Cheering My Sister’s Friend Up

Nisan 15, 2024 Yazar admin 0

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My traveling keeps me with a busy schedule. All work and no play, right? Hardly. I find the time to escape and indulge in my bad self.

I was out in California, visiting my family. My sister has a friend that’s going through a nasty divorce and she hung out with us on the night I arrived. I mentioned that I begin to go through withdrawal from working out if I don’t hit a gym every other day and she offered to give a guest pass to hers to me. We seemed to hit it off and I pick up body language from flirty girls, so I knew she found me attractive. The next day she picked me up, from my cousin’s condo, and we went to the gym. I teased her for her bad form and helped her fix it. She’s a petite girl, probably only 110, girl-next-door face, sweet, and in great shape at 37 years old.

I humored her – letting her spot me on the Smith machine. She was scared but flattered that I trusted her. She didn’t know that the Smith machine does most of the spotting, but I didn’t kill her buzz by telling her. Anyway, we got to flirting and she would intentionally pose for me while lifting (sticking her ass farther out than she needed to, trying to show her cleavage to me, etc.). I told her to stop, since it was distracting and could get me injured, but she played dumb, smiled, and said she wasn’t doing anything wrong and that I’m a pig for bringing it up. I just laughed.

Her story sounded cliche – husband cheated on her, she forgave him, he did it again and again, she got tired of it and wanted a divorce. He wound up moving to LA to be closer to work. She’s been beating herself up for trusting him over and over. I ended that topic before it got too depressing and asked edirne escort about guys she was dating. She said she tried, but only met a bunch of idiots so far.

We finished at the gym and she drove back to her place to shower and head to my sister’s. I needed to head out that way anyways, so I planned on hitching a ride with her. The air in the car, on the ride to her place, became thick with tension as we flirted back and forth. When we arrived, I asked where the guest shower was so I could jump in. She pointed me in the right direction, I thanked her, and took my shirt off on the way there, sensing her eyes on me the entire time. I finished my shower put a towel around my waist and went to grab my bag, which I left in her foyer. Of course I left it there so I would have to get it, I had to tease her with a visual. She saw me walking through the hall, from her bedroom and whistled at me. I playfully shook my ass at her. She just turned the shower on.

I grabbed my bag and started to bring it back to the bathroom when I noticed that she intentionally left the bedroom and it’s bathroom doors open. I crept up to the door and watched her change. Time treated her breasts well over the years due to the perk and slight bounce as she took her sports bra off. Naked, she threw a towel over her shoulder and turned around to walk to the shower as it warmed up. She saw me, gasped, and froze as she saw me leaning on the door frame. I told her to continue doing what she’s doing and that I was enjoying the show. She called me a pig and told me to leave and close the door. I playfully told her to shut up and get in the shower, because she would have closed elazığ escort the door if she didn’t want me to see her. She smiled, hung her head, and walked sheepishly to the shower. I followed her, put my bag on the counter, and dropped the towel to join her.

At this point she became extremely shy and reserved. She stood in the hot water, covering her nipples with her hand and forearm. I told her to turn around to give her some privacy, which she did and she began putting shampoo in her hair. She apologized for being shy, but that she hasn’t seen another naked man since college. I stopped her hands from working through her hair and told her to put them to her sides. I slowly massaged her shoulders, worked my hands up her neck, and pulled her head back to rub her temple. She sighed and I told her that she should feel more relaxed and she agreed. She finished with her hair and I grabbed her loofa and body wash to wash her. She still seemed shy and stiff as I finished with her back. I put the loofa down, turned her around, pressed her against the shower wall and kissed her. Her lips eagerly parted and I felt her body release the built-up tension as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her breasts against me.

We stared into each others eyes for a second and I went back to washing her, intentionally letting my hard cock brush against her hip and cheeks of her ass as I turned her around. She bent-over to rinse her hair off, pressing her ass against me. I let my cock slide between her legs so she could feel my shaft against her lips. I felt her body shudder as she took her time. I teased her by rubbing the head of my cock against her erzincan escort pussy. She began to put conditioner in her hair as I reached out to my bag to grab a condom and slip it on. Her body froze and her hands went from her hair to the shower walls as she felt my cock part her pussy lips and begin to slide in. She gritted her teeth and stood on her toes as she told me to be gentle. She was extremely tight and I took my time letting her get used to me. I felt my cock hit bottom just as I was completely buried in her and she began to moan. After just sitting inside her for a minute, I began to slowly slide in and out of her, inch by inch until she loosened up a bit. I pushed the shower head to the side, pulled out, turned her around, and pressed her against the wall. I picked her up by her ass and wrapped her legs around me as I slid her down on my cock. Her arms wrapped around my head and she violently kissed me as I bounced her up and down on me.

Soon the condom lost it’s lubricant from the shower water (I hate that!) so I picked her up, carried her to the bed and put a towel down. I grabbed a new condom, but before I unwrapped it she told me to lay on the bed. She straddled me and began to suck my cock like a professional. I asked were she got all the experience and she said she learned well in college, but she hasn’t given a blow job to her husband for a few years. I let her continue and made her beg me to fuck her again. Eventually I gave in and this time her pussy was extremely wet and loosened. She’s the kind of girl that cums multiple times and keeps going. After an hour of our time we rinsed off in the shower one last time and headed out towards my sister’s for the rest of the day. It seems like she’s making it a point to hang out with my sister as much as possible so we can disappear once in awhile on our own. She’s not needy, loves the attention, and cool with knowing that this tryst will end when I leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32