Chrysania Rose: Installment 03

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Installment three: Three’s A Party

Couples’ sessions are among my favorite (and least favorite) scenes. Half the time they try and negotiate a threesome with me during the proceedings and the scene goes cold when the no-sex-with-clients boundary is enforced. And most of the rest are not on the same page as each other. Sometimes the man has the fantasy of being dominated by a pro, and the woman puts the brakes on that fantasy unless she can come along and supervise and make sure nothing happens that she doesn’t approve of. Other times the man has the fantasy of watching his woman being dominated by another woman, and she goes along because she wants to please him, but I can tell from the start that it is really not her thing. Sometimes, they have seen domination videos or read a kink magazine or seen a late night cable television show depicting BDSM activities; and think that it might spice up their marriage, but get a massive case of “Dungeon Shock” as soon as they walk in. Very rarely is it the woman’s idea. However, on a few occasions I have had women be enthusiastic about the session because they want to learn the tricks of the trade to use back at home in the privacy of their bedroom.

But only in a handful of cases, are both the man and woman into the idea and want a true dominance experience. When those kinds of couples find their way to my dungeon, it’s pure magic, especially when the woman is an attractive BBW or SSBBW. The following account is of one of those magical sessions when all three of us clicked and made some real sparks fly in the dungeon.

David made the call. He got my name from a regular who visits my dungeon whenever he’s in town on business. My regular is involved in both the local BBW/FA scene and the local BDSM scene back in the Midwestern city he comes from. He and David met at a BBW Halloween bash, where David and his wife attended as master and slave. Sharing similar interests, they became friends, and when my regular heard that David and his wife were coming my way on a vacation, he gave me a glowing recommendation.

Before working with a couple, I like to talk to both the man and the woman to make sure that they are both going into it consensually and with knowledge of just what kinds of things happen in a dungeon. David explained to me that he had always been turned on by BDSM and slowly introduced it to his wife, Kat, while they were dating. She seemed to also be interested in the magazines and videos he brought home and was more than happy to dress in fetish attire for him when they took turns dominating each other in the bedroom.

Kat pretty much said the same thing, adding the fact that while they often traded roles, she preferred to be dominated more than she enjoyed dominating David. Their experience ran towards bondage and spanking and moderate flogging, mixed in with sexual servitude and humiliation on Kat’s part. They occasionally attended BDSM events together, but only as spectators. They were not lightweights, but not into extreme scenes either. They were hoping to test their boundaries and maybe take their experience to a whole new level in my dungeon. I think they also wanted permission to play a little harder and to experiment with rougher play in a safe, controlled atmosphere.

Kat and David are both large people, and David asked if that would be a problem, would my dungeon equipment accommodate them? Would it accommodate them? Oh but yes it would… He also asked if they could have sex during their session. Maybe they could? Maybe they couldn’t? It all depended on my mood. While David was the more dominant half of the couple, I was the queen of my dungeon, and I had not decided how to run the session yet.

About a week after the appointment was finalized, Kat called and asked me where she could order some really hot fetish wear their sizes. I found out that not only was Kat a large woman, she was a SSBBW, and a rather apple shaped one at that! I gave her the information for my favorite website that sells such wares and told her to pick something with easy access, for both of them. She giggled like a teenager and told me that she couldn’t wait to meet me. She also confided that she and David had been discussing their fantasies in bed and having some really hot sex in anticipation of their vacation.

A frisky fat couple to play with! Yummy! I also took the opportunity to talk to Kat about her fantasies and preferences while I had her alone on the telephone. Submissive partners will not discuss their needs and wants in front of the dominant partner. But, when I work with a couple, it isn’t all about the dominant half, but also about the submissive half. And especially if the sub is a woman, I really want her to get something pleasurable out of the experience. Female prejudice I suppose.

I talked to Kat about their previous play sessions and what she wanted to happen in the dungeon. She said that she really gets off to feeling helpless, objectified, used, and humiliated. She also Bostancı Olgun Escort enjoys a bit of pain, especially around her nipples and nether regions. I asked her if she felt David would get into being dominated as well. She said he would, as he asks her to switch and dominate him occasionally. The problem is that she is just too submissive to really dominate him properly and winds up just doing a bit of tie and tease as foreplay. And she senses that he would like to take it farther, but she just doesn’t have it in her to comply.

I told her that I would have no problem coming up with a session that was mutually enjoyable for the pair of them, and asked her what her feelings about being kinky with another woman were. She said that one of the fantasies that she and David have discussed revolved around her being forced to take pleasure from other people, including other women. She said that they weren’t looking for a threesome, and I reassured her that I was not offering a threesome, but needed to know that it would not freak her out to have me physically interacting with her on a fairly intimate level. She said that she was interested in broadening her horizons and pushing her boundaries, and whatever I felt she could handle, she trusted my judgment. With that, I bid her a safe and happy journey and made plans to meet them after they had arrived in my city and got settled into their hotel.

The evening before their session, I met them both at the coffee shop down the street from their hotel for a face-to-face meeting. What a darling couple they were! Both were in their early thirties. David is typical beefy Midwestern stock. He was about six feet tall, with blondish short hair, ruddy complexion, and a babyish face. He probably played football in his younger days, and wound up a big man; broad shouldered and barrel shaped with a bit of belly squeezed over the top of his belt. Kat was average height, and had a sweet smile. Very demure and quiet, and obviously passive and submissive by the way she sat back and watched David and I talk instead of joining the conversation. Kat was built as I imagined her. She was a fair-haired Venus with a big round apple shaped body, smallish arms and legs, and heavy breasts which drooped slightly and rested on the top of her belly like it was a shelf. Her face was round. She had at least one extra chin. Her butt was on the smallish side; her hips slim inside her stretchy knit outfit. Her light brown curly hair tended towards unruliness as it brushed the top of her shoulders, and her overall appearance was subdued and slightly frumpy. Not much makeup, nondescript hairstyle, common mass-market catalog knitwear clothing. I have to confess, Kat was a bit mousy, but with a rosy cheeked round face and a bit of mischief in her eyes when she smiled.

The coffee date was purely social. To see if they gave off any really weird vibes in person and to make sure that they understood exactly what they were going to be doing the following night. Payment had already been made ahead of time, so there were no tacky business details to discuss. We merely got to know each other on a friendly level, so that when time came for their dungeon session, there would be no awkward period of getting to know each other. I left them with directions to my humble abode and an order to both of them not to have sex that night or in the morning. I wanted them well and truly horny by the time they handed themselves over to my control.

The day of the session, I had my She-Pet come by and prepare the dungeon. Lindy had some studying to do before her exam that evening, but begged to be allowed to stay and watch and assist me if need be. I told her no, that it would greatly displease me if she slacked off in her studies. But after the session, I would be entertaining a gentleman friend in my boudoir, and she could clean the dungeon while I received my pleasure. She whined that she could pleasure me better than any gentleman friend, and I had to give her a very hard paddling to make my point. She left in tears, her bottom lip jutted out like a pouting child. While using her to relieve the sexual tension following a hot session was a very attractive idea, I didn’t want her to get any ideas in her head that she was special. After all, Lindy is just a pet… a sexy little fat college co-ed pet who eats pussy like a fiend, but still just a pet. And besides, it had been a while since I took a pounding from a big hard cock, so I had already arranged for a special gentleman friend of mine to come by after the session and help me “decompress” as it were.

After Lindy left, I had a couple of hours to retire to my boudoir, listen to some music, and prepare myself mentally for the session. I went over in my mind, the way I wanted things to play out, and came up with a loose little script to follow. I had a glass of champagne (one of my guilty pleasures) and a long soak in the bath before dressing in my dungeon attire. Sometimes Lindy dresses me, Bostancı Sarışın Escort but that night I took care of such mundane things myself. I put on a fairly nondescript outfit. Kat was the star of the show that night, and I had no designs on upstaging her, especially in David’s eyes. I had seen him look at me when he thought I was not paying attention during coffee. He was already taking liberties in his mind, and I was not going to feed into his fantasies any further until I had a good use for them. I put on a black lace body suit, a long black vinyl skirt with slits up the sides, a vinyl sleeveless top, black leather boots, and black vinyl gloves. I pulled my hair back on the sides, but let it hang free in back. I applied crimson red lipstick and severe black eyeliner and checked the effect in the simulated candlelight of the dungeon, in front of the mirror on the armoire. It was very nice… sexy, exotic, gothic, and a little dangerous; but still very covered up and modest.

I double-checked the preparations Lindy had made, set the CD player to loop through a special mix of mood setting music, and re-arranged a few more items to give a little more room in the center of my dungeon. With three large people moving about, there needed to be plenty of elbow, hip, and tummy room. My “script” required a few pieces of specialty furniture to set the stage. An adjustable bondage chair which David would spend some time secured to, an adjustable spanking bench which I would be able to drape Kat across, and two high-backed chairs. I placed the two chairs in front of my throne, about five feet apart. Then, I checked the little table of items I had Lindy lay out for me. Among other things; there were several lengths of fine steel chain, a handful of clip-connectors, a thin silk scarf, a flogger, a pair of nipple clamps, a stack of towels from the changing room, and a bag with a special item I had Lindy purchase on her way to the dungeon.

The doorbell rang, and I checked the security camera to make sure that it was David and Kat. They had arrived in a nondescript rental car, and stood in my small courtyard, shifting from side to side on their feet, and looking quite nervous. Kat had a shopping bag from a local tourist attraction in her hand and David had his hands in his jeans pockets. I buzzed them into the foyer and led them down the hall to my dungeon. I let them have a quick look at the setup and then showed them to the small dressing room and bathroom combination where they could get into whatever outfits Kat had ordered for the occasion. I said that they had exactly five minutes to change, and then they were to approach my throne and sit on the chairs in front of it. I climbed up onto the platform which held my throne-chair and sat waiting for them. I heard the rustling of clothes and a few giggles and the sound of large bodies thumping against the narrow walls of the small room.

They emerged from the changing room, David in the lead, with Kat following closely behind. Kat had certainly thought the whole thing out and they obviously splurged on their costumes for the evening. David had on a pair of leather shorts, built in the same manner as bike shorts, except with a snap open pouch like a codpiece at the crotch. On top, he had a mesh muscle shirt. And as beefy as he is, he did have some muscles on his shoulders and upper arms. He also had a thick steel chain around his neck as a necklace and a couple of spiky biker type rings on his fingers. A catalog Dom for sure! Kat had on a short black leather skirt which barely covered her drooping round belly. On top, she had a black leather bra with snap closures up top to allow the cups to drop open. To complete her look, she had a leather slave collar around her neck, a pair of black thigh high stockings on her legs, and a pair of black fuck-me pumps on her feet.

I pointed at the chairs and ordered them to sit. They looked warily at me, at each other, and around the dungeon. I immediately went into Domme mode and ordered Kat to approach my throne. I asked her what the hell she was wearing on her bottom half, since I had explicitly ordered her to wear clothes with easy access to her nether regions. She blushed and shyly commented that the skirt was just for show, and she had leather snap-crotch panties on underneath. I had her approach closer and lift her skirt to show me. She had to inch the skirt up over her belly and after it flopped down against her pelvis, I could barely see the panties she described. I told her that would do, but she had not obeyed my instructions properly and would be punished for it. I told her to cover herself and go sit back down until I was ready for her again.

Unsure of his role in the proceedings, David sat nervously on his chair, his right leg bouncing slightly. I used my “obey me” voice to order David to stand and approach my throne. I ordered him to turn around and show himself to me. At first he was not quite sure about the situation. I believe he Bostancı Şişman Escort came into the session expecting to be Top Dog in the Dungeon. I told him that the evening would be spent with both of them under my complete control. If they obeyed well, they would be allowed to have their pleasure release at the end of the evening. If not, all they would experience would be the sting of my flogger and the even sharper sting of my words. I sent David back to his seat and reminded them about the rules of my dungeon. I had them repeat their safe words, and made sure that they were both consenting to what was about to happen.

Satisfied that we were all in the right frame of mind, I went to work on them. I picked up my flogger and walked in figure eights around their chairs, slapping the tails of the flogger against the vinyl of my skirt, and clicking the heels of my boots on the floor. I talked about pain and pleasure and control and submission. And how with proper training and guidance, one can explore their sexual psyche and expand their boundaries. As I passed Kat, I reached out and stroked the hair off of the back of her neck. She gasped and straightened up in the chair.

I wheeled around on her and grabbed her hair in my hand and firmly turned her to face me. I crouched down to just above her eye level, and pulled her face very close to mine. I told her that she was to be my plaything for the evening. And that I was very much looking forward to whipping her ass and roughing up her big floppy tits and making her dance for me in her slutty little costume. And if I ordered her to do it, she would lick my boots and crawl on her hands and knees for me. And if I wanted to, I could even pick up the phone and call some friends over who enjoyed a taste of a fresh new slave. And on my word, strange men would be shoving their cocks into her ass and her mouth, and strange women would be biting and sucking her nipples and ramming big fat dildos into her pussy. Kat whimpered and blushed furiously. Tiny shiny beads of perspiration were glistening above her upper lip, and her chest was heaving with the depth of her breathing. David sat and stared, a bulge starting to form in the pouch of his shorts.

I shook her hair out of my hand and walked to David and stood between his knees and looked down at him with my flogger casually flipped up across my shoulder. I said that I bet he would enjoy watching strange men defile his wife, while strange women forced her to take their pleasure. That he was just the kind of nasty bastard that enjoyed such things. And that I could tell he picked her for a partner because while she looked so sweet and demure on the outside, she was nothing but a horny slut on the inside, who needed to be used and punished and humiliated. I asked him if he wanted to see Kat be used and punished and humiliated by me. He said that he did. I said fine then, you will have your show.

I reached out and grabbed the chain around his neck and led him up from his chair towards the bondage chair I had set up in the dungeon, and ordered him to sit. He was getting into it, I could tell by the fact that his dick was so hard that the pouch on his shorts was gaping open between the snaps. From what I could see, he had a decently sized one too. I had already decided that they would get their pleasure release, although on my terms. I was looking forward to seeing that cock of his in its full glory. But all in good time, as it was time for Kat to expand her horizons and push her boundaries.

I hopped up onto the spanking bench and crossed my ankles casually and ordered Kat to come entertain us. She wobbled across the dungeon on those high heels. I had her stand between David and I, and I told her to dance like the slut she is. She took a few mincing steps and self-consciously swayed to the music playing in the background. I reached out and swatted her with my flogger and told her that she looked like a limp rag doll. I told her that I expected something sexier than that, and that I wanted to see her move her body like she moved it in bed. She started jutting her hips and ass and stroking her hands over her body and swinging her hair as she stepped and swayed.

I told her to lift up her skirt and show me her belly and her panties. She slowly inched the skirt up as she circled her hips around and around. After the skirt was bunched up around her waist, she rubbed her hands on her belly, and playfully kneaded and squeezed the soft pillowy flesh. I ordered her to go dance just for David. I got off the bench and walked over to David, and stood behind him and grasped his wrists firmly behind his back with my hands. I bent over so that my hair brushed his shoulder and whispered into his ear while Kat danced for him.

I told him that she was a hot piece of ass, and how I liked women almost as much as I liked men, and that if they were locals, I would take her and make her my pet and have her pleasure me whenever I so desired. I told him that I bet he liked to rub her big belly and play with her big soft tits. I told him that I knew that he wanted to watch me punish her, and use her, and treat her like the naughty slut she is. He just shook his head yes, eyes transfixed on his wife, who was dancing a dance of pure lust and longing, just a few feet in front of him.

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