A Whisper of Leather

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On my stomach I lay, silent tears streaking across my face, soaking into the pillow beneath my cheek. My body weak and tired, my emotions volatile and so near the surface. His lips whispered over each welt left by His whip. His voice soft and gentle, full of love and desire.

His hands stroked my body, His fingers caressing the tender lines marring my sides. There was heat in His touch, purpose, strong and sure. His ownership beginning to make itself known in the physical realm whereas it had only previously been known in my mind, in my heart, and in my soul.

Weeks had passed since that first meeting. His words invaded my thoughts and His images consumed my dreams. He slipped into my life so unexpectedly, so unassumingly; neither of us looking for anything…yet quickly knowing we had found the world.

“You take My pain so well, little one.”

I had never been whipped before. Spanked yes, as an errant child, but never whipped and certainly never by a lover. Fear had filled me, uncertainty. The pain had been unbearable, and fikirtepe escort yet, I bore it…for Him. Always for Him.

I hadn’t realized my depth of feeling for Him, my devotion to His happiness, my devotion to His pleasure.

I hadn’t realized before Him what need was. I had wanted, I had desired, but I hadn’t needed. If my discomfort caused Him to smile, to feel whole and complete inside, I would endure it. I needed to endure it down to the very depths of my soul.

I needed to submit and I needed His dominance in whatever form it took. Pleasure or pain, I needed…

I had only cried out once and it had been on the verge of blackness. I had taken all my body could handle and more. My mind had threatened to shut down. The leather slid off my skin in a slow whisper and then His lips were there, telling of His love, of His pleasure, of His pride in me.

There were no restraints, no cuffs or ties binding me to the bed, only my surrender to Him kept me from running, kept me from hiding away from the bite gebze escort and sting of pain.

It was not for me, the whippings and croppings and floggings. I did not relish it as some did. But I was willing…for Him.

His hands, the cause and effect of my tears and my aroused wetness, slipped between my thighs and spread them wide. The fingers of one stroked slowly and teasingly up my slit while the other wrapped under my belly and pulled my lower body up until I was on my knees. My clit was caressed and my body penetrated, opened and stretched.

“I love you, My own,” He whispered, His hard cock inside in one smooth stroke.

I knew He did.

I could feel His eyes focusing on every mark that His leather had left behind, memorizing the length and depth of color, memorizing the exact point on my flesh from beginning to end.

With each thrust, each fucking thrust that sent the head of His cock deep into my womb, my tears of pain turned to tears of passion, moans and flinches into whimpers and presses into içerenköy escort His body.

My clit was rubbed and pinched and then rubbed some more. His grunts and growls sending shivers up my spine, knowing He was close. I buried my face into the pillow and screamed my frustration and need, delicious need, barely hearing His voice, low and hot, demanding, ordering my cum to soak His cock.

I could do no less than obey.

My inner walls pulsed and quivered around His hardness. His moans of pleasure heightened my need, my drive, and my desire. I gave all that I had, and I gave more than He had ever asked.

His sperm shot white hot into my body, His hips jerking and pressing into me harder, tighter, fusing us together in a mixture of sweat, cum, and love, powerful and strong.

He drew His fingers down my spine in a tingling caress then pulled out of me. I collapsed, my legs giving and sprawling out across the sheet. I never felt Him leave the bed, but I felt Him return when He cooed sweetly at me, stroking His fingers through my hair, and pressing the warm cloth between my thighs.

I closed my eyes, exhaustion cloaking me until I could no longer stay awake. His arms enveloped me, sheltering me, comforting me, holding me close, and keeping me safe where I belonged…with Him.

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