Chattanooga Weekend

Nisan 15, 2024 Yazar admin 0

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Several weeks ago DonnaRay and her sister-in-law, Bella, skipped out of town for a naughty weekend in Chattanooga. Bella had heard a rumor about the party from an email pallette and traced it down. It turned out to be in an awesome house out on some isolated land west of the city.

It was deep in the woods with no other houses around. Lots of privacy and no one to bother the crowd. They arrived in the early evening just before 5pm after a long but steady drive from home. Neither knew what to expect and were curious as two cats with a new pile of boxes to explore.

They were met at the gate by a seriously overweight male security guard, with the charm of a well stuffed pig, who checked them off his list and pointed the way to park.

They followed the signs and landed their pick-up truck under a tree. At the door they were met by one of the hosts, wearing only sandals and looking quite buff. His balls and cock were on display for the world to see. He pointed them to a table just inside tekirdağ escort the door. The woman ticking off names was starko herself. All she was wearing was a smile and her reading glasses on a neck chain. She introduced herself as Sally. Sally ticked of their names and gave them wrist bands.

Donnaray and Bella said their thanks and went inside. They found the party already started with a few people here and there. They were given a laundry bag and tag to wear on their wrist band. That was for their clothes to be checked. They could get into it again if they wanted to strip further or wear more. Not a problem. They both stripped down to shorts and a bikini top. As always, DonnaRay was a bit shy and Bella was kind of ‘out there’ and soon lost her top. Most of the women were topless and about half the males were naked with their cocks in various forms of display. There were people of all colors, shapes and sizes.

After a bit the music began and the dancing started: couples, solos, and groups. It was free form dancing. Cocks swinging and boobs bouncing. Some folks were in obvious couples while many were apparently solo. After dancing together for a few minutes getting the lay of the land the two girls split up. They had different tastes in dudes. Bella also had a penchant for MMF fucking in the right venue. This party looked like she could find at least one dynamic duo of studs willing to part her thighs while she sucked their dicks. Probably more than once. She liked one on one but two on one was a turn on for her. The party was listed as going until 6am so there was ample time.

DonnaRay liked one on one with a sparking romance thrown into the brew. She soon found one likely stud to romance and fuck if he was game. By this time her top was off and the bikini bottoms had been replaced with ass floss. There was nothing left to the imagination. Her short and curly red haired beaver was on display. After a bit her stud of choice, name of Sid, was duly hooked on DonnaRay’s obvious charms. They had gotten tangled, hands on cock and boobs, kissing, rubbing ass while dancing and prancing, holding close and stroking dick and kitty. DonnaRay was wet and leaking. Sid was rock hard and strutting his cock on display. They went upstairs and found an empty room. They sucked, fucked and cooed in that bedroom for over an hour. DonnaRay’s thighs were well parted and sticky when they were done. Sid licked her clean and DonnaRay licked his floppy dick until it was done. They fondled and cooed quietly for another 15 minutes. Then they kissed and went back down stairs to find more conquests to woo, seduce and fuck.

On the way downstairs DonnaRay saw Bella entering another room with two handsome studs. Bella was stark naked by now carrying her top and bottom in one hand. She was well on her way to her first MMF of the night.

When it was all said and done on Sunday morning DonnaRay had taken four studs to bed. In the morning she watched Bella do a last MMF and then found one last dude to nail herself. Yeah, she thought, freedom to fuck is good freedom!


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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