Another Encounter

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It hadn’t been long since they’d seen each other last. And yet it felt like an eternity. She thought about the last time they had met and remembered laughing with him about the little bead of pre-cum that had formed right on the tip of penis like a small Pearl. Funny, they shared the same humour and there were times when she could have grown more fond of him, but would they still be fucking like this as a couple? Would they still find it normal to mutually masturbate in front of each other or would the norm of coexistence dampen these fires?

He arrived in the hotel room with a thud of the door and she immediately opened her arms and legs to embrace him from her seated position on the end of the bed. As she did so her long skirt bunched up around her waist and he noticed the faintest hint of pubic hair between her legs. He kissed her and held her tightly to him as her legs wrapped around him and they connected like their lives depended on it. No words were exchanged at all, he could feel this wouldn’t take long.

He broke away from the kiss and slowly worked his way down, kissing her neck, and put his hand through her hair that made her goose bump and shiver. He comes to realise her buttons are undone all the way down her shirt. At that moment he moves very quickly down her body until his face is right in between her open legs. No pants, he knew it. Neither of the pair saying a word, he begins to run his tongue along the crease of her leg avoiding getting too close to her lips. Holding and teasing for a long time she begins to get impatient, moaning and writhing around in anticipation and the tip of his tongue lightly brushed her clit. He accidentally touches one of her labia with his tongue and she Escort bayan decides she can’t take it anymore. She rapidly moves position to place her clit on his tongue and bucks against as he pushes back. Locked in a series of rapid thrusts he licks across her clit in rhythm as he reaches under and teases the entrance of her pussy with two of his fingers.

She feels his fingers sliding into her and she tries to reach down to undo his trousers. She’s desperate to fuck him and cum with him inside her. He see’s what she wants and reaches down to take his trousers and pants off down. His cock now aiming right for her pussy she feels a massive rush of excitement as she see’s he is already rock hard.

He kneels forward slightly and his cock hangs over her mound. He loved how she smelt. That’s kind of smell where nothing else will do and you had no choice but do exactly as you were asked. She told him to fuck her. The first words either of them had said to each other. He wanted to but he stalled. “Fuck me now” she demanded. He moved back just enough that his cock sat right on her clit and he thrust forward. A bead of his saliva hung off the tip of his cock as it slid over her clit. She was so wet from him going down on her that her whole pussy was dripping. He thrust again and again, the underside of his cock rubbing firmly against her clit. Out of nowhere she thought to her self that she could actually cum from this. Never before had anyone been able to get her this close so quickly. He could sense it building in her, he thought he could keep this up for ever as she moaned at just how good it felt. Her body was bouncing as if he was fucking her but all of the pressure was being applied directly Bayan escort to her clit. She could feel herself on the brink of cumming as she pulled him in tight and moaned to him.

At that moment he moved back all the way on a stroke and his cock accidentally slid all the way in to her pussy, the shock of which almost ruined her orgasm. He quickly pulled out, went down, and put his mouth right on her clit. He fucked her with two fingers, pushing up against the roof of her pussy. Almost instantly she was on the brink and ready to cum. She tightened her legs around his head and bucked her hips in the air as her face scrunched up in pure ecstasy. He slowly withdrew his fingers that were covered in her thick white cum and covered his dick with it.

He moved up between her legs and went to kiss her and hold her as she lay there in the afterglow. Her pussy so sensitive as his cock lay against her opening. She was so hot down there after an orgasm and the feeling meant he couldn’t wait any longer. He moved away slightly as she guided his cock in to her. Slowly, all the way in, she felt just as good as he often fondly remembered. He missed her and wanted this every day.

He began thrusting and she lay there accepting his thrusts with small exhales of breath as he hit his balls against her bum. She lay back and opened her shirt as he began fucking her in a slower rhythm. In anticipation of seeing her he hadn’t wanked for the prior couple of days and his ironic thoughts of this not lasting long turned to worry that he was about to cum very quickly. He pulled out and rubbed against her pussy in the same way as before but she was so sensitive. She winced in a way that made him understand it was Escort nice but it was too much to handle right now. “Put it back in” she said in a soft reassuring voice that made him certain of what she wanted.

He pushed the head of his cock back in to her and noticed a bead of pre-cum on him as it disappeared between her lips. She began bucking her hips up and fucking him now as he knelt there in adoration of her tits moving around between the open shirt front. He could feel his balls had lifted up and that familiar throbbing deep in his pubic area. His pace quickened as he climaxed and she held him tightly. Her legs wrapped around his waist, he released his load in to her pussy as each squirt made him tense and short thrust in to her.

His body relaxed as her mouth met his and they kissed until his cock, now completely soft, fell out of her pussy and she felt his cum running down her. They gazed in to each others eyes and kissed again.

As he got up he could see that her pussy was covered in cum and he told her to stay exactly where she was as he drank a glass of water she had been drinking from before his arrival. After slaking his thirst he noticed that the cum had leaked out on to her skirt now bunched up under her bum. He reached down and pulled it off and tossed it to the side. He moved over to his bag and opened it to present some rope and a blindfold. Moving to tie her hands to the bed he whispered in her ear that she wasn’t going to be able to do anything about him going slow this time and she has no option but to lie there and take it. He puts the blindfold over her head and then moved without making a sound so as to disorientate her as to where he was. He kneeled down on the bed between her open legs and could smell the scent of his cum mixed with hers as it dribbled out of her.

She couldn’t believe what she felt as he went down on her again and tasted his own cum. He wasn’t going to be so quick this time and she knew it…

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