluid and rubbed it across my perineum, demonstrating the sensitivity of this area. When her fingertip made contact with my anal ring, the muscles there reacted by involuntary cycles of clenching and unclenching – something that made all the students giggle. This made her realize something.

Turning to the class, she said, “I don’t want you to think that all of the eroticism of our bodies is concentrated in our tits and cunts. You there – what is your name?”

“Susan, Miss.” she answered.

“Good – Susan I want you to try sucking on Molly’s big toe. You can also try licking between her toes.” Susan looked a little shocked, but she raised my foot to her face, sniffed carefully (I am so glad my feet were clean) and then began sucking. Within moments, the sensations she was producing raced up my leg, and targeted my groin.

Closing my eyes, letting my head fall back, I opened my mouth with a loud moan towards the ceiling. I was not pretending – this really got to me.

“See?” my Mistress asked. “Almost any part of your body can be highly erogenous, if approached the right way. Of course, the labia, the vestibule – this general area is awash with sensory neurons, all begging to be touched. I will demonstrate.”

With that, she began stroking up and down my inner labia. Still full of shame to be on display before my students in this manner, I clamped my lips shut tightly. My Mistress, noticing this, reminded me: “You are the teacher here – it is your duty to let your students know what feels good as I demonstrate. Therefore, you had better articulate your pleasure, the louder the better.”

I don’t know if my face could have gotten any brighter red than it already was, but I think it tried. As her stroking continued, soft moans began to escape my lips. My Mistress went on to say, “I think students learn better when there is a kinesthetic aspect to the teaching. You other two girls – what are your names?

“Linda, Miss.”

“Judy, Miss.”

“Very well. Linda, you come to this side, and Judy, you go to that side. Now I want you two girls to take hold of both her inner and outer labia, and pull them to the side – out of my way.” Giggling nervously, the two slender hands reached between my thighs, and I felt their cold fingertips, which seemed to be gently shaking, grasp my tender flesh. I could not stop myself – I had to look down and watch as my students pulled me open in this manner. Once again, the cooler air of the classroom entered my vestibule.

But the coolness did not last long, because my Mistress now inserted one finger into my vagina. She described for the students the temperature, the wetness, and the textures of my vaginal passage as her finger cruised deeper and deeper. By turning her wrist, she made it clear exactly where her fingertip was at each description.

When she swiveled her wrist to make her finger press against the front wall of my tunnel, she described how the tissue felt Pendik Şişman Escort softer and squishier here – my G spot. As she pressed and rubbed, to my great embarrassment, my pussy rewarded each press with a gentle spurt of fluid. Mistress asked if anyone wished to taste this fluid.

Judy and Linda both immediately shook their heads, but Amanda said “I do.”

Mistress smiled at her. “Go ahead, my dear, help yourself.”

And Amanda glided her finger through my fluid and then popped it into her mouth, sucking vigorously, her lips curling into a smile around her finger. All during this, my moans were increasing in frequency and volume.

“Hmmm, it looks as if my pet is getting close,” my Mistress stated as she slipped a second finger into my cunt, fucking me faster and harder now. “Perhaps it is time for you to demonstrate what orgasm looks like. Do you want to cum, my little slut?”

I moaned, “Yes Mistress – oh yes!”

“Beg for it, you nasty little slut!”

My need was now so great that at this moment I was beyond shame. I cried out loud, “Please Mistress! Please let me cum! Your cunt girl is begging you!”

At this open display of my submission, my Mistress smiled and said, “Amanda, stroke her clit.” As Amanda began to do so, my Mistress commanded me, “Now give us all a good cum, my little slut!”

And I did.

I arched my back, shook like a leaf, and released a gush of fluid from my cunt that spread over the surface of my desk, some dripping onto the floor. As I began my release, my Mistress pulled her fingers out of my cunt, to give all the students a good look at it, as it spewed.

I was still quivering with aftershocks when she commanded me to lick up my mess. Dazed, I obeyed, lapping up the fluids from my desk surface, and even the floor.

“I feel that every good teaching lesson requires a recap of what has been learned – I’m sure you all agree,” opined my Mistress. I quickly glanced around the room to see four smiling faces nodding their agreement. “Who wishes to volunteer for this assignment?” Amanda was very quick to raise her hand. “I thought it might be you,” chuckled my Mistress. “Very well – begin.”

To my astonishment, Amanda then shimmied out of her skirt. She went on to remove her panties as well, and proceeded to walk, bottomless, to the farthest point of the room. I could not help but admire the movements of her lush, naked buttocks as she walked away from us.

Turning, she faced me and said, “Get down on your hands and knees.”

Internally, I rebelled, standing firm with my fists clenched – after all, she was my student.

And then she used the Voice, as she had witnessed my Mistress use it. “I said – get down on your hands and knees, you worthless slut!” The tone struck me to my core, and my knees buckled, and I found myself down on all fours, looking across the room at her. She smiled, and said, “You are learning, pet. Now crawl slowly to me.”

As I started to shuffle forward, she cried out using the Voice, “No! No! I want your tits to scrape the floor as you crawl!” Blushing, I put my hands farther in front of me, lowering my shoulders, until I felt my breasts make contact with the floor.

Again I started to move forward. Again she interrupted me. “Shouldn’t you still be teaching us? After all, we are paying you to learn.”

Like some automaton, I began babbling about female hormonal cycles, the next topic. As I look back on this moment, it seems so surreal – me crawling naked through my classroom toward a half dressed student, scraping my tits on the floor, lecturing about hormones.

After an eternity, I reached her feet.

“Look up here now, you silly girl.”

As my face swiveled up, Amanda parted her thighs and ran her fingers delicately over her sex, stating, “These are my labia.” She parted her labia, and holding herself open, slowly peeled back her clitoral hood and said, “This is my clitoris. Stick out your tongue, I will use that as my pointer.”

Sinking once again into my submissive state, I did as I was told. Amanda then grasped the hair at the back of my head, and pulled my tongue to her clit, moving my head up and down and side to side to make my tongue flick against it.

Tilting her pelvis backwards, keeping herself spread wide, she then lowered my head slightly to make my tongue tap at her urethra. “This is my urethra, where my piss emerges.” And, to my surprise and horror, she began peeing onto my tongue and into my open mouth!

Seeing this, my Mistress laughed and applauded. The other three class members stood in shocked silence. Her piss had filled my mouth, it was beginning to spill over my chin. “Swallow, you slut! Don’t waste it!” My throat began to work reflexively, clearing my mouth. When the last drops finally emerged from her tiny opening, she lowered my face a bit further, and said, “And this is my vagina – stick your tongue out further.”

Beginning to moan with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement, I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go. She pulled my head hard against her crotch, plunging my tongue deep inside her. “Now slut, work that tongue and those lips – eat my cunt. I want to feel the tip of your tongue lapping against my cervix – we all know where that is now.”

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