Accidental Show Ch. 03

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You just can’t know what it’s like. Here I was, 41 years old, fresh out of almost 10 years parked for popping the guy I caught screwing my woman.

Hit him too hard, my mistake. I was sorry about that, but they made me pay.

God I paid. I paid with time, I paid with the wife gone, she divorced me of course. Everything I owned in the world, all gone.

Even my Chevelle, I loved that machine. My dog Zodiac, gone too. Dead likely, by the time they gave me some clothes and a dab of money and kicked me out.

I didn’t want to go out, it scared me. You won’t understand if you haven’t been there. There are rules, structure. Things are taken care of, we get fed. Everything right on time.

It becomes normal.

Oh, I finally got a job, a tiny place to live. My boss Gabe was cool, he gave me a chance, I grabbed at it. Busted my ass for that man, I wanted to succeed.

I was a convicted felon, that meant no hunting, I couldn’t touch a firearm, no voting, lots taken from me for all time.

Punishment never ends. So I busted my ass, I worked hard, I handed in every single penny, honest to the point of ridiculous.

I killed a man, you see. Now I probably did that when my government told me to go fight a war, sent me out as a target for people hiding in jungles to take potshots at. I am sure I killed some there, but I don’t know for 100% sure. Most of that was firing off in the general direction.

One day I felt a sting and I went down. A free ticket home, I took it. You would too, way it was.

Pretty wife and I picked up where we left off, that lasted just a few months. I came home early one day, caught them. My life ended that day, there was a fight, I belted the guy. Thorn in my side for years, my wife Patti just would not let that go. Hell, she should have been with him, not me.

I don’t know why she wasn’t. So I reacted, hit the guy.

Yep, too hard.

Then 10 years went by, and I was standing on the street, wondering where I could go. The government found me the job, I was grateful.

I tried on my own, people take one look at me and get frightened. I am big, 244#. My waist is 36″, I have arms no one believes. All I do is lift weights and work out. I had a goal once to do 100,000 pounds in one day.

I went past that. By a lot.

Yep, big.

Nothing else to do. Until that party. That woman, Sara. She pushed, I tried to squirm, get away from her. She had none of that. She somehow made me masturbate for her while she did it for me, then she brought over her friend Cindy.

My mind went nuts, I had not even touched a woman in over 12 years. The only ones I ever saw were the housewife types that came in and let me see a nipple or some pantihose while I did my job in the gas station.

One thing, then another. All of a sudden I had a sex life, I had pointedly been avoiding women up until then.

Cindy showed up by herself later that 2nd time, in minutes we were fucking like minks. Sara popped in and in no time was right in the middle of that, I had two willing women in my tiny little apartment, on my cot, naked.

Hey, it was fun, my IQ dropped the usual 40 points.

It lasted a Month or so, it started out as 2-3 times a week, then it was one or the other every day. I didn’t ask any questions, should have. None of my business, though, learned that inside, don’t ask.

It got so I couldn’t finish a workout session, one or the other or both would knock on my door. That by itself was a huge change, nobody ever knocked on my door in the years I worked for Gabe, my boss. Well, unless something was broken they wanted me to fix.

Sex. Sex every day, I began to get used to it again. When I was married to Patti it was sex every day. Changes either way are a shock to the system.

One day I was working out, about halfway done. There was a knock on my door. Expecting either Cindy or Sara, I answered. Here stood some guy.

I looked him up and down, trying to figure out if he was a Cop or some official.

Yep, all that in the back of my mind, I still had a dab of probation to do. Not much, but some. Enough that one fuckup and I was right back in the joint.

“You Dan?”


“I want to ask you some questions.”

I meekly opened the door, let him in.

He walked in, looked around. I sized him up, big guy, close to my size, but I had upper body size on him by a lot.

“You know Cindy?”

No fucking around, to the point.


“Fucking tekirdağ escort her?” A sneer on his face.

“Yes.” I don’t dare lie.

“Do it again and I will kill you!”

He was angry, I was getting it. Exactly what I didn’t want.

“Hey, I don’t….”

“Shut the fuck up!”

I just stood there.

“Cindy is mine, I want you to leave her alone, she isn’t going to be with a piece of crap like you, bud.”

“Hey, she is free, white and…” I started.

He hit me in the face.

I just stepped back.

He hit me again.

I just took it.

“I know about you, asshole.”

His hand came back to hit me again, I reached out and grabbed his balled fist. Bore down. Hard. His mouth came open, knees folded.

I let go.

“Don’t hit me again.”

“You will go back to jail for that!”

I just looked at him.


Right on schedule, two police officers arrived, asked me a ton of questions. I just told them the truth.

I expected arrest. But they left, I grabbed my weights and started in, I guess it was 3-4 hours.

I went to work the next day, normal. Gabe asked me about the bruise on my face, the cut on my lip.

I just shrugged. I got through the day, headed for my room.

“Hey!” came a voice. I looked back, the same guy and 2 others. I thought about running to my room, but I never did run very well.


“Time to teach you a lesson, asshole.”

They were on me. One had a length of chain, one had a short bar, the guy was standing back a bit, waiting. Hell, I didn’t even know his goddam name.

I tried to block the blows, the one guy was heavyset, swinging that damn piece of chain. I managed to push the smaller guy back, but my head exploded and I went down.

As my head cleared, I was pinned back against the wall, one on each side holding my arms. The jerk was saying something, I saw him draw back, then hit me in the stomach. It didn’t hurt, he might as well have been hitting the wall behind me.

He hit me again. Then in the face, that pissed me off. I just pulled, the jerks on each side went flying, I reached for the one in front, got my hands on him. His face changed, went to shock, I had him up to throw when I heard a yell.


It was Carlos, my friend and fellow worker at the shop.

I set the guy down, it was over. They had thought they could handle me, but two of us was too much. Carlos went with me up to my apartment, cleaned up the tear in my ear where the chain had laid me open.

I asked Carlos the questions I should have asked before but didn’t. The guy was Terry, Gabe’s son. Seems he was an item until I arrived on the scene.

Nothing I could do, I knew what was coming. My PO is a weasily little black guy who delights in having total power. Always yapping about no firearms and keep my nose clean. Always threats of back to the joint if he even smells some kind of trouble.

I am an easy 80 pounds bigger than him and he makes me call him “Sir” as he sneers at me and makes me feel like crap. Sometimes his eyes are big as saucers and he is buzzing on some shit and he looks down on me.

Sure as hell I was going to be fired anyway for jacking my boss’s kid. I had never met him before, didn’t know there was one. Like I said, didn’t ask.

Carlos left, I didn’t go to the shop, just sat and waited. I thought I knew what was coming. It was probably 4-5 hours later, knock on the door.

I sighed, got up, expecting cops.

It was Gabe, Sara was with him.

“Can we come in?”

“Yea..” I stepped aside.

Gabe looked around the tiny little room he let me stay in as part of my job. He smiled. It wasn’t much but I had some pictures on the walls, a plant growing in the corner by the only window. Not a speck of dirt, neat as a pin. I had covered the bare walls, fixed the little room up.

“Had some trouble, huh?”


“Hey, I am sorry about Terry, I will see that he leaves you alone.”

I just nodded. Sara was grinning at me, making me nervous.

“I hear you met Sara.”

“Yea.” I blushed.

“And Cindy.”

I just looked at him, waiting.

He reached out and patted Sara’s fanny. She smiled. That surprised me.

“Well, they are a lot of fun!”

Gabe looked at me.

“Take a couple of days off, then come on back to work.”

He left.

Sara stepped over to me as the door closed. She put her hand on my chest, trabzon escort smiled. Her head tipped up, she kissed me.

Yep, right back at it. I was thinking things would be all right as I buried my face in her soft breasts.

Things settled, got back to normal. There was no sign of Terry, oddly, my probation Officer never even mentioned the incident. I was thinking that Gabe may have had something to do with that.

I had built up a bit of a nest egg by this time, not much, but a few thousand bucks. I had plans.

Part of my job was to work on customer’s vehicles when they came into the shop. There was one model we saw a lot of. Same damn thing every time, a part broke in the timing assembly. One day I got fed up, found a piece of steel about the right size, and made a part to replace the plastic piece of shit the factory put in there.

It worked. I made another, then another. Word got around. Gabe noticed, he was pleased. He bought some material to help, I was getting to where I spent more time making those things than I did anything else.

It gave me an idea. I finally got done with my Probation Officer, I was free. Gabe and I shook hands, he seemed a little sad but accepted.

I found a tiny house, put some money down. It had a little building out back, I was making my pieces by hand, selling them. Gabe even bought quite a few. So did a lot of other people. I had some packaging made, soon I had product into stores.

My nest egg got bigger. Sara and Cindy had more or less faded by the wayside. Sara had married some Doctor, Cindy moved off somewhere, I was back to solo sexuality.

I never really did go out looking for women much. I still worked out a lot, time permitting, but more and more time was spent in my little shop, making parts.

Nice exciting stuff, I know.

One day a car drove up. A fat guy and a good looking woman got out, asked me a bunch of questions. They were buyers, I was used to that.

The lady’s name was Joanne, I noticed she kept looking me up and down. I was suddenly aware of the grubby T-shirt I was wearing, and my ever-present shorts. I agreed to a small test run for them, and they left in short order.

Later that evening my phone rang. It was Joanne, wanting to meet with me. I agreed to meet her at a nearby cafe, grabbed a shower and slid on some slacks and a shirt.

I was thinking more business, and wished I had time to get a haircut. I had been neglecting that, my hair hung to my shoulders. I used some of that comb in color stuff to hide the grey, my one concession to vanity. I had bought the wrong color one day, too late I had lighter streaks in it. I realized I liked that so I just kept on with it.

So I suppose I didn’t exactly look the part of a budding businessman.

I got to the Cafe, Joanne was waiting. I looked her up and down, she was perhaps late 30’s or so, nice and snug body in the tight slacks and loose top she wore. Pretty, in fact.

We sat down, ordered coffee. She got right to the point.

“You are one hell of a hunk of man.”

I blushed, she just smiled at that.

“I was thinking about you all day.”

“You were?”

“Yes, perhaps you and I could go somewhere and get to know each other better.”

I blinked. Just like that. No messing around.


“You aren’t gay, are you?”


“Good, shall we?”

She got up, held out her hand. I got up and took it, soft as butter. We got in her car and drove over to her hotel.

We were no more than inside with the door barely shut and she was running her hands all over my upper body, exploring. I think I know why women do that, but I am not sure. Some just see the way I am built and can’t stop themselves. Some take one look and are frightened.

Joanne obviously liked what she saw. She was tugging at my shirt, she finally got it pulled up to my armpits, I lifted my arms to help.

She put her face against my chest, nuzzled. Then she did something that just blew me away, she put her mouth on my left nipple and sucked. No woman had ever done that to me before. Her left hand came up and grasped my other nipple, she lightly rolled the tip of it as she gently sucked on the other.

I goddam near went off in my pants, the sensation was incredible. Then I was on the bed, she was exploring, inspecting every inch of me. My body responded, my cock rose to hard as a rock. She ran her hands over my bulge, pleased with what she found.

I sivas escort was on my back, she moved up and sat on my crotch. She pulled her top over her head, revealing a soft lacy white bra, more of a covering than any kind of support.

I reached around behind and tripped the catch, she shrugged it off herself, nice full breasts swing free right in my face. My hands came up, stroked her, then I leaned in and nuzzled her like she nuzzled me.

She moved around, we were face to face, her legs pointed away from mine. In this position she could suck and play with my nipples while I could suck and play with hers, another new one on me.

Never in my life! Orgasms somehow without cumming, if that is the right term. My body was tembling and shaking, in the throes of pleasure. I still wore my slacks and Joanne wore hers. It was so fast, so complete, I hadn’t even really had time to check out her body.

This was a good half hour, I was so lost in the feelings I was having trouble working on her in return. Finally, almost mercifully, she stopped. She kissed me on the lips. Then she got up, stretched as I watched. beautiful, her bare breasts had just a trace of sag, the upper part curved evenly all the way to the pinkish brown tips.

I lay there feeling exhausted, just watched. She ran her hands over herself, then reached down and tripped the button on her pants. Down they came, revealing low cut white panties. I could see the darker spot where her wetness hand spread to the cloth. She hooked her thumbs in the sides, slid them down, stepped out of them.

Then she put right leg up on the bed by my face, opening herself deliberately to my gaze. She was unshaven, the brown hairs full and even. Her left hand came down, touched just above her clit, she pressed and lifted. She was staring right at me, she wanted me to look, to see her.

I looked, the sight made me even firmer and harder if that was possible. I reached down and unfastened my slacks, opened the fly. My full length sprang free. Joanne grasped each side and pulled, I lifted my hips to help, one hand holding myself.

She stripped my slacks off, then lay down and slipped her mouth over me. She was moaning as she combined licking and full firm suction, I was going to blow and she knew it.

Without even taking her mouth off me, she somehow swung around and straddled my face. I looked up to see her full lips, swollen and pink, descending towards my face.

I opened my mouth and sucked her in, rewarded with a gutteral groan. She had that sweet yet salty combination of flavors, her lips were puffy and large. I rolled them around with my tongue as I felt her mouth work it’s magic. I felt my face dampen as she orgasmed, the kind that gets little repeated grunts from a woman.

Then she stood again, looking at me. I lay there on my back, fully erect. She hopped up and straddled my chest, rubbing herself slowly down my chest, my abdomen. Her hands reached out and took my wrists, holding me down. I didn’t struggle, just let her. I could feel her sex hunting, seeking me, closer and closer.

She found my stiffness, she seemed to reach out with her vagina and grab me. She rolled her hips back and forth, then side to side, to overcome the initial resistance, then I felt myself start to slide.

We were fully joined, she stopped as she adjusted inside to my size. Then a long careful stroke, her hips came up, then down as she held me firmly in place.

It was slow, incredibly slow, she took a good 3-4 seconds with each stroke, impaling herself fully each time she thrust forward. Then I got the next surprise as her inner muscles clamped down on me, almost squeezing me out of her.

That was it, I could not take any more. The top of my head seemed to come off with the first ejaculation, Joanne’s head went back, mouth came open. The sound from her was almost a cry of pain.

We lay there joined. For some reason my mind counted back, it had been almost a year since I was with a woman. My life was full of work, trying to be something, someone. My life was solo sexuality with no real need for more. I realized that I had just had my first orgasm in nearly a year without the fantasy of Sara naked on my cot with her legs open, hands busy, in my mind.

“Wow.” escaped my lips. I glanced at my watch, we had been at it for over an hour.

Joanne slipped off me, lay on her side snuggled up tight.

“Now that is the way it is supposed to be!” she said, with a giggle.

I was thinking that this would be just fine, when the phone rang.

Joanne jumped up, grabbed it. “Shhh!” she held a finger to her lips.

“This is probably my husband.”


I lay there thinking I really do need to learn to ask questions.

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