Beach Trip With Claire

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Oh god Claire. You are so damn beautiful.

Claire danced around me, her short brunette hair spinning as she moved around. Her tight body was swirling around me, her back arched in an elegant bow as she spun. Her chest turned to face me and those breasts she loved to flaunt came into view. Sitting out from her chest they were quite large for he otherwise small self. Perfectly round and in fantastic proportion to her body, her most tantalising feature was her plush breasts.

Ah, I could feel myself growing in pleasure as she danced, a sense of euphoria as I came closer to climax.

Still she was dancing, with the white shirt flowing gently in reaction to her movements. Barely covering her breasts, the unbuttoned shirt hid her perk nipples . As her turn continued, in slow motion almost, I saw her ass. Her fantastic ass. The cheeks were perfect round mounds of bliss. It was so sexy in the cut-off jeans she was wearing so striking and distinctive.

Oh God, this was it, I was about to climax into heavenly bliss. Claire was so beautiful as she danced around me, with her cheeky smile and hourglass body. I was so happy.

A sudden jolt shook me out of my dream. The car was driving quickly down a small country road. In my dazed waking moments I looked around me, and again I saw her. The cheeky smile and the short brown hair.

‘Hey sleepy, good snooze?’

I suddenly returned to reality. I saw Claire, the subject of my fantasy sitting next to me in the car, smiling that seductive smile. I forced a response.

‘Yea, great.’ I gave her a quick smile.

She looked at me for a moment, with her cheeks sucked in and her lips pursed, slipping into a smile.

‘Yea. I thought so.’ She glanced down toward my cock.

Oh crap, I hadn’t realised that I was still hard from the dream. I looked at her but then quickly turned away, hoping not to betray the secret of my dream. She didn’t say anything else after that, but just looked out the window.

I was currently sitting in the back seat of a car headed towards the beach, firmly positioned between my friend Scott, and his sister, Claire. Scott had asked me last minute if I wanted to go with his family to their beach resort for the weekend as his older sister had backed out with other plans. I agreed, having nothing else to do after I lost my job at the café. What I had not factored into my decision was that I would be spending a weekend, not to mention this four hour drive, with his smoking hot sister.

She was a year older than me and Scott, and it showed, she had one extra year of life freedom and experience, and it led to her adopting her own life principles. She wore what she wanted, did what she wanted, fucked who she wanted. She was her own person, and proud of it. She was outspoken and brutally honest, she spoke her mind, had few inhibitions and generally lived every day like it were her last. It was all of this that made me insanely attracted to her.

This was of course a problem, because Scott was my friend, so I couldn’t act on these feelings, so I had just resigned myself to thinking about her when I had to rub one off.

But now I was in a cramped car with her, still hard, as her legs pressed against mine. Her short hair brushing against my shoulder. Scott was still asleep to my left, as was his mother. She was a beautiful woman also, a more mature version of Scott’s older sister, Liz. But nothing like Claire.

Scott’s dad spoke out from the driver’s seat.

‘All right folks, five more minutes.’

We entered the large beach house and unpacked our things. Scott showed me to where I would be staying. A small room with a single bed, it was his older sisters, which could easily be deducted by the light pink colour of the walls and the make-up lying around. After we were shown around we decided to go out for a swim.

I walked out of the house in my shorts, the cool evening breeze blew over me, it gave me goosebumps. Me and Scott went out first, the water felt cold, but at this point some cold water did me good. We swam around for a few minutes until Claire and her mother came out. Claire was wearing a bikini, red, which hugged her breasts and ass, it really stressed the beautiful curve lines of her body. I was hard again, thankfully, concealed by the water. Her mother was wearing her regular clothes.

Claire climbed up onto the rocks and walked over to where me and Scott were swimming. She stood there with her weight on one leg for a moment, as if posing for a magazine before Scott called out for her to jump. Then she dived head first into the water. Her ass and legs slipped into the water and she disappeared a few metre’s in front of me.

Suddenly I felt something under the water. A hand had reached up cupped my groin. It gently cupped my balls and rubbed my cock. My dick responded with a massive twitch. I looked into the water below for the red bikini but saw nothing. Was that Claire? Or did I just imagine it? I did have a pretty trippy dream about her earlier. travesti porno Claire then surfaced a few feet away between me and Scott. I looked in her direction, and was met by a quick smile.

We swam for a while longer, and screwed around. I then tried to swim toward the rocks across from us. I was a good fifty metres away in no time, then I slowed to catch my breath. I glanced over at the sand, and saw Scott’s mother Mary, slowly grabbing her shirt and taking it off over her head, her bare breasts slipped into view. They were big. Bigger than Claire’s, and pretty firm for a woman of 45. Her body was curvy and her hips wide. But her breasts were so surprisingly sexy. I felt my hard on returning. I slipped on my hands into my trucks to touch my ever growing cock. I wanted to release its strain so badly.

‘Hey, I feel kinda insulted here.’

I turned in horror to see Claire wading behind me in the water. She was smiling her trademark grin.

‘I mean she’s twice my age, don’t you think the better goods are back here?’

She lay back on the water giving her breasts full exposure. Her wet bikini top struggled to contain them. There was also a faint glimpse of her nipples coming through.

I was stuck for words. I couldn’t think, my mind filled with pictures of Claire’s breasts, her mother’s breasts. When I didn’t reply Claire began to move toward me, closer and closer to my now fully enlarged dick.

Thankfully Scott interrupted the awkward situation with the challenge of a race back to the shore. I won.

After the swim, we all showered, and nervous as the prospect of encountering a scantily clad Claire, or Mary for that matter, I was quick to head to my bedroom.

I waited there until Scott called in to say goodnight. Finally, whenever everyone had went to bed and the lights were off, I took the chance to relieve all the horny thoughts I’d had today. It did not take long for me to get hard and going. I pictured Claire, trying to remember my dream. And then her bikini. I pictured Mary topless. I pictured Claire and Mary topless together. I could feel my head get lighter, my breathing get heavier . A surge was building in my balls and I was getting closer and closer to a raging climax, when…

The door opened. A flash of light struck me from the hallway. I quickly shuffled to hide my erect penis and looked up at the open door. There stood Claire, a silhouette in my door, sporting the same pose she had done earlier at the beach.

There was a moment of pure silence. I dared not even breathe.

Then I heard a low, short, laugh.

‘Whoops.’ She whispered across the room. Then she entered and slowly closed the door behind her. The room was in darkness again.

‘I’m sorry about that, I was going to knock but I didn’t want to wake anyone.’ Her sweet voice emerged from the darkness. I heard light footsteps across the room.

‘I need to borrow something of my sisters, so I’ll just grab it and let you get back to…’ Her voice was getting closer.

‘Business.’ The whisper was into my ear. I turned and could make out the outline of her face amidst the darkness. I could see the faint outline of her smile. Then her face lowered, down toward the bed. Toward my exposed penis.

I sat there taking deep breaths as I hear her rummage with the sheets. Her hair brushed my thgh and my cock twitched in response. Then, as slowly as she went down, she rose again to eye level.

‘I found it. So I guess I’ll go, hmm?’ Her tone was patronising and seductive. ‘Or would you like for me to stay a little while?’ Her voice was quieter, and closer to my ear.

‘If you do, just tell me’ I could feel her breath against my ear, and I could smell sweet strawberries.

‘Just say ‘stay”. I could barely breathe, and could only manage a faint breath.


‘I didn’t hear, say it again’ She spoke sweetly and silently.

I mustered my breath and swallowed. ‘Stay’

I heard her quiet laugh again. ‘ Alright then’

Then she moved quickly, she ripped off my covers and pulled my boxers down to my ankles. I could hear her climbing on to the small single. Then for a short while I felt nothing.

Suddenly, I had the sharpest sensation. I felt her light breath on the head of my penis. It felt so good, and I waited, desperately for more. Again there was nothing. Then again on the head of my penis there was a sharp fantastic sensation. It was her tongue. She lightly danced her tounge around my tip, touching gently before dropping her lips to give it a kiss. Soon my tip was wet with her saliva and I felt her tongue move lower down my shaft.

Then her lips wrapped around my head and slowly moved down the shaft of my penis, about halfway down my 7 inches before it stopped. She then licked my head again for a while.

Her hand grabbed my penis, at the base of the shaft and she began to slowly stroke it. Up and down. She used her other hand to cup my balls and she gently squeezed alt yazılı porno them. Her hand was so tender as she picked up pace with stroking me.

I began to feel the familiar feeling of euporia as stroked harder and faster.

‘Oh you’re getting close.’ She whispered. Her voice more distant. Then I felt her move closer. ‘Grab my tit.’ She commanded in her seductive whisper. I was ever closer to coming and at this command I did not hesitate, I blindly reached for her breasts, with both hands. I found them. Hanging close in front of my face I grabbed them, the full of my hands, I cupped them and squeezed them. The sensation was amazing. I was grabbing Claire’s tits as she gave me a handjob. It was too much for me to take, and my balls began to tighten. I heard Claire give a faint gasp as I squeezed her breasts, just before I finally shot my load.

I could feel the cum erupting from me and in that moment I was in absolute bliss. I dropped my hands from Claire’s breasts and breathed heavily as the orgasm erupted through me as my cum erupted out of my penis.

I lay there in the euphoric aftermath for a few moments before I realised that Claire was on her feet again. She was at the door. It opened once again and light pooled in. I saw only her silhouette again, but this time the light shone around her side profile, her firm breasts and round ass highlighted. I realised that she was completely naked, and had been since she entered. I saw her drape her finger up her bare stomach and then raise it to her mouth. She sucked her finger, before turning to me.

‘Thanks.’ She said, after swallowing, and she raised her other hand, in which she was holding what I believe was a vibrator, a large one. She then turned and closed the door behind her, leaving me lying in the darkness.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of moaning. It was coming from behind me. I turned to look at the wall. It was a girl, soft moans escaping her lips. They were growing in intensity gradually, and I began to hear the slow gentle rock of the headboard against the wall. Then with a final gasp the rocking stopped. I continued to listen intently.


The following day was a tough one; I was trying to act casual with Claire. As if what happened was just a one time thing, like I didn’t really care. But I did. And she knew it. She didn’t hold back, entering the living room where me and Scott were sitting wearing a loose shirt and underwear. She was scorned by her mother for her indecency, but its not like she cared. She took a seat across from me, with her legs curled up, giving me a glimpse of her panties. A fancy black lace which was transparent enough to see her warm skin underneath. She gave me a sly look as she licked her lips.

Scott was on his laptop catching up with his girlfriend back home, and I was sitting on the couch splitting my time between looking out at the beach and checking out Claire. Scott got up with his laptop and excused himself. Claire then moved to take his spot on the couch beside me. She lifted her knees up to her chest, again exposing her lace panties.

‘You know what he’s going to do?’ she asked.

‘What, Scott?’ I replied

‘Yea. He took his laptop away to his room while he’s talking to his girlfriend, it’s not hard to imagine what’s going on.’

I didn’t immediately respond. She looked at me with that little smile, she was teasing me.

She spoke again. ‘He’s going in there to pull himself off while she sends him pictures, or maybe even they’ll video chat. Virtual fucking.’

I was bewildered by her comment.

‘I know that’s what he does,’ she said with a grin, ‘thin walls you see.’

Her smile widened across her face.

‘I think you know about the thin walls though. Enjoy my show this morning?’

I wasn’t surprised it was her.

‘Don’t you worry your family will hear?’ I asked

She laughed off the comment. ‘Why would I, we all do it,’ she defended, ‘even you,’ she added with a smile.

Later we all went for a walk along the beach, Scott and I caught up and talked. He eagerly told me about the virtual fuck session that he had just had. Of course Claire was right. Just as were about to turn back for the house Claire announced she wanted to go to the pier.

‘No, it’s much too far’ complained her mother.

Claire insisted, she suggested that only the young ones go so that her Mum and Dad could go back. Scott was not eager to leave his horny girlfriend waiting on the computer however. Then she looked at me with her crystal blue eyes. Raised an eyebrow and gave a hint of a smile. Just me and her it would seem.

But then her father changed her plan. ‘No, we’ll all go back together, Scott you don’t want to go do you? And I doubt your friend here likes the prospect of a 2 mile walk any more.’

My heart sank; I could only imagine what would have happened on this trip. Damn you old man. I saw Claire’s head drop üvey baba porno as she began to march back toward the house. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, I had to speak up.

‘I don’t mind the walk, I’d be happy to go.’

Claire turned and flashed that seductive smile of hers. I felt my own silly grin growing on my face. And that was not all that was growing. I quickly controlled myself however, as it was agreed that me and Claire would head for the pier together.

We walked for about ten minutes without a word between us. Claire was walking along in her shorts, which only just covered her ass. Her navel was exposed as the tank top gripped her luscious breasts. She looked so sexy, even when she was just walking.

We continued our silent march until we passed a large rock formation. It was here that Claire grabbed my hand and directed us off the beach and into the rocks. She took me without saying a word to a small cove, completely surrounded by rocks.

‘So, you were ‘happy’ to have a 2 mile walk alone with me, huh?’ She said as she sat me down on a flat rock. ‘I bet you were.’ She grabbed my shorts and tugged them down along with my boxers and exposed my flaccid penis. It began to grow quickly.

‘I really love going to the pier, so I thought I’d better thank you.’ She smiled as she lowered her mouth to my rapidly growing cock and swallowed it. Her warm saliva dripped on and around my cock as she allowed it to grow fully erect in her mouth. When I was fully hard she sat up on her knees and pulled up her shirt slowly. Bit by bit her breasts were freed from their restraints.

Oh god, her tits were so wonderful. It was the first time I had seen them, but I had felt them, and I knew they were good. She sat there allowing me to gaze at her perfect tits for a few seconds before she leaned in toward my cock. She slowly grazed her tits across my knee and moved up over my body. They just tipped my cock as leaned closer toward me. Her face came up to mine and she moved in close enough to kiss. She let her tongue slip between her lips before meeting them with mine. Slipping her tongue between my lips and into my mouth it danced around. I began to kiss back, but she started to pull away again, biting my bottom lip before ripping away entirely.

‘We’re not going to fuck.’ She stated, her lips mere inches from my face. ‘Not yet at least, but I do owe you more than a handjob.’ Then she smiled again and moved back down toward my cock. Her mouth hovered over my head, her breath sending the sensitive skin crazy. She lowered her head slowly, before looking back up at me.

‘You know what, I think you’re wet enough already’

I was puzzled by her statement. That is until she arched her back and positioned her breasts at either side of my cock. She grabbed a breast in each hand and squeezed, a slight moan escaping her lips as she did so. Then she pushed them together, around my throbbing dick.

Her soft plump breasts engulfed my penis, as she slowly rocked up and down. She was right; her saliva was plenty of lubrication to allow for this tit-fuck. God it felt so good, as my balls occasionally rubbed up against her bare navel, her warm skin and large breasts accommodating my dick and stimulating me to new pleasures.

I began to sway my hips toward her, picking up the pace. She in turn raised her tits slightly so that as my cock emerged from her breasts faux vagina it was mere centimetres from her face. She even stuck her tongue out to reach.

That was the final straw. As her tongue tipped my exposed head, the sharp sensation sent a shiver down my cock and into my balls. I was going to cum. And Claire knew it.

The semen shot out, most shooting high and onto my own navel, but the second spurt landed all over Claire’s face. She closed her eyes and gave a subtle smile as the warm fluid dripped down her cheek toward her mouth. She continued to hold her tits surrounding my cock until the last of my cum spewed out across her. Then she released me and promptly cleaned herself up. She licked herself clean.

Our walk to the pier from here on was much more casual, now that the tension had been, ‘dealt’ with. I was actually able to sustain conversation with her, and all in all, the trip across the sandy beach was enjoyable. On the way back, I couldn’t help but look in at the rocks where I had tit-fucked Claire. She caught me doing it too.

‘Someone wants more?’ she asked teasingly.

‘Well, I guess I can wait a while longer,’ I responded, my confidence sky high.

‘Wait?’ she asked with an eyebrow raised, ‘for what exactly?’

I looked at her with a smile mirroring her own. ‘You said we weren’t going to fuck.’ I turned from her and continued to walk back to the house. ‘Yet.’

We arrived back at the house, to find Scott once again on his laptop, speaking to his girlfriend. In the kitchen, Claire’s parents were halfway through their second bottle of wine, and barely noticed that we had returned. They were gossiping, and laughing, the wine really made them loosen up.

Claire left the kitchen for her room, so I returned to Scott in the living room, leaving the door to the kitchen half open. Scott was pretty occupied by a girlfriend who sounded somewhat pissed off. Scott excused himself to resolve the situation in private.

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