Alice’s Adventure at Alpha Phi Rho

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Author’s note: This story contains interracial sex. If that bugs you, you have been warned and I don’t want to hear from you. All racist comments will be deleted.

As always, all other comments, complaints, praise, critiques, deification and/or damnation are most welcome.


As we drove through an unfamiliar suburb in the late October twilight, I looked over and wondered what the heck was up with Craig. Last weekend he’d been so confident – not the annoying ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ kind of confident; his was the attractive, stable kind of confidence that put you at ease and made you feel safe. Tonight however he seemed nervous and agitated, so I was worried. In my experience, when a cool guy suddenly starts acting weird they’re either going to dump you or ask you to marry them. Since this was only our second date, I figured that if he wanted to get rid of me he would have just not called. And a marriage proposal? Ridiculous… but then again, our first date had gone exceptionally well. Maybe too well.

Oh God, please don’t let the ‘big surprise’ he’d mentioned be a marriage proposal on the second date, I thought to myself. I so do not need that right now.

But suddenly I had something else to worry about as Craig pulled the car up to the curb on a sketchy looking residential street. He put it in park.

“Why have we stopped?”

“We’re… um… we’re here.”

I looked around at the neighborhood where we’d parked. It was full of big houses that were now subdivided into squalid student apartments. In the middle of the block stood a big, run-down stone and shingle house with the Greek letters alpha, phi and rho painted across the front, in that order.

“You’re taking me to a frat party?” I asked.

“No… well, not really… Remember when you were leaving my apartment on Sunday and you’d asked me if Derek had any friends?”

No. I did not remember. We had spent all weekend in bed (wink, wink) until an African American friend of Craig’s named Derek had dropped by and sold him some weed. I didn’t usually use cannabis because it tends to make me a little too randy, but I figured Craig would take care of any inflamed desires I happened to develop so I took a couple of puffs. All I remembered from that point on was a lot of stoned sexual innuendo and aggressive flirting that quickly led to me getting simultaneously fucked in the mouth and pussy by Craig and Derek. I was still pretty giddy from the drugs and the sex when I left that evening, so, as I said, I had no idea what I’d said at the time.

“Well, Derek has friends here…,” continued Craig nodding towards the frat house, his voice trailing off slightly.

That’s when I finally figured it out.

“Wait a minute… are you taking me to a gangbang?”


“It’s only our second date!”

“Our first date lasted all weekend. We fucked for two days.”

“That doesn’t mean…”

“You did anal.”


“And we had a three way…”


“With a black guy!”


“Then, as you were leaving, you asked me if Derek had any friends when I said I’d like to see you again.”

“Honestly, I don’t remember saying that.”

“It was really good weed.”

“Whatever. I’m just curious why you want to get me into a gangbang?”

“Well, I really had a great time last weekend. You were fun and amazingly hot and so adventurous in bed… I wanted to show you I could keep up. I didn’t want you to think I was boring.”

“You could have just asked me if I was interested instead of springing the idea on me in front of some ghetto frat.”

“I thought you might go for it if it was spontaneous. I was worried you’d talk yourself out of it if you had time to think.”

“So you really want this, Huh? Are you into cuckholding porn or something?”

“Not particularly… besides, it wouldn’t be cuckholding. We’re not married or in nominally exclusive relationship.

“Then why?”

“I guess you’re half right,” he admitted. “I do like porn, especially gangbang stuff. After last weekend, I guess I convinced myself you might be into it too. So, I thought it’d be cool to… you know… make it real.”

I didn’t know what to say. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fantasize about multiple sexual partners all lasciviously focused on me. But what woman didn’t also fear such a thing being forced on her against her will? The risk was too extreme to consider it seriously… unless perhaps you had someone you could trust to back you up and keep you safe. I turned and looked up at that big house full of horny dicks. My stomach did a couple of barrel rolls as I did.

“Listen, if you’re not into it we can leave…,” said Craig. He put the car back into drive.

“Wait a minute,” I said as I reached over and put the car into park, I turned the key and killed the engine.

Craig’s face split into a devilish grin that reminded me why I’d gone back to his apartment and fucked him for two straight days on our first date. There was that sexy confidence again! As his piercing blue eyes bore into me with sudden hopeful anticipation, I felt Ataşehir Escort my pussy go immediately wet.

“So, how many guys are there?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Derek was taking care of that.”

That wasn’t a good answer. But still… “I guess I could take a look…”

“Are you sure?”

“No.” I said emphatically. “But let’s take a look anyway.”

Craig jumped out of his car. As he walked around to get my door, I twisted the rear view mirror toward me to confirm my curly black tresses were looking bouncy and delightful and my carefully applied mascara and eyeliner were making my big brown eyes look like HUGE brown eyes and not like those of an angry raccoon. I looked like what I was: an attractive woman who had gone all-in on preparing for a hotly anticipated second date. Was I seriously considering wasting all that on a mob of frathouse randos?

When Craig opened my door, I reached up under my dress, pulled off my panties, rolled my stockings off my legs and tucked them all into the glove box.

“They’re my best set,” I said to Craig as he looked down at me with surprise. “I don’t want anything to happen to them.”

“What about your bra?”

“I’m not wearing a bra.”

“Oh. I couldn’t tell.”

“Awww, thanks!”

He grinned excitedly at me as I put my shoes back on and helped me out of the car. As we walked towards the house, I remembered just how short my dress was when I felt a cool autumn breeze tickle my damp lips.

“Hey guys,” said Derek, sounding relieved to see us as he stepped out onto the porch.

“Things all set up in there?” asked Craig.

“Yup. Just waiting for y’all.”

“So, how many guys are there, Derek?” I asked.

“Well, about dozen I suppose.”

“About a dozen!?!” I said. “I’m worried that when you say ‘about’ a dozen that definitely means there are more than a dozen.”

“Well, fourteen… and me, that’s fifteen… and Craig I guess.”

“Holy crap…” I said.

“She wouldn’t have to do all of them, right?” asked Craig. “She can just pick a few…”Derek looked skeptical. “Well… I don’t know. We could ask, I guess.”

I thought about that. Sixteen guys… Gosh. I looked at the door and thought of what lay behind it. I felt my wind-kissed pussy getting warmer and wetter.

“OK,” I finally said, “Let’s take a look at least.”

Craig squeezed my hand as Derek opened the door. We stepped though.

Inside there were a crowd of tall, young African American guys, some were shirtless, a few were just hanging out in their briefs. They all stood up and faced me with hot predatory eyes as I entered. The force of their combined lust set me back on my (very high) heels, causing me to pause just a few feet inside the door. One of the bigger young men detached himself from the group and approached me. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and I could see the hard muscles of his chest and abdomen ripple as he moved towards me.

“So, Derek, you weren’t shittin’ us, huh? This is one very fine looking lady.”

“She sure is,” Derek answered.

“Listen, before we…” started Craig.

“I am talking to the lady,” answered the big guy slowly and with annoyance. Then to me he said, “You can speak for yourself I imagine?”

“Of course,” I said, my voice wavering a bit.

“You sound mighty nervous, girl,” he said and took a step closer so he was towering over me. He raised his right hand and placed it against my chest, not my boobs, but the upper part exposed by the low neckline of my tight dress. His hand covered pretty much the whole area of exposed skin from the slopes of my breasts to my collarbones and from dress strap to dress strap. I swallowed heavily as I fought back a sudden upwelling of panic.

“Your heart is racing,” he told me softly. “Are you afraid?”

As he said this, he slipped the tip of his pinky finger under one of my dress straps and the tip of his thumb under the other.

“To be honest, I’ve never been more terrified or turned on.”

As he smiled down at me, he flicked his fingers and brushed the dress straps off my shoulders. I squirmed a little and the crowd murmured in appreciation. His hand dropped down and he slipped his forefinger into my cleavage. “So what’s your name?”


“You don’t need to be scared, Alice. We’re gentlemen here. Let me introduce you to the brothers of Alpha Phi Rho.” He pointed at each brother and told me their name but I didn’t hear a damn thing over my heartbeat pounding in my ears. I only remember he finished by telling me his name was Michael.

“Hello Michael,” I said meekly.

“Our alum Derek says you’re here to party. That true?”

I nodded. The crowd murmured in approval again.

“Good. Why don’t you come in here, away from the door,” Said Michael as he brought me to the center of the room, pulling me along with his finger in my cleavage. The pressure caused the neckline of my dress to slip down about half an inch, exposing the pink of the tops of my nipples.

As we moved into the room, the crowd of guys closed in around us. I looked back to see if Craig Kadıköy Escort was still there and saw him pushing his way through the mob to stay close. On either side of him, Alpha Phi Brothers were busy unbuttoning shirts and unzipping flies.

I realized this was really going to happen.

“If I can’t take you all, will you stop?” I asked Michael, wondering if I’d be allowed to leave now if the answer was ‘no’.

“Of course, girl. If you get too sore or whatever, we’ll go easy on you. But I’ll tell you this, we might not all get to fuck you, but we’ve been saving our loads all week. So we’re all gonna get to finish.” He looked at me with serious eyes. “You understand what I’m saying?”

I nodded.

“Good,” he said and smiled. Then, with the finger in my cleavage, he pulled down and spilled my breasts into view. The crowd cheered. I heard many appreciative comments about my “beautiful pink titties” as dark hands reached towards me to stroke the slopes of my boobs and tweak my nipples.

Strong fingers started plucking at the fabric of my dress, desperate to get me naked. Not wanting it to get torn to shreds, I pushed my dress down off my body, leaving me nude but for my shoes. The crowd cheered again and burst into a flurry of activity as they began to organize and prepare for what I knew was now only moments away.

“Craig!” I called out and I found him right behind me, where he’d been the whole time. “Take my dress,” I ordered and shoved it into his hands.

Craig pushed closer and leaned in to give me a kiss. I returned it gratefully. “You still OK with this?” he asked.

Wordlessly, for I could not find my ability to speak just then, I nodded my head vigorously. A mass of my artfully-coiffed curly black hair fell across my face and he brushed it aside to look directly into my eyes. As his baby blues gazed with nervous intensity into my chestnut browns I managed a wan smile. He pulled my right hand to his crotch and I discovered his cock was fully erect. His smile turned hot and horny and I felt my pussy start to genuinely drip with anticipation as a silky droplet of my hot nectar began to roll down my inner thigh.

“Just yell if they get too rough,” said Craig. “I’ll be right here.”

“Calm the fuck down man,” said Michael to Craig. “We ain’t gonna hurt your girl.”

While this was going on, someone in the back was shuffling a deck of cards. There was a weird amount of excitement about it. A guy stepped up to me with the deck and told me to cut them, which I did. As each brother was handed one, they reacted with glee or disappointment depending on their place in the queue.

“Shit, that slut’s gonna be filthy by the time I get to her,” I heard one of them say.

All this time I was standing in the middle of the room naked but for my black high-heeled pumps. My skin tingled as I felt many horny eyes inspecting my exposed flesh. Michael stood next to me with the tips of his fingers tracing circles in the small of my back, making my nipples hard and keeping my pussy sopping wet. The anticipation was becoming more than I could take, so I guided my left hand into Michael’s jeans where I found his cock. He pulled it free for me and I began slowly stroking it as I watched the crowd reform around us.

“Why didn’t you get a playing card?” I asked Michael.

“I’m the emcee girl, I run this show.”

Michael then turned to the crowd, “A’ight gentlemen, Alice here looks ready for some fun. I think we’d all like to start by watching this pretty lady come… am I right?”

A “yeah!” emerged from many throats. My skin bloomed with hot goose flesh.

There was a bar in the back corner of the big main room. I was guided back and lifted onto it where everyone could see me. A brother stepped up to me still holding his card – a king of spades – and said, “Fresh white pussy. It’s a good day to be lucky.” He eased my thighs apart and ran a finger down the crease of my sex, prompting a shudder from me that made my breasts bounce. I leaned back on my hands and spread my legs as wide as I could with my heels on the edge of the bar. King of Spades found my clit with his fingers and began to tease it lightly as he sank to his knees and started to lick and kiss my dripping-wet lips. Big hands reached around from behind me to squeeze my boobs and twist my nipples as others gripped my ankles and wrists. My eyes closed as the pleasure rushed through me. When I opened them again I saw many pairs of hot white eyes in horny dark faces, all focused on me. I knew immediately that I was going come hard and soon.

King of Spades’ tongue began circling my clit. He slid a finger into my vag and I moaned involuntarily. Then he gently took my bud between his thumb and forefinger and began to gently roll it and squeeze it while his long, thick tongue circled the rim of my pussy and probed deep inside me, lapping at the tender flesh within my sex. I inhaled with a gasp and began to tremble. My back arched and my head fell back as a deep animal sound croaked from my chest. I jerked and strained against the hands holding my wrists and ankles as the orgasm Bostancı Escort jolted through me. I was able to pull an arm free in time to grab hold of King of Spades’ short dreadlocks and clasp him firmly between my thighs to ride out my climax against his face.

When I was done with my lurid contortions atop the bar, King of Spades popped up in front of me with a big pearly smile. His face was soaked with my juice and he leaned in to give me a deep soul kiss, letting me taste my own sex on his breath. With his face close to mine, he said, “I sure made you come hard, huh bitch? Well, now it’s my turn.”

(Let me just pause here to say that ordinarily I would stop any intimacy dead in its tracks to tell a guy to not call me “bitch”, but in this context, I opted to let it slide.)

I was helped off the bar by King of Spades and another brother who had a couple of gold teeth right in the front of his smile. They led me to an ottoman in the center of the room and helped me down into a kneeling position. Another brother, a guy still wearing his tee shirt, stepped up and I found myself with my face at crotch level to three firm, dark erections bobbing in front of me.

I didn’t need any encouragement, I began sucking and stroking their big fat cocks alternating from one to the other as flows of precum began to speckle my arms and hands and drip from my chin. I hummed in appreciation as I felt their thick veiny shafts taking turns gliding along my tongue, bouncing between my teeth and slipping past my uvula into the top of my throat.

I heard Michael’s voice close behind me. “You’re doing good girl, but I need to start getting you ready for the main event, so hold on, Alice, I’m gonna grease you up.” I felt a dollop of cold lube being smeared into my butt crack as Michael’s finger began to circle my anus with gentle but firm pressure. While I continued to work the three cocks bobbing in front of me, I began to move my ass in tandem with his caress as I savored the slick feel of his digit on my tender pucker. I shook in delight as I felt his finger finally enter me. I moaned lividly around the cock pumping my mouth as Michael slowly pushed it inside me to the last knuckle.

“Shit man, I’m coming now!” cried The Guy With The Shirt as my left hand worked the rim of his swollen head. Gold Teeth, who was testing how deeply he could shove his fat cock down my throat, backed off to let him have at my mouth but Shirt’s first pulse of jizz erupted before he could get it to me and a fat splat of pearly slime slapped into my face. I got my mouth around his cock to catch the subsequent jets of cum. I let him fill my mouth, moaning as I tasted his ripe, potent seed pooling in slimy puddles around my molars and seeping in viscous sheets of wriggling sperm down my throat. Finally, I let his spent dick drop from my lips and swallowed.

“Aw shit,” said someone, somewhere. “Are all white girls this hungry for jizz?”

The semen on my face was making my hair stick to my skin and was running down my neck in thick ropes. Gold Teeth was careful to avoid sticking his fingers in the mess as he pulled my face back to his cock and began pushing it down my throat again. Perhaps it was the slickness of all the spunk I’d just swallowed, but he now slid in easily and buried himself balls-deep down my throat.

“Holy fuck!” he cried as he held it there. I could feel his shaft start to tremble and his balls rise and fall against my chin as he began pumping semen directly into my belly. I struggled as my lungs began aching for air. As he finally pulled himself from my throat trailing thin strands of shimmering sperm, I collapsed forward, gasping for breath. Behind me, Michael slid a second slimy finger into my behind and began pumping me slowly. I moaned as I gulped oxygen into my heaving lungs.

Michael’s big fingers in my ass had gone past the point of being something queasily enticing and was now driving me crazy with desire. I was writhing lividly at the sensation when King of Spades growled that he was coming and pulled my head up to fill my mouth with a huge load of spunk. As King of Spades stepped back with his spent dick in his hand, my jaw dropped in an involuntary moan as Michael’s slipped a third digit into my rectum. Some of my mouthful flowed out of my parted lips to cascade off my chin and splash onto my tits. The rich smell of semen and the thick cloud of pheromones that now enveloped me jolted my libido to unexplored highs. I wanted more. I smiled hungrily when I raised my head and found three fresh bothers with three ready erections awaiting their turn. One of them was Derek.

“Hi Alice,” he said as I looked up at him with my jizz-smeared face.

“Fuck me,” I replied.

“Brothers, lovely Alice is right. It’s time for this slut to get fucked,” said Michael as he pulled his thick fingers from my ass. “Which of you is high card?”

A Ten of Spades won out and Michael told him to sit on the couch. I was lifted and brought to him where he sat with his erection standing straight up in anticipation. They lowered me to his shaft, ‘reverse cowgirl’ style so everyone could get a good look as he guided the bulbous head of his long member back along the furrow of my pussy and in through the gates of my womanhood. I trembled in pleasure as I sank slowly down the full length of his cock, eventually coming to rest in a shuddering sigh with him buried inside me.

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