A Pleasant Night’s Ride Home Ch. 01

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I will be writing a new, ongoing series about two characters, Matthew and Victoria. I will post different parts and pieces and stories. They can be read independently, but I think starting at the beginning, with this one, will probably be helpful because most likely they will reference previous events as we journey along together down this road, should you choose to read and adventure with me. I have ideas and story lines already planned, so… we will see what transpires.


We had just finished dinner and we walked outside, leaving hand in hand, and it was late; we were one of the last out, aside from the staff. I traced and skimmed my thumb along the top of yours, relishing in the feel of your soft skin under my calluses; hard and soft edges combining pleasurably, as you did the same. We’d spent the night casually, talking about this and that, mentally and verbally sparring, as we were often wont to do. We’d had our few drinks, you your craft beer and me my vodka. We had drunk enough to feel a slight burn, but not to excess. The parking lot was pretty empty; the lights shining starkly down on the few cars left. The night was dark and cloudy, a hint of a storm potentially to come in the air.

The wind was bustling and swirling, and cold as well, so I pulled you to me, tugging your body to mine, enjoying the curve of you against me. You smiled up at me and I in return back at you, reaching across and brushing away a strand of your hair that had drifted across your face, lightly brushing your lips with my finger, casually letting it linger there before pulling it away, eliciting a quick inhaled breath from you, your eyes rapidly dilating even more. As if nothing had transpired, I pulled you along and we continued walking to my car, your heels echoing across the pavement in staccato tones, reverberating off the empty buildings nearby. I could see from my peripheral vision you looking at me and smiling secretively, the wind tossing your hair about, but I continued on as if unaware.

I walked you to your side of the car and opened the door for you to let you in, you demurely thanking me, but before you got in I pulled you to me and grasped your face in my two hands, kissing you hard. Your breath stilled while I did so, having caught you unprepared, and our tongues intertwined violently; urgency, passion and primal need all contained in our kiss. I could taste the cinnamon on your tongue from your finished mint, and you the peppermint I’m sure from mine. Before I broke it, I pulled your lower lip into my mouth, sucking on it, lightly biting it, and then releasing it, both of us I’m sure imagining me pulling other lips into my mouth as well, and as I released our eyes interlocked. Your need mirrored my in my own, and I started to smile, and you opened your mouth, I’m sure to ask what I was smiling about, before I cut you off with a nod and a simple command; “Hush.” You stilled promptly, thought cut off before spoken.

You were wearing a coat, and I commanded you to unbutton it and you did so without question, obeying instantly without the merest protestation about the inclement weather. I observed the dress you were wearing underneath, removing my hands from your face and I slid my hands inside your coat, my palms drawing along your hips before reaching around to your back, tracing my fingertips up and down your spine, still eyes locked, then letting my hands slip from your lower anime porno back to your ass, rubbing you through your dress, caressing you through it, then tightly clasping it and pulling you harder into me. We were both breathing heavily, your eyes telling me what you wanted, and you could feel me getting hard through my pants in response to you, you moaning throatily, animalistic in your reaction to my obvious desire for you. I released your ass reluctantly with one hand and pulled your head to mine, grasping your hair tightly in it, my fingers twining and twisting in its silky depths. I placed my lips against your throat, breathing delicately onto it, kissing it gently, biting and nipping it, smelling your perfume mixing with my cologne, Chanel lightly speaking to each other in different terms, as well as the scent of your shampoo in your hair mixing in to form a whole heady bouquet which all added to an almost overwhelming sensory overload, so utterly intoxicating.

I kissed my way up your neck to your earlobe before sucking on it, and then I then whispered into your ear, telling you that I had things I planned to do to you that night, lightly touching my tongue inside, and your breath deepened and hitched in anticipation even more, your body trembling against me from the cold and our heat both. While we had been caught up in each other the sky had gradually darkened even more, the impending storm now having arrived. A light rain started falling upon us, the drops glistening upon your skin, skating off your nose and lips. I gently kissed your lips again, brushing them with mine, tasting the rain and cinnamon both upon you before releasing you to get inside, our hands now clasped again but both of us loathe to break away from the contact that we were craving, fingers trailing away from each other as I released you. I closed your door and stood there for a moment, staring intently inside at you as you busied yourself adjusting your seatbelt and the other minutia people do without notice, but I noticed everything and drank you in, before I turned and walked around to my side, my feet splashing through the puddles that were beginning to develop.

We had a long drive ahead of us, and the weather was worsening, which ended up working out well for what was to transpire. The rain started falling harder, assaulting the windshield. I started the car up and put the windshield wipers on. I was slightly annoyed with getting water on my leather seats and you teased me about this in your patent way, telling me it was fine and I had other things to worry and think about anyhow, the least of which being water on my probably waterproof seats. I conceded to your point, chuckling a little as you casually let drop that I knew you were right as usual anyhow, and I turned and looked at you, still snarling a little, and said “Why yes Vicki, you are right, as usual.” which of course made you laugh.

“But of course I am Matt darling, I always am.” you said, leaning over and kissing me on the cheek to tone down the smart nature of your words a little. You then told me to get us home already so I could finish what I had started and promised.

I turned again and looked at you, arching my eyebrow in the fashion you know so well, smirking at you in my way, my tone subtly changing and saying “Oh really, Victoria, was there anything in particular you wanted, exactly?”

You assumed your classic anne porno wide-eyed look of innocence and said “Why, whatever are you talking about Matthew? I can’t say that I know what you mean.” before tossing your head to the side and smirking out the front window. You were very pleased with yourself, I could tell, having adopted the formal tone and manner I had taken on, knowing you were playing with fire and yet not seemingly concerned, though really at this point you should have known better… And I continued to stare at you, my eyes burning into you, becoming more intense and heated, yet my face as usual giving away nothing, but thinking to myself ahh, my little minx, you are so assured, so self-possessed, so going to be taken down later…

I reached across and trailed a finger down the edge of your jaw, eliciting another shiver from you, but you wouldn’t turn and look at me, still fighting your war in the ways you know so very well how to do. Until the moment I lowered my hand and I fastened it onto the side of your neck and tightened my grip, causing your eyes to widen, your sharply inhaled breath rushing across your teeth and quivering lips, and I simply said “Eyes here, Victoria.” You knew the tone. You knew the grip immediately, so intimately and what it meant. You knew you could resist; at a cost. But was this really the battle you were choosing to fight? You turned and looked at me quickly, eyes meeting mine, fierce fiery determination mixed with a willingness to please, undercurrents of desire and rebellion all swimming around and about, all I knew so very well. But you held my gaze, and said not a word, as you knew I would like. “Good girl.” I simply stated, still staring at you, now my head tilted to the side, observing you in a detached fashion.

I held this for a good while, the purr of the car engine in the background, the rain doing a musical number on the car top, playing a symphony to our dance inside. I simply stared into your eyes, and you began to shift on the car seat, the leather audibly protesting as you moved about on it. I knew the effect this was having on you; knew you were getting wetter than previously you were before, because despite your defiance, my dominance on display was one of the things you wanted, needed, demanded from me; it was an immutable energy that was coming at you in waves now, a life force all of its own. And you relished in its sudden manifestation. You needed me to take the power from you that you never gave to anyone else, because I proved myself worthy of doing so. I brought my hand up and cupped your chin in my hand, my grip tight, tilting your face further up to look at me, and brought my face closer to yours, and I said calmly “I believe, Victoria, that I asked you a question. Do I need to repeat myself?”

You looked back directly at me, your chest swelling and relaxing from now deeper breaths, color flushing to your cheeks. Much as I wanted to behold this sight and appreciate the view, in a straightforward manner, I did not; I was still focused on your face. Your eyes still locked with mine fixedly, but losing a bit of their self-assuredness now. Within your blue/grey/green morphing eye color there was now a bit of hesitancy and insecurity; reservation. You knew you were wading into deeper waters, and quickly; you knew I was going to push you somewhere you most likely weren’t exactly comfortable. But at the arap porno same time, that spirit in you that wouldn’t back down, which I knew and treasured as well, still fought not only within you but with me for control of the situation. You cleared your throat to being speaking, licking your lips while I raised an eyebrow at you, impassively looking at you while still very much enveloping you with my intensity. “No, Matthew.” you said, voice a little breathless, husky, fighting against your inner self for control. “You do not need to repeat yourself. I heard you clearly. I was just… pondering…” you replied, a glint returning to your eyes, a small curve to your lips now as you started to smirk.

“Oh really, Victoria? And what were you thinking, may I ask?” I replied; now stroking my thumb along the edge of your jawline, sensuously tracing the skin there and trailing it down to the juncture of your soft throat, while still clasping the rest of you tightly.

“Ahh…” you breathed, eyes widening more now at the new sensation. “Um, yes, I was just thinking about how I was looking forward to you taking me later however you choose…” Your words trailing off, faltering, becoming quieter in the end to an almost inaudible whisper, because throughout your speaking I had started to smile, my wolfish smirk coming into play to match your previous, and slightly shaking my head from side to side at your words.

“Victoria, Victoria, Victoria.” I admonished, your name rolling pleasurably across my tongue, my thumb now solely putting some pressure on your throat. “You and I both know you will need to do better than that. Much better, I think. Don’t you think so as well?” I whispered at the end, leaning forward and nipping your lower lip with my teeth and briefly sucking on it before releasing it. “Details. NOW.” I commanded. And in your eyes I could see the control you’d been desperately clinging to beginning to slip away, being replaced with animalistic desire, lust, and raw sexual need.

The rain beat against the window behind you, the light silhouetting you through the window which was fogging up rapidly. This will make driving complicated, I briefly thought to myself, abstractly. I turned, looking at the dashboard and reached my other hand over and pushed the button on the automatic climate control, as the car, like many other things within, had warmed up sufficiently. We could feel the fresh, warm air brush against us in a remote fashion; warm but nothing compared to the heat we were generating within each other. After my briefest of distractions, necessary but unwanted, I returned my gaze fully to you and it seemed as if time itself had stilled to this moment; to your response and how the rest of the evening would play out. You knew, and I knew, that the rest of the evening could potentially hinge on this exact moment and your response. You quickly pulled up your eyes from where they had been staring, locking eyes with me again, but not before I had seen where your gaze had been hungrily resting; on my cock, which was clearly defined through my pants.

“Why Victoria, whatever were you looking at?” I asked softly. “Were you looking at this?” I asked, reaching my free hand down and stroking myself through my pants. “I think you were, my dirty girl. Admit it.”

“Yes, Sir…” you nearly panted, and then your eyes widened and your breath caught again, and “Fuck…” you breathed; because I had stopped my stroking at that exact moment and had reached my hand back to you and started lightly running my index finger across your collarbones, then down to the top swell of your breasts which were just slightly visible on the edge of the neckline of your dress…

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