An Evening At Home

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An Evening In

He had explained it carefully to her; the time had come for him to share his most treasured possession with friends. Good friends, carefully chosen by him for their good conversation, differing personalities and ability to be discreet. He explained he was proud of her, she had developed her skills to the best of her ability, and now he wanted to show others just how skilled she was.

It was to be an evening meal, four friends plus him, guiding and orchestrating the plans for the event. Throughout the day she prepared the four course meal, it was to be served by her throughout the evening. Her thoughts were completely focused on ensuring the meal was going to be perfect, with no room for error or mishap. Once the evening started she did not want to be distracted from the men she would serve.

At six pm he called her to him. She knelt in front of him, her eyes looking at his face and her mouth open. Gently he took her chin in his hand and softly ordered to open her mouth wider and stick out her tongue, she complied immediately but he insisted she opened wider still.

Once he was satisfied with her efforts he spoke softly to her. He explained he loved her, cared for her and this was an opportunity for her to show him just how good a slave she was to him.

She would not be told the names of his friends and if she heard them she was to immediately forget that she had overheard this. To remember and show at any time at a later date she remembered would be a bad thing and he would punish her.

He asked if she understood, he still had his hand on her chin and she felt unable to speak so she nodded her head and eyes. Immediately he gripped her more tightly and repeated his question, in response she managed a half whispered ‘yes.’

‘Yes,’ he replied ‘I hope you do understand, I will not tolerate your errors.’

He explained that she was not to speak during the evening and she was to only respond to him and his voice. If she felt she needed him, she should raise her hand and he would assess her situation.

Again, he asked if she understood. She did not dare nod, but instead whispered

‘Yes, I understand.’

‘Good,’ he replied ‘I hope you do understand fully’

Tipping her head back further he began to probe her mouth with his finger, running it over her teeth and tongue. He slowly ran his finger over her lips, barely touching them making her move uncomfortably at the slight pressure.

Leaning down over her and holding her mouth open he allowed some of his spit to fall from his mouth into hers. She watched its descent as it fell directly onto her outstretched tongue. ‘Do NOT swallow,’ he stared deep into her eyes, capturing them for a few seconds. Then very slowly he touched his finger onto the spit on her tongue and began to move it around her mouth. Probing and feeling every area. He continued to stare at her,

‘You belong to me, and only me. Don’t ever forget that, these men are here to be served; not liked, not enjoyed, served by you, that is all.’

He moved her back from him and closed her mouth

‘Swallow my spit, now.’

He watched as she did so, looking at face gauging her thoughts on the coming evening.

‘Tonight, your face is a cunt, no more, no less, they will not be allowed any other part of your body. Not tonight. Tonight they will have your mouth and only your mouth. I know you will not let me down, I will ensure you are safe at all times, but you MUST obey me. Always.’

At seven pm all the guests arrived together, one man had brought his submissive with him, he led her in, and she sat at the side of his chair eyes downcast.

She was surprised to see another woman, he had not said this was to happen. Immediately her mind wandered from her task of the evening to the food provided. She had catered for him and his four friends, how would she make this work. Looking at her, he instantly saw her mind had moved and guessing the reason walked her away from the group to explain; the submissive would sit at her Masters side and would not need to fed.

It was a relief to know that her efforts to ensure the meal would go well would not be spoilt by this unexpected turn of events.

She wore her collar and was dressed in her maids outfit, she disliked it, but it was suitable for the evening. It was too low cut and she wore no panties making her uncomfortable in front of his guests. He attached a long lead rein to her collar which allowed her enough freedom to move to serve people but he had control of her. She served white wine and whisky to his guests and he led them all through to the dining room.

The rectangular table was glass with glass mats laid out. Two men sat at each side of the table, he sat at the top and the additional submissive sat on the floor at the end of the table. The entrée was already in place and the hot trolley in the corner of the room had the rest of the evenings food prepared and ready to be served.

Once everyone was seated she knelt beside Pendik Anal Escort him, whilst he spoke to his guests.

‘This is a four course meal. Each course will last exactly twenty minutes. During each course, my slave will serve you, as this is a glass table you are free to watch her through the table as she serves each person or you are free to talk and relax; enjoy the company regardless of what my slave is doing to you or anyone else. I leave the choice to you. If you are not finished with her at the end of the twenty minutes, she will serve the next course and move onto the next person. This is my choice not hers.’

He looked slowly around the table at his guests, weighing up their expressions, briefly contemplating what effect his words had had on them. He continued to speak,

‘You can touch her face, hair and breasts, on this occasion, you cannot touch her cunt, but she will be on display later for your perusal. You can use her mouth like a cunt and fuck it, you can cum in her mouth and she will swallow, or you can allow her to lick and suck you until you cum. Whilst she is with you, you can use her mouth in any way you wish.’

Again he stopped, taking a sip of his water as he waited for one of the guests to ask questions or give their views on the evening ahead of them.

The table remained silent.

The slave felt tense, her breath swallow; as she waited to see if her Master would abort the evening or continue forward.

He glanced down at her, made eye contact and held her in his gaze as he spoke.

‘Finally, she responds only to me, it is pointless asking her anything, she will not respond. If you wish her to alter what she is doing and she does not respond to any signals you give her by touching her, speak to me and I will direct her.Do you have any questions?’

Though his guests murmured briefly, no-one spoke up, the tension in the room began to relax.

Using his eyes only, he directed her under the table to the first guest, the youngest looking guest in the group, on his left hand side.

This man was clearly excited and nervous about the prospect of having his cock blown by a slave. He fumbled with his trousers and had difficulty undoing them.

She, in turn, felt sorry for him, but was at a loss as to whether to help or if that would draw attention to his inability to get his cock out.

After a few moments she put her hand on his to still them, unzipped his trousers and took out his cock. She reasoned he only had twenty minutes and the way he was fumbling ten of those would be gone before she got near him. It was a good size cock, slim and with a slight bend at the top. She briefly wondered if he had spoken to the doctor about the bend in it, but knew this was not the time or place for such thoughts and certainly not a subject for discussion.

Her eyes danced briefly at what he would think if he knew her thoughts had turned to medical matters at this point in time.

Re-focusing on the cock she ran her slightly shaking hand down to the base, moved her hand into the trousers and drew out the balls. He shifted slightly giving her better access. She was nervous, but knowing he was even more nervous gave her enough courage to cup the balls in her hands and gently put her tongue at the base drawing it slowly upwards to the collar of the cock. It tasted sweet, with a slight tang of sweat. Smiling inwardly she knew it was the nerves that had caused that. Tentatively he reached out and touched her hair. She knew he felt every person in the room was staring at him and she had sympathy for him.

She felt her Master staring intently through the glass at her, burning holes as a magnifying glass would against the sun.

Was he checking her technique, or watching her as she knelt in front of another man his cock in her hand and mouth?

She felt embarrassed, but she knew this was only the start of the evening.

Her tongue continued to move from the base to the collar of the cock. Adjusting her hands on the balls, she lifted them slightly to her face, taking in their smell. She had planned to lick them but at the last minute decided to take one in her mouth.

Immediately it tightened, the skin becoming like the shell of a walnut. She gently swirled her tongue around it, careful not to over excite him and have him cum too soon. That would be awful for both of them. She could feel his cock against her face, his other ball on her cheek as she knelt almost directly underneath him. Sliding back from that ball she captured the other one in her mouth. Moving her tongue slowly around it, flicking it and savouring the clean taste of him.

Both balls became tighter so she slowly withdrew and buried her face onto the balls and the base of the cock. Moving her lips around the bottom of the cock she slowly, very slowly moved upwards to the head.

Her hair covered the view of what she was doing and she heard his voice telling her to move it back as his guests could not see.

She Pendik Yaşlı Escort immediately obeyed.

At the head of the cock she stopped for a brief second before opening her mouth and taking it inside her.

This proved too much for the guest who suddenly came without warning.

Cum flooded her mouth and she struggled to swallow it as the next wave hit her. She felt, rather than saw, him jerk forward in his chair and briefly groan as shot after shot of cum filled her mouth and covered her tongue.

Once he calmed she continued to kneel in front of him licking the cock clean. Only when she was satisfied that she had cleaned every bit of cum did she sit back and allowing him room to put it away.

It was only then she then became aware of the noises in the room as the guests, laughed at this early finish and good naturedly teased the younger man.

She continued kneeling, resting back on her legs eyes fixed ahead of her until she felt the tug on her lead and she looked towards him following his unspoken command to move.

Crawling out from under the table she cleared away the dishes and brought the main course and all the side dishes to the table. She was allowed a glass of water and then returned to kneel at his side.

When each of the guests had served themselves, he looked again at her. She rose and removed the additional dishes.

Had they of stayed on the table it would have made viewing ore difficult.

Once again when she had finished she returned to his side. He did not touch her nor speak to her, but gestured to her to return under the table and move on to the next man.

Once under the table she saw he was waiting for her, cock out.

This was the guest who had brought his submissive with him. A large overweight man, his cock was smaller than the first guests with a slightly pointed head. It did not stand upright but at a slight angle.

She wondered if this was simply because his large stomach would not allow an upright erection. He was not circumcised and she could smell that it was not very clean.

There was an odour of stale piss, this bothered her; she felt that if she pulled back the foreskin this may not be too clean either.

She wanted to ask what to do, but she did not want to embarrass him by being disobedient, nor did she want to draw attention to this unclean guest.

It was not the thought of embarrassing the guest that stopped her; but more what the other guests would think if his slave brought attention to the issue that he had chosen someone who was not careful with their hygiene.

He had said he had chosen all the evenings guests with care but unless he checked their cocks and got this close to them, how would he know the level of their hygiene standards?

She was still a fraction away from the cock and had not received a signal to start so she remained as she was.

She was very aware that his submissive was watching her, this made her uncomfortable, as if the evening was not difficult enough another woman was now viewing her skills. Another submissive would view such things far more objectively than any man. She was starting to worry, she did not want her skills scrutinised by another submissive, nor did she want to give a man a better time than his own submissive could give; yet she did not want to let herself or him down by not meeting the standard the submissive set, whatever that standard was.

Just as she was beginning to panic about the situation he jerked her lead and she moved forward to the cock. Her face had yet to reach it when she felt two hands grab the sides of her head and push her onto the cock.

The hands gripped into her hair, jamming cock in her mouth as far as it would go before she gagged.

‘Take it, take it all!’ she heard a voice say.

Taking a breath and ignoring the painful grip of the hands and the voice she moved slowly down on the cock until his balls were against her face. She could now taste the remains of cum on him and a slightly bitter taste, perhaps it was the leftover juices from his submissive’s cunt earlier in the day.

She bit back a grimace and tried to focus on her role as a servicing submissive, pleasing her Master; not the actual unpleasantness of the cock in hand.

The hands increased their grip, ripping painfully into her hair. They moved her head rapidly up and down fucking her mouth like a cunt, cock slapping hard at the back of her throat.

Her mouth was hanging open to accommodate the force of the thrusts of the cock. In, out, up, down, again and again and again.

The force and intensity was so fast she was unaware of anything else around her.

Just her face being fucked, used by this stranger.

She was nothing, a hole to be used over and over and over.

A hole, nothing more, an open, wet, receptacle for cum.

Cum exploded out of his cock and directly down her throat, pouring down, making her gasp before she remembered to swallow. Pendik Zenci Escort

Three full thrusts and he had emptied his balls completely into her.

He pulled her of his cock and pushed her slightly away from him preventing her from cleaning him. Her head was reeling from the force and speed of his fucking; by the time her head had cleared he had put his cock away and resumed eating as if nothing had occurred.

She briefly heard him say he liked a rough fuck and enjoyed using a good mouth for its real purpose. She knelt in front of the guest, wishing she could smooth her hair down and get the sour taste of him out of her mouth. Again she was aware of his submissive watching her, whether it was with interest or, another emotion she could not quite identify, she was not sure. But this submissive intrigued her, what was she thinking as she watched the evening unfold in front of her, watching, yet not participating.

Finally she was allowed to move out from under the table, clear away the plates and take a drink of water. She served the dessert and knelt at his side.

This time he stroked her hair gently and patted her briefly before directing her to the next guest.

She knelt in front of him; he had undone his trousers and pushed them slightly downwards giving full and easy access to the balls and cock.

As she knelt on the carpet, looking straight ahead, she was aware he was looking though the glass at her.

Glancing up she saw him grinning in a friendly manner. She allowed him a brief smile before resuming her position of looking directly ahead.

At her Masters signal she moved forward and brought her face down, directly in line with the balls.

They were beautiful, full yet soft. She took one in both her hands and sank further into the carpet as she licked it slowly. Savouring the feeling of the skin on her tongue and lips.

All the sounds of talking and eating faded away as she simply enjoyed paying homage to this guests balls. She licked both balls with small strokes, ensuring each one was fully covered and wet, she then burrowed her face in them both. Her nose and mouth were covered with wet balls and the rigid cock lay hard against her face.

She almost forgot herself as she enjoyed the sensations of this cock and balls. Moving her tongue slowly out of her mouth she licked the underside of the balls.

She felt him move slightly with the unexpectedness of and heard him gasp aloud.

‘Damn, she’s good.’

She drew her tongue from the underside, over the top and to the base of his cock.

At the base she moved her tongue from side to side licking and moving in the same way as a dog laps water. Moving up the cock to the collar, she positioned herself firmly between his legs and moved her head around to lick the side of the cock next to the stomach.

Continuing her slow process she licked every part of the cock to the collar.

Pre-cum was leaking from the top of the cock. Making her tongue as narrow as she could she gently took the bead of pre-cum from the head onto the tip of her tongue. She then used it to draw a line, clockwise, around the collar of the cock.

Another intake of breath told her the guest had enjoyed the sensation.

Repeating the process anti-clockwise brought a tensing of his thighs and a slight tightening to his balls. At last she touched his cock with her hands drawing it down slightly and passing her tongue over the head of his cock.

Her tongue moved in lazy swirls over the head several times, before she felt his hand under her chin guiding her to look upwards. Looking through the glass table she could see him above her.

She stopped to allow him to see cock resting on her lips, her tongue moving slowly outwards to touch the head.

Using her hands to gently pull the cock down slightly she continued to look upwards as cock disappeared into her mouth.

He watched with studied interest taking every small movement she made. Her other hand cupped both balls and she stroked them using her thumb, they were still wet from earlier as she slid around and around the ever tightening skin.

By now the cock was moving slowly in and out of her mouth, her hand following each upward and downward movement.

He could not stop watching her mouth and hands as the played over and over his cock. Sliding in her mouth, filling it the moving outward to repeat the process all over again.

Both balls became so tight she thought they would disappear, he took her chin and guided her mouth away from his cock to the tight grooved balls.

She knelt so close, licking and sucking following the grooves of each ball noting the changes.

She was aware of his hand pumping the hard cock above her. As he moved his hand back and forth, she felt his balls tighten even further, gently she slide one in her move and moved her fingers around his ass hole. Stroking and playing with the rim of his ass, whilst her hands and tongue danced on his balls.

She could feel the pressure continuing to build, before he jumped back in the chair, away from her mouth as his cum flew into her hair.

His hand moved to under her chin again, as she looked up another load of cum went in her face, dripping down her nose and cheeks.

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