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About a week later on a Saturday afternoon Chrissy’s mother stopped by for a visit after doing some shopping at the nearby mall. I answered the door and said, “Hello Jessica, this is a pleasant surprise. Come on in. We were just watching an HBO movie in the den.”

Jessica said, “Hello, Joey. Since our last visit I have been curious about what Chrissy and Bill were talking about regarding your honeymoon. I asked Bill about it but he said that I would have to talk to Chrissy.”

“Well come on in. Chrissy may tell you about it. I don’t know.” Jessica came into the den and, after exchanging greetings and kisses, pointedly asked Chrissy what had happened on our honeymoon that she and her father were talking about the last time they visited.

“Oh, Mom, I really don’t want to talk about it but, if you really want to know, I will tell you. We have never kept secrets from each other. Dad arranged for Ted Baxter and two friends to come to our hotel room the first night of our honeymoon….Joey, you may not want to listen to this….it’s up to you.”

“I don’t really mind….It is ancient history….I’ll get you both a glass of wine.”

Chrissy began, “Mom, they came into our hotel room and Ted ‘had his way with me’ even though I tried to stop him. Brad and Carol also ‘had their way’ with Joey.”

Jessica said, “You mean they raped you and Joey?”

Chrissy said, “Well…..not exactly. It was more like they overcame our defenses and we could not resist.”

Jessica, looked incredulous and said, “I don’t understand. What exactly did Ted do?”

Chrissy rolled her eyes and said, “Well….if you must know details, Ted forced me lick and suck his ‘thing’ until it got very hard. He stripped off my panties and wedged his knees between my legs.” I could see Jessica starting to squirm in her chair but she was listening intently to every word.

Jessica said, “Was his ‘thing’…his c-cock, very long and thick?

Chrissy squirmed, “Yes, Yes it was. It was even longer and thicker than Daddy’s and much, much bigger than Joey’s. Well, after he had me naked and was between my legs, he worked his c-cock into my cunny.” Jessica was crossing and un-crossing her long slender legs frequently and her skirt had ridden up her thighs. “Mom, when he got ‘it’ all in he made it throb and twitch and I just had to come. I could not stop myself. He did ‘it’ to me all night long and made me come and come. My cunny was so-o stretched. He squirted so much cream in me that it ran down my legs.”

“Oh, my poor baby, you and Joey had never…well….fucked before, had you? You were still a virgin…weren’t you…and you had to submit to such a big… know….cock the first time. I know it must have been awful to get….I’ll just say it….so-o-o f-fucked against your will. Oh Joey, witnessing Chrissy getting so-o-o f-fucked like that must have been terrible for you, as well.”

Chrissy exclaimed, “Joey was ‘occupied’ too. They forced a large black dildo into his bottom and made him squirt, didn’t they Joey?” I nodded, being too embarrassed to speak.

“Really, that is incredible! How crude. That must have been excruciating. Well, I just had to know the story. You see Ted called your father and invited us all out for drinks and dinner next Saturday. It might be fun to go. What do you think?”

Chrissy looked over at me with a questioning expression and then said, “We-l-l-l-l, I guess that will be O-KKK. We shouldn’t appear unfriendly, right Joey?” I rolled my eyes at Chrissy and nodded. “Great, Joey and I will pick up you and Dad and we can all go together.” I was questioning the whole idea and did not really want to go but I knew the decision was made so I again nodded in the affirmative. I knew next weekend would coincide with one of Chrissy’s fertile periods and I had an ominous feeling about her being in contact with Ted.

The next Saturday rolled around quickly and we arranged for a babysitter. It was warm out and Chrissy dressed in a one-piece strapless black sheath dress over her bikini panties and small bra. She didn’t need stockings because of her tan and the warm weather. She looked sexy and great! She smelled wonderful and had that rosy glow about her that she gets in her fertile periods.

We drove over to pick up her parents. Jessica, Chrissy’s mother, answered the door. She immediately provided the first bit of disturbing news for the night. There was an IT problem at the office and Chrissy’s father had to go to work.

Jessica was in her early forties but looked ten years younger. She was active, with Chrissy, in the tennis club. This kept her body firm and she also had a great tan. She always reminded me a little bit of a classy Sharon Stone. She was sexily dressed and looked almost as hot as Chrissy. She said, “Bill will join us later. He said to go ahead and enjoy ourselves.”

“You two certainly do look beautiful tonight. You both could be cheer leader prom queens. You will have all the men’s heads turning tonight. Shall we go?”

“Joey, I just hope we can keep your and Ted’s attention tonight…right mother?” Jessica just giggled in a rather silly manner.

We all rode in the front seat and both Chrissy’s and Jessica’s dresses rode up their thighs almost to their panties. My little prick got Ümraniye Escort hard and Chrissy noticed and pressed her left thigh against my right thigh to let me know she noticed. When we got to the restaurant and got out of the car Chrissy whispered to me, “I wish you could stick your ‘dicky’ in my cunny right now. I’m very hot and need it now.”

We met Ted in the lounge and he was all smiles and warmth. “Hello Chrissy. Hello Joey, my man. Hello, Mrs. Thompson, this is…”

Jessica interrupted to say, “Just call me Jessica, Ted.”

“Well, alright, Mrs. ….err….Jessica. It is a pleasure to see you again. You are just as beautiful as you were when Chrissy, Joey and I were in high school.” Jessica just smiled and I knew that any grudge against Ted for what he had done to Chrissy had been erased.

While waiting for our table we had a round of drinks and caught up on Ted’s recent history, as well as the history of some of our friends. After ordering a second round of drinks my cell phone rang. It was Bill, Chrissy’s dad. He had not been able to solve the IT problem and needed me to come to the office. I had no choice but to go. I explained the problem and Ted said he would look after the ‘girls’ until we could get back. I left, with some misgivings, and went to the office. After working for over three hours it became clear that this was going to be an all night effort for both Bill and myself in order to correct the problem. We called Jessica on her cell phone and explained the situation. They had already finished dinner and were having drinks. Ted graciously said that he would escort the ‘girls’ home.

They were going to have drinks, chat a while longer and maybe dance some. We were able to piece together the events of the remainder of the evening from the comments of Chrissy and her mother. Our family kept few secrets and we forgive indiscretions easily.

While talking Ted would occasionally allow his hand to touch Chrissy’s or Jessica’s thigh under the table as he was making a point. Each time he did this Chrissy would unconsciously move her leg toward Ted opening her legs a bit. Jessica, on the other hand, would flinch ever so slightly but would make no effort to remove his hand. Ted noticed that neither Chrissy nor Jessica was wearing stockings and that their thighs were very firm. As the evening progressed Chrissy’s dress rode up her thighs and on one occasion Ted’s hand came to rest on her inner thigh just below her panties. When his fingers rubbed against Chrissy’s panties she dropped her hand down to cover his hand. She made no effort to remove his hand but she did moisten her lips with the tip of her tongue and said, “Ted, be a gentleman now.” Ted moved a finger under the leg band of Chrissy’s panties and lightly rubbed her pussy. “Ted, a gentleman wouldn’t do that.”

Apparently, Ted, as a courtesy, asked Jessica to dance. Chrissy heard Jessica tell Ted that she knew what had happened on our honeymoon. Ted was very apologetic and said that it was Chrissy’s father’s idea. He totally ‘snowed’ Jessica and soon they were dancing with Ted’s hands around Jessica’s waist and Jessica’s hands on Ted’s shoulders. Chrissy heard Ted tell Jessica how hot she looked and that he could not really believe that she was Chrissy’s mother. Ted’s hands dropped lower until they were resting on the upper curves of Jessica’s ass. He pulled her pelvis into his groin and the growing bulge in his trousers. Jessica said, “Now I know what you used to deflower Chrissy. I feel how long and thick it is. I see why it was impossible for her to resist. I understand that you made her come and come all night long. I also understand that you knocked her up that night.”

Ted moved his right hand onto Jessica’s ass and massaged her crack with his fingers. He kissed her ear and whispered, “Do you think I could make you come on my cock if I pushed it all the way into your pussy? Would you like to have ‘it’ sticking in you?” Jessica groaned and pushed her pelvis more tightly against Ted’s groin.

They moved into a more secluded spot and Jessica reached between them and squeezed Ted’s cock through his trousers. “Is this for me or for Chrissy? Do you think you can knock her up again tonight? I think it is time to take us home. Drop me first. I want you both to come in for a drink.” Ted just groaned and agreed that it was time to go.

When they left the restaurant and got to the car Jessica exclaimed, “I didn’t know that you had a BMW-735. I’ve always wanted to drive a Beemer. Please, can I drive? You ‘guys’ ride in the back and I will be the chauffeur.” They got in with Jessica driving and Ted and Chrissy in the backseat.

Ted whispered, “Chrissy, do you remember the last time we were in the back seat of a car together back in high school? Do you remember what we did?” He put his arm around her bare shoulders and pulled her next to him. Chrissy’s short dress rode up her thighs almost to her panties as she slid across the seat.

Chrissy looked up at him and said, “I remember but Mom’s driving and we can’t do ‘that’. Joey wouldn’t want me to do ‘that’. I also remember how b-a-ad-d you, Brad and Carol were on our honeymoon….Do you remember? I had to tell Mom about what you did. You wouldn’t do those things again….would Anadolu yakası Escort you? So please don’t touch me, Ted.”

Jessica overheard and said, “I am just the driver. Pretend that I’m not here. I always thought you two were such a nice couple when you dated in high school. Why don’t you just pretend you are back in high school?”

Chrissy laughingly said, “Mom, you should protect ME, not encourage Ted.”

Ted tipped her chin up and he kissed her lightly saying, “You are so sexy I can’t help myself.” Then he kissed her more deeply pushing his tongue into Chrissy’s mouth.

Chrissy moaned, “You shouldn’t kiss me like that. I’m a married woman, remember? It was nice to go to dinner with you but you have to be a gentleman…You will be a gentleman, won’t you? You won’t take advantage of me….will you? I’ll bet you tell all of the women you date that they are sexy. Am I special?” Ted’s hand around her shoulder began to move onto her breast. His finger slipped under the strapless dress and bra to touch her nipple. Chrissy leaned against Ted, tongued his ear and whispered, “Oh Ted, don’t touch me like that. You know how sensitive I am. You always knew that when you rubbed my nips it made my cunny get all wet and feel funny. Mom, tell him to stop rubbing my boobs.” He moved his left hand onto her thigh and slid it up under her short dress until he was touching her panties. Chrissy opened her legs to give Ted greater access to her pussy but whined, “Ted, don’t touch me there. Oh, don’t put your fingers under my panties. Don’t touch my cunny. Mom, do you know what he is doing to me?”

“I know, baby…I think he is getting you ready for intercourse…but how can I stop him? Just try to keep your legs together, baby. Maybe you can make him satisfied if you touch him.”

“Mommy, how can you suggest that I ‘touch’ him? But, maybe you are right.” Chrissy let her hand fall onto the bulge in Ted’s trousers. “Oh my God, I forgot how long and thick your c-cock is. I don’t know how that ever went into my cunny. Has it grown in the past two years? You are not going to try to stick it in me again….are you? You don’t think It would fit in my cunny now….Do you?” Ted continued to massage her pussy and Chrissy lifted her left leg and draped it across Ted’s right leg surrendering her pussy to his touch.

Jessica said, “It is big, baby, but just squeeze it and kiss it and make it feel good. We at least owe Ted that for taking us to dinner.”

Chrissy eased Ted’s zipper down and pulled out his cock. It was already getting hard and was leaking pre-cum. Chrissy kissed Ted and whispered, “Look the head is peaking out and dripping. Let me see what you taste like.” She leaned over and put her oval lips around the head and laved it with her tongue. “Umm, you taste good. Do you like the way my tongue feels? Have you made babies in other girls with your big cock?”

Ted groaned, “Unnnghhh!” and Jessica began to finger her clit over her panties. As she watched Chrissy’s head bobbing in the mirror she somewhat breathlessly said, “We’ll be at our house soon. Then we can have a drink and be more comfortable.” They pulled into the driveway and went into the house. Ted did not even bother to zip his trousers and his cock stuck out of his fly ominously.

While staring openly at Ted’s cock Jessica said, “I’ll fix us a drink and then we’ll get more comfortable. Go on up to our bedroom. I’ll be right up.”

“But, but…Mom,” Chrissy protested…“Why the bedroom? Shouldn’t we stay downstairs?”

“Chrissy, don’t be a baby! You know you need to get fucked and you certainly have Ted ready to fuck you so why not go up to the bedroom and be comfortable.”

“But Mom….Don’t talk nastee. Look at his c-cock. I-It is so b-big. I-It is so t-thick. I-It will hurt if he sticks it in my cunny.” Ted led her up to the bedroom and they sat down on the bed. Chrissy leaned against the bed rest and did not protest as Ted pushed her dress up around her waist. His hand began to massage her pussy and Chrissy moaned and opened her legs. She whimpered, “Ted, Is Mom right? Am I going to get f-fucked? Are you going to stick your big cock in my cunny again? Are you going to make it twitch and throb? Are you going to make me come?”

Jessica walked in with the drinks and over hearing Chrissy said, “Of course he is going to stick his big cock in your pussy and make you come. All healthy women need a big cock fucking at least some of the time.” With that she unzipped her dress and it dropped to the floor. Then she helped Chrissy out of her dress. They were both left with just bra and panties. Jessica then helped Ted to remove all of his clothes. When his boxers fell his cock was sticking out from his groin and the purple head had emerged from the skin flap. Pre-cum was dripping from the tip and Jessica used her thumb to rub the head of Ted’s cock. Ted was not sure what he was getting into but he thought he was going to enjoy it.

“Ted, get up on the bed with Chrissy. Chrissy, you get in the middle and I’ll be on this side to comfort you. Just pretend I am not here while you two lovers are enjoying a good fuck. If Ted does bad things to you I will be here to stop him.”

“But Mom, I don’t want to get f-fucked again by Ted. Joey would İstanbul Escort not want Ted to f-fuck me. I am married. Only Joey is supposed to fuck me.”

“Don’t worry about Joey. Of course you want to get fucked, baby. Look at how puffy your pussy is. Here let me take those panties down.” She hooked her thumbs in Chrissy’s panties and pulled them down. Chrissy lifted her ass and let her mother take her panties off. “See! Your pussy is all rosy and wet. Look at how the lips are swollen and they have separated. It is very aroused and is almost ready to be fucked. Ted, finish getting her ready.”

“Chrissy, baby, I’m going to make it good for you. Once my cock is fucking you nothing else will matter. Once I get deep into your pussy you won’t be able to think of anything but getting fucked. You know how much your mother wants me to fuck you. You don’t want to disappoint your mother….do you?”

With that Ted slipped to the bottom of the bed and got between Chrissy’s legs. He began to kiss her inner thighs. She whimpered, “Oh Mom, stop him. Look at what he is doing,” and opened her legs further. When Ted’s lips reached her pussy he made a long lick with his tongue from the bottom of Chrissy’s slit to her clit. She moaned, “unnghhh,” and her pelvis came up from the bed. Jessica pulled Chrissy’s leg over closer to her and lightly massaged her inner thigh and stomach.

“Oh Mom, don’t help him to get my legs open. You know what he will do to me, don’t you? You want him to breed me…don’t you Mom? Do you want to see his b-big c-cock sliding in and out of my little cunny? Do you want to see your daughter being f-fucked? Do you want to see Ted’s cum dripping from my cunny? You do…don’t you?” Jessica just smiled reassuringly. “You want him to fuck a baby in me. Oh, I can see it’s making your cunny all wet thinking about it. Ted, look at Mom’s panties…they are all wet. Help her to take them off.”

“Mrs. Thom….Jessica, just lift up your butt and I will slide them down.” Her panties came off with a whisper. “Mrs. Thom….Jessica, do you have some lubricant and some ‘toys’ handy?”

“Ted, I keep all sorts of things like that right here in the night stand, next to the bed. Why do you ask?”

“Would you get a dildo and some lube and help me to get ready to fuck Chrissy? You know, just rub some lube around my ass, maybe suck my cock a little and use the dildo to massage my prostate.”

“Oh Ted, baby, I don’t know if I should do that in front of Chrissy, but O-KK, if you think you need the attention. We certainly owe you for the nice dinner.”

“You may as well because I am going to be giving your pussy some attention, too. I can see that it needs a good fucking.”

Chrissy whimpered, “Mommy, are you really going to let him f-fuck you with me watching? I only saw you f-fucking Daddy once. You were making so much noise so I cracked your bedroom door and peaked in. You were lying on your back. Daddy was between your legs and they were up in the air. His c-cock was in your cunny pumping in and out. You were moaning and grunting so loudly I thought Daddy was hurting you. Ted’s c-cock is much bigger than Daddy’s. I don’t think you should let Ted f-fuck you. He might hurt you. But if you are going to help Ted f-fuck me, then maybe I will help him f-fuck you. Will that be O-KKK?”

Ted moved up between Chrissy’s legs, grasped his cock and began to rub the head up and down her pussy slit, carefully tweaking her clit. Jessica got the lube and toys and moved to the bottom of the bed behind Ted. She lightly rubbed Ted’s ass, kissed him on the back and trailed a hand down his ass crack to his balls and onto his cock. She whispered to Ted, “Do you want me to put it in?” Ted shook his head and Jessica trailed her hand back up his ass crack. She squeezed some lube on her fingers, spread his cheeks and touched the cold lube to Ted’s anus. Ted jumped. “Sorry baby, I’ll warm it up.” She began to massage the lube onto Ted’s anus increasing the pressure until a finger tip popped into Ted’s ass.

He groaned, “Unnnghhhh, Mrs. Thompson, ‘that’ feels so good.” Jessica pushed her finger into the last knuckle and twisted it around. She found Ted’s prostate and began a vigorous massage. Ted groaned again, “Unnghhh, My God! What are you doing to me?” Ted just had to clench his ass muscles.

Chrissy felt Ted move and whispered, “What is Mom doing? Is she finger-fucking your a-ass? Is that what you want? Do you want her to f-fuck you while you are f-fucking me? Ted pushed the head of his cock into Chrissy’s pussy. “Oh Ted, are you going to f-fuck me now while Mom is f-fucking you?” She arched her pelvis and Ted’s cock slid in further. Chrissy grunted, “unnghh”, and Ted clenched his ass again driving his cock in to the hilt. The air came out of Chrissy’s lungs and she moaned, “Oh God! Ted, I forgot just how big your c-cock felt. It is completely up in my tummy. Oh, take it out a little.” Ted relaxed his ass muscles and Jessica lubed the ribbed dildo and slowly pushed it into Ted’s anus. She didn’t stop until all 6 inches were embedded. Ted clenched again and drove his cock into Chrissy. She moaned again, “Oh Ted, you are going to f-fuck me good aren’t you? Are you going to make me come? Are you going to shoot cream in me and make another baby? Oh, don’t cum inside me. You might get me pregnant. Remember two years ago you shot so much cum in me it ran down my legs. Do you remember? Mommy, don’t let him shoot cum in me, please. Help me. Make him pull it out before he shoots cum in me. Just f-fuck me good but don’t cum in me, O-KK?”

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