Biker Bitch

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Five of us, two guys, two girls, and I, went for drinks at our usual after-work bar, then to dinner at another, and now this bar. Certainly not our usual bar. Somehow it seemed a little rougher than the white wine and martini crowd we were used to. We were feeling no pain and didn’t have to drive home. Naturally it got loud, that is loud if you could hear above the music. The girls were sitting at the end of the bar, attracting flies of course; guys swarming around. One sitting there had a leather jacket, with “Brothers on the Road” stitched on the back.

So it seemed to be a biker bar, maybe? I didn’t care. I was getting high anyway. At one point, he bought us drinks. Now, buying the next round is just good manners. After some small talk we exchange names. He’s Ray, an he bought me, and only me, a beer. Oh, well that’ll give you a down right feminine feeling. Gee whiz! “Thanks.” And, what great eyes. Oh, shit. I’m melting.

I don’t know if I leaned up against him or he leaned against me, but I certainly leaned against him when he put his arm around my waist. How did he know? Well, I wasn’t dressed in leather. Actually, it was my usual casual Friday wear: white duck slacks just a little too tight, pink pony shirt and a red handkerchief in my back pocket (which I only wore around my neck in gay bars). I guess the guys from work suspected, but I don’t know about the girls, nor did I care.

At one point, when no one was looking he kissed me. Right there in the bar. Okay. That’s it. I’m had. Wow! What a way to turn a girl’s head, if I’d a had an ounce of sense in my head at that point. My mind was between my legs and it was hard. I accidently on purpose brushed my hand against him and his was hard too. Sorry, but I just had to check it out. “We’ve got to get out of here,” I think.

He pinches my ass, “Lets get out of here.”

“Oh, well, great minds think alike,” my thoughts are running a mile a minute.

I whispered in one of the girl’s ear, “I’ve got a ride. Don’t worry about me.” She looked puzzled, and must have realized it at that point, if she didn’t know about me already.

Out to the parking lot, and there was his bike. A big Harley, with a soft tail. Oh, my tail was soft too, and he had his hand on it. Damn, I wished he had put his hand down my pants and fingered my ass. I was ready-teddy for this biker. Another kiss. This one I prolonged, my arms around his neck, my obviously hard-on rubbing in a circular movement against his obvious hard-on. Handing me the extra helmet, he jumps on, hits the starter, twists the handle, revs it up and it roars. I flip over the bike and onto the soft tail. “Hang on,” he says. “Oh, I will,” I think, “I will!”

My arms go around his waist and we take off. Several times, I accidently, or casually I suppose, check it out; yes, its still hard, and big too, I am sure. Actually, I am rubbing against his jeans, sometimes I push. He speeds on and my hands are all over his chest and we’re loving it. Finally, out on the parkway, and down the river road a few miles out of the city, we pull into a dark roadside park. “Whew,” I pull the helmet off; “Those things are hot and sweaty.”

“Yea, that’s why bikers don’t like the damn things,” he says. “And,” I’m thinking, “you can’t nibble on your lover’s neck with two helmets on.” He’s sitting on the end of a picnic table and I’m standing between his legs, and we’re kissing again. This time there is no stopping. He is blatantly rubbing his hard-on against me, between my legs. His hands are up under my shirt, massaging my back. “Oh, yea! He knows now to seduce a girl.”

I put my tongue in his mouth, he puts his tongue in my mouth, we are sword dancing with our tongues, we are rubbing our lips all over each other’s face, and we are getting hot. His hands go around my waist, and dip into my pants. I quickly undo my belt and pants button and the pants fall. He puts his hands under my silky skin tight bikinis, rubs my ass, pulls one hand around and quickly squeezes my you know what, as if to test it. “Wow, this guy is certainly seducing me and I’m just making it easier and easier.” I’m moaning into his ear, kissing his ear, and rubbing his neck. Now, I’m undoing his leather vest buttons, going up under his T-shirt and rubbing his chest. “Oh, shit, he’s hairy.” “I love hairy.”

Actually, I don’t like body hair, on me at least. I am completely, and I do mean completely, shaved. Legs, chest, underarms, and yes, a full bikini wax. Sure, the guys at the private room in the hair salon look at you funny when you ask for a bikini wax job, but let’s face it, they’re gay too, so what. They do women’s pussies without a thought. “Well, I’m girl-like, so wax the damn thing already!”

Okay, it’s time. I pull on the big brass belt buckle, unhook the button, and oral seks porno pull the zipper down. Yes, its time. And, its hard. And, he doesn’t have any underpants on. “Oh, you brute.” It pops out, big and hard and mean. Just like I like ’em. “Wow!” I grab it. Well, I didn’t want it to get away, did I? Okay, its time to suck the cock, girl.” “Hmm,” he’s moaning. And being obvious about it; and, I’m loving it. Kicking my shoes and pants off, I kneel down; grass stains on your knees girl. Its out and its big, and I’m stroking it, up and down, up and down, and he’s smiling. “Yes, you got lucky, big boy!” I think, “And, I got lucky, too.”

Lots of saliva, I lick the head and get it all wet, then down the entire length getting everything nice and slippery. I’ve got a lot to do and I need it wet. Up and down a few times. You know he’s loving this ’cause I’m sucking hard. Stop, look up into his eyes. Yes, its dark but not that dark. Back up, we kiss again, and I’m jacking it, nice and wet. “Okay, okay,” I get the silent message, back down to business. “Hmm,” I moan this time. “Hmm,” he moans. “Gee!” we’re in tune.” So, back to business with a passion, and I do have a passion about cock-sucking. Especially one this big. I put my left hand into my own panties and start to play with my special parts.

Up and down his dick a few times with my wet mouth, then down the front with my lips, all the way to the balls, which I then swirl with my hand, and back under pressing against that spot under the balls. Not into his ass yet; that will come later, if he doesn’t mind. Then back up the front of the dick, and pushing it out and down, I swirl my tongue around the head, up under the front at that little sinew, then back around swirling my tongue with strong suction at the same time. “Ugh!” That solicits a grateful grunt, so I do it a few more times. And a few more grunts. Now, back down the back of the dick, tickling it with my tongue back and forth across the dick. Then, taking the head in my mouth, with lots of saliva, I suck, and I do mean suck hard, with lots of swirling of the tongue.

I’m still playing with myself and it won’t be long for me either, ’cause this is just so sexy. I really love it and it turns me on. Now, he’s also as close to heaven as he’s going to get. It’s time to close this sucker down. Up and down, up and down, jacking the lower cock with my hand, swirling, I feel it get ever harder, if that’s possible. I can feel the blood vessels expand. Oh, I’m guessing this is it. Yes, yes, he’s coming. And, now I really clamp down, with my mouth all over the dick, and just moving my mouth up and down an inch at a time, clamped down. That solicits a loud “Oh, shit, that’s fabulous! Oh, my gad. Damn.” He’s still pumping, and finally I feel the last few shocks of the come, as I lick it all up. I clean it up, licking it all over and pull off with my mouth, with a “Pop,” just to top it off. Then, I finally get it on myself, pumping cum all over my hand, I keep squeezing it. “Oh,” it’s a lovely way to get one’s self off and get your lover off at the same time.

Back up, we kiss again, his wet dick sort of rubbing against me. We kiss, my arms around his neck. He holds my chin and looks into my eyes. “Oh, shit, this guy knows how to turn a girl’s head.” As well, as get her to give good head.

“Well, good time?”

“Shit, yea. Hmm. Great. Girl. Um.”

So, back on the bike and we stop in front of my apartment building. He’s still sitting on the bike while I’m kissing him continuously. I don’t give a damn what the nosy neighbors looking out their windows think. “Well.”

“Hey, we’re going for a ride tomorrow. I’ll pick you up about ten.”

“A date!!” I think. “Oh, yea, I’d love to go for a ride,” I say. “Uh, listen, you know, I dress now and then, if you know what I mean. I mean, I could look kinda feminine, if you wouldn’t mind. Not dressy during the day, but sort of. You know?”

“Well, like what?”

Tapping his chest, “I could wear something tight, like a shirt and my white jeans, they kind hug my ass, if you know what I mean, and my blonde wig. That would kinda look feminine under the helmet.”

“Hey, yea.”

“Well, you know, anyone passing on the road, probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. Okay?”

“Yea, that sounds good. I’d like that. I mean, the guys don’t seem to care, but the fucking asshole public. You know?”

“Yea, that’s what I mean,” I say. “Listen, I’ll be.. Uh. You’ll see. I promise.”

“Okay, ten.”

One last kiss and I clasp his arm down to his hand and say goodbye.

“Jesus, what a night. Hey roomie, have I got a story for you!”


So, I get up early. Hey, I’ve got a date, haven’t I? Okay, now. The blonde wig. Red silk thongs, just barely holding playboy porno my secret in. A pair of tight, low-rider, stretch white jeans, women’s jeans at that, tucked into my blue cowboy boots, with the red swirls and very high heels. Well, they look sorta feminine without being women’s spike-heeled boots. A very tight red T-shirt and a red and white checked shirt, tied in front with the ends, so my belly and back shows. No bra during the day, but do I pack my black bra and silicones for later. No lipstick or makeup, that’s for later also. I do put a temporary tattoo on my back, just above my ass, so it’ll show above the jeans. It’s one of those double swirl designs across the back. And, the piece de resistance, my roomie writes across my butt in a nice script, with heavy blue ink. Well, you and he will just have to wait ’til tonight to find out what its says. I pack a very little bag, just the necessities, since I know there’s very little storage room on a bike.

Okay, so we’re off. “Um.” The wind in our faces and the bugs in our teeth. Lovely, isn’t it. Well, that’s biking. The whole tribe stops. We get lunch and take a walk into the woods. Yes, boys, it’s that time again. I mean, I’ve been shamelessly rubbing it the entire trip, haven’t I? It’s probably uncomfortable in those tight jeans, anyway. And, needs to be let loose. This time, I’m sitting on the end of a picnic table and he’s kissing me, and feeling me all over, and making me ready for anything. But, that’s also for later.

Right now, we’ve got a problem with this hardon, I’ve got in my hand. “Okay, big boy. Up on the table. No, lay down.” I turn around and lay on top of him, jacking his dick all the while. “Time, big boy.” So, I go back to my job, blow job that is. Hey, it’s a repeat of last night, if you know what I mean. Well, maybe not so intensive. Maybe, just a regular blow job this time, rather than one of my special bjs.

So, back on the bike and we head up to the park where all the bikers are gathering. Tents and bedrolls are everywhere, but, hey, this is my honeymoon night and I’m not spending it in a tent. So we opt for the local no-tell motel and split the room rate. This is night-time so I get to dress up and show off. Okay, now I can put on the denim short shorts, too short for my ass, which is slightly hanging out the bottom, rather bare under the red thong, snapping at my ass. My bra and tits stretch the T-shirt and blouse tied under the breasts. Oh, those silicones are marvelous; they bounce when you walk, they feel wonderful, and look even better. High heeled strappy summer sandals and my legs tanned with those tanning lotions that make your legs pop out. From the rear, you look more feminine than most girls, unless they’re also wearing high heels. Flats just don’t do your legs any good in the male-staring department. Makeup, a touch of rouge on the high cheek bones, blue eyeliner over and white under, black eyebrow liner, and red, red lipstick, complete the look. The blonde wig, I’ve been wearing all day anyway. Okay, so I look like a cock-sucking whore. That’s what I want to look like. We’re at a biker party for goodness sake and there’s no goodness about it. Besides all the other girls are competing in the sluttish look department, and they’ve got real tits to show off. And show them off they do. Sometimes they’re out of the bras more than they’re in.

Well, we party, and all night long I lean on Ray, rub Ray’s neck, kiss Ray on the neck, play with Ray’s chest, rub Ray’s shoulders, kiss Ray’s ear, tongue Ray’s ear, rub my leg against Ray’s cock, rub my ass against Ray, rub my ass against Ray’s hands, keep Ray’s cock hard, and generally make a nuisance of myself, all to Ray’s amusement.

Later, much later, after the usual partying, and kissing, and loud music, and kissing, we are back at the motel. Okay, girl, bed time. Into the bathroom to freshen up the lipstick, just so I can get it all over his dick. Off with the shorts, and put a big dollop of lube in my pussy. Grab a condom. A girls got to be ready and I am ready. Now, back out to the bedroom, where Ray’s laying on the bed with the biggest hardon I’ve ever seen. “Oh, gad, and I’m gonna hafta fuck that thing?”

“Hey, big boy, whatcha playing with?”

“Come over here and find out.”

“Um.” I lightly stroke the dick from the bottom up, while leaning over the bed to kiss Ray for the first of many kisses that night. Climbing on the bed, I lay down beside Ray on my side, stroking his chest, kissing his chest, neck, ears, and mouth, and blatantly making myself available for whatever he wants. He runs his hand up my leg, squeezes my special thing under the thong, and runs his hand back around my ass, down my leg and back up between my ass crack, stopping to lightly finger my ass. “Oh!” I groan, pornhub porno “That’s so sexy.”

“You like that?”

“Um, I like that. Do it again.” So, he does it again, this time plunging in my ass with his middle finger up as far as he can. “Ugg, Oh shit. That feels so damn good.”

“You sexy bitch.”

“Umm. You bet.” Now, I’m stroking his dick and it’s hard and red. Okay, girl, time to suck the dick. “Umm, I think it’s time to attend to this matter at hand.”

“Yea, you go girl.”

Now, I go down on the dick, licking the head, getting it wet, then going down, nibbling on the tender underside, tickling it with my tongue and getting it all wet, and ready for the big enchilada. Which is me.

Now, stroking with my left hand while sucking hard on the head. That elicits a groan from Ray, so I suck even harder, and get a bigger laugh and mock groan. “Okay, cowboy, you wanta fuck?”

“Umm. Yea, I wanta fuck you, lovely.”

“Me too,” I mumble between sucks.

Ray now has my ass ready, and smacks it. “Let’s go.” I roll over on my back with my knees in the air. Ray gets up on the bed and spreads my legs. “Let’s see what we got here.” First, he pulls my thong aside and my everything pops out and my ass is exposed for the first time. He sees what my roomie wrote on my ass-cheek, “Ray’s Bitch”. “That’s cute.” “Umm. Nice pussy, too.” His finger tests the pussy lube again, squishing, in and out.

“Oh. Ahh, more.” So, he does it again. I become ready and randy; this is wonderful. I’m being finger fucked by my man and I’m loving it. He leans over and kisses me hard, our tongues mixing and poking each other, sucking on each other’s mouth and lips, while continuing to finger fuck my now loosening ass, and getting it ready for the coming. I think it’s the second coming, or maybe second cumming, anyway, it’s wonderful and I’m loving the whole scene.

“Okay,” he says. “Now.” He leans back, strokes that magnificent dick, and puts it against my now tightening asshole. I’m just too anxious, and I scoot down, it touches, he pushes, I push, I slightly open and I push again, impaling myself on the first wet inch.

“Oh, shit it’s big.” Thicker than I thought, anyway. I’m stretched open. “Ugg.” I groan, shut my eyes, and try to bear it. I want it, I’ve been waiting for this, and I’m going to get it, obviously. Plus, I want so much to make Ray happy. Ray pulls out a half inch and then pushes a couple of inches in. “Uhhh. More. More.” So he leans over me, lays on my chest and pushes more dick in me. “Ugg.” “Gad, is there anymore?” I wonder. Ray responds to my silent question by pushing even more dick into my now tightening ass. I feel like I’m being impaled on a broom, or a baseball bat.

So, Ray starts fucking in earnest now. In and out, I’m being fucked and fucked hard. And, I’m loving it. Loving it. Then we start kissing again. Um, the guy can kiss, and, of course, so can I. Like a girl, wet, slurpy, with tongues twisting like swords fencing with each other. Then, kissing me on the ear. Wow, Ray, you know what a girl likes. So, I tongue his ear, all wet and slobbery. Um, Ray responds by fucking me harder, if that’s possible at this point.

Now, I’m feeling it and loving being fucked. And, I’m starting to respond. My special part is being squished between my stomach and Ray’s slight beer belly. My dick is lubed and oily also, so it slips back and forth, plus, I’m sorta rubbing it back and forth with my hand when I can. Ray is getting bigger, and the strokes are getting shorter and faster. I can tell the end is near, or cumming, so to say. I am getting bigger too and I can feel the end cumming on also. With one big, wet kiss, I can feel Ray is finishing in my now wide open ass. And, luckily, I am feeling the end. Ray jerks and I know he’s cumming. Quick strokes and I know I’ve been fucked and fucked hard. Ray sort of rises up and I go, “Oh, no, don’t.” But, then he smiles, looks down, and sees my little one waving in the wind. So, he grabs it and that’s all it takes. Three strokes and I’m shooting cum all over my belly and his hand. He hands it to me and I lick it off. I’m smiling, Ray’s smiling. “Wow, you know how to treat a girl!”

“You too, sweetheart.” And, then Ray kisses me again. “Um.” I’m holding my arms around his head, and he’s running his hands over my breast, and up under the fake tits and around my chest. Another kiss, and he rolls off. “Hey, thanks. That was great.”

“Oh gad, it was, babe.”


Up early, we pack up and get on the bike for another ride through the country. We stop at a bar up in the mountains and eat outside in the breeze. On the way home, I get frisky with his zipper. Ray leaves the crew and drives off on a country lane. “Hmm. Where you going, Ray?”

“Don’t worry, babe. You’ll see.” So, we stop at another roadside table. “Uh huh, what are we doing here, big boy?” Repeat, repeat, repeat. And, I’m loving it. And, Ray gets yet another bj, the lucky bastard. Well, then back on the bike and home.

Next week-end maybe we’ll have another story.

Luv. Jean, er, Gene.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32