03. Continuing to grow

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Over the years since my first two unplanned events, I’ve had many more that I did plan. I won’t bore you with most of them because they were the usual sort of things – naked sunbathing on a deserted or semi-deserted beach and on my patio and deck. More skinnydipping, etc.

Mostly fun and not very intense or daring things.

However, during this time there was one episode that turned out scary for other reasons than you may think.

I had a small sailboat at my parent’s place. I used to trailer it and put it in at a bay not far from their cottage. One day, I planned on sailing to an island on the outside of the bay to see if I could get into a naked adventure.

I sailed out of the bay and got to the ocean side of the island; there was nobody there. Most people stayed on the bay side. I beached the boat and went about an afternoon of naked sunbathing and swimming. The rough ocean waves felt especially great on my naked body. At one point somebody came along the beach; I covered up momentarily just in case ısparta escort they would get upset. Except for that, I spent 2-3 hours completely naked. I loved it. It was the most daring thing I had done up to that point.

It came time to leave. I got dressed and turned the boat around to sail off the beach. I quickly found out why people stayed on the bay side.

The waves had gotten so rough that every time I started to sail the waves would push me and the boat back onto the sand. I tried this several times and realized it was continuing to get even rougher. I started to panic. Not only how was I going to get the boat off the beach, but how was I going to get off the island.

I quickly ran to a point on the beach where I could see the bay. There were still a couple of boats tied up on the inner shore.

I dragged my boat up on the sand as far as I could. I walked around to the bay side and asked if I could hitch a ride back to land. At first the people were skeptical, but when kars escort I explained what had happened they agreed.

A Mariner towed the boat off the beach for me the next day. That put a damper on my naked adventures for a short time.

A couple of years later, I got married and tried to convince my wife to try some daring things, but she wasn’t buying it. She was and is a beautiful woman, but she is not very comfortable with her body. So, rather than frustrate myself and her, I stopped making suggestions to her. I however, mostly unknown to her, but not completely unknown, continued doing things whenever I got the chance. It’s not that I was being sneaky; it’s just that I know she would get upset over what I thought was no big deal.

I gradually developed a philosophy on nudity, sexuality and fidelity that I think is completely compatible with my religious upbringing. I won’t get into details except to say a few things.

Women can get away with a lot more than men can. So I am keenly aware not kastamonu escort to get into public situations unless it is potentially comfortable for others. It’s not that I am afraid to be seen naked; I am completely and I mean completely comfortable with my body even as I have gotten older. I just don’t want to make others uncomfortable or get people pissed off. I am especially aware not to do anything when I know children are present. I’m not sure how the parents would react or in today’s world, the fear of being accused of being a child predator or something like that.

I think God’s most beautiful creation is a well maintained naked human female body. I also think that body hair on males or females detracts from that beauty except for the hair on your head and eyebrows both of which have useful purposes. The rest may have had some evolutionary purpose, but is unnecessary today.

So I will relate to you my three greatest events in the following stories – all true and I’m sorry to say not all that high on the “nudities greatest world events” scale, but they were the highlights of my nude career and I had fun with them – one was being nearly naked in front of a lot of people, one was safely being naked in front of a small group of people, and one was really daring and getting caught.

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