A Highland Holiday Pt. 02

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When I originally wrote this story, Josie’s relationship with Fiona’s father was much different, Colin was more brutish, and there was a period of non-consensual sex coupled with physical punishment. Josie bore it for love of Fiona, and to redeem Colin for Michelle, she was successful, but the story had a big dark bulge in the middle that distracted me from developing her relationship with Fiona.

I considered uploading the darker sections simultaneously with the new main story line sections, but it was sort of distracting, I think there is enough original content to make them readable, so I’ll probably upload them after I’ve finished the complete rewrite.


The next morning Fiona helped my with my hair and makeup, “We’ll get mum to give you some real lessons on this,” she told me, “it’s not too difficult, and I might not be here all the time.”

I didn’t like the sound of her not being here all the time, but we dressed, had breakfast and headed out into a quite valley for my first fly fishing lesson. I borrowed some of her mums gear, the line and reel were modern and light weight, but the rod was an antique, hand built, split cane affair, apparently it was worth thousands, and as a professional klutz I spent a good deal of my time worrying about damaging it.

I stood in the gently bubbling stream with Fiona by my side giving me soft instructions. I enjoyed the peace and quiet, there was no one within miles of us, just the sounds of the stream, and the rare pete-pete-peta-peta as a grouse flushed from the Heather.

I was soon used to whipping the line around my head, swishing it past my ears to land gently on the water, I even tried the difficult figure eight retrieval to the sound of Fiona’s laughter. We had been at it for a few hours, the sun wasn’t quite overhead yet, a gentle breeze cooled us, and the smell of heather filled my nostrils.

What a thoroughly pleasant way to waste a morning, “The fish aren’t biting, how about lunch?” I asked Fiona. Her mother had packed us a pick nick hamper, filled with fresh bread, cheese, meat, and wine, we thoroughly devoured it.

“Come with me,” she said, we moved deeper into the heather and lay down, it was soft and springy, not really uncomfortable except where it got in awkward places. She didn’t waste any time and pulled me close for a kiss, her finger lightly held my chin up as her soft lips met mine, and my eyes closed at her touch.

I didn’t know how much sexual experience Fiona had, but mine was strictly limited, I was a geek at high school, more into maths and computer games, than football or rugby, skinny, with clothes that never seemed to fit properly, and of course glasses, not exactly a prime catch, and I had gone out on exactly two very unsuccessful dates. University didn’t leave much time for fooling around either, and my experience there was limited to kissing a girl when we were both drunk at an end of term party, I’d never seen her again, and I wouldn’t have known what to say to her if I had.

The truth was, I was a still a virgin, and although it had only been a day, less really, Fiona was my first serious prospect of a girlfriend. It was summer in the highlands, but it was springtime in my sexual awakening, I suspected it was much the same for her.

I took the time to think about that, was it only yesterday that I had walked out of a bathroom dressed in a tartan skirt and blouse? Part of a scheme laid out for me by best friends’ mother, and now, after such a short time immersed in my role, I was honestly thinking of myself as a girl.

I considered Fiona a girl too.

Intellectually I knew we were both guys, and if we had been sitting in a café in the University Union, I’d have been appalled at myself, but here, lying in the Heather with her weight on my chest and her tongue exploring my mouth, everything seemed right, we had escaped into a fantasy world that overrode the problems of normality and reality.

I broke for air, “Fiona, what are we doing, what are we?”

“I don’t know yet, what do you want us to be?” Fiona’s voice was husky as she sat up beside me, “We have some decisions to make, is this just a summer thing, or are we serious about this?”

I nodded, “I want to be a couple, if it’s just a fling, I’m not sure I want it to go much further, we can call this off now before we get too deep.”

She smiled at me, “Good, that’s what I want too, so equal partners?”

I smiled back at her, “I think we both know who’s the boss here.”

Her hands went under her skirt, and she lifted her hips as she removed her panties, she undid the button at the side of her skirt and rolled it up and around the waist band, I soon got sight of her erection and immediately went down on her, her cock tasted as delicious as it had the previous night, her hands crammed in my hair and within minutes I had a mouthful of spunk for dessert.

I moved on to my knees and undid my own skirt, letting in falls down my legs, I pulled my panties down rize escort past my thighs to the knees and my hand started to work my own cock. She was lying back watching me, smiling, but making no effort to help. Whatever I learned on this holiday, I was already an accomplished masturbator, and I was soon leaving a piece of me forever on the Scottish Highlands.

She pulled me close, “I’ve been doing this for years, Josie, it’s easy for me to switch identities, actually it’s harder going back to London as a guy than it is coming here as a girl.” I was lying face down, with my head on her shoulder, I’d removed my skirt and her hand caressed my bare bum as she spoke

“I don’t know what to say, Fiona, I’m comfortable in my own skin for the first time, I was always a little awkward around people, you know that, but when I saw myself in the mirror yesterday, your mum finishing my makeup, I wasn’t really shocked, I expected to be, but I wasn’t, I felt good, I felt more me than I ever have before.”

She laughed, “I was shocked the first time I dressed up,” her emphasis on the was, “I almost cried, but I’d promised mum and I couldn’t let her down. You’ve taken to it far better than we could ever have expected, far better than I did. I thought for the first few weeks we would need to avoid Dad as much as possible until you got used to things.”

She was kissing my neck, “When I’m here, I’m fully Fiona, it’s not role-playing for me any longer, it’s who I am, I think mum realized that long before I did.”

We didn’t say anything for quite a while, just lay under the clear blue sky, enjoying the warmth from each other’s bodies.

“This all happened so quickly, I didn’t sleep much last night, I was thinking about things, about me, about you, about what happened.” She continued kissing me as I spoke, “I think I’ve always had Josie inside me, I just didn’t know it,” I kissed her neck in return, “I think I’m happy being Josie.”

I had moved my hand down while we spoke, and she was erect again under my touch, I kissed my way down her body and soon her cock entered my mouth again, the excitement of our new found commitment was too much for her, and she lasted only a few minutes, “Fiona,” I complained feeling a little cheated.

“Was that a whine I heard?” She turned me over and her hand landed lightly on my exposed cheeks, “Naughty girls are punished,” she said and gave me a playful spanking.

We didn’t do much else, except hold each other through that afternoon, it was getting towards the time when her mum would pick us up, and we had packed up our small camp site, it had been an eventful afternoon.

We had only been waiting for a few minutes when her mums gold Toyota arrived, I caught her eye in the rearview mirror as she drove away, and she knew, I don’t know how, but she knew.

I sidled over to Fiona, her arm reached out around my shoulders and pulled me close to her, and I laid my head on her shoulder and sighed contentedly.

“Well done the two of you,” the voice from the front said, “I wondered how long it would take you to admit it.” As she drove Michelle told us how happy she was for us, but reminded us to be discreet, especially around Colin.

Colin would be doing his rounds of the farms tomorrow, so it was agreed we would stay at the house all day, were Michelle could give me some instructions on the fundamentals of being a lady, makeup, deportment, dress, I had so much to learn.

After dinner, Michelle and Fiona had moved to the living room to watch the Antiques Roadshow, it wasn’t my kind of program, and I gave them each a peck on the cheek, said good night, and went to up my room.

I had just rounded the final landing on the staircase when Colin came bounding down and bumped into me, “I’m so sorry Mr. Cameron, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

We fell back against the wall, “Call me Colin,” he said, he had me leaning against the wall, and he kissed me, as his tongue entered my mouth, mine rose eagerly to meet his, his hand was feeling my arse when thankfully, we heard a door open below.

He let me go and I rushed by blushing, he gave my arse a friendly pat as I passed him, “Night, Josie,” He laughed.

I was very confused, I had just discovered sex and my sexuality, I knew I had fallen for Fiona, so why had I responded to Colin so quickly, I showered, and primped myself to my prettiest and was lying in bed wearing a fetching lacy yellow camisole. I was waiting for Fiona, anticipating, our exertions during the day must surely have left her as excited as I was.

I heard her come up the stairs, and I didn’t have to wait long, no anticipation time at all really, she didn’t knock, just came into my room, totally naked and stood at the edge of my bed. I needed no words of encouragement, I leaned over and took her in my mouth, she came very quickly, again, that was becoming a bad habit.

She had moved onto the bed, and I was sucking her off for the second time, she was reclined on my pillows bostnews.com and I looked up her long body to see her smile, “I’m coming again, honey,” she moaned, at least this time I had got more than a minute of action, her cock spasmed, my mouth filled, and she moaned with delight.

I started to complain, “I know we agreed you are the boss, but I didn’t agree to do all the work.”

“I have been a bit selfish,” she winked at me, “we’re just getting used to this, come here,” she pushed me down onto the bed then her tongue explored my body, she took her time, enjoying herself, inch by inch, little by little, from my neck to my chest to my belly, she bypassed my cock to take my toes in her mouth, then started to kiss her way back up to my center.

I had my eyes closed fully experiencing the sensuality, then, when she took me in her mouth, she made a hypocrite of me, I came in even less time than she had and I received a playful slap on my arse as payment.

We had been enjoying ourselves for quite a while, resting for only short periods of time, before we went back to extending the limits of our knowledge. During a spectacular 69, Fiona had come first, but I was still holding on while her mouth worked my cock, I was close, but I wasn’t telling her that. I gasped in surprise as a single finger entered my arsehole, no self-control left, I came immediately.

Later, Fiona rolled on top of me, spread my legs, and then climbed between them. We rode with our cocks touching between our bodies, the feeling was totally different from masturbation, better, more active, her breath was hot against my neck, we lost eye contact only when we closed them as passion took control, I moaned into her ear, “I love you, I love you.”

Her breathing was heavy now, I could see the strain in her arms from supporting her weight above me, and small rivulets of sweat had gathered on her brow. We managed to keep our orgasm in check this time, and we came together, two streams of hot spunk shot high, mixing like threads on a loom, before coming to land in a wide swath covering me from neck to belly.

We took some time to clean up, finally, Fiona got off the bed, kissed me and moved to the door, she paused before leaving, “I love you.”

It was raining the next morning, “Lashing down,” as the locals called it, so we decide to have a day in the house beside a warm fire. Colin said there was little value going out in the rain, so he’d work in his office for the rest of the day, ah the best-laid plans, my lessons would have to wait.

I was in the sitting room, claiming what was to become my usual spot on a long couch, my legs bent under the tartan skirt I had selected that morning, I had seen girls sit like that all my life, and it felt very natural. I was scanning through my Ipad when I heard the sound of brogues resonating on hardwood floors, coming towards me. Colin came in with a paper under his arm, “Morning Josie.”

“Good Morning, Mr. Cameron.”

He laughed, “How many times, Colin, please.”

“Good Morning, Colin,” I responded.

“Hmm, about last night,” he started on an apology.

“Nothing happened, Colin.”

He stared at me for a few moments, his newspaper resting on his knees, “Yes it did Josie, you’re a remarkably attractive young lady you know, I, I haven’t really noticed things like that in a long time, but it won’t happen again.”

The moment passed quickly and we spent some time quietly reading lost in our own thoughts, he folded his paper, put it on the table, and stood to pour himself a drink of water, “And what do you think of our highlands?”

I gushed, I really had found a place like no other, I may not have been born here like the Cameron’s, but it was somehow in my blood, I felt a natural fit here that had eluded me every other place I had ever been.

I didn’t tell him but there was still a question in the back of my mind, was it the place that I fit, or was it the clothes.

Fiona came bounding into the room, high energy as usual, “Hi dad” she kissed him on the cheek, then bounced over to me and did the same thing to me with a quick, “hi love.”

Colin looked a little startled, but he didn’t say anything, I moved my legs for her, and she sat beside me, tight against my thighs, I could feel her pulse through the wool skirt, she was excited and breathing a little heavily, her chin up, challenging, looking over at her father as she took my hand in hers.

“Josie, have you ever been to a distillery?” Colin asked me, trying to keep his focus on his daughter’s hand clasped in mine.

“No Colin, I don’t really like the taste of whiskey.”

“Ach you’re a Highland woman now young lady, an appreciation of the uisge beatha is an important part of your education.”

Michelle came into the room, she noticed Fiona and me holding hands almost immediately, and then relaxed as she saw Colin obviously at ease with us.

“Lunch, and then a road trip dear,” she turned to face Colin as he spoke, “let’s take Josie to the distillery.”

Colin was driving, Michelle rode shot gun, and after a scolding about wearing our seat belts, Fiona and I found our proper places on the back seat, not seated as close as we wanted to be, but hand in hand at least.

“Speed bonny car, like a bird on the wing, over the bridge to Skye,” it was obviously a family joke as all 3 started singing just as the hump of the bridge appeared in the distance, we drove for a few hours with views alternating between the reds, greens and blacks of the Cullins, and the slate grey waves and whitecaps of the sea.

We arrived at the distillery about mid-afternoon, Colin was obviously well known to the staff, and a knowledgeable gentleman, dressed in a kilt and army Jersey, took us on our own private tour. His accent was different from the Cameron’s, not as refined, but much more melodic. In the next hour I learned about mashing, and malting, and pot stills, the difference between Scotch and Irish, all things whiskey, I was surprised to find it interesting, I soaked up what I could, and asked him too many questions, I was going to have to read up on this on my own time.

We ended up in the tasting room, a fresh plate of sandwiches was brought out for us, and different drams were brought to the table for tasting. I still didn’t savour the taste of Whiskey the way the others did, but some of this stuff wasn’t too bad, I was feeling very tipsy as I poured myself into the back of the car for the journey home.

Somewhere into the journey I undid my seat belt, put my head on Fiona’s lap and fell asleep, in the background I heard Michelle’s voice, “Leave them be dear, it’s not too far.”

Fiona helped me to my room, I tried to kiss her but she held me at arm’s length, “Nah hah honey, you’re still a little drunk,” she put me to bed and I fell asleep before she turned the lights out.

At breakfast, Michelle decided Colin had been comfortable enough with our relationship that Fiona and I could share a room. I wanted to talk to her about Colin, but I hadn’t had any private time with her, anyway as soon as she gave us permission to move into the Queens Suite it was the last thing on my mind, we didn’t need to be told twice, and excitedly packed our things and dumped them in our new place.

The room was large, a King Size four poster bed dominated it, facing the bed was a genuine Adams fireplace, we had a reading table, a couple of comfortable arm chairs and all the closet space a girl could want.

The best feature for me, well maybe second best after that large enticing bed, was the picture windows which wrapped around the corner of two of the bed room walls, they looked up at our favorite hill.

I felt a light smack on my ass, “Stop daydreaming Josie, let’s get unpacked and get up there,” her finger pointed to the hill.

“Yes Ma’am,” I smiled, “at once.”

Her hands came from behind, arms folding around my waist, and I could feel her head on my shoulder as she leaned in, “I’m so happy.”

I turned to kiss her, “Me too.”

I looked towards the bed, “Later love,” she said, “later, let’s walk.”

We walked in the Heather, reveling in the smells, and the light, and that air which tasted of nothing and everything at the same time.

I was still a little hesitant about family Dinners, but we both laughed and giggled as we told the Cameron’s about our day and surprisingly, as he had rarely engaged with us before, Colin asked us questions and shared some of his own anecdotes of the estate.

“We’re tired Mum,” Fiona said, “we’re going to turn in early.”

“Goodnight dears, God bless.”

We walked up the master staircase, hand in hand, and smiling.

Colin said he had put off his rounds for too long, that was his plans made for the day. I watched Fiona walk him out to his Land Rover, arm in arm, she was leaning into him as they walked and I could see him smile at her private jokes.

She scurried back to me and asked if I would be OK if she left me alone. She went into the house and did a quick change, returning wearing Hunter Wellies, Tweed Skirt, and a Green Barbour jacket.

I laughed, she couldn’t have been more stereotypical if she tried, as she passed me I said, “So it’s not at all like Monarch of the Glen!”

She kissed me on the cheek, then over her shoulder said, “We’ll be back for dinner mum,” and off the Rover went, over the roar of the engine I could hear a consistent high pitched wailing.

“It’s the tyres,” Michelle said from behind me, “that wailing sound, it’s the tyres. You can hear his Rover from miles away because of them, he gets them from a contact in the Army, ever Rover makes the same sound, god knows how they ever manage to sneak up on their enemies.”

We had tea together, and soon after I was sitting at the mirror in Michelle’s private bedroom, applying my makeup, cleaning it off, and applying it again. Michelle had picked out the basics for my fair skin and green eyes. Black Mascara, dark eye liner, and a few eye shadows in various hues of Green, Violet, and Blue. These were paired with concealer, a light brown blush, and soft pink lipsticks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32