Bath Time

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She couldn’t stop thinking about how fast things can go wrong and how much you need to fight to keep what was right in your life. Her good friends Maggie’s house disappeared behind her as she drove back to her own home. Her dear hubby was there, keeping an eye on the kids, and he let her drop everything to go see her traumatized friend. It turned out Maggie’s husband was banging a woman from work. Maggie’s youngest was too sick for school, and the teacher had called her cell so Maggie went and got little Stevie. The seven year old was suddenly very sick with a fever and was fast asleep by the time the car ride was done. Maggie noticed her husband’s car in the driveway, so she went inside to get him to carry the little one upstairs and into bed. But much like the tale of the 3 bears, there was a golden haired invader in her bed. And the tart wasn’t eating her porridge, but instead had her husband’s cock inside her. On their marital bed. It was lucky that Stevie had fallen asleep, Maggie tossed both of them out.

That was just three days ago. Stevie had started to recover, but Maggie, not so much. Adeline was older, almost 11, and she figured out something was up. Daddy had gone on a sudden business trip was the lie, it would do until Maggie was ready for the truth to come out. Maybe Daddy would be on a long business trip. When she talked to Maggie about the events, it was pretty clear what had happened. A man without water at home eventually will drink somewhere else. Maggie cried as she told the tale; pregnancy had left her depressed and going back to work left her exhausted. She didn’t find her mombod hot, how could he? Months turned into years and when asked how many times they had sex since Stevie was born, “six maybe seven times?” was all Maggie could force between the tears. She queried, did he ever ask for more? Maggie said no. Maggie said she had no idea he was suffering.

But it made her think of her own marriage. Most of the time, her husband had no compunction about asking. They had their dry spells, but nothing like the years of drought Maggie had. They had done some freaky stuff, stuff she couldn’t believe they were doing, stuff she now couldn’t live without. He had opened her mind to creative side of sex and unleashed her inner sex diva. But she thought to herself, “was it enough? Am I meeting all of his needs?”

She loved her husband, and while there was no sign of cheating, she decided to make sure there never would be. She thought back to his last set of sex requests. She had been only listening with one ear, somewhat busy with a bed time detail or two, but she could recall the root of the request. He had wanted to cum on her face, and then have her leave it on for a little while.

Seemed like a hassle to her, and being somewhere else in her head at that moment, she didn’t think about it again.

Until now.

She had let him do most of the initiating, but she wasn’t afraid to demand what she wanted either. Their last toysome was at her request. A vibrator in her pussy, her husband’s perfect dick in her ass, it gave her cascading orgasms that started at her feet and ended up somewhere across the bedroom. They did toysomes for him, using a silicon rubber pussy, but that was on his request.

His request. That triggered the other thing he had mentioned to her that late bedtime night. For her to eat the toy pussy and then feed his dick into it. While she loved boobs and would sometimes stare at other women’s cleavage, she could never touch another woman’s pussy. She couldn’t stand the thought of tasting her own pussy after he had been licking her or the time he had asked for her to lick him clean after shooting his load in her.

It would take some time, and some planning, but she decide right there at the red light at 3th and Main, that she would amp up her sex game and leave her husband so satisfied to leave no doubt in his mind about her love for him and no room for anyone else to intrude.

That night, she sprung her first stage into action.

She came home and surveyed the scene. Walking in via the laundry room, it was clear Hubby had been busy while she was gone. One load folded and in the basket while both the washer and dryer hummed quietly with fresh work. Entering into the Den, headphones and 3DS meant Dear daughter had wrapped up her homework. A crudely drawn sketch of Europe next to some algebra showed her progress was probably thanks to a tutoring session between his doing the dishes and starting another load of laundry. She hadn’t asked, he has just done it. Homework altyazılı porno helper was his chore; she got medical duty since he passed out while dear son was being born, but the household chores they had agreed to split.

“You did the dishes?” She asked, clearly seeing they were done.

“I figured you might be at Maggie’s for a while.” He greeted her with a hug. He was a good six inches taller than she, and having sex on the mind she could feel the muscles behind the hug. She loved that body of his the moment she laid eyes on him, and even now as he slid into dadbod and a couple of extra pounds , she didn’t mind. Those were the price of the stresses of kids and a job.

“She was a mess.” She said as she pulled away. “It was a tense time, and I don’t want to talk about it just yet.”

“When you’re ready and need to share let me know.”

She fought back a grin. She knew he’d be sharing first. And it wouldn’t be words.

It was 9 o’clock, and she knew what to do. “Baby, can you please draw a bath for me?” She said that loud enough for the family to hear. She could see he didn’t want to, but since she asked, she knew he would do it. So she treated him with a whisper.

“While the tub fills, I want you edging in the bathroom, waiting for me. Stay in the bathroom until I get there.”

His face exploded in a smile, which he quickly contained. Normally she was the one that did the sexual edging. Getting just on the edge of orgasm, only to back away and let the moment fade a little. She would do it to be ready for him, and she knew he knew what it meant. They hadn’t done much edging for him, so this would be a good surprise. But she was going to take it up another notch.

He watched him walk out, rushing but not appearing to rush. They had a giant jetted tub, bought in place of hot tub when they couldn’t afford one after loaning her brother some money. She loved the jetted tub, it was her hiding place and helped keep her limber. She would sit in and read her stories, sometimes getting lost in there for hours.

She knew it took about 15 minutes to fill the tub; it would probably take him 10 minutes to get to his edge. That was the best part of this part of the plan. She had so little of the work to do, but she would get all the credit in the world for it. And a hot bath too.

Looking at her phone, it had been long enough. She went into their bedroom, and shut the door and stripped naked. She pushed open the door slowly, catching sight of him and his rock hard cock in the mirror. He turned and their eyes met. Before he could say a word, she lunged at him, and took his cock into her mouth. A low groan came from his lips. There was the pre-cum dew on the tip, she loved the sweetness as she touched it with her tongue. She put her pointing finger and thumb around the base of his shaft and let her other hand gently cup his balls. Swirling her tongue around and over the head of his dick as it entered and exited her mouth, she could tell it wouldn’t last long for him. He put his fingers into her hair, but didn’t push or hold. She controlled the action and as she heard him draw in a deep breath, his tell that he was about to come, she pulled her mouth off of his cock and pointed the tip at the base of her nose and cheek. Closing her eyes to avoid any accidents, she could feel the hot spurts of cum as they clung to her face. She continued to pump his shaft with her finger and thumb, milking his load on to her. He muttered some four letter words as the orgasmic contractions finished him. Feeling nothing on her eyelids, she opened her eyes and returned the still throbbing cock to her mouth and pulled some of his load into her, swallowing it. She knew it was still sensitive after he came, one of these days she swore to make him come twice in a row. But that wasn’t todays’ mission. She gave the little spot of wiggly skin underneath the head a little tongue and let his cock slip from her lips.

She stood and went over to the tub, turning it off. She turned, waiting to see his reaction. But he was gone. A moment later he returned. He had gotten one of the sex towels they kept by the bed. Ripped up pieces from old towels, they made sure none of his load ended up on the carpet as she walked to the potty after getting filled up by him. He held up the towel and offered it to her.

She waved it away. “I earned this, and I’m going to wear it like the trophy it is.” She smiled at him, her eyes smoldering in heat and love. She saw the reaction her words had. She saw his penis twitch, and an zenci porno ear to ear grin covered his face. But it did bug her a little bit.

“For a little while, at least.” She said as she climbed into the bath tub. It was too hot, so she perched on the side, occasionally dipping a toe into the water. Hubby came by and kissed her clean cheek and left the towel next to her on the tub. She stroked his hair as he whispered his love to her in her ear. The globs left her distracted, but she had one last move for tonight.

“Love you too” she said as he moved away to be near the door. “Hey babe?” She waited until their eyes met again and then she scooped some of the cum from her cheek into her mouth, never taking her eyes off of him. As she let her finger slowly slip from between her lips, she saw his knees buckle, giving him a “mmmmm” sound to finish him off.

She giggled like the naughty girl she was and slipped into the tub. She didn’t look at him, but the words “That’s so fucking hot” told her that she had done what she had set out to do. “You are so amazing babe.”

“I’m just trying to be as amazing to you as you are to me.”

He went to say something when the echos of “Dad!” floated into the bathroom.

“Hold that thought” he said as he put himself back to together and left her to herself.

She reached for the towel, but fought back the moment. She knew the value of it still being there when he returned was way more important than the odd feeling of cum being on her face. As she settled deeper into the tub, she saw her own nipples, erect and puffy. She slowly slide her right hand into the water, and touched herself. Even with the water, she could tell that while her mind was not super turned on, her body has thought at least a little bit otherwise. She thought back through the event, and the more she realized how much she controlled the whole thing, she couldn’t help but get turned on.

It felt good to be in this type of control. She smiled.

“Okay, that’s dealt with.” He said as he returned to her. He stopped in his tracks as soon as he could see her face again. “Wow.” Was all he said.

“Glad you like it.” She purred. She knew how to make him talk. “turn out the lights.”

The room went dark until their eyes adjusted to the moonlight coming in the privacy glass. “Now that I’ve earned my trophy, tell me why you like it.”

She gave him room to think. He liked to think about things before just shooting off his mouth. She tended to be the opposite, and the lack of light took the pressure off of him. He couldn’t feel her staring at him in the dark.

“Cum is the physical manifestation of my orgasm. Your orgasm is more ephemeral, a passing moment of time that I sometimes don’t feel, even when I’m inside you.” She nodded but he didn’t see it. She would sometimes get annoyed at him because he would ask “did you cum” while she was afterglowing or building for another. He meant well, but she wasn’t a screamer (something she thought about changing) so it could be hard to tell at times. “You rush to clean the mess. At a deep level it just hits as ‘your orgasm isn’t wanted’ and I want you to want me to orgasm. And not in a ‘hurry up and finish’ way.”

She swallowed. She had done that to him. Not intentionally, and not as in as many words, but she had rushed him at times. And she remembered his story about the girl that took his virginity. They were barely starting when she hit him with the “you finished yet?” line. She had punished him for not being a two pump chump and it hurt. He had told her that story while drunk one night in Cabo. She was fine with him talking about his sex life before her, but he was jealous sort and couldn’t handle those details about her. She knew not to offer the details and he knew he couldn’t deal with the answers, so the questions never came up about her.

He took her attention back. “It makes me so happy to feel your pussy contract around my fingers or around my cock.” He took in a deep breath and continued. “feeling your number 2 spasming on my thumb as your pussy erupts in an orgasm is a deeply enjoyable moment for you and then for me. I sometimes think I want you to cum more than I want me to cum.”

“Your pussy licking puts me into heaven.” He was by far the best pussy licker she had ever known. Not even close, but as much as she wanted to say that, she was afraid she was comparing him to the others. And feeding him a line. She knew he would think that. But he truly was the best she had ever had.

“And aldatma porno love putting you there.” He shifted in the darkness. “I guess I want you to want my orgasm as much as I want yours. And the cum is my orgasm. So when you don’t want it, it sometimes feels like you don’t want me.”

“I do want you baby.”

“But you’re a princess and it’s the pea in the mattresses.”

She smiled. He was right. She could feel a single hair under her shirt, or the tiniest of clumps in a blanket. She was the modern day version of the princess that could feel the pea under a 100 mattresses.

“Well this princess still has some hot stud’s cum on her face.”

“That was so fucking hot.” She could hear the grin on his face.

“What are some other ways I can try to show I want your orgasm.”

“I love it when you say ‘fill me up’. But sometimes it comes across as ‘Hurry up’. Sex is so odd. I have to last long enough to make you come, then I have to wrap up quickly. Sometimes the last long enough part goes for a while that I forget I’m supposed to have fun too. Maybe try “my pussy is ready for hot load.” Or something like it to show we are done trying to make you cum. Another thing maybe sometimes ask for me to shoot onto your belly. And then play with it a little bit. Or have me squirt onto your pussy and then you rub it in.” He paused. “That would be seriously hot. Swallowing is hot, keeping a facial on you, like you are doing now, is seriously hot.”

He stopped suddenly. That was sign he had more, but was afraid of her reaction. She reached out to him. “If there’s more, I want to hear it. No judgment, and no promise I’ll do it, but I want to hear.”

She heard him take in a deep breath.

“I had an idea once about you holding your panties open while I play with myself. I squirt on your peach and load up your panties with my cum. You then put the panties on and wear them for a little while. Or maybe give you facial after being in your pussy.”

“Why not just squirt in me?” she said tenderly, trying not to scare him off.

“Just something extra hot about you wanting it in your undies or on your face. It’s like you want your pussy to be with my cum, and just not dribbling out after a creampie. It’s like you’re not afraid of where it ends up. It’s like an open statement of ‘I enjoy my man’s cum'”

He called cumming in her pussy a creampie. She thought it sounded a bit vulgar, but he liked it. And since he knew she didn’t like it, he used it pretty rarely.

“Sounds like you want to mark your territory.” She giggled a little.

“I’m guessing there is an aspect of that too.” He sounded self-conscious. She had stung him slightly with her laugh without meaning to. She knew he was at the end of his openness.

“Well, my pussy, my boobs, my heart and soul belongs only to you.” She paused. “So if I’m hearing you, you want me to treat your cum like it’s the physical embodiment of your orgasm and maybe play with it or keep it for a bit. And don’t treat it like its poison or fire or something.”

“It would be super hot.”

“And not all the time, just on occasion.” She said. “I’m still the pea princess.”

He laughed. “Yup, not all the time.”

“Good.” She reached for the towel and wiped her face clean. A quick trip under the water and more dabbing finally got the stickiness to go away. “I appreciate you sharing; I know it’s not easy to talk about this type of sensitive stuff.”

“I appreciate that you’re willing to maybe do it.”

He crept over in the dark and when he got to the edge of the tub started making overly loud smooching noises. She started doing the same, and they used the sound to home in on each other. Their lips met and soon their tongues were darting between their two mouths.

Finally she grew tired of holding herself up out of the water and she sunk into the bath. “Turn the light on hon, and give me my book?”

He complied and as he handed the tome to her she looked him in the eye and said “I love you and your cum.”

He smiled and said “I love you too.”

After the bath they had caught up on the Maggie saga and that left neither in the mood for more. But as they lay together in bed, cuddling like spoons, she could hear the sounds of him already being asleep. The soft snoring was offset by the lump in his underwear she could feel up against her. He would get hard at bed time, sometimes they used it, most of the time they did not. Seeing how he was already asleep, she let this one pass by. But for a little while, until the hardon passed, she planned her next surprise for him. This would be even harder for her, pushing her boundaries even further. She would do it. She would lick the pussy toy in front of him, even with him in it.

And she couldn’t wait for the chance to spring it on him.

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