A Slackers Tale Ch. 05

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“Just looking at Jonas like that, it just made me so fucking hot. By the end he had pegs on his nipples, rubber bands around his ball sac and penis and he was pleading to with me to allow him to cum. In fact his begging was getting a little worrying. I didn’t want anybody to discover us, not then anyway. I wasn’t ready for that…then. I needed a gag, and because he was being such a good boy i decided he should get a little…reward. So I took off my trainers and jeans and told him to open wide. I pulled down my panties, they were black lacy hipsters and damp in the crutch from my pussy juices!”

Rick groaned from his position under her feet as he imagined the scene she was describing, the picture that formed in his head did little to calm the urge he had to just reach down to his cock and finish what she had started. All that it would take he was sure, was just a couple of strokes and he would explode.

“I put the crotch under his nose and told him to smell my perfume, because that was the closest he was going to get to my pussy.”

Rick thought that her voice had changed, into a husky, aroused tone that he loved. She was starting to breath more deeply and Rick raised his head a little to see her. Her gaze was somewhere else, far away, and he got just a glimpse of her hand between her legs before he let his head drop back to the floor.

“He licked on my panties until I balled them up and pushed them into his mouth. His moaning combined with his position was intoxicating to me…that first time was so…special. I let him wait for a little time, then I slowly traced all over his body with the feather I had bought, teased his nipples and penis. His groaning was becoming more constant and I could sense that he was not going to be able to take much more. His penis was leaking pre-cum which I was rubbing round and round, all over his glans. I slowly slipped my dildo into my pussy and whispered to Jonas, telling him what I was doing. I was so aroused that very soon I could sense my climax was about to overwhelm my self control, I grabbed his penis, stroked it a couple of times and he erupted all over my hand and arm. That just sent me over the edge and I climaxed immediately.”

Pia was panting hard now and Rick risked lifting his head again to look at her face. Her head was tilted back, both eyes closed. She seemed to be totally lost in the moment. He noticed that her hand which was still between her thighs was now moving against the denim of her jeans at her crotch with more urgency than before. She opened her knees further apart and he continued watching as she, in silence continued massaging her pussy through her jeans. Her panting increased in tempo and Rick thought for a moment she might cum but after a minute or so she slowly stopped her massaging, removed her hand and let it rest on her knee. Rick imagined a damp patch on the dark blue denim and hoped that maybe she would allow him to serve her with his tongue, but he thought it better not to risk annoying her by asking such a thing.

He knew, that he would have to wait on her wishes.

Her breathing started to return to normal and Pia lifted her head to look directly at him.

“Yes…that was nice thinking of Jonas. I have not thought of that afternoon for some time.” Her smile was both broad and beautiful and her eyes twinkled with happiness as she stared at Rick. She put her foot on to his upturned face, and gently pushed his head back down on to the floor.

“Down boy, did I say you could watch?”

“No Miss Pia, I couldn’t help myself…”he managed to mumble around the soft skin of her foot as she rubbed the sole over his mouth and nose. She continued allowing him the honour of licking her foot for a few moments.


He stopped his licking and she placed both her feet on the floor next to his head.

“On your knees Rick and face me.”

He rose to a kneeling position, and with his arms at his side he looked at Pia, waiting for her next command.

She sat back into the couch stretched her legs out and crossed her ankles, so the toes of one of her naked feet was playing with his taut ball sac. Her wonderfully dexterous toes juggling his balls. Lifting her hands and clasping them behind her head her t-shirt lifted, exposing her belly button and the beautiful soft looking skin of her stomach. He was torn between the sensation of her toes on his balls and by the sight of more of her body and longed to lean forward and kiss her there. He knew he would not right now, but he hoped that maybe in the future…

“Masturbate for me Rick, slowly. But don’t you dare cum without my permission. Tell me when your ready.”

He was so grateful for the chance of release, his hand instantly found his engorged cock and within a few moments he felt the swell of an oncoming orgasm. He looked directly into her eyes and was drowning in their sparkle and her obvious amusement. Knowing that he was about to climax he couldn’t help but accelerate the pumping of his prick.

“Miss… Ooh yes I’m going toplu porno to…

“Cum on my foot boy, spray your tribute on my toes so I may feel the heat of your passion. Do it NOW!”

He could hold back no longer, ” Ohhh FUCK… YESS…”he cried out in joy as his orgasm rushed through him as if it was a speeding train and he ejaculated all over her foot and ankle. The strength of his arousal evident in the streams of sperm pumping and pumping, seemingly without end. He was shuddering with the sheer emotion and physical exertion of his climax and he could not control his hand as it continued the pumping and draining his prick. As the sensations subsided he found that he had closed his eyes during his eruption and he opened them again to view the sight of Pia’s foot, ankle and even some of the bottom of her jeans dripping with his discharge. He was shaking, and his hand, which seemed to have a will of it’s own, continued it’s stroking of his prick as the last of his hot sperm dripped out.

“Oh yes…hmm… good boy Rick, that’s it.” She lifted her foot, glanced at the explosion of sperm covering her jeans and foot and laughed. “I love the smell and feel of hot fresh juice on my skin. It’s sooo sexy! And you had so much!” She turned her ankle as if examining the extent and result of his lust. “What a mess you’ve made. Well…, I think you have to clean that up now.”

Rick, who’s hand was slowly stopping it’s involuntary pumping of his now drained prick was coming out of the trance he had been in and it took a few seconds for him to catch up.

“Ye…yes Miss Pia, I’ll just…” he slowly turned his head, looking around the room, searching for a.. “…towel.” His voice was alien to him. A strained, hoarse whisper.

“No Rick, you will clean it… with your tongue, and you will swallow all of it.” She wiggled her foot in front of his face. “I think you should start quickly, it’s starting to drip onto the floor.”

He looked down and saw that his sperm was indeed beginning to drip off her foot and he also noticed that he had managed to spurt onto the frame of the couch and there was already a small amount of sperm pooled on the varnished wood flooring. His first instinct was to threaten her displeasure and insist that he use a towel, but that initial reaction soon vanished, when it dawned on him that he was still so horny and not repulsed by the idea at all!

Normally after an orgasm, Rick, like he suspected most men, lost interest in anything to do with sex, at least for a while. He had noticed that as he got older that a return to any arousal took longer. That definitely included his or anybody else’s sperm, but he was so captivated by this woman, by her beauty, her attitude, the sheer control she exerted over him, that he was ready to be her slave again, and to follow her every command.

Gently cradling her foot in his hand he began his task of cleaning the result of his submission. It was not the first time Rick had tasted sperm, his own or others and he did not find the taste unpleasant though he was glad it had not yet cooled too much, he suspected the taste of cold sperm would make his task much more difficult. There just seemed to be so much of it! He had begun at her small delicate ankle and then progressed down to her toes where he spent a long time checking the gap between each manicured appendage until he was absolutely sure it was as clean as he could make it. Then the bottom of her jeans, he knew that he would not be able to properly clean the heavy denim but he did his best to at least remove the globules of his sperm before it became cold.

Pia lifted her foot to examine the work he had accomplished. “Yes, my foot is clean now, good boy. But the jeans are going to need washing don’t you think Rick?

“Yes Miss, I will happily put them in my machine for you.”

“Oh no Rick, my clothes are much to delicate to wash in a machine, you will wash my jeans by hand, dry them, then you will iron them and return them to me. Is that understood?”

“Yes Miss Pia.” Rick leant closer to the floor and began to lick up the remaining sperm, glad that he had recently cleaned so there was not too much dust for him to taste. As he did so Pia placed both her feet to rest on his back, as if he were a footrest.

“You have been quite the good boy so far Rick, so good in fact, I am going to allow you the chance to ask your second question. After of course you have finished cleaning up your…” she paused as she slowly rubbed her naked heels over his back. “mess.”

Rick quickly finished licking up the remainder of the mess she had described and stayed in his position, enjoying the feeling of her feet on his back. From his position, when he spoke, he was talking to the floor like some slave in a Hollywood gladiator epic.

“I have finished cleaning Miss. My second question is a bit difficult…I don’t know how to..”

Pia removed her feet from his back placing her feet either side of his head.

“You may sit up while you ask.”

He türbanlı porno was happy to do exactly that as he felt the stiffness in his back recede a little when he pushed himself back up to a kneeling position. His knees were sore but he was luckily kneeling at the edge of a rug that gave some comfort. Pia was smiling, staring at his prick, which to Ricks amazement was semi hard again! He had not recovered so quickly since his twenties and he was taken aback at the sight.

“Its just that…” he heard himself stumbling over how to ask, how to find out.. “when we met for the first time today you seemed to know…before you even saw the pictures,” he gestured toward his laptop, “that I would submit to you. I mean…that you could control the situation. You didn’t know me, I could have been some sort of…”

Pia laughed as she leant forward, ruffled his hair and stroked his head. “You were going to say pervert weren’t you Rick?”

He couldn’t help it but he also laughed at the situation and returned Pia’s smile. “Yeah, pervert would be the wrong word I guess. No, I mean some sort of crazy nut who might have…”

“I know what you mean, but Rick, you’re making a mistake. Today isn’t the first time we’ve met. We ran across each other a few weeks ago, under slightly different circumstances of course, but you were also on your knees at that time.” He felt her foot and toes playing with his now again, hard prick. He flinched as her dexterous toes found his foreskin and gave him a pinch.

It took him a few moments to work out what she had just said then slowly connect that with her knowing that he had a collar, her being a regular visitor to Amsterdam, and also it seemed, being there at the same time as him on his last trip. As the pieces began to fall together they formed a picture in his mind of him on his knees at the party and several people making use of him as they passed by.

He remembered when he had started attending the larger, less intimate parties he had been concerned that someone he knew from outside the scene might recognise him and he tended to hide in the shadows or wear a mask of some sort. It had not taken long for him to relax and worry less about this as his, and societies attitudes seemed to relax, and fetish become more mainstream and accepted. So he had not been wearing any sort of mask or gag at the last party. It had been one of the larger events that occurred regularly in the city. There had been many hundreds of people including the usual suspects of the rubber and PVC fashion crowd, the people who came just for the top DJ’s that these parties always seemed to attract, and for Rick, most importantly the often bizarrely wonderful members of the various branches of the fetish and BDSM crowd.

After dark, playtime for adults.

With swings.

He was brought suddenly back to the present by the actions of Pia’s feet as they started rubbing his prick , with such skill it was as if they were a pair of hands. He groaned as she rolled his hard shaft between the soles of her dainty perfect feet.

“You…” Rick paused, aware that he probably knew the answer to the question before he asked it. “You were at the Freakers Ball?”

She smiled. “Yes I was, though perhaps it is not surprising that you don’t recognize me, I was dressed a little differently that evening… perhaps you might remember if you see a picture or two.” Releasing his prick from between her feet she swung her legs to the side and pointed at the coffee table where his laptop rested. “I’ll use that.”

The confusion that he felt must have shown on his face as he looked at his computer and back at Pia. “I don’t understand…”

“Oh you will Rick, just get me the laptop. And, Rick…?”

He paused his dragging of the the table closer to the couch and looked back at her.


“When we are…playing like we are now, and I tell you to do something, YOU WILL DO IT immediately and not question me.” Pia leaned over and grasped his prick and squeezed it hard enough to make him yelp and squirm. She had not raised her voice very much but the effect was heightened because it was the first time she had used such a tone since her wakening of him this afternoon. She kept her strong grip on him as she continued, “unless, of course you wish to be punished, do you want to be punished just now Rick?”

Considering the grip she had on him he was surprised that his reply did not have the sound of some high pitched cartoon character.

“Ugh… No Miss Pia…” He couldn’t help himself as he squirmed under the pressure she maintained on his shaft. “I don’t want to be punished… p..please Miss Pia.”

She slowly relaxed her grasp until she was gently cupping his hard prick and then she started gently stroking him as she stared into his eyes.

“Good boy, if you can remember that simple rule we will have got off to a good start in our…friendship, yes Rick?”

He was squirming for a different reason now. The shock of the pain türk porno had been replaced by the sheer pleasure he felt as she continued her gentle, sensual stroking.

“Ooh yes… Miss pia, I will remember.”

“Now Rick, the laptop, I will use that now.”

“Yes Miss Pia.” He reluctantly moved away from her stroking hand, pulled the coffee table over to where she sat, opened the laptop lid and woke the sleeping machine.

“Let’s see.” She concentrated on the screen as she opened his web browser and started typing in an address. He couldn’t read her input from where he knelt on the floor, instead he studied her face in the reflection of the screen and hoped that she would return to her stroking of his prick. Her soft brown eyes were concentrated, the pupils darting back and fore across the screen. A small, slightly pointed nose just causing a small shadow to fall across her smiling, perfect lips. Rick couldn’t help but be reminded of some sort of elfin princess, a face from a movie screen.

“Found it!”..she exclaimed, and turning the laptop slightly so Rick had a good view she continued “there I am, at the Freakers! Do you like my outfit Rick?” With her left hand pointing at the screen she started stroking his head with her right, just like Rick thought, in the same way as an owner might reward a dog who was just about to get the trick

The screen showed horizontal lines of thumbnails on a black background with above a title in red script proclaiming Freakers private Gallery. Rick’s eye was automatically drawn to where Pia had let the mouse pointer rest and the selected image was displayed in a larger size. It showed a group of 3 women posing for the camera against a backdrop containing adverts for fetish businesses. He remembered that the photographer had pitched his small portable studio just between the changing rooms and the small hall which was at the threshold of the party proper. Rick didn’t like being photographed at any time, and he knew that these official photos could end up on the party organisers website, so he had bypassed the small line of variously dressed and undressed fetish butterflies waiting for their never to vanish 10 seconds of fame and went on inside.

Two of the three women were dressed in various pieces and combinations of rubber, leather, latex and Lycra and one, the tallest had long blonde hair framing a cat like, feather framed eye mask. She appeared in her sexy outfit to be an attempted reincarnation of Haley Berries cat-woman but instead of a lithe black woman she was a striking blonde Valkyrie with a well toned tight body. She was holding a dog leash which was attached to a red collar worn by another woman who kneeling at the Valkyrie’s feet looked directly at the camera, and was wearing a body suit of shiny latex that covered her from neck to ankle, only to reveal her bare feet and hands. Like her dominant she was also wearing an eye mask, but hers was red leather and much plainer than the blond woman’s. The slaves short cropped black hair topping what appeared to be a small lithe body shining in the cameras flash.

But it was the third woman that held his attention.

Standing next to the blond Valkyrie only emphasised the third woman’s short stature and petite figure. She carried her eye mask in her hand and it seemed was using it to gesture to somebody out of frame. Her short cut brown hair had it seemed been coated with gel with the effect that spikes pointed out from her head in all directions. Even in the photo Rick could see that her sparkling eyes were full of mischief and delight. The veil that covered the bottom of her face and neck appeared to be made of some sort of fine link chain mail which, as a wave of memory began washing over Ricks slacker brain, he remembered swayed sensually as she had moved. Pale uncovered shoulders and arms were unadorned and she wore short black leather riding gloves whose touch he remembered was at first gentle and caring, but later…more punishing.

He tore his stare away from the screen and glanced at Pia. It dawned on him that he had been staring at the screen opened mouthed with surprise.

“But…how,…you.” He realised that that sentence was going nowhere so he shut up, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Tried again.

“You were the Mistress who spanked me on the dance floor, and then ordered me to…”

“That’s right Rick! You remember now!” Laughing she leaned forward and stroked his cheek before taking his now softening prick in her hand and beginning a slow massage. “Your soft again, that’s not good. I want you hard.” Releasing her hold and returning her gaze to the screen she continued… “play with yourself, make it hard for me Rick but remember…no coming!

He took his now half hard prick and started very slowly masturbating in front of the still dressed Pia.

“I made that myself.” Rick looked back to the screen as Pia pointed at the bodice that sat covering her breasts and top of her flat stomach. He remembered that it had only covered the front half of her torso and had been hard, like armour, and when he had accidentally touched it during their first encounter he had thought it might be fibreglass or something close. It had perfectly followed the contours of her sexy body and was strapped across her naked back to hold it in place.

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