Bare Beach Girl’s Secret

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It was a hot July day. I had decided to visit a long white-sand beach on an island off Florida, near where I was staying at the time. Wearing just a pair of brown shorts, I swam across the narrow channel separating one beach from the other, and made my way through the piles of driftwood and tropical vegetation to the broad band of white sand stretching out south.

Along the way I passed a few nudists, mostly solitary men but a few couples. I just kept walking; I wasn’t into seeing men or couples — it was a single woman I was seeking. Once I cleared the nude end of the beach, I breathed a sign of relief. The long, slender beach stretched out in front of me, empty as a dry bone.

I loved this beach. The waves from the Gulf of Mexico lapped it like lips licking something delicious. I knew my chances of finding a solitary girl here were small; but if I couldn’t do that, the next best thing was to be able to be absolutely alone. So I walked, a mile or so, and never saw a soul.

Finally I reached a point where the beach widened slightly, and I had an expansive view north and south. Offshore, a small sailboat drifted languidly in the salty sea; overhead seabirds circled, no doubt hoping for an easy lunch from those onboard. I sat down on the sand, my back against a log, and squinted at the boat. Was it my imagination or was that a naked woman lying on the bow?

The boat ever so slowly edged northward, and I lay back, shielding my eyes against the sun. Since no one was around, I decided to slip off my shorts and let the sun warm my entire body. I knew I looked good – six feet tall, lean, in the best shape I’d been since a teenager. I turned over to let the sun warm my behind, and started fantasizing about a woman, a lovely woman suddenly materializing on this beach.

Here, I should slow down and explain. A few years earlier, about three I think, I’d been wandering right on this very beach when I’d met a woman from Ohio, down for a break from college, and she was as hot as anyone I’d ever seen in my life. As I approached her, from the same direction as I took today, she had removed a see-through, skimpy top from her naked body and lay back on the sand. We flirted for a while, she eyed my cock, which was hard as a rock inside these same shorts I was wearing today, but for some reason I couldn’t close the deal. Any guys out there know what I mean? This woman was beautiful and she clearly wanted to be fucked, but I blew it, and let the opportunity pass me by, though I’d regretted it ever since (obviously).

Truth is, I was conflicted and somewhat guilty, pursuing this obsession of mine, finding single naked women ready for sex on this remote beach, because I had a partner, yet I kept coming back, wanting to make it happen, maybe just for the thrill.

As my memory of that other episode sent blood rushing toward my genitals, my cock started unfurling and I turned over. As I did so, and this is the absolute truth, what at first I thought might be an apparition Pendik Escort appeared nearby. It was a girl, a young, skinny girl, in a black bikini, with a big towel, holding it up and shaking it conspicuously, then she dropped it and ran into the shallow waters of Gulf nearby.

I was as every much as embarrassed as I was excited. This woman had clearly seen me naked, including my erection. And, rather than running away, she had acted in a way I found provocative, because she had removed her bikini top, and was now splashing around topless in the warm Gulf surf.

I stood up, pulled on my shorts over my now painfully engorged cock, and walked down to the water’s edge. She was a little ways down from me, so I eased into the water and slowly worked my way closer to her, never taking my eyes off her pretty breasts and long dark hair. As I got close she ducked under water and came up tying her top back into place.

“Hi,” I said. She smiled back at me. “You almost caught me topless,” she flirted. “I did catch you topless,” I said. She smiled again and twirled around in the surf.

“Isn’t there a nude beach somewhere around here?” she asked. I heard the soft drawl in her accent, this was clearly a Southern girl I was closing in on. Plus, she was very young – maybe 20, I guessed.

“Down there,” I indicated the direction I had come from. There are a bunch of naked people there. “But this better here,” I added.

“How so?”

“Less crowded.” Just then, out of the soft mist that, I saw a couple people strolling along the beach. Damn! Oh well, they wouldn’t be able to see below the surface, which is where I hoped some action would be developing very soon, between me and this very hot young woman.

“Where you from?”

“Ocala.” I liked the way she said that.

By the time the beach walkers passed and continued toward the nude end of the beach, we had drifted apart perhaps 15 feet or so.

“I like swimming nude,” she ventured, smiling slyly at me once again. “It feels good.”

“Like this?” I held up my shorts, which I had stripped off earlier in order to free my yearning cock, which exposed in the warm salt water was steadily growing in length and breadth, anticipating a big sexual release very, very soon.

She smiled and turned away, then once again stripped off her top. The soft waves rose and fell, whenever the water level went down a notch her pretty breasts were bared to my view, either from the side or from straight on, as she continued to dance around in the water.

My heart was pounding. It was time to make my move. I dove under the water and raced to close the gap between us, surfacing right next to her. As I did so, underwater, I saw her pretty legs and the small piece of black material that stood between me and her tight little pussy. She turned to face me. Her nipples stood straight out at me, begging for my touch. With my free hand I was all over them, then I wanted more, so I looped my shorts Anadolu Yakası Escort partway up one leg, hoping they wouldn’t escape in the surf, and grabbed one tit in each hand. Though small, they were just as advertised – soft, white (against her suntanned neck and tummy), firm, and perky. I kneaded both breasts and then opened my mouth to start kissing her.

“I hope you don’t mind,” I mumbled. She only moaned in response, as our mouths crashed together in a violent kiss. I kissed her over and over. My arms were around her now, and she was clinging to my naked body, her hands (one holding her top) were roaming over the muscles on my shoulders and my back. One of her hands snuck down to my naked bottom, bringing a new shiver of delight as she squeezed me there. This girl might be young, but she seemed to know how to make love.

I was madly kissing her face, her eyes, her hair and her breasts. I took first one nipple, then the other, between my lips to kiss and bite. I mouthed her whole breast, one at a time. My cock was pressing into her belly button, I pulled back and then pointed it lower, straight at her pussy through the thin cloth of her bikini bottoms. Then I slid my hands down her back under her suit. Her bottom felt delightful and I felt my cock surge to a new level of hardness. I love girl’s bottoms, small, tight but soft, round and fleshy yet firm and ever so palpable.

Now I had her suit lowered in back but not yet in front. That would be the last frontier, but there would be no stopping me now. Not that she wanted me to stop.

This girl from Ocala was obviously lost in the pleasure of the moment, far from offering resistance, she was gently, even violently urging me on now, wriggling against me, pressing all of her body up and down against my naked frame. My excitement was so extreme I barely noticed that another beach-walking couple had come into view; suddenly this spot didn’t feel so secluded after all. She noticed them at the same time as I did, and we fell away from each other for a moment, panting. We stood in water up to our chests, perhaps a foot apart, and I noticed she was around six or eight inches shorter than me. The tops of her bare breasts were visible; we were maybe 20 feet offshore, and she crouched down ever so slightly to let our visitors pass. She was smiling at me, and I thought about how pretty her face was. Just a nice, open expression on this young woman, playful, nothing hidden, nothing sleazy, just a nice girl about to have sex with a total stranger in the Gulf of Mexico.

I wondered who she was, what was going on, why this was happening. Was this a fantasy she’d anticipated, as it was for me? Was this something she did often? I didn’t ask her a thing, however, we just waited for the others to get out of the way so we could jump back onto each other. I glanced at the couple as they were parallel to us, and noticed they both were looking our way. The woman was attractive, in her 20s, the guy similar. İstanbul Escort Both wore swimsuits and were in good shape, sun-tanned. Maybe locals. But they seemed onto us. When they were a few steps past, I forgot them, however, and grabbed the girl again. She was ready; this time she jumped right up into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist. I stood her down long enough to yank her bikini bottoms down, and slip them over my left arm, where I also now had moved my own swimsuit, so as not to lose either one. She still had her top looped over one of her shoulders.

My cock was close to the bursting point as I jammed it into her wide open pussy. She was so small and tight, but, of course, very wet, probably a combination of ocean water and her own juices. Her thin, lithe body felt light as air in my arms, but of course she was floating in salt water at the time. Still, I doubt she weighed much over 100 pounds. My penis extended all the way into her and hit against the back of her vagina, which was already contracting around me as I pounded in and out of her. In the excitement, we had sort of edged up onto a sidebar, and now I realized I was only in waist-deep water, and her naked body was completely visible above the water line. I rotated her slightly to see the couple now perhaps 30 feet up the beach looking back at us and smiling. They were certainly getting an eyeful, and they didn’t seem to mind! The guy’s hand was already playfully roaming over the woman’s bottom, and it looked like she might be grabbing him in front, I wasn’t sure.

Whatever, I kept my main attention on this wonderful fucking I was getting. I had never screwed a stranger before, and this was also my fondest fantasy – something I’d dreamed of happening for years. I was holding a beautiful naked girl in my arms, fucking her with all of my strength, under the afternoon sun, in full view of other strangers, who were clearly turned on by what they saw. It was heaven.

This went on for some time. The voyeur couple disappeared behind some sea grass, no doubt to continue to spy on us a little less obviously and probably engage in some action of their own. At this point, I didn’t care if a bus load off tourists showed up, nothing was going to stop me from climaxing into this young girl’s tight-stretched pussy. I fucked and fucked and fucked. She bucked against me, screaming out loud now as her own pleasures overtook her. We were two animals, mating in the surf.

My orgasm was explosive. It felt like I shot my whole insides into her. She convulsed around the same time, pressing her whole being into me as orgasms shook her as well. It was glorious.

Afterwards, I set her down and said, “Thank you.” Then I tried a lame joke, “I hope there aren’t any sharks around here!” (As if she might be a virgin…)

“What?” she said, a little startled.

We both got our suits back on, and I soon realized I had to return to catch my ride home. I wasn’t sure what to say, but I tried this: “Sorry, I’ve got to go. Thank you.”

She just smiled and waved goodbye. When I looked back she was still swimming around in the shallows, with a nice smile on her face.

Although I returned many times to that beach, I never saw her again. But I’ve never forgotten her, either.

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